The Impact of Personalization in AdTech: Driving Engagement and Conversions

The rules of the data privacy game are changing, and whatever the market demands, you need to stay up to date. Digital advertising has evolved significantly over the past 5 years; no end is in sight. Its benefits are already evident for both customers and businesses. For some, it is access to the goods and services they need, and for companies, it means providing customers with their products. As a result, it is safe to say that digital transformation contributes to market health and growth.

What is AdTech?

AdTech includes the entire range of software and tools that advertisers, ad agencies, or publishers use to manage and monetize their ad campaigns. Simply put, the goal is to make interacting with, buying, and selling ads easier and optimize production and distribution efforts.

In the beginning, media buying and advertising looked nothing like they do today. It was a complex manual process that required time and effort. Then things changed — research and metrics started to play a crucial role.

Some of the industry’s top players use Epom (a family of AdTech products), making billions of dollars. They know that a successful ad campaign starts with thinking about the consumer. And Epom helps a lot in this regard.

The AdTech solutions: who needs them and what they are for

So, what do AdTech solutions do? They help personalize the buying process to ensure a certain number of impressions. It happens at the right time and in the proper context. AdTech solutions benefits are:

  • Scalability
  • Real-time flexibility
  • Targeting capabilities
  • Efficiency

AdTech solutions can help:

  • Optimize monetization activities through advertising for publishers
  • Perform media buying and ad optimization for organizations
  • Deliver ads to advertisers’ target audiences
  • Collect audience data (identify potential customers, activity, and behavior)
  • Collect and monetize audience data (the data you have and don’t have and a way to use it to improve your marketing campaign)
  • Collect deployed marketing data (the type of successful ads/channels and the partners that help monetize them)

As you can see, AdTech solutions are a powerful sphere, especially in the cookieless era.

Epom – a family of AdTech products for driving engagement and conversions

Epom offers an ad serving platform that enables advertisers, publishers, and ad networks to manage, optimize, and track their online advertising campaigns. It provides tools for ad management, targeting, tracking, and reporting.

Epom WL DSP offers a powerful contextual keyword targeting. This feature lets you purchase traffic from SSPs that provide bid requests with content keywords.

For instance, if you wish to target impressions on pages displaying National Football League scores, you can utilize the Keywords Filter feature during your campaign setup.

Here’s how to use the Keywords filter in Epom DSP for contextual targeting:

  1. Navigate to the Keyword Filter and select the “Content keywords” parameter.
  2. Add specific values that the parameter should match, such as ‘NFL Football Scores’ and ‘NFL Scoreboard’.
  3. Additionally, you may choose to exclude certain keywords like FIFA and Soccer to prevent ads from appearing on pages unrelated to American football.

The DSP will then assess bid requests to determine if they contain the Content keywords parameter. If the parameter matches ‘NFL Football Scores’ or ‘NFL Scoreboard’, the DSP will place a bid accordingly.

How to utilize personalization in AdTech to drive engagement and conversions

Here is what you should do with AdTEch services.

Start with a clean set of personalized data

A key component of personalization is user data. Understanding user activity and behavior can help drive the success of a marketing campaign. User data is essential to showing the right ads to the right person at the right time. The more research you do, the better the outcome will be. So, dig diligently. It can increase revenue. The more users link to an ad, the more clicks you can get. It’s simple.

As consumers today dictate how we do business, the rules of the data game have changed. Today and in the future, personal data will become a priority. Email subscriptions, social media channels, landing pages, eBooks — the valuable data collection resources list seems endless. Find your way to set up a successful ad campaign and expect the best results. Knowing that you can customize your mailings according to your customers’ preferences is encouraging.

Say goodbye to linear television, say hello to CTV

Since the lockdown, streaming services have overtaken linear TV. With a choice of over 200 streaming services, consumers have become quite fond of them. In the language of numbers, CTV ad spending in 2021 in the U.S. reached $21 billion. The forecast promises further growth of about 23% annually through 2030 to about $100 billion. That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

CTV is a game changer, unlike linear TV, which targets a broad demographic and/or metropolitan areas. It can be targeted directly to an individual household or user. This concept has just begun to scale but is already gaining viewers and advertising dollars in droves. You may not be taking advantage of it yet, and the time is now.

Focus on authentic content, not hard sells

How do you prove to customers that you’re smarter than everyone else and explain why your products or services will help them? Authentic content can help. The concept isn’t new but is one of the most powerful marketing tools for developing brand awareness.

A website is a business’s digital platform that favorably promotes products. But that’s not enough. It must communicate the benefits of the products or services. It is also a way to showcase your professional expertise and industry leadership.

Authentic content shows that you care more about the audience than sales. This message should be obvious from the very first words. It can look like a social media post, blog post, or email newsletter. This content should talk about the benefits of the products or services, providing measurable value to users. This is how you can gain trust and increase the target audience’s interest and engagement.

Pay more attention to voice search

With mobile devices, almost anything is possible. From one-click shopping to engaging voice services, there are tons of options. Voice search is also an AdTech that businesses can use to stand out from the competition. Placing a business on an online map increases customers’ likelihood of finding it through voice search. 63% of Google searches occur on mobile in the United States. Every month, more than 1 billion voice searches are made by users. Their growth is expected to continue in 2024 and beyond.

To follow this approach, a marketer needs to adopt a content strategy. The best way to do this is to provide clear answers to consumers’ most popular questions about products or services. Most voice search queries are more conversational in nature, so it’s wise to follow this manner if it’s not already happening.

Data analytics is still critical to success

Astronomical amounts of data are another barrier to business success. How do you know where you stand if you don’t make sense of this mass of numbers? Want to convert raw data into valuable information? AdTech tools can help with that. It’s a way to increase data transparency.

Research what’s available in the market. The number of tools available is vast. The choice really depends on your business goals. Want to cut costs or improve customer experience? Looking for a way to optimize existing processes? Epom can help you.

With Epom, you can get deep insights into your campaign performance & analyze everything from the global audience outreach to every ad’s conversion rate. Epom Ad Server provides automatic CTR, conversion, and eCPM optimization, allowing you to simplify your ad operations and automate split testing directly within the account.

Keep in mind that analytics isn’t just an option now. It’s a necessity. You need to identify the right tool to grow your business. Or increase productivity.


For business success, you need to act fast, think creatively, and utilize the flexibility of AdTech. Of course, Rome wasn’t built at once, and these changes take some getting used to. However, selling is the best way to get results from the costs incurred. So, it pays to keep an eye on what others are doing well for a business to survive and thrive. Knowing what to spend your advertising budget on effectively will help you make the most of the current year.