Hyperise ♥ Datananas

Integrate Datananas with Hyperise to hyper-personalize your whole sales funnel.
Add personalized images to your Datananas outreach messages to boost engagement.

Link your Datananas campaigns to personalized landing pages, on your existing website.
All made possible with the Datananas and Hyperise integration.

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What is Datananas?

Close your eyes and imagine this: a Marketing Automation tool that’s intuitive to use, has all the bells and whistles, is fairly priced, and you’re supported 24/7 by a team of real people. OK, now open your eyes to see Datananas.

Datananas is a marketing automation software designed to help people of all skill levels create personalized and professional campaigns. Connect with your audience on a human level using the latest features like automation, landing pages, segmentation, tagging, predesigned templates and more!

How does Datananas work with Hyperise?

Datananas uses the Image embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

  1. Copy the image code in Hyperise
  2. Add an image to your message in Datananas
  3. Paste the image code into the image URL field from Step 1

Datananas Integration Details

What can you do with Datananas and the Hyperise Integration?

Datananas integration diagram

Datananas makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

  • There's no sweeter name than your own, add First Name personalization to your images with Datananas.
  • Make it formal, include the prospect's Last Name in your personalizations.
  • Phone
  • Add the prospects Business Name to your personalizations, with data passed from Datananas.
  • Category
  • Employees range
  • Use the prospects Job Title in your personalizations, with data passed from Datananas.
  • City
  • Country
  • Zip
  • Custom text 1
  • Custom text 2
  • Custom text 3
  • Custom text 4
  • Custom text 5


Hyper-Personalize your whole Sales Funnel

Add personalization layers to your existing images and videos.

Include personalized images in your Datananas outreach messages.

Personalize your website’s text, images, videos and CTAs for each visitor without writing a single line of code.

Connect your Datananas campaigns, to your personalized landing pages.

Identify anonymous visitors and enrich with firmographic data.

Hyperise plays nicely with all your favourite Marketing Automation tools, including Datananas.


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Datananas Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Datananas?

Answer: Datananas is a Sales Engagement software for sales and marketing professionals. It provides email tracking, cadence, and sales automation for managing Outbound Sales campaigns to help businesses put their best foot forward while growing with efficiency.

Question: Can you explain Contact Stages?

Answer: In our software, your contacts see their status updated automatically as they progress from ‘Added’ to ‘Active’, and when they behave from ‘Stopped’ to ‘Answered’. The stages come in addition to these steps. They allow you the chance of regaining control over how you classify your contacts according based on what stage or step they are currently at within your prospecting funnel (for example: Active). These Stages can be set directly through the Settings page where there is a default list that allows for customization by adding more steps if needed, deleting them entirely, and seeing all Contacts assigned with one click.

Question: What is the Contacts collection date?

Answer: It is the date when you collected data about your contacts (first name, last name, email address etc). Datananas is a great tool for collecting data about your contacts. There are many different ways you can collect it and the date of collection will vary depending on how this information was originally collected: if contact information was created manually, Datanana’s default setting defines when that person is added to your list as being the day they were first listed; or if contact info has been uploaded from another source like an Excel spreadsheet then there should be a column with ‘collectedAt’ as its header (in dd/mm/yyy format). It doesn’t matter what way you create them - just make sure you have all their necessary details before uploading.

Question: Can I add a note to a Contact?

Answer: Datananas makes it easy to manage your contacts by creating notes. Notes can help you identify the key information about a prospect so that when they come into contact with them, all of this data is at their fingertips! 1) On Datanana’s homepage go to Contacts on the left side and find the person for which you want to create a note. 2) Click Create Note and click ‘Submit’. 3) Fill out the Title & Description fields as well as other fields such as file attachments or any relevant links related to what is being discussed. Then validate the note so that it appears in the History tab of the contact form.

Question: Is it possible to enrich my contact details using ClearBit integration?

Answer: You can import ClearBit data into your Data Desk account to enrich the information with certain contact’s company. To do so, you go in the ‘Data’ section and click on Enrichment. Select a few contacts or all of them (depending on what is available), then type ‘Clearbit’ at the bottom for those that have it as their industry according to LinkedIn or Facebook profiles if they are found when looking up public profile details from these sources online - because this integration unlocks additional info including number of employees. You need an API key though first, which you can find here: https://dashboard.clearbit.com/api - then copy paste place where required in Data Desk after clicking Connect ClearBit.

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