ActiveCampaign vs Outplay

Hyperise integrates with 100's of sales and marketing tools, many of which are in the Marketing Automation category. With so many to choose from it's sometimes hard to know which is best, but don't worry, we've got your covered.

In this comparison guide we're going to look at the Highlights, Pros, Cons and Pricing of ActiveCampaign and Outplay. We'll also delve into the details of which offers the best personalization options within Marketing Automation, with there respective Hyperise integrations

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Pricing: ActiveCampaign offers different pricing plans with various features depending on the size of your business. They offer Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans. The Lite plan is $15 per month and supports up to 3 users. The Plus plan is $70 per month and supports up to 25 users. The Professional plan is $159 per month and supports up to 50 users. The Enterprise plan is customizable and supports unlimited users. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.



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Pricing: Outplay pricing is based on the type of application that you are developing and the amount of Outplay services you need. Outplay charges a one-time fee for app development and then a monthly fee for its services. The base cost of an app usually starts at around $15,000 but can increase depending on the complexity of the app.

ActiveCampaign vs Outplay Highlights

ActiveCampaign and Outplay are two customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Both tools can be used to store and track customer data, provide customer support, and deliver personalized campaigns. ActiveCampaign has an all-in-one marketing platform that streamlines automation, customer segmentation, email marketing, and sales forecasting, while Outplay focuses on delivering personalized customer experiences through a suite of engagement tools. ActiveCampaign is great for creating automated marketing campaigns, segmenting customers, and staying up-to-date on customer behaviors, whereas Outplay is best for creating personalized customer experiences, engaging customers via email and notifications, and gathering customer feedback. In conclusion, ActiveCampaign and Outplay both offer powerful CRM capabilities but are designed for different aspects of the customer experience.

ActiveCampaign vs Outplay Pros

ActiveCampaign Pros

  • Easier segmentation ActiveCampaign allows for the easy creation of sophisticated, customized segmentations to reach the right contacts with the right message at the right time.
  • Advanced automation ActiveCampaign supports a powerful automation platform with greater flexibility and features than Outplay.
  • Affordable pricing plans ActiveCampaign offers a variety of tiered pricing plans that make it more affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Superb integrations ActiveCampaign integrates with a variety of different software solutions and third-party applications to provide additional features and functionality to its users.
  • Powerful reporting and insights ActiveCampaign includes detailed analytics and reporting capabilities with more data visualization options.
  • Intuitive interface ActiveCampaign's user interface is cleaner and more intuitive than Outplay.
  • Mobile-friendly ActiveCampaign's platform is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to access on-the-go.

Outplay Pros

  • Pros for Outplay compared to ActiveCampaign
  • Simplified user interface for creating and managing campaigns
  • Automation for segmenting and targeting customers
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • Robust features for customer engagement management
  • Ability to build customer journeys through a drag-and-drop interface
  • Faster email delivery times
  • Real-time customer engagement tracking
  • Deeper CRM integration
  • More integrations with third-party apps
  • Better customer support

ActiveCampaign vs Outplay Cons

ActiveCampaign Cons

  • ActiveCampaign offers fewer customization options compared to Outplay
  • ActiveCampaign pricing is expensive in comparison to Outplay
  • ActiveCampaign lacks real-time segmentation capabilities, while Outplay offers those kinds of capabilities
  • ActiveCampaign has limited support for multilingual campaigns, whereas Outplay supports multiple languages
  • ActiveCampaign does not come with automated A/B testing features like Outplay does.

Outplay Cons

  • More limited options for contact segmentation
  • Fewer integrations when compared to ActiveCampaign
  • No live chat support
  • More expensive than ActiveCampaign
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Lacks an automation builder
  • No email list hygiene

ActiveCampaign & Outplay Hyperise Integrations

ActiveCampaign uses the HTML code embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

ActiveCampaign makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

ActiveCampaign integration diagram
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Using business Website passed from ActiveCampaign, Hyperise is able to enrich business logo and website screenshots.
  • Business name
  • City
  • Country

ActiveCampaign Integration Guide

Outplay uses the HTML code embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

Outplay makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

Outplay integration diagram
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Business name
  • City
  • Country
  • State

Outplay Integration Guide

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ActiveCampaign and Outplay Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is ActiveCampaign?

