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Hello my name is Ian Naylor i'm the co-founder of Hyperise and in this event what we're going to be covering is what is Hyperise what are personal images how can we use them so jumping straight in we can see here we're in linkedin and we're looking at a personalized image which is part of a message in this case you can see it's image to a sort of message to daniel and in that message we have this image here That's um offering him the ability to sign up for a trial and we can have got this personalized map you see also as i move my mouse that this is actually a clickable element let's jump over to email we can see a similar sort of thing in this case an email was part of a campaign one of kind of maybe a couple thousand that went out and again this one emailed to aj and we've got a personalized experience specific to aj pulling Through in this case his name and actually his profile image from linkedin in an email message and that's really the you know the core the crux of what we're able to achieve with hyper eyes using personalized images in our outreach um you know quit using like say for example from templates like this you can see here i am within the high price platform the same gift image we saw here that's personalized to aj we can now see it in its template format where we've Got a placeholder for the first name along with lots of other placeholders we can add placeholder here for the profile image and various other elements and then we simply create these or take these image templates and add them into our outreach templates whether that be linkedin or email whether that be using automation tools or doing it manually with our chrome extensions which we enable for both email linkedin and we Integrate with hundreds of different platforms on top of that so whatever you're using for outreach from an email from a linkedin and beyond you know crms etc you know we have you pretty much covered with all of our in hundreds of integrations that's really the key of part of the main part of this hyper eyes which is image personalization what we also enable is website personalization so for example here if i click um the image to Aj what that's going to do is take us through to a landing page or a destination in the same way that um i could also click this and get to the similar sort of personalized landing page as you can see here in this page to aj who was from university of california um the whole page is now personalized to him around the call to actions and even we've got a video here personalized to him hi aj thanks for accepting my offer No i won't play the whole video but you get the point you know that we're able to kind of create these personalized outcomes um you know and personalized to him and you know it's kind of drives that engagement and that really is the key the high price and so that really kind of gives us the idea of what high price can achieve in terms of personalizing um to a significant level um you know with images and on your website the whole funnel but let's kind Of take this little step back and ask you know why is it that we want to do that you know what is the reason and why you're um here on this call and why high price exists and what you know why you know why images um you know play a part in that so first of all the key really is that you know we're as users as prospects we're being bombarded by messages you know and growing over 5 000 marketing messages a day on average we see um but we all have The same amount of hours and minutes and seconds in the day so as we're getting increasing your messages the amount of time that we have to process those messages and the amount of time as sales and lots of people we have to grab their attention is getting less and less and that's kind of where images come in with image personalization we can of course with images that generally you know they're great for telling a story and that's that's no surprise if you Think about you know any communication channel that you see you know they're inherently visual based you know have a large proponent of um of images whereas when we resort to kind of outreach messages in email or linkedin you know tend to be pretty much just text and it's really those kind of wall of text emails or linkedin messages very very difficult to process we can see here the human brain actually processes images 60 000 times quicker than text so When we're using personalized images to help drive an outcome you know it's helping display that information in a more comfortable way let's say for the person receiving it but because we're processing those images so quickly when there's something different in those images like personalization it's going to trigger what's referred to as a pattern interrupt and essentially that pattern interrupt is a psychological behavior it's just going to put a break On the brain and that's going to lead to more mind share which leads to more engagement and more people understanding your call to action and so that's really what we're trying to trigger we're trying to one use personalized images but do it in a purposeful way that's telling a story or a kind of reflecting the story we're telling in our copy um but doing it in a personal way so we're just driving mindshare and also you know creating a moment of Delight along the way that's really the core of what hyperis is doing it's enabling you to personalize your images and your outreach at scale and dynamically so you create one image template and then without lifting a finger it's going to personalize to every prospect you reach out to you know whether that's thousands tens of thousands or millions and the great thing about personalized images is they're inherently portable we can use Them throughout our sales funnel so whether it is outreach whether it's newsletters onboarding linkedin as you said on your website and beyond there are many many use cases where these personalized images can be