Hyperise ♥ BigCommerce

Hyperise works with BigCommerce so you can personalize your website.
Add personalized images, dynamic text and segmentation to your website to double engagement.

Link your campaigns to personalized landing pages with BigCommerce, on your existing website.
All made possible with the BigCommerce and Hyperise integration.

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What is BigCommerce?

You're about to enjoy the BigCommerce website builder its easy and intuitive. With BigCommerce you will also have access to all the bells and whistles you want, including great support by real people who know what they are talking about!

BigCommerce is a platform perfect for creating your website and with Hyperise you can make it a personalized experience for your visitors.

How does BigCommerce work with Hyperise?

BigCommerce proves the simplist way to add the Hyperise Javascript Snippet to your website.

  1. Add your website in Hyperise
  2. Copy Snippet Code
  3. Add the Snippet code to BigCommerce

What can you do with BigCommerce and the Hyperise Integration?

BigCommerce integration diagram

BigCommerce makes it possible to personalize your website without coding! Once you've added the Hyperise Snippet to BigCommerce, you can start to define and trigger personalization acrosss your website.

For more details on how to start defining personalization on your website checkout the Website personalisation 101 Guide, to explore all the possibilities!


Hyper-Personalize your whole Sales Funnel

Add personalization layers to your existing images and videos.

Include personalized images in your BigCommerce outreach messages.

Personalize your website’s text, images, videos and CTAs for each visitor without writing a single line of code.

Connect your BigCommerce campaigns, to your personalized landing pages.

Identify anonymous visitors and enrich with firmographic data.

Hyperise plays nicely with all your favourite Website tools, including BigCommerce.


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BigCommerce Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is BigCommerce?

Answer: BigCommerce (Nasdaq: BIGC) is a leading SaaS ecommerce platform for all sizes of merchants to build, innovate and grow their businesses online. As one of the world’s most open solutions, BigCommerce provides sophisticated enterprise-grade functionality while being easy to use at the same time. Tens of thousands companies around 120 countries from across various industries rely on this company such as you who are reading now! They have everything you need too - tens upon tens of beautiful templates with engaging features that make your store stand out in comparison...

Question: What is shown on the Dashboard?

Answer: The Dashboard is the perfect place to see all of your store. It’s also where you’ll find notifications on any events that are happening and information about recent orders (like pending reviews, products with low stock). The top section shows alerts or messages like new order updates which will let you know if there was an issue during processing for example- but it won’t interrupt what else is being displayed! You can view data collected over time so things should be easy to track across a variety of metrics. There are then sections for store statistics, orders, and the spotlight which highlights news and announcements to help you.

Question: Can I preview my store before launch?

Answer: When you first create a BigCommerce store, it is set to private. This means that search engines cannot find and list your store in their searches while the site remains in development. It also prevents members of the public from browsing before its launch date. However, you can still preview what’s going on or let other people take charge as well! Once you login to your control panel as a store owner you can select ‘view store’ or ‘view storefronts’ in the case of several stores. The storefront is then displayed with a preview banner at the top.

Question: What is the App Marketplace?

Answer: BigCommerce has a marketplace that’s full of goodies like apps for your store. These integrations can give you extra analytics, integrate with other platforms, help you run marketing and so much more! The app market place allows easy searching to find the right tool for your business. Every listing will tell what features are included in an app - some may require subscriptions but many are free or offer trials if they’re not...so go ahead and explore Big Commerce today!

Question: Should I create backups?

Answer: Planning for the worst is always a good idea, but it can’t be done if you’re not prepared. Before adding any new items to your store or making changes in customization settings, backup up all of the data that belongs to those files and folders first. If something goes wrong with either product images or theme customizations (or anything else), then restore these backups by following our instructions below on how best to do this! You don’t want to be left without your whole store, so check out Rewind on the Apps Marketplace. It can back up all of your products and customers in case anything goes wrong

Question: Can I transfer my products to another store?

Answer: Once your products have been created in one BigCommerce store, you can move them to another without the need to recreate everything. You might want to duplicate a catalog for testing design changes or customizations on an existing site. Or maybe create clones of a storefront’s catalog so that they’re ready-to-go when it comes time for new stores! In order to transfer products from one store to another, you need a few things. You’ll first export your product using the customized template and then import it into the destination store.

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