ActiveDEMAND vs ActiveCampaign

Hyperise integrates with 100's of sales and marketing tools, many of which are in the Marketing Automation category. With so many to choose from it's sometimes hard to know which is best, but don't worry, we've got your covered.

In this comparison guide we're going to look at the Highlights, Pros, Cons and Pricing of ActiveDEMAND and ActiveCampaign. We'll also delve into the details of which offers the best personalization options within Marketing Automation, with there respective Hyperise integrations

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Pricing: ActiveDEMAND has four packages, each with different price points based on the features you need. The Essentials package is $59/month, the Profit package is $199/month, the Enterprise package is $349/month, and the custom package is a quote-based price. All include a 15-day free trial.



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Pricing: ActiveCampaign offers four pricing tiers. The Lite plan starts at $9 per month, the Plus plan starts at $49 per month, the Professional plan is $129 per month, and the Enterprise plan is $229 per month.


ActiveDEMAND vs ActiveCampaign Highlights

ActiveDEMAND is an all-in-one marketing platform that includes features such as email marketing, lead capture, and web analytics. By contrast, ActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform specifically designed to manage large lists of contacts and build customer relationships. ActiveDEMAND provides users with a more comprehensive set of marketing tools, enabling marketers to automate the entire marketing process from lead generation to customer communication. It has advanced segmentation capabilities and powerful marketing automation. ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, provides an easier user interface and is more affordable. ActiveCampaign can be helpful for smaller businesses or businesses that only require email marketing.

ActiveDEMAND vs ActiveCampaign Pros

ActiveDEMAND Pros

  • Pros of ActiveDEMAND compared to ActiveCampaign:
  • Easier double opt-in process: ActiveDEMANDs process is automatic and provides more detailed control over who is receiving emails.
  • Email automation based on rules: ActiveDEMANDs automation rules allow for more complex automation processes versus ActiveCampaign, which only has limited automation rules.
  • Improved landing page and forms builder: ActiveDEMAND has an improved builder for creating custom forms and landing pages that are more complex and easier to use than ActiveCampaigns.
  • Enhanced reporting and integration capabilities: ActiveDEMAND provides more comprehensive reporting capabilities and a richer set of integrations than ActiveCampaign.
  • Better segmentation and tagging capabilities: ActiveDEMAND provides more robust tagging and segmentation options for segments of contacts.

ActiveCampaign Pros

  • Pros of ActiveCampaign Compared to ActiveDEMAND:
  • More comprehensive automation features
  • More user-friendly interface
  • Easier-to-use segmentation capabilities
  • Offers a greater range of integrations
  • More sophisticated testing and tagging options
  • Cheaper Build plans
  • Automate more components with triggers
  • Optimized API support
  • Invoicing and payment processing
  • Contact scoring and scoring categories

ActiveDEMAND vs ActiveCampaign Cons

ActiveDEMAND Cons

  • ActiveDEMAND has limited integrations with other software and services as compared to ActiveCampaign, which has hundreds.
  • ActiveDEMAND does not have an autoresponder feature, which is available in ActiveCampaign.
  • ActiveDEMAND does not have a customizable drag-and-drop user interface, making it difficult for users to create intuitive visual campaigns.
  • ActiveDEMAND does not offer multi-user access capabilities, limiting collaboration amongst team members.
  • ActiveDEMANDs predictive analytics capabilities are limited, while ActiveCampaign has a wide range of powerful predictive tools.
  • ActiveDEMAND lacks detailed analytical reporting capabilities as compared to ActiveCampaign, which has dynamic charts and graphs.

ActiveCampaign Cons

  • ActiveCampaign does not have as many integrations as ActiveDEMAND
  • ActiveCampaign does not have a robust customer service team like ActiveDEMAND
  • There are more features offered by ActiveDEMAND
  • ActiveCampaigns automation features are less advanced than ActiveDEMAND
  • ActiveCampaign does not offer dynamic content, whereas ActiveDEMAND does
  • ActiveCampaigns user experience is not as intuitive and slick as ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND & ActiveCampaign Hyperise Integrations

ActiveDEMAND uses the HTML code embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

ActiveDEMAND makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

ActiveDEMAND integration diagram
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Business name

ActiveDEMAND Integration Guide

ActiveCampaign uses the HTML code embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

ActiveCampaign makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

ActiveCampaign integration diagram
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Using business Website passed from ActiveCampaign, Hyperise is able to enrich business logo and website screenshots.
  • Business name
  • City
  • Country

ActiveCampaign Integration Guide

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ActiveDEMAND and ActiveCampaign Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is ActiveDEMAND?

Answer: ActiveDEMAND is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that helps marketers streamline their entire marketing process. It helps users manage campaigns, track leads, and measure success.

Question: What features does ActiveDEMAND offer?

Answer: ActiveDEMAND includes an email marketing platform, a landing page builder, an automation manager, integration with popular CRMs, and more.

Question: How much does ActiveDEMAND cost?

Answer: ActiveDEMAND offers three subscription plans: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Prices start at $25/month.

ActiveDEMAND vs ActiveCampaign

Question: What is ActiveDEMAND ?