embedded to you know further increase the hyper personalization of your sales funnel and obviously when we start to combine these so for example combining an email to a landing page we're creating you know hyper personalized Sales funnels so it's multiple steps you know to really drive conversions throughout the sales funnel so hopefully that's given you some food for thought about you know or at least kind of giving you a basis of understanding where the power of personalized images come in so but obviously the next step is if you're going to use images it's trying to think about how to use them in the arabic you know what sort of images should you use and so There are kind of i guess a couple of different camps of use cases of where you would want to use personalized images um if you're a salesperson or your your call to action is about getting somebody to book a call with you or to generate a meeting of some kind some sort of you know the call to action is a calendar essentially to meet somebody then humanizing that connection you know with a humanized gif showing yourself or an Avatar of yourself you know for example here you know this black background image and this black pink pink one and the grey one for example they're all stock images that clients have been using but still to great effect creating um a kind of humanized connection but being able to show yourself you know and kind of leverage actually kind of the way we as humans want to connect other humans is a great way of um doing that With personalization to trigger to trigger that pattern interrupt as we go along but delving into kind of more examples around the personalized gifts of a humanized gift should i say is kind of within the within the image itself you know what to have and how to kind of present yourself and this is an example that we use within hyper eyes where we'll have a prop you know in this case a white board you know next to me um and Then you were putting through the personalization of the name you know in this case their logo and also their um their profile image but also myself from the center of the video and they're smiling and waving and what that's doing is creating that kind of feel-good factor you know where i'm kind of delivering something that you know people respond to very positively and that then in turn helps you leverage the law of reciprocity you know which Basically says that if you do something nice for somebody they're going to feel compelled to respond likewise and so you know creating that kind of welcoming image and you know welcoming connection you're more likely again to respond or maybe even you know with with kind of a response like this you see here from rebecca her responses i love this exclamation mark what when can we chat you know so probably you would say over the top for a cold out outreach response Nobody really loves cold outreach but you know to elevate the feel good fact from like to love you know by simple changes simple additions to your campaigns in this case you know very simple personalized image delivering that leveraging that law reciprocity you know with rebecca's name and logo on the board and then you know that led to a positive outcome of a call um or using props or something in your images that can help tell the story so You know for example framing your call to action of hey let's have a chat and a coffee versus let's have a demo or a discovery call or you know something that sounds a little bit heavier and then using the image to visualize and reinforce that call to action in a nice way and of course having the personalization in there as well and all of those things to kind of come together that we start to get responses like this and we see from edgar who says i never Replied to these emails this is the first one that worked and the funny thing is that as somebody that uses these sort of images you know obviously every day i see this sort of response pretty much most days it's not multiple times per day it's almost like people that you know have an inversion to cold email when they do respond they feel like they have to kind of justify that and that's you know quite fun to see when when it's such a repeatable Repeated comment you know or even getting people you know when we're reaching out we don't always manage to find the right person like in this case with jonathan from tfc marketing where he probably wasn't in this case he was the ceo not the the right decision maker but rather than just either deleting me or responding and telling me he wasn't the right person he's actually forwarded it to his Team he was that engaged you know felt that kind of moment of delight from um you know from the image that he felt kind of compelled to kind of you know again that law reciprocity you know kind of push it forward and you know again just creating amazing responses and that's one of the things that you'll notice when you start to use and these sort of images especially the humanized ones you get lots of you know positive connection replies even for People maybe you know aren't in position to move forward at this point you know they're still open to connecting and obviously that's always great for your your broader kind of network but what we've looked at so far are images kind of what i've referred to already as humanized gifts but there are other ways that you can visualize your call to action this is a couple of image examples here that we're looking at from g2 and one of our clients um i don't Know if you're familiar with g2 they're essentially trip advisor for software it's like why i like to think about them you go there and by category software category you're going to see discover products you know you're gonna see who's who's the best who's the leaders who've got the most reviews or all of those sort of things um now what they do is what g2 do is they produce these quarterly reports showing who is the best and who's the up And coming and all of those sort of things and now in