InfluencerSoft vs Marketo

Hyperise integrates with 100's of sales and marketing tools, many of which are in the Marketing Automation category. With so many to choose from it's sometimes hard to know which is best, but don't worry, we've got your covered.

In this comparison guide we're going to look at the Highlights, Pros, Cons and Pricing of InfluencerSoft and Marketo. We'll also delve into the details of which offers the best personalization options within Marketing Automation, with there respective Hyperise integrations

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Pricing: InfluencerSoft offers plans starting at $99/month, with more robust plans available beginning at $299/month. They also offer custom packages for larger businesses. All plans include unlimited influencer research and outreach, detailed reports, and campaign tracking and management.


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Pricing: The pricing for Marketo varies depending on the size of your business and its needs. Marketo typically offers pricing options ranging from $800 per month to over $17,000 per month, plus overage fees. You can contact Marketo directly to get specific pricing information tailored to your organization.

InfluencerSoft vs Marketo Highlights

InfluencerSoft is a marketing platform designed to leverage influencer marketing to help brands and businesses reach their target audiences. It allows users to identify, engage and measure their influencers performance in real-time. Marketo, on the other hand, is a marketing automation platform designed to increase productivity and eliminate manual tasks for marketing teams. It allows for planning, scheduling, optimization, and measurement across marketing channels and campaigns. The key difference between the two platforms is that Marketos focus is on automation and efficiency, while InfluencerSofts is on leveraging influencer relationships and engagement. While both can provide substantial value, the key distinction between them is that InfluencerSoft works to form strategic partnerships with influencers, while Marketo is focused on automation of the marketing process.

InfluencerSoft vs Marketo Pros

InfluencerSoft Pros

  • Pros of InfluencerSoft Compared to Marketo:
  • Easier to use and deploy InfluencerSoft is designed to be user-friendly and fast to deploy, needing only a few clicks to start running campaigns.
  • More flexible InfluencerSoft is more flexible when comes to customizing for different situations and KPIs, providing more up-to-date features as well.
  • Lower cost With a significantly lower cost than Marketo, InfluencerSoft makes it more accessible for small and medium businesses to gain access to its features.
  • Greater returns on investment InfluencerSoft is shown to generate higher ROI per dollar put into it.
  • Easy referral tracking InfluencerSoft has an easy to use referral tracking feature, making it simple to track each lead and measure the performance of campaigns.
  • Automation-friendly InfluencerSoft is designed to be used with automation tools, which makes it easier to scale campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Marketo Pros

  • Marketo offers more comprehensive technology for marketing automation, including a range of tools for email marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing.
  • It integrates easily with other software programs such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Marketo offers easy-to-use user interfaces, enabling marketers to quickly set up automated campaigns with minimal setup effort.
  • Marketos reporting tool enables marketers to gain real-time insights into their marketing performance, making it easier to make informed decisions and maximize ROI.
  • Marketos pricing plans are based on the number of contacts, making it a cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes.
  • Marketos customer service is highly rated, enabling marketers to quickly find help when needed.
  • Marketos platform has useful features such as A/B testing and segmentation, enabling marketers to refine and improve their marketing campaigns.

InfluencerSoft vs Marketo Cons

InfluencerSoft Cons

  • Expensive: InfluencerSoft significantly more expensive than Marketo
  • Limited integration capabilities: InfluencerSoft does not have the range of third party integrations that Marketo is capable of
  • Limited scalability: InfluencerSoft is not designed for businesses that use larger lists with more engagement
  • Difficult to use: Many users find InfluencerSoft difficult to learn, and have difficulty navigating the complex dashboards and settings
  • Lack of flexibility: InfluencerSoft does not offer the same range of customization options that Marketo is capable of providing

Marketo Cons

  • Marketo is more expensive than InfluencerSoft
  • Marketo offers fewer features than InfluencerSoft
  • Marketo doesnt provide multi-channel monitoring or influencer identification
  • Marketo lacks platform integration with other popular tools like Hootsuite or TweetDeck
  • Marketo does not provide influencer verification or workflow management
  • Marketo has fewer tracking and reporting capabilities than InfluencerSoft

InfluencerSoft & Marketo Hyperise Integrations

InfluencerSoft uses the HTML code embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

InfluencerSoft makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

InfluencerSoft integration diagram
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Street
  • Street2
  • Zip

InfluencerSoft Integration Guide

Marketo uses the HTML code embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

Marketo makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

Marketo integration diagram
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Using business Website passed from Marketo, Hyperise is able to enrich business logo and website screenshots.
  • Business name
  • Job title

Marketo Integration Guide

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InfluencerSoft and Marketo Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is InfluencerSoft?

Answer: InfluencerSoft is a complete influencer marketing solution that helps you identify, engage, and influence an audience of loyal customers and brand ambassadors. With InfluencerSoft, you can easily manage influencer campaigns, track results, create content and measure ROI.

Question: How do I sign up and start using InfluencerSoft?

Answer: Just visit our website, create an account, and you’ll be ready to go. Once you’ve created your account you can start launching campaigns, managing influencers, and tracking results.

Question: What types of campaigns can I launch with InfluencerSoft?

Answer: You can launch a variety of campaigns, including Ambassador and Referral campaigns. This way you can connect with influencers who will promote your product or service in exchange for rewards. You can also create Content Marketing campaigns that help you produce and distribute content to reach target audiences and track performance metrics.

Question: How exactly does InfluencerSoft work?

Answer: The technology is simple and easy to use. You can create and manage campaigns with InfluencerSoft, using powerful features that make it easy to track results and measure performance. InfluencerSoft helps you identify the best influencers for your campaigns and provides you with insights on how to optimize and grow your campaigns.

Question: What is Marketo?

Answer: Marketo is a leading omnichannel marketing software platform that allows businesses to drive customer engagement across all touchpoints. It provides marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and data analytics to help marketers manage, measure, and optimize campaigns.

Question: What types of businesses use Marketo?

Answer: Marketo is used by companies in all industries and sizes, including enterprise, mid-market, and small businesses. It is most widely used by B2B companies, since it is especially well-suited for managing complex sales cycles and high volumes of leads.

Question: How does Marketo help marketers manage their campaigns?

Answer: Marketo’s marketing automation software helps marketers manage campaigns by automating activities such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, segmentation, campaign optimization, and personalization. It also offers integrated tools for managing and optimizing email, web, mobile, and social campaigns.