Marketo vs Moosend

Hyperise integrates with 100's of sales and marketing tools, many of which are in the Marketing Automation category. With so many to choose from it's sometimes hard to know which is best, but don't worry, we've got your covered.

In this comparison guide we're going to look at the Highlights, Pros, Cons and Pricing of Marketo and Moosend. We'll also delve into the details of which offers the best personalization options within Marketing Automation, with there respective Hyperise integrations

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Pricing: Marketo is a popular marketing automation software that offers a variety of pricing plans based on the level of features and customization needed by the user. Here is a summary of the Marketo pricing: - Marketo Engage: This is Marketo's flagship product that offers a range of features such as lead management, email marketing, campaigns, and analytics. The starting price for Marketo Engage is $895/month for up to 10,000 contacts.


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Pricing: Moosend offers a free plan, which includes up to 1,000 subscribers and basic features. Their paid plans start at $8 per month for up to 2,000 subscribers and offer more advanced features such as automation workflows, landing pages, and more. The pricing increases based on the number of subscribers you have, with their highest tier at $3,650 per month for up to 500,000 subscribers. They also offer custom plans for businesses with larger subscriber lists.

Marketo vs Moosend Highlights

Marketo is a marketing automation software with advanced features like predictive content, account-based marketing, and advanced analytics. It targets enterprise-level users and is used by larger organizations to manage complex marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, Moosend is an easy-to-use email marketing software with modern features such as drag and drop editor, automation workflows, and real-time reporting. It targets small to medium-sized businesses and is suitable for managing more straightforward email marketing campaigns.

In summary, Marketo is a more advanced and comprehensive marketing automation software, whereas Moosend is a simpler and more accessible email marketing tool. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the specific needs and budget of the business or organization.

Marketo vs Moosend Pros

Marketo Pros

  • Pros of Marketo:
  • Advanced marketing automation capabilities.
  • Integration with popular CRM systems like Salesforce.
  • Multi-channel marketing options including email, social media, and mobile.
  • Sophisticated lead management and lead nurturing features.
  • Robust analytics and reporting tools.
  • Pros of Moosend:
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use templates.
  • Affordable pricing plans, including a free option.
  • Advanced email marketing features like personalization, A/B testing, and segmentation.
  • Powerful marketing automation capabilities.
  • Comprehensive customer support with 24/7 live chat and email support.

Moosend Pros

  • Moosend is more affordable compared to Marketo, making it a better choice for small to medium-sized businesses with tight budgets.
  • Moosend has a more user-friendly platform, with simple and intuitive drag-and-drop email builder that makes it easy for users to create beautiful email campaigns, while Marketo can be more complex and may require technical expertise.
  • Unlike Marketo, Moosend offers a forever-free plan with a generous set of features, including email campaigns, automation workflows, landing pages, and more.
  • Moosend provides excellent customer support, with a 24/7 live chat, phone support, and email ticket system, while Marketo only provides phone and email support during business hours.
  • Moosend integrates with several third-party apps and services, including Zapier, WordPress, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more, making it easier to connect and automate different aspects of your marketing campaigns. Marketo has more extensive integrations but may require an extra fee.
  • Moosend offers more advanced personalization features, such as dynamic content and segmenting options, allowing users to create highly targeted and relevant email campaigns.
  • Moosend's reporting and analytics dashboards are intuitive and easy to use, with real-time data and comprehensive insights to help you optimize your marketing efforts, while Marketo's dashboards can be more complicated and may require assistance from their support team.

Marketo vs Moosend Cons

Marketo Cons

  • Moosend offers 24/7 Live chat support while Marketo doesn't
  • Marketos pricing structure can be complex while Moosends is straight-forward
  • Moosend offers SMS marketing Integration while Marketo does not
  • Moosend provides more A/B testing features than Marketo
  • Moosends drag and drop editor is more user friendly than Marketos
  • Marketo does not support list segmentation while Moosend does
  • Marketo cannot be integrated with Google Tag Manager while Moosend can
  • Moosend offers 24/7 Campaign Performance Monitoring while Marketo doesn't
  • Marketos functionality is limited when it comes to automating email campaigns while Moosend offers more automation options

Moosend Cons

  • Higher cost than Marketo
  • More complicated to use for non-technical users
  • Fewer automated web forms and email templates
  • No integration with Salesforce
  • Less reliable customer support
  • No native mobile apps for tracking campaign analytics
  • Limited customization options for automation
  • No built-in reporting capabilities

Marketo & Moosend Hyperise Integrations

Marketo uses the HTML code embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

Marketo makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

Marketo integration diagram
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Using business Website passed from Marketo, Hyperise is able to enrich business logo and website screenshots.
  • Business name
  • Job title

Marketo Integration Guide

Moosend uses the HTML code embed method to integrate with Hyperise, giving a simple way to add personalized images to your messages.

Moosend makes the following data points available to Hyperise, to enable personalization in images used in outreach and linked out to your personalized website landing pages.

Moosend integration diagram
  • First name

Moosend Integration Guide

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Marketo and Moosend Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Marketo?

Answer: Marketo is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses automate and manage their marketing campaigns.

Question: How much does Marketo cost?

Answer: Marketo's pricing depends on the specific features and functionality that a business needs. However, the platform typically starts at around $895 per month.

Question: What kind of marketing campaigns can I run with Marketo?

Answer: Marketo allows businesses to run a variety of different marketing campaigns, including email marketing, lead nurturing campaigns, and social media marketing.

Question: How does Marketo help with lead generation?

Answer: Marketo helps with lead generation by allowing businesses to target and engage with potential customers through email marketing, social media marketing, and other channels. The platform also provides analytics and reporting tools that can help businesses understand which marketing campaigns are driving the most leads.

Question: Does Marketo integrate with other marketing tools?

Answer: Yes, Marketo integrates with other marketing tools such as Salesforce, Google AdWords, and Facebook.

Question: Is Marketo easy to use?

Answer: Marketo has a relatively steep learning curve, but once businesses become familiar with the platform's features and functionality, it is generally considered to be easy to use. Additionally, Marketo offers a variety of resources and training materials to help businesses get up to speed with the platform.

Question: What is Moosend?

Answer: Moosend is an email marketing automation and campaign management platform that enables businesses to reach and engage with their audience through email marketing campaigns, landing pages, marketing automations, and more.

Question: What features does Moosend offer?

Answer: Moosend offers a wide range of features such as email marketing automation, email campaigns, landing pages, web push notifications, subscription and sign-up forms, reporting and analytics