this case they've taken those reports they do produce and create examples of them and personalize them to the prospect they're reaching out so in these two examples we can see personalized to apple where you're seeing the the apple logo or the apple um name they're all dynamic to each recipient and now when they did that when they visualized the success of this aspirational image of if you work with G2 you know you can become a category leader that increased their reply rate from 15 to 48 it's a massive 3x uplift simply by extending their product essentially and taking it just from their quarter reports right into the inbox of the prospect you know who'd eventually achieve that sort of status by working with g2 so you know real real powerful stuff from g2 there in terms of being Able to extend their product with personalized images here's another example in this case this is from replied to io so they're another client of ours and if you've not heard of them they're essentially a cold outreach platform multi-channel you know linkedin email that sort of thing and essentially what they're doing when they're reaching out you see these examples here of personalized images they're kind of showing or kind Of visualizing the story of you know this is the old way you know the pain if you like and then there's the pleasure of the new way the old way without reply you've got all of these kind of different systems not really talking to each other and then with reply you've got this multi-channel system a nice streamlined funnel and they're just making one simple personalized change in this image you can see here it's just the logo of the client they're reaching Out to but certainly enough um when we look at the results they jumped from an 11 to 21 um response rate when they start to use these personalized images so clearly when you see your company logo in an image sent to you that is going to be massive from a pattern interrupt triggering the other interesting thing with reply of course being a stats-based company and they didn't just look at reply rate They looked at their open rate and also the delivery into the inbox rate and what they found is that they saw improvements across the board as they started getting better engagement more people responding and replying and clicking from the emails they're sending out that in turn led to a better domain reputation and therefore landing more emails into the inbox and getting them open so an amazing double result really there For them in that in their case this is a quite a different use case again in this case i think it's quite interesting this is actually from an events company that run ecom world and ad world and what they do is when anybody buys a ticket for any of their events they provide them with these shareable gifts which you see represents like the ticket that they've just bought um but with personalized to the person that's attending and then what they do Is encourage the people that have bought those got the their tickets to share these personalized gifts on instagram on twitter etc and in turn get put in putting for a prize drawer for further gifts and swag etc so it's kind of a one of those win-wins where the person who's booked the event feels a bit more special because they're giving they're given these personalized images and obviously on the reverse of that the Event organizers get a little bit of virality of people with their customers sharing about the event and kind of being discovered by their extended network again this is maybe a little bit like um the old um coca-cola campaign where you can get a bottle with your name on and i think you know that they sort of make an additional 150 million bottles of coke from doing that and got tens of thousands of people sharing pictures of bottles of coke with their Name on so you know really does help create that variety in a nice pleasant way um so we've kind of seen that a couple of different examples you know whether it's the humanized gifts whether it's the aspirational images whether it's kind of that diagrammatic kind of visualization of choice you know or even um you know offering referral and engagement you know and kind of using your product in a personalized way Another interesting way um especially for sas owners out there watching would be to personalize your product screenshots so for example hub staff what they do is they take their product images you know directly from their website load them up into hyper eyes you can see in this case um we've got this image personalized again to apple or tim cook from apple you know we're putting through very subtle things like their logo the top of the you know the count Point in their dashboard but also the first person listing the prospect you know is obviously tim in this case but on the on the app side you know you've got again personalized logos and profile images but also even the map personalized i create so many different um personalized points in the image you know of course you're going to trigger you know a significant pattern interrupt you know this you know they're just going to be like wow wow and really kind Of kind of listening to the rest of your message and it's kind of like that you know putting the product in their hands is exactly how they would see it you know when they're using it you know with all of their details in there so you know really helping to paint that picture and how that kind of manifested itself in in terms of result was it went from a three percent so that was their baseline they were Already achieving a three percent click-through rate went from a three percent click-through rate to 11 and that 11 represented a three and a half times uplift um you know on their baseline the interesting thing was that this image here that we were looking at is actually the winning image they tested three or four different product images overall that achieved this 11 so that was a kind of diluted across all the images the Winning image