How To Track Emails In Gmail

Nowadays, there’s no doubt that email marketing is a popular and useful strategy. It is one of the easiest ways to reach your target client. In case you want to know if people read your email or not, use email tracking.

Trying to figure out how to track emails in Gmail? Email tracking or link tracking is a great new feature that Google implemented to view when and where your sending emails are opened.

Gmail offers an email tracking feature that allows you to know the whereabouts of any email you have sent. In this guide, we’ll walk you step by step on tracking emails in Gmail. Let’s begin.

How to Track Emails in Gmail

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is the process of collecting data from the email you sent and using this data to make a decision.

It is a process of tracking an email’s open and click rate, which is sent to your target customers. Email tracking is a feature that’s built right into Gmail.

Can You Track Emails From Gmail?

Now you can track your email using Gmail. Using this feature, you can track:

  • The time:  when your client opens your email.
  • The location: from where your client opens your email.
  • The Device: which Device is used to open your email?
  • Open rate: how many people open your mail?
  • Click rate: how many people click the link on your email?

How to Track Emails in Gmail?

If you want to track your email in Gmail, follow these simple steps to enable this feature.

Step 1

Go to your Gmail compose window. Write your email. When you’ve done your writing, go to the bottom of the composing toolbar.

Now you can see two icons. One icon looks like an eye, and another looks like a finger that hits a button. Before sending your email, make sure you enable this two-button.

Step 2

When the tracking button turns green, it indicates that your email tracking is enabled.

Step 3

Now, click the send button to send your email. If you don’t receive any reply from your recipients, you can check your email’s current status.

To check your email current status, go to your email sent box. Now you can see a green icon next to the opening line. This icon shows you when your email is opened.

Step 4

Now, you will get a notification when your client opens your mail and clicks your email link.

Why Should You Track Your Emails?

Email tracking is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your business. It helps you identify every step your user is doing on your site.

Each visitor gets a unique experience depending upon his choice. Tracking user activity at different conversion stages improves the lead-to-sales ratio and eventually increases your business growth.

You should track your email because:

  • It Saves Your Time

After sending an email, if you notice that your target client opens your email and also clicks the link on your mail, it indicates that they are interested in your business.

If you notice that your target client just opens your email, and doesn’t click the link, send a follow-up email according to their interest.

If your recipients never open and click your email, it means it’s a dead-end. Just leave this and focus on another client.

  • It Helps You to Write Better Emails

Email tracking software provides a realistic assessment of your email marketing programs. It also shows the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

It does not only help you to track your email open and click rate but also gives you the real picture of your unopened email after some time. This assessment helps you to write better emails for your target client. If you don’t know how to write better emails, get help from Hyperise editor.

  • Data Drives Your Business to Success

Using this Gmail email tracking program, now you know who is connected with your email. This data helps you to create a list of your genuine client.

Now you know which content your client likes most. Let’s make a list of the content your client likes most and send it to your email client.

  • Your Team Will Benefit from Increased Productivity

When you use the email tracking tool, you know the open rate of your email. Knowing the open email rate helps your team focus on your business and helps to find what is best for your business.

If your target client is an aged person, use SMS marketing because aged people open email messages occasionally. If your target client is young, use social media platforms to achieve your goal. You can use Hyperise editor to make personalized emails for every potential client.

Benefits of Email Tracking

You can notice a lot of benefits when you use email tracking. The benefits you get after using email tracking are:

  • After using email tracking tools, you know who is opening your email. As your recipients open your email, you don’t need to send a follow-up email.
  • When you use an email tracker, you can track the real-time of your recipients. Now you know when your recipients check their inbox. Send follow-up emails at this particular time to get a better response.
  • After sending a cold email to your recipients, if you notice that your recipients don’t open your mail, you can make a cut-down and make a list of how many emails you sent in the future.

How Does Email Tracking Work?

You may think email tracking is a complicated task, but it’s very simple. When someone opens your email and clicks your link, this tracker sends a notification to you. There are some ways that you can track email in Gmail.

They are:

  • Tracking Pixels for Email Tracking

Tracking software adds a small pixel image called tracking pixel to the email when it’s sent to the recipients. This tracking pixel is invisible to the recipients.

When a recipient opens your email, the server requests to download this tracking pixel. After that, it sends real-time notifications to you, and you know that your email is opened.

  • Measuring Link Clicks

Another way to track email in Gmail is to link clicks. It has some disadvantages. If someone opens your mail but doesn’t click your link, it will not notify you. For this reason, most email companies add tracking pixels automatically.

  • Using Google Analytics to Track Emails

Google Analytics is another way to track emails in Gmail. But this process is very complicated. You have to set your tracking pixel image. Add this tracking pixel image separately in every email before sending.

  • Track Email Opens Using Gmail Read Receipts

Gmail read receipts also helps you track when your emails are opened. But it’s not reliable. You can use this feature when you use a paid Google workspace account.

Why is Google’s Image Policy Important for Email Tracking in Gmail?

All Google’s tracking pixels are saved in California. When any recipient opens the mail, the tracking pixel starts to load from the server located in California. Google does this process to maintain sender privacy.

At first tracking, the pixel shows the recipient’s accurate location when they open the email.

But now, when any recipient opens the mail, it notifies the sender that the recipient is located in California because all tracking pixels are saved in California.

Common Misunderstandings around Gmail’s Image Policy

When image policy focuses, people think their email tracker doesn’t work properly.

Some people think that the Google proxy server shows a false open rate. But it’s not true. People from different locations try this and ensure that it sends accurate open rates.

If you’ve any confusion about pixel tracking, use the Google link tracker. Link click has no connection with pixel tracking. Still, the link click shows the accurate result of the recipients.


We can conclude that Email Tracking is a tool made to help you in your business. Tracking emails in Gmail can help you grow your business and improve engagement with clients.

Just follow four simple steps of how to track email in Gmail. With this, you will know when, where, and how your new clients are getting exposed to your emails. And check out Hyperise editor to make personalized emails, images, and videos.