Answer: ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM software tool designed to help businesses of all sizes improve their digital marketing efforts.

Question: How do I sign up for an ActiveCampaign account?

Answer: Signing up for an ActiveCampaign account is simple, just visit our website and click the “Sign Up” button to create an account.

Question: What features does ActiveCampaign offer?

Answer: ActiveCampaign offers a range of email marketing, automation, and CRM features, such as list segmentation, automated workflows, contact management, and real-time analytics.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can store in my ActiveCampaign account?

Answer: ActiveCampaign has a limit of 250,000 contacts per account, and you can add more contacts as needed.

Question: How do I send emails through ActiveCampaign?

Answer: Using ActiveCampaign's drag and drop email builder, you can create and send emails to your contacts with just a few clicks. You can also schedule emails and send them automatically to your contacts.

ActiveCampaign vs Outplay

Question: How does ActiveCampaign work?

Answer: ActiveCampaign has some pretty cool features that help you easily create the best email marketing campaign possible. They have various methods of site tracking, app integrations, and artificial intelligence so your emails can be delivered to customers in a helpful way at every stage of their customer journey!

Question: Do I need a lot of technical experience to use ActiveCampaign?

Answer: ActiveCampaign simplifies marketing automation and email campaign management for non-techies. You can use our platform to create campaigns, automations without the need of being a developer or designer with ActiveCampaign's Automation Recipe Library that contains hundreds prebuilt recipes that are easy to customize! If you find yourself needing help reaching out rest assured as we have friendly support team available 24/7 who will be happy to answer any questions at your convenience.

Question: How does the free trial work?

Answer: The 14-day free trial allows you to test the platform with up to 100 contacts and up to 100 emails sent. The features available within our trial match our Professional tier of features, so if it's good enough for me then I'm sure its more than sufficient for my friends as well! You can simply let your account expire or just upgrade at any time without worry about being charged unless manually upgrading during this period.

Question: Can I extend my free trial?

Answer: Your trial will expire in 14 days. If you need more time, please contact your account executive or the support team if they can't grant the extension request!

Question: Can you help me migrate from another service?

Answer: No kidding! They offer free migration services to help you move from your old email service provider over to AWeber. And when it comes down the plan that's right for you, they'll import all of your lists and contacts into their system without a hitch so everything will be super-organized already too. You can also have them recreate any opt-in forms or automation workflows in case anything was lost during the transfer process and don't forget about having them recreated emails templates while they're at it either because if we've learned one thing, it's that those are important things as well!

Question: Does ActiveCampaign automatically increase my contact limit?

Answer: The limit is not automatically increased, so you have to manually do it. You will know when your limits are getting close because the system alerts you!

Question: Does ActiveCampaign provide landing pages?

Answer: Yes, ActiveCampaign Pages lets you spin up an unlimited number of on-brand high converting landing pages in minutes. With the use of this software, it is possible to automatically create and tag new contacts when they submit a form on your landing pages and trigger automations based off visits to a page. You can also buy with one easy click from any given lander if you want!

Question: What is Outplay?

Answer: Outplay is a mobile gaming network that connects gamers worldwide for 1-on-1 and team competition. Outplay offers a range of cross-platform social and competitive gaming experiences on iOS and Android.

Question: How do I join Outplay?

Answer: You can join Outplay by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play store, and then signing up with either a Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

Question: Is Outplay free?

Answer: Yes, Outplay is free to play. There are some in-app purchases available but you don’t need to buy anything in order to play.

Question: What games are available on Outplay?

Answer: At the moment, Outplay has 5 different games available: Soccer Star 2020, Car Race, Space Invaders, Word Up, and Bubbles.