that we're looking at here actually this one got a 12 and a half percent so that's more than a 4x uplift indeed so you know really amazing but they didn't stop there with just improving their outreach they also personalized their landing page as well so they personalized the header of their landing page the call to action with the button and also you know the obviously of course the Product images and what that led to was a compounding impact where not only did they get an uplift in their kind of email outreach and people landing them getting to the landing page but also they doubled the conversion going from 10 to 21 on the landing page those two things led to an overall funnel uplift of 7x seven times more people ended up in a trial from campaigns when they use personalized images in the outreach and then a personalized landing page and That really does um kind of reflect what we see obviously not just within hybridized customers but broader studies that have been kind of taken taken place for example hubspot they um they did a survey um of over um was over 300 000 websites you can see here over a six-month time period and what they found was that people on the sites where it was personalized they were 202 more likely To convert to take the call to action on the page and personalization was used around that call to action so again going back to the hub staff you know having the personalization action on the call to action button itself you know really does make a massive difference and now that really is the key that we're seeing here that you know it's about you know personalizing each step and doing multiple steps and get those compounding impacts inputs and that's Kind of really the kind of what i want to show you in terms of an overview of the platform now what i'm going to do what i'm going to do first of all is i'm going to go through to the hyperion images and i'm going to create a brand new image so we can see we've got a blank canvas here and we've got all of our personalization controls we've got our image canvas in the middle and our settings on the right so what i'm going To do is simply click the canvas and what i can do right now is i can either select an existing image that i've already recorded or uploaded from from my image library i can either upload any brand new sort of image that again could be a product image of my website or something i've just created in canva or whatever and this could be any pngs jpegs gifs animated gifs whatever or if you want to create a humanized gif like um some of The examples we looked at we've also had this record gif option and that way what we're doing is using the webcam that we've got on our computer and again we can create different shapes we want portrait or square default or kind of widescreen um i'll just choose default for now as well as the recording link so in this case we've got a two second um wind recording link and then that will just loop around and loop around so i'm gonna Click record we'll get a nice little countdown then i'm going to do is just give a smile on the wave and so now we've got that and so this could be a nice email for somebody that just connected with and select the image so now that we have the image and what i can do is start to drag on personalized layers so for example um i'm going to drag in some text here i'm going to just just kind of first of All stylize the text so i'm going to change the color from grey to black so it pops i'm going to add a shadow onto that so it kind of regardless of the color on the page on an image it's going to still um show nicely and then maybe change it to a font that's that may be a little bit um kind of bolder let's say with high price there are hundreds of fonts in here that we can choose from so whatever you know for example you know whether you want like permanent markers We're going to put on on a board for example you know this chalk and all sorts of things but now you see we've got a pretty kind of standard almost kind of like meany sort of text here um so i'm just going to start typing in here and say hi first name i'm pumped to meet you so in this case what we've got is a Personalized message maybe that i would be using um when somebody's booked a call you know just kind of want to create some further engagement again what we could do is kind of have this at the top like that or even at the bottom we could even add a shape here to kind of kind of match this mask itself a little bit almost kind of like you would with kind of subtitles you can change the order here Um behind you know maybe even make this semi-transparent you know that sort of thing so we've kind of got lots of ways that we can create an image that's personalized maybe we want their logo in the corner um just to kind of um kind of set that off um then maybe we'll put in the other corner our own logo so we're just kind of balancing that their logo there let's maybe make some sort of size So let's let's save that make it public so we can use it now if we preview this you see now with my example data of tim apple i now have this little high-priced logo the apple logo and hi tim i'm pumped to meet you so now we've got our perfect image i'm gonna give it a name that represents it save it so now say i want to start using this um in linkedin so let's go back to daniel you see we've First grew the connections i can already straight away send a message what i'm going to what i'm going to do here so for daniel is i'm going to send him a personalized message with the ends you can see here we've got this short link button here so that's again from our chrome extension you can see i'm already logged in there and when i simply click that it's gonna open up a little picker here where we can first of all select our personalized Images so we've got our pumped image obviously we've just created so i'm going to select that and i'm going to select a title um underneath in this case i'm going to say first name um facing that pump to meet