Recruitment Automation Software: How Can It Help?

Almost every recruitment team of a company (whether large or small) will tell you that recruiting systems are among their worst nightmares. They cost companies a lot of their precious time, and if not done right, they may even cost them money!

During recruitment cycles, recruitment teams not only go through hundreds of CVs but also have to set up interviews with the top few. Now that jobs are going remote, it’s getting increasingly tougher for businesses to find the right men for their jobs.

It is where the recruitment automation software or tool comes into play. This software fills that sweet gap in the market, helping businesses find top talents and great employees – all through artificial intelligence!

In this guide, we’ll take you through the benefits and setbacks of using recruitment automation software and also suggest to you what we believe, and what are the top 4 automation software available for talent acquisition.


Benefits of Using Recruitment Automation Software

Let’s take a look –

  • Updated Data

AI is taking the world by storm, and it’s very true for the world of job recruitment. Recruitment automation software is great because they provide updated information about job-seekers.

This benefit alone takes away tons of burdens from the hiring managers because now they can put their faith in such software to deliver accurate information.

  • Automate Processes

Recruitment automation tools help you automate much of your recruitment process, buying you time to spend on something more productive.

Bid your goodbyes to double-handling since this recruiting automation software automates your process by logging actions and conversations between your recruiting teams and the seeker.

Recruitment automation technology increases efficiency and reduces many administrative tasks that would otherwise haunt you during your company’s recruiting process.

  • Increases Your Chances of the Hiring process

With this recruiting automation tool giving you a live database of job candidates, your likelihood of hiring quality candidates is doubled!

After engaging with candidates, you can place your top few into Talents Pools (including Passive Candidates, Employee Referrals, Company Leavers, and Silver Medalists) to quickly fill up your vacant job positions.


  • Stale Data

Stale data can be a real threat when it comes to recruitment automation. It will waste your time like nothing else. It is why it’s so important to choose the right software.

Top 4 Recruitment Automation Software

Below is our hand-picked list of great recruitment software that, we think, is worth using –

  • Zoho Recruit

You’ve probably heard of Zoho because of its popular CRM. Zoho’s suite of services is all good at finding efficient solutions for businesses at every step- and Zoho Recruit is no exception.

Zoho Recruit solves your hiring problems by letting you conduct pre-screening assessments and background checks, hence giving you an early peek at what and who’s to come.

It is particularly great since you can determine whether the candidate is qualified enough before setting up an interview.

If the candidate has a LinkedIn account connected to his portfolio, Zoho Recruit will automatically extract information from LinkedIn to make filling out application forms easier and faster.

Automate your recruiting workflow using Zoho Recruit’s Blueprint tool. This feature simplifies your hiring processes by ensuring that every required task is completed.

This drag-and-drop interface is particularly great because it points out the places where recruiters are spending too much time so that you can optimize your work for greater efficiency.

  • LinkedIn Recruiter

Ahh, LinkedIn… a household name! Where do we even begin?

LinkedIn should be a top choice for you with a database spanning over 200+ countries, containing information of professionals, businesses, and companies for the 700 million users to use.

In its feed, you’ll find job-seekers sharing their skills, qualifications, and work histories.

If what’s provided impresses you, just click on their profile, and you’ll be bombarded with all the information you may need about the candidate.

Though a basic LinkedIn account can get your recruiting job done, LinkedIn Recruiter simply makes the process faster and more efficient since the platform (and its tools) are designed for recruiters.

Don’t know how to find the right person? Leave it to LinkedIn Recruiter! Its ingenious user interface suggests your titles, skills, and locations, hence recommending you filtering options so you can find what you’re looking for.

Reaching out to potential candidates is also easier than ever with InMail! It’s only a matter of tap, tap, and go to make fruitful conversations with candidates.

  • Reply

We had to battle it out for our third pick between Reply and Pymetrics. Though both were great contenders, Reply eventually came on top because of its amazing features.

Reply’s browser extension helps extract candidates’ contact information (such as email addresses) directly from LinkedIn.

When a candidate impresses you, you can find their email addresses easily and add them with just one click, helping you engage with seekers easily.

But emailing may not always be the best way to engage, and that’s not your headache if you’re a Reply user! lets you engage with seekers through various channels, following up with candidates through calls and social touches.

With its helpful metrics, you’re allowed to analyze your recruitment marketing, allowing you to see the performance of your outreach.

The ease of measuring performance and testing various approaches with Reply means that you can improve your messaging (or wherever else needed) to obtain better results.

The ability to personalize your campaign to your needs is an excellent opportunity to find qualified candidates for your position. Use customized images from Hyperise in your Linkedin recruitment post and website to make a professional recruiting campaign.

  • Pymetrics

Pymetrics promises to deliver excellent results through scientific tests, algorithms, and data structures.

Its AI learns from behavioral science to build unbiased algorithms customized to your needs.

While other similar software lookup seekers based on your required job position, Pymetrics uses its scientific data to make recommendations outside of your search filters to suggest seekers they think are a good fit for you.

Yes, this whole applicant tracking system is quite complicated, but Pymetrics makes things extremely simple for you with its easy-to-use, interactive user interface.

Scientific test data are obtained through games and your emotional attributes (like risk tolerance, effort, and focus), and it’s all done in a fun way!

You don’t have to worry about the science behind Pymetrics; all you do is enjoy its bounties.


If you think that finding the top talent for your business is challenging, then you’re not alone. We used to think so too, but only until we found out about recruitment automation software.

Recruiting automation tools are great, they’re efficient, and above all, they’re accurate. Whether for a remote or in-house job, this recruiting software gets the job done.

Because recruiting automation process is so expensive in this day and age, we would encourage you not to waste your time on unreliable software.

With due research, we hope you will find the perfect recruitment software for your recruiting tasks and, after that, have an amazing experience! Also, use Hyperise editor if you ever need to make customized images.