Add personalization layers to your images

Edit existing images direct from your website, or create new personalized images in our online editor.

At the core of the HYPERISE Toolkit is the dynamic Image editor, enabling 16 points of personalization.

Dynamic Text

Add dynamic text layers such as: Firstname, Lastname, Gender, Company Name, Job Title, Phone Number, Website, Address.

Profile Images

Add the prospects profile image; include in your data, or use our data enrichment service and add automatically from an email.

Business Logos

Show the prospects business logo in your images automatically, from the prospects email or website domain.

Website Screenshots

Highlight your website services; add website screenshots automatically, from the prospects email or website domain.

Pinned Map Locations

Add a map, with the location of your prospect pinned in the center!

Personalized QR Codes

When printing images, add a QR code, that will personalize to each prospect, to enable tracking of scans and personalization of landing pages.

Augmented Reality Markers

Humanize your personalized image templates, record a GIF with our Augmented Reality Markers for dynamic replacement.

Image Data Enrichment

Using business email and website data available in your CRM, we can enrich with firmographic data ? to add the following dynamically layers to your images:

  • Business Name
  • Business Logo
  • Website Screenshot
  • Business Location Map view
  • First/last name
  • Job Title
  • Profile Image

No credit card required.

Firmographics are sets of characteristics to segment prospect organizations. What demographics are to people, firmographics are to organizations.