Best Time to Send Cold Emails: See What Works the Most

Can you guess what the best time to send cold emails is? Do you know what time zone a customer is most likely to engage with your Email?

Well, it would help to know exactly when people are most interested in reading the exact sales email you send. Cold emailing is great when it is sent at the right time. Two things play a crucial role to impact the efficiency of your promotional email campaign: sending times and email subject line.

Adding personalization to these two critical parts of your email outreach can help you take your email potential from zero to hero. In this guide, we’ll discuss the perfect time slot to send follow-ups to have a greater chance of getting a positive answer from your potential customer.

What is a Cold email?

A cold Email is known as a personal message or Email. It is sent to the people to build potential relations or ask for a favor. Sometimes it might be open, or sometimes it might be unread.

Does Timing Matter for Email Marketing?

There is no accurate definition of the best time to send cold emails. The best optimal time frame may vary from audience to audience.

Every day people receive lots of emails in their inboxes. Only 65% of the emails they read and the rest of them are turned into trash. 

Studies say that if your target audience doesn’t check the Email after 24 hours from sending it, then they will never open it in the future. If your outreach emails are not open, they become a nightmare for you. So email timing plays a vital role in email marketing to improve the sales process.

What is the Best Day of the Week to Send Cold emails? 

Before sending marketing emails for the email campaign, check the day. Studies say Tuesday and Thursday are the best time to send marketing emails in a week. Because the weekend started on Sunday, everybody spent time with their friends and family.

So if sales reps send emails on Sunday, there is less chance to open the mail. And it makes sense that in Sunday mail, the open rate is less than 5%. Monday is the day after the weekend, and the weekend mood remains in their mind.

For this reason, most of the emails are not open on Monday. Tuesday is the best time to send follow-up emails. Because nowadays, people are used to their office work and checking the mail. 

If you email Tuesday, it has a high chance to read by the target audience. Wednesday is another best day of the week to send cold emails. About 17% of mail is read on Wednesday. 

Thursday is another best day of the week to send a follow-up email. About 20% Email read on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are the days before the weekend. For this reason, the email open rates are lower than those 2 days.

What is the Best Time to Send Cold emails?

Your success and failure depend on your time calculation. When you send emails to your audience at the best time zone, it helps make your audience a lifetime consumer.

If you send cold mail at 7.00 am in email campaigns, it might be unread because most people wake up from 6.00 to 7.00 am. Does their household work spend time with their family members? So it’s not the right time for email campaigns in the early morning. 

Most of your emails are ignored during lunchtime, so don’t send Emails during lunchtime. If any of your audience opens your email at that time, you don’t get any favorable reply from your target audience because most people can’t take any decision at lunchtime. 

Studies say that 9.00 to 11.00 am is the best time to send a cold email. Most of the officials start at 9.00 am, and people check their inboxes during this time. 53% Email open during office time. 

Nowadays, most emails are opened with a mobile phone. 5 pm is the best time to send a promotional email. If you want to make your audience your consumer, send an email from 8.00 to 11.00 am. 

Things to Consider in Choosing a Time to Send emails

Here are some general tips for what you need to consider –

  • Audience Behavior and Demographics

Before sending any cold email, you need to analyze your target customer’s and email subscribers’ behavior and the place where he lives, and the local time zones. If you do outreach campaigns on Sunday to the People who live in European countries, it is not a good decision. Because it is their weekend, there is less chance to read mail.

  • Subject Lines

Your target customers read your follow-up mail or not, depending on your subject lines. The future buyer never opens your mail if the subject line is not eye-catching. If your subject line is not eye-catching, you don’t achieve your goal.

Maximum people read 300 words /min. In your cold Email outreach, the first 40 words play an important role in making the first impression on your audience. 

Make your email subject line attractive if you want to catch your client’s attention through your Email.

  • The Email Body should be Slim.

Nowadays people are so busy. They don’t have enough time to read your long cold Email. For this reason, your email body should be slim. A cold email body contains 3 parts. 

They are Introduction ( In this part, you define your company), Purpose ( Main point), Salutation (Thanks for reading your mail, and including a point for future communication). 

To make a proper body, you can use tools like hyperise editor. It is a good editor for personalizing emails and images.

  • Frequency of Sending Emails

Your target customers become annoyed if you send so many emails per day. On the other hand, if you send too few emails, you cannot reach your target goal. 

So you have to maintain frequency before sending cold Emails. You can send one cold Email per week.

  • Reader Experience

The Email you send to your audience must be easy to read and understand. Most people check their Email using mobile.

So your cold Email must be mobile-friendly. If your Email is not reader-friendly in the future, your Customers will never open your Email. 

Best Time of the Day to Expect an email Reply

After sending any cold email to your target client, You’re waiting eagerly for your client’s reply. Statistics show that most people give replies right after completing their reading.

Data shows that some people respond when the working day starts. Some people read the mail at 10 am (when office time starts, and check most of the Emails) but reply after completing their lunch. Most of the time, people respond after 2 pm. 

How to Effectively Send Emails at the Best Time of the Day?

Sales professionals agree that 9.00 to 11.00 am is the best time to send emails. You can effectively send emails at the best time of the day by maintaining schedules. 

If you want to send your mail at the best time, you don’t need to wake up early in the morning.

You can write your sales email on the previous day. Use Gmail for scheduling emails, you can maintain a schedule, and send your mail between 9.00 to 11.00 am.


Now we can conclude that the best time to send cold emails is at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, and Tuesday and Thursday are the best days as 40 percent of responses are received within the first hour.

Your success in email marketing depends on your recipients’ open and reply rates. Sending emails at the right time can greatly impact the overall success of your email marketing campaign.

There are a few good and bad times in sending emails that we’ve listed above. Test them and see which works best for you and your recipients, then gather data and improve your emails based on the results. And also check out hyperise editor to make customized emails and images.