How To Cold Email Someone On LinkedIn

LinkedIn typically focuses on developing a professional network between employers, employees, and companies. It is considered important to be in touch with people from your network to access more opportunities.

However, it is not always possible as we are unfamiliar with everyone. So, how can you outreach and expand your network, opening it to more opportunities and choices in the future?

Well, cold messaging can certainly help. But, maybe you’re not familiar with the concept of cold messaging on LinkedIn, let alone knowing how to cold email someone on LinkedIn.

No worries, as in this linkedin cold messaging guide, we’ll discuss how you can cold message someone on LinkedIn inbox and talk about the basic concept and other factors associated with cold messaging.


What is Cold Messaging, and How does it Work?

Cold messages refer to the action of sending someone an official message when they are not expecting it.

We all are aware of spam messages or emails that we receive from several brands, companies, campaigns, etc. Generally speaking, spam emails are also considered a certain type of cold messaging.

However, a slight difference differentiates spam emails from cold messaging. The difference is in the targeted audience between the two factors or types.

In spam emails, there is no particular target, they send messages to people of all experiences, ages, etc. On the other hand, cold messaging targets a certain group of people related to the purpose and can help with it.

How can Cold Messaging Help?

While cold messaging can be tricky and might not always be successful, you will receive quite a few advantages if that works. Some of the benefits of LinkedIn cold messaging are:

A cold message reaches the right place

Executives and top employers spend a decent amount of their day checking messages, inboxes, emails, and so on. Sending a proper cold message to the right audience will attract their interest to open and read your cold message.

Scalability and Networking

You can send cold messages to thousands of people at one click, and this can help your idea or sales pitch to be scalable significantly. Not only that, but if you target the right audience, then it can also help you to build a strong and successful network.

Informative and Attractive

One of the benefits of sending cold messages is that they are informative and attract readers. To attract the readers, visual images of your product must be attached.

It allows them to get a proper idea about what we are trying to sell or ask from them. Not only that, but it also increases the chance of a successful connection.

Making a customized image for your email helps a lot. if you don’t know how to make customizes images, you can get help from hyperise. They provide great service for customizing images.

How to Cold Email Someone on LinkedIn?

There are quite a few steps that can help you to know how to cold a message someone on LinkedIn successfully and get a response. These steps are:

  • Do Not Apologize

One of the top mistakes that people make when sending a professional email or cold LinkedIn message is that they apologize for the first message.

LinkedIn is not a regular social media app; it is professional network building, and you should not have to apologize to send messages or cold outreach.

Start and finish the follow-up message with confidence and start discussing the topic directly while cold emailing. It will allow you to grasp the attention of your target audience quickly.

  • Be Clear about Your Message

While sending cold LinkedIn messages, make sure that you are clear from the very beginning. Do not add unnecessary sentences or phrases in your cold message, as these often cause the reader to lose interest in reading and reduce responding chances and potential customers.

Another mistake that people make when sending a first message on LinkedIn is that they ask for too many things at once. We should strictly stay away from that and ask for only one thing at a time.

The reason behind this is that asking for more than one thing at once will overwhelm the reader and prevent them from responding to your message or requirement.

  • Keep Your Message Short

Nobody prefers reading a long and detailed message from a stranger, even for a professional connection.

It is essential to make sure that you keep the message short of making sure that the reader reads your cold messages and does not lose the point of your text.

We don’t recommend exceeding 100 words on your outreach messages, and the best word limit is between 50 to 75 words. To make short messages, you can use customized images. And you can get Customized images from Hyperise for cold emails.

  • Customize Each and Every Message template

Not all of your targeted audience has the same industry, the field of work, and so on. Make sure that you customize every cold message you send properly according to the requirement and many more factors.

Instead of sending the same message to everyone you want to network with, making slight changes and significantly customizing the cold message templates increases your chances of getting a response.

  • Avoid Attachments

One of the things that you must avoid in your cold messages and LinkedIn messaging is to avoid unnecessary attachments at all costs.

Make sure that your follow-up outreach message is simply the text and only an image of your products, and it does not include any link or file that will unnecessarily increase the length of the generic message and make it confusing to the readers.

When a reader opens a message on LinkedIn, they typically pay attention to the bottom part of the message first.

If they come across that the message is filled with links, attachments, pdf or doc files, etc., this makes them lose interest in the text, which reduces the chances of responses and new clients.

  • Look for Common Ground or Connection

Mutual connections can help you build a stronger network easily on LinkedIn. If you have mutual with the person you are sending the LinkedIn cold messages to, you can ask the mutual connection to introduce you first properly.

On the other hand, you can also start the conversation by mentioning the mutual connection. Not only that, but you can also look for the common ground before sending a personalized message.

For example, former or current companies, the field of work, company name, prior connection, and many more can act as a common ground, which will help you build a connection with the person. It also helps to improve the chances of you getting a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I Make Sure that the Reader Responds to My Cold Message?

While there is no proper way of ensuring that the person will respond to your outreach message or even read it, you can always take a chance of LinkedIn messaging.

However, the chances of responding increase by a decent percentage if you customize the first message and keep it to the point.

Asking or adding a question at the very end of the cold message will also help you get a response as this gives the reader a point.

  • Is it Okay to Send Someone a Cold Email on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn rules have been specifically designed to establish and develop professional networks between employers, employees, brands, and companies.

While building a successful connection is not always easy, sending LinkedIn cold messages provides a decent chance of establishing a network.

It is okay to send someone a cold Linkedin message as long as it is appropriate and straight to the point.

Final Words

Building a successful professional network helps us in a lot of ways. It allows us to learn new things, explore new and different opportunities, and gain a lot of experience.

LinkedIn is an approach towards professional chances, connections, and so on. A great way of gaining a proper and real connection through LinkedIn is via cold outreach. And customized images from hyperise can make that cold email more approachable.

Now that you know how to cold email someone on LinkedIn, you can put that to your use and move forward on a successful path. Make sure that you properly follow the steps and choose your targeted audience correctly.