you so we're gonna just reflect similar sort of message we've got in the image itself and then finally i'm gonna choose a destination euro so in this case i'm Just going to choose um our my um call to action landing page loom demo so as soon as i click submit it's going to create the image short link and it's added it to my buffer so i can now go directly to messages and i can paste this in this short link and when i paste that in it's going to convert into let me see to create this personalized image so that's kind of a simple way of doing it In linkedin again similarly in in gmail in this case um i'm going to send an email to somebody so let me just pick somebody here and then as soon as i can go into the body this little button appears and what it's going to do is allow me to select um my personalized images from my account so if i want to choose this one here i can simply select that and it's going To dynamically personalize in this case you can see to rachel and we're pulling through all the personalization in terms in this case coda being the business and therefore putting the logo and obviously the personalization in the speech bubble so that's the kind of the way that you can do it manually you know within within linkedin within email and then of course from from these elements you know we're going to get Through personalized experiences so for example going back to the daniel example here you see we've now got a personalized page from that short link which is actually our loom demo page that we selected before and now we can see we've got a personalized video to daniel hi daniel did you know videos generate the highest and as well as that um you've got personalization around the call to action and again using our chrome extension we can Pretty much define any elements on the page so in this case you can see where we have daniel's business name we're using the personalization tag a business name um you know where we had his first name next to the calendly we've got you know again the the placeholder for his first name and we can kind of go through this whole page selecting any text elements um you know and adding in personalization holders or selecting any Image elements and being able to drop in a personalized images that we've just created in our account or any personalized videos that we've created that are in our account and replace those and show those um on the page so again um that is kind of going back to the kind of the core essence of what we're trying to do hyperis it's about you know creating hyper personalization and Personalizing the whole sales funnel so being able to personalize your landing pages like this can really help and drive engagement as we saw from some of the examples and surveys that we went through we noticed it ourselves in our google analytics that the linger time people on our site when they're getting a personalized experience is more than double over five minutes versus just about two minutes without so You know quite a good uplift and that's the great thing about hyper ride you see right now we've personalized the landing page from a link but when we start to go anywhere else on the site because we've now dropped a cookie we're going to see the kind of the personalization everywhere from the site whether it's a hype whether it's the home page now we're on the blog and again we're still creating that those kind of moments of delight where we're personalizing as we Go so hopefully that's giving you some overviews of what you can do with hyper eyes and the sort of use cases in outreach in sales in marketing emails you know with linkedin with email um manually as we saw also um to kind of do this at scale create one image template and put it in some cadences or campaigns again we can simply within our images that we've created choose the get image code Add the integration of the the automation platform we're using simply select the integration in this case i'm choosing active campaign and then we just copy the image source code and then just add that directly to the campaign outreach template in your chosen integration platform and for whatever platform you've chosen there'll be an integration guide that shows you exactly how to do that where to put the image And all of that you know in the platform you've selected so very simple you can't really go wrong in terms of the kind of couple of steps you have to follow and there's support there all the way um in terms of guides in terms of chat um and beyond you know to get you through there so hopefully that's giving you some confidence to kind of get stuck in you know and have a play um the other thing to mention of course Is that you know getting stuck in and having a play you're here at hyper eyes you know we've got a completely free trial no commitment so just simply go to hypereyes.com and we'll click the stop free trial button and you'll be straight in no credit card needed and we're going to give you a full 14-day trial and equally happy to extend beyond that if you do need to make extra time and then and only then once you've Kind of proven to yourself you know that this is going to be a platform it's going to add some value to outreach then we have three simple plans for um for our customers to be able to personalize images or images and websites or images videos and websites and i want to take this moment to say i do appreciate you spending the time with me this afternoon and if you do um you know have any questions that you think of after the event please do uh Feel free to reach out to myself or to the hyper ice team again we you can jump to hyperrise.com find the little speech bubble or chat bubble should i say in the bottom right hand corner please start your conversation and we'll be happy to answer your questions then so that that leaves me just to say thanks again for your time and i look forward to catching up and hopefully meeting again soon cheers bye

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