Answer: ActiveDEMAND is a powerful marketing platform that empowers agencies and marketers to take control of their digital advertising.ActiveDEMAND packages range from the full - featured call tracking application for small businesses, all the way up to its flexible Marketing Agency Portal designed for larger organizations with multiple clients.Engage prospects using our integrated Call Tracking Module, do more with built - in email templates or social media posting features - there’ s something here for every type of agency!

Question: Who is ActiveDEMAND designed for ?

Answer: ActiveDEMAND is a flexible, affordable marketing platform designed for Marketing Agencies and SBM marketers.ActiveDEMAND has been an industry leader since 2001, making it the best choice in modern digital advertising!

Question: Does ActiveDEMAND offer Call Tracking ?

Answer: With ActiveDEMAND, you can easily add a call tracking number to any online or offline campaign. Phone calls are automatically logged to the prospects activity history and sent to the right sales team.You can have your phone calls automatically recorded and transcribed if you want.

Question: What integrations does ActiveDEMAND offer ?

Answer: ActiveDEMAND is the one - stop shop for your customer relationship management needs, whether you’ re using it to integrate with legacy system or just want a really good looking website.ActiveDEMAND integrates seamlessly with all of your other products and services because they understand that they need be in sync with each others function. ActiveDEMAND also has integrations galore so if there’ s something out there(and let’ s face it there probably is), then ActiveDEMAND can likely handle whatever challenge comes its way!

Question: Is there any engagement reporting ?

Answer: ActiveDEMAND uses Google Analytics to tell you exactly what each person has done and when, automatically adding them into your contact history.You can use this information for proof of a persona or user journey, which are so much more persuasive than just showing screenshots on the website!

Question: How does ActiveDEMAND help companies with complex sales ?

Answer: For businesses with longer sales cycles or more complex sales, the built - in ActiveDEMAND lead scoring enables you to define what constitutes a lead.Prospect engagement is tracked and scored across all channels: email, web visits, social media and more.

Question: How does ActiveDEMAND help small businesses ?

Answer: Want to get more customers for your business ? Check out this small business marketing software!It provides everything you need - from connections with prospects all the way through executing customer retention campaigns.You can send and track any type of campaign in one place, so it’ s really easy to use too - even if you’ re new at this kind of thing.

Question: How do I create a campaign in ActiveCampaign?

Answer: To create a campaign in ActiveCampaign, log in to your account, click 'Campaigns' in the main menu, and choose 'Create Campaign.' From there, you can pick your desired campaign type and begin the process of setting up the details of your campaign.

Question: How do I connect an email account to ActiveCampaign?

Answer: In order to connect an email account to ActiveCampaign, you must first log in to your account, click 'Integrations & API' in the main menu, and choose 'Add Email Accounts.' You can then add your email account information and click 'Connect' to complete the integration.

Question: How do I automate my campaigns in ActiveCampaign?

Answer: You can automate your campaigns in ActiveCampaign by setting up automated rules or using automation features such as marketing automations, list segmentations, and contact scoring. To access these features, log in to your account, click 'Automations' in the main menu, and choose the desired automation feature.

Question: How does ActiveCampaign work?

Answer: ActiveCampaign has some pretty cool features that help you easily create the best email marketing campaign possible. They have various methods of site tracking, app integrations, and artificial intelligence so your emails can be delivered to customers in a helpful way at every stage of their customer journey!

Question: Do I need a lot of technical experience to use ActiveCampaign?

Answer: ActiveCampaign simplifies marketing automation and email campaign management for non-techies. You can use our platform to create campaigns, automations without the need of being a developer or designer with ActiveCampaign's Automation Recipe Library that contains hundreds prebuilt recipes that are easy to customize! If you find yourself needing help reaching out rest assured as we have friendly support team available 24/7 who will be happy to answer any questions at your convenience.

Question: How does the free trial work?

Answer: The 14-day free trial allows you to test the platform with up to 100 contacts and up to 100 emails sent. The features available within our trial match our Professional tier of features, so if it's good enough for me then I'm sure its more than sufficient for my friends as well! You can simply let your account expire or just upgrade at any time without worry about being charged unless manually upgrading during this period.

Question: Can I extend my free trial?

Answer: Your trial will expire in 14 days. If you need more time, please contact your account executive or the support team if they can't grant the extension request!

Question: Can you help me migrate from another service?

Answer: No kidding! They offer free migration services to help you move from your old email service provider over to AWeber. And when it comes down the plan that's right for you, they'll import all of your lists and contacts into their system without a hitch so everything will be super-organized already too. You can also have them recreate any opt-in forms or automation workflows in case anything was lost during the transfer process and don't forget about having them recreated emails templates while they're at it either because if we've learned one thing, it's that those are important things as well!

Question: Does ActiveCampaign automatically increase my contact limit?

Answer: The limit is not automatically increased, so you have to manually do it. You will know when your limits are getting close because the system alerts you!

Question: Does ActiveCampaign provide landing pages?

Answer: Yes, ActiveCampaign Pages lets you spin up an unlimited number of on-brand high converting landing pages in minutes. With the use of this software, it is possible to automatically create and tag new contacts when they submit a form on your landing pages and trigger automations based off visits to a page. You can also buy with one easy click from any given lander if you want!