How To Tag Companies On LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as we all know, is a professional-oriented social media platform. However, this social networking site is different from Twitter and Facebook.

It’s ideal for finding a job, identifying sales leads, interacting with new business partners, and so on. And one way to do that is by tagging people on LinkedIn to grab their attention. Now, how to tag companies on LinkedIn?

No worries if you don’t know that. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can tag a company page on LinkedIn in detail.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

Tagging your article on LinkedIn increases its visibility and allows a bigger audience to interact with it, increasing your chances of exposure and impressions.

Let’s have a look at how you can tag companies on LinkedIn by following the steps below –

Step 1

To begin, go to the post option and look for a LinkedIn post that you would like to share with your LinkedIn network.

Step 2

Now, start typing a caption for the post you’d like to share on LinkedIn.

Step 3

Use @ to tag someone or anything, put the @ symbol first, then the name. Make sure there are no gaps between the @ sign and the person and company name.

When you’ve located the person or company you’re looking for, click their or the company’s name.

Step 4

Check to see if the name you’ve mentioned has gone bold. You can repeat the same steps each time you need to tag something in a post.

The name will become bold, indicating that the person or clients have been correctly tagged. Otherwise, you should be mindful of any mistakes you make when typing the name and continue typing.

Step 5

Finally, make the post public by clicking the “Post” button after you’ve finished. Your network will be able to connect directly to the names you’ve highlighted, and you will notify the people and places you’ve tagged.

You can also tag people and organizations in comments and messages by following that process. Use Hyperise to make personalized images when you want to post something about a company.

Benefits of Tagging Companies on LinkedIn

You get the option of tagging both individuals and organizations on the LinkedIn homepage. Tagging an organization on LinkedIn creates hyperlinks that navigate to their profile.

If you play your cards right when you tag a company, you can greatly benefit from it, like making a connection with them. Here are the benefits you can enjoy if you choose to tag organizations on your LinkedIn profile:

  • They will become aware of you.
  • They will be more likely to engage with you.

Companies will Become Aware of You

The company you tag will get an email notification when you mention them. There’s a great chance that they’d like to check you out if you tag them. The main benefit of tagging a company in articles is that it’s a sure-shot way of getting their attention.

If you post something meaningful to them, you will stay in their minds longer and create a meaningful relationship with them.

Companies will Engage with You

Tagging a company in LinkedIn posts increases the chances of a company engaging with you. A company will check you out if you tag them. If they find your post relevant or helpful to them, they’re likely to leave a like, drop a comment, or share your post.

However, use the tagging opportunity wisely. When you’re tagging a company or a potential people, make sure you’re tagging them only on posts that are relevant to them.

Don’t upload a picture of your son’s birthday and tag them for no reason. Be smart about it and use your content and the tagging feature as a pillar to grow your network.

Why Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

There’s no doubt that tagging companies and LinkedIn members are useful if you do it the right way. Tagging companies give you a chance to establish a good relationship with them.

Tagging a company is a great way to show gratitude towards the company. If a company has helped you solve your problem, tag their company page and let them know about it by creating a new post. They’ll surely appreciate you taking the time to thank them on a public platform.

You can maximize your reach on LinkedIn by tagging the right companies. The employees and the avid followers of a company get a notification when you tag them. This increases your reach to the company and extends to its followers. It simply brings more eyeballs to your post.

If you tag a company and engage with you, your connections on LinkedIn will associate you with that company. It’ll seem like you’re well connected with them. This could lead to potential collaboration opportunities.

You could also potentially land a job if you tag your desired company in an original post. For example, if you’re a Graphic Designer and looking for a job, you can select a company you want to work in.

Build a portfolio similar to your target company’s body of work. Share your portfolio and tag them. There’s a good chance they’ll remember you and reach out to you if they have a vacancy.

One word of warning is to not take unfair advantage of this feature. If you try to do it too often, LinkedIn might consider it spam.

As you know, LinkedIn is way more serious than other platforms regarding spam content. They can choose to permanently ban you from their platform if they flag your content.


Hopefully, now you understand how to tag companies on LinkedIn properly. Therefore, you can start tagging company pages on LinkedIn and see the magic that brings.

Tagging someone on LinkedIn is the same as tagging on a Facebook page. Not only can you tag companies, but also you can tag any place on LinkedIn.

So, it’s a great feature to have without any shade of doubt if you can utilize the real value. Check out Hyperise to make personalized messages, emails, and images for professionals.