Hyper Personalization your Chatbot communications

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  • Personalize Facebook Messenger, Website Chat, Telegram, Twilio, Slack, WhatsApp…
  • Works with all your favourite chatbot platforms:

Facebook Messenger

  • No. 1 chat app, 1.3 Billion users
  • Personalize images with first/last name automatically
  • Ask user for email/website to enable further person/company personalization

Website Chatbots

  • Gamify and your discounts and personalize your coupons
  • Create personalized sharables and digital gifts
  • Give a personal touch to your sales bots communications

Dynamic Image Editor

  • Create dynamic images using any browser, no special software needed!
  • Hyper Personlize your images; add dynamic layers that update on the fly
  • Insert website screenshots, company logos, profile images, app screenshots, custom text and much more
  • Create personalized images at scale to increase your engagement and reply rate