Hyperise ♥ Continually

Integrate Continually with Hyperise to hyper-personalize your whole sales funnel.
Add personalized images to your Continually outreach messages to boost engagement.

Link your Continually campaigns to personalized landing pages, on your existing website.
All made possible with the Continually and Hyperise integration.

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What is Continually?

Close your eyes and imagine this: a Chatbot tool that’s intuitive to use, has all the bells and whistles, is fairly priced, and you’re supported 24/7 by a team of real people. OK, now open your eyes to see Continually.

Continually is a chatbot building platform designed to help people of all skill levels create personalized and professional campaigns. Connect with your audience on a human level using the latest features like automation, tagging, predesigned templates and more!

How does Continually work with Hyperise?

Continually uses the Image embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

  1. Copy the image code in Hyperise
  2. Add an image to your message in Continually
  3. Paste the image code into the image URL field from Step 1

Continually Integration Details

What can you do with Continually and the Hyperise Integration?

Continually integration diagram

Continually makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

  • There's no sweeter name than your own, add First Name personalization to your images with Continually.
  • Using business Website passed from Continually, Hyperise is able to enrich business logo and website screenshots.


Hyper-Personalize your whole Sales Funnel

Add personalization layers to your existing images and videos.

Include personalized images in your Continually outreach messages.

Personalize your website’s text, images, videos and CTAs for each visitor without writing a single line of code.

Connect your Continually campaigns, to your personalized landing pages.

Identify anonymous visitors and enrich with firmographic data.

Hyperise plays nicely with all your favourite Chatbot tools, including Continually.


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Continually Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does Continually do?

Answer: We make sure you never miss another lead from your website. Today, when people visit your site - say to request a product demo - they expect you to reply straight away. Even when its out of hours or if they’re in another time zone we give our customers the tools needed for instant responses at any hour without having an expense on additional sales staff! Continually lets users replace forms with simple messaging making it easy for customers to get what they need as quickly as possible and is perfect for small businesses trying scale their customer service efforts moving forward.

Question: How do I create a new chatbot?

Answer: When you’re ready to start building your own chatbot, head over to the Bots page. From here, click on Create new bot. You’ll then be given two options: Choose from one of our prebuilt templates or create a conversation from scratch--the choice is yours! Once you’ve chosen an option and made some tweaks inside the Bot Builder tool (you can preview them first if need-be) it’s time for deployment!

Question: How do I change my chatbots intro?

Answer: The best thing about bots, is that they can have their own unique intro and description to make them even more important. Once you open the bot preview inside the builder you can click on the text beside your avatar to edit each line.

Question: How do I install Continually to my site?

Answer: You don’t need to be a developer to add Continually to your website. It takes just a few simple steps, and it’s fun too! First you sign in - that way the service can identify when someone is speaking on your site or blog post. Then along the top navigation click ‘Install and Settings’. You’ll see your embed code here and you can click to copy this. Now you just need to open your code editor and find the HTML pge you want to add the script to - you can add to as many pages as you like. Make sure you paste the code between the ‘Head’ tags within the code.

Question: Will live chat remove my bots?

Answer: No, live chat will not remove your bot. Live chat can be turned on/off whenever it suits you without affecting any of your bots; so don’t worry about that!

Question: How do I connect my calendar?

Answer: Connecting your calendars is a snap! Just go to the Apps page and find the calendar service you want to connect. Click on Connect at this point, then give authorization with Continually so they can add any customer meeting invites that come through for you in real - time(you’ ll need an account from both of these services). Next, choose how many other calendars will be connected by selecting up to five others - make sure each one has its own group ID inputted correctly or else it won’ t work properly.Once done, click Save Changes and voila!You’ re all set now.

Question: How do I receive notifications on updates to my bots?

Answer: There are countless ways to customize the notifications you receive from your bot! You can choose which types of activity trigger a notification and what kind of notice they’ll be. And if that’s not enough, we have 5 different kinds: Continually, Browser, Email, Slack updates just go into slack channels where there is already conversation about bots happening (you read it right), and Mobile alerts show up as push messages directly on mobile devices so don’t miss them while you’re out and about!

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