How To Remove Mailtrack?

Mailtrack can be one of your essential tools for evaluating email marketing strategy. As it can track the emails for free besides other exclusive features, many users find it attractive to track how their recipients respond.

However, if you aren’t interested in tracking your emails via Mailtrack anymore and want to remove them from your browser or Gmail account, you’re in the exact place.

In this guide, you’ll know about how to remove Mailtrack from your Gmail account and browser. Before removing this effective program from your browser, let’s see what it actually does.


What is Mailtrack?

Mailtrack is an email tracking extension that helps its users to track their emails through Gmail. Besides tracking, it lets you receive timely updates and check email activity. Also, it helps to organize your work schedule.

Through this, you can know when the recipient clicks on the email to read it and how many times he has opened it. Around one and a half million people actively use it to manage their email marketing.

Features of Mailtrack

The basic features of the Mailtrack extension are quite simple.

  • When the recipient opens your email, you get a notification on your account.
  • Checkmarks are seen in the treads when emails are opened.
  • Up to the three-megabyte size of the attachment, you can track the emails.
  • Let you know the numbers of opening the mail by the recipient.

Well, while using this program, you’ll see two checkmarks of gray and green beside the message. When the receiver opens the message you’ve sent, the gray checkmark turns green too, and you immediately get the notification.

Why Would You Want to Remove Mailtrack?

Usually, the function of Mailtrack is to track the email messages about when the message has been seen and at what time, etc. Sometimes, the program fails and cannot track the emails due to some inaccuracy.

The rate of inaccuracy is very low. Due to this situation, the pixel of the email track doesn’t open, and some users cannot see images in the mail. As a result, the main purpose of the tracking tool gets distracted as tracking isn’t possible without images.

Because of this malfunction, some users want to remove Mailtrack from the Gmail of their devices. So, how should you do that? Let’s find out.

Deleting Your Mailtrack Account Including All Personal Data

If you want your tracking experience with Mailtrack to end, you can either delete your account or uninstall it. Here, we’re showing you how to delete your Mailtrack account, including all of your data.

For deleting the account and the data, you have to go to the Mailtrack server. There you’ll find the “Delete account” button in the account settings. All you’ve to do is click on that button and poof! Your account is gone.

Moreover, if you want to remove all the permission from your Google or Gmail, you can do that easily. Revoking Mailtrack permissions from your Google or Gmail needs some short steps. Let’s see what they are!

First, sign in to the Google or Gmail account with the Mailtrack permissions. Then you’ve to open the page

Next, click the Mailtrack button, where you’ll find the “Revoke access” button. Finally, click on it if you’re confirmed about revoking the access to Mailtrack. Here you go! The deal is done.

Uninstalling Mailtrack from the Chrome Browser

If you don’t want your account to be completely deleted but instead want to uninstall Mailtrack from your Chrome browser, you’ve to follow a different method. For uninstalling this email tracker program, you can rely on the process we include as follows.

  • Find Out the Mailtrack Icon

Open the Chrome browser on the computer and go to chrome’s address bar on the right side. There you’ll find the Mailtrack’s icon. If the icon isn’t there, that means it’s hidden.

To find it, go to the Extensions icon and click on it. There’ll be a menu for Mailtrack where you’ll get an option named “Remove from Chrome.”

Sometimes, you’ll be unable to find the Mailtrack icon in either place above. Then what can you do? Well, there’s a solution to each problem. Here’s what you’ve to do.

Go to the top right corner of the Chrome browser, where you’ll see three vertical dots. It’s the “More” option. Click on it, and there’ll be an option named tools.

Then, in the tools, you’ll find Extensions where you can find the Mailtrack icon by searching on the search option.

  • Remove Mailtrack

Keep the pointer on the icon and give a right-click on it. There you’ll find many options, including “Remove from Chrome.” Click on the option to remove the program from your browser.

To complete the full uninstall process, you’ve to close and re-open Chrome. Now, your program is removed.

Removing Mailtrack from Gmail Account from IOS and Android

The users who want to clear Mailtrack from their android or iOS Gmail due to its inconvenience can follow the procedure below.

First, go to the Gmail app and log into your account. After logging in, find the Gmail settings and go there. There you’ll get the add-ons tab where you may find the tracker. Notice carefully, and click on “Manage” if it’s found.

After clicking the Google Workspace Marketplace window will be open where you’ll find the option to disable the Mailtrack program for the mobile.

Don’t forget to close the Gmail app and reopen it after completing the task above. Otherwise, the process will remain incomplete through ios or android. Finally, the program is removed from your Gmail.

The End Story

Several email tracking programs are available nowadays, and each has its specialty with newer features. Mailtrack is a browser extension that is free to use and has fewer features than any other paid program.

You can now do it by yourself as you know how to remove Mailtrack from your account or browser. So, if it’s time to remove your older tracker for something new, we’ll not stop you from doing it. Also, it’s unavoidable to remove it if it doesn’t work properly.