How To Send Personalized Mass Emails In Gmail?

Well, you may be struggling to reach your targeted audience by sending mass emails in Gmail. It could be that your emails lack personalization. Or, you might not know alternative methods of sending bulk emails with a Gmail account that will not end up in spam folders!

Yes, non-personalization may even cause all your emails to land under “Promotions” or “Other” tabs resulting in lower clicking rates. And you get confused thinking exactly where things may have been going wrong.

Now, how to send personalized mass emails in Gmail? In this guide, we’ll show you the whole procedure in detail. So, let’s begin.

How To Send Personalized Mass Emails In Gmail

Generic Strategies to Send Mass Email in Gmail

Granted, we all hate the CC option from Google Contacts for email marketing campaigns, and people often opt for the BCC field (Blind Carbon Copy) or google groups. Since it sends emails with undisclosed recipients, you can easily do mass emailing using this feature.

  • The BCC Method

Just press into the compose box to write out a message. Tap the “to” box and write Undisclosed recipients alongside your own email address.

Like this, undisclosed recipients<>. Then choose the BCC option that is most likely on the top right side of your composition box.

If you cannot detect the BCC preference, try out this shortcut. Tap Ctrl+Shift+B for Windows users or Command+Shift+B for Mac users to unleash the BCC box. Now, add all your desired contacts, type out the message and click send.

This method might sound amazing as it does not let recipients see who got the same email. If you think such emails appear very personal, you are wrong!

There are some limitations to using this feature, and we will get into that in detail. Therefore, stay tuned!

What are the Downsides of Following Generic Strategies to Send Mass Emails in Gmail?

  • Downside 1

Your email will not end up in the recipient’s primary Gmail inbox. It’s more likely to show up in “Promotional” or ‘Other” inboxes, getting you fewer clicks.

What’s worse, messages sent by email service providers are mostly caught in a spam folder nowadays.

  • Downside 2

The biggest red flag for a potential customer is to find himself listed as one of the BCC recipients.

It’s correct that the “Undisclosed Recipients” feature will not allow your audience to see others receiving the same message. But who cares? Your recipient will still know that he’s not the only one getting this email message.

  • Downside 3

There’s a sending limit that only allows you to send emails to 500 people at a time in a day. This system works if you only deal with a few dozen email recipients.

But if we are talking about thousands of recipients a day, you need to use emailing special campaign software.

Effective Ways to Send Personalized Mass Emails in Gmail

As mentioned, Gmail now sorts emails following how they appear. It has become more important to pick up the right ways to personalize an email than ever.

Don’t worry; we have some solid suggestions for your problems. Try adopting one of these solutions over following old strategies to reach your audience in an email marketing campaign.

  • Use Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor is a mass emailing extension. Emails sent from Mailmeter users will feel personal and keep the mail addresses of other recipients private.

It’s nothing like BCC, has higher chances of landing in your recipient’s primary inbox, and provides customizable CRM tools.

  • Use Net Hunt

NetHunt is another extension for sending a mass email to multiple recipients that provides customizable CRM allowing you to send personalized emails to recipients while protecting their sensitive information on the mass email campaigns private.

Another thing you can do is add personalization images and videos from Hyperise in your mass email. It will increase your email conversion rates dramatically.

How to Use Suggested Extensions to Send Bulk Emails?

Worried about the process of using the suggested extensions? They are pretty easy to use. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to use popular email extensions such as Mailmeteor or NetHunt for sending mass emails via Gmail in an email campaign.

  • Make a list of Gmail contacts in Google Sheets.
  • Tap on “Add ons” to add your preferred extension.
  • Compose a new template & personalize the message.
  • Personalize message.
  • Preview the test email.
  • Hit Send on that mail.

Tips & Tricks to Send Bulk Emails without Being Blocked by Gmail

We are all aware that sending bulk emails through Gmail is subject to constraints. It is because Gmail’s rules and regulations don’t allow such behavior as it hampers their users’ experience.

So, how can you avoid getting blocked because of sending mass messages in Gmail? Keep reading through our suggestions to tackle such situations.

Consent is the key!

Before sending commercial emails to customers, many countries and areas demand that you obtain consent. It’s ideal for gaining consent from clients before sending them an email by offering them the opportunity to opt-in or subscribe to your email list.

A means for recipients to unsubscribe link is also required in many nations and areas. If you’re a Google Workspace Individual user, you can send commercial or bulk emails with an unsubscribe option using the multi-send mode.

Spam laws

Commercial or bulk emails must include information to identify the sender in many nations and areas. Therefore, it is very important to include the following information –

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Phone Number

Stay Away from Fraudulent Content

Deception is against Gmail’s policy, and they highly discourage anyone from attempting it; thus, you must avoid it.

  • Things that you must avoid being deceptive about
  • Subject lines and Content
  • Message headers
  • Sender Names or company name
  • Reply To Addresses

Allow Participants to Opt-Out of Receiving Unwanted Emails

Many countries and regions also require senders to give an unsubscribe option for recipients.

Write a Clear Message

To clearly explain your goals, use a clear subject line and headlines. Include a clear call-to-action or a button if you want your audience to participate.

We also suggest that you look into:

  • Send a message that is consistent with your company’s brand or website.
  • Make emails that aren’t misleading.
  • Ensure that the links and buttons you use appropriately describe their intended destination.
  • Ensure that you distribute communications at an acceptable frequency to your target audience.
  • Set clear expectations for how frequently and what types of messages your clients will get from you.


  • How to Avoid Getting My Emails Reported as Spam or Unsubscribed?

Establish a schedule for sending emails and keep up with trends. If you send out messages that your subscribers don’t find valuable regularly, they’re more inclined to unsubscribe or report you as spam.

Final Words

It is possible to meet your target audience by sending mass emails from Gmail. All you need to know is the right way to do it!

By following our guide, you can now easily minimize the bouncing rates of your emails. It will help you have a better connection with your audience. And go and check out Hyperise for better-personalized mass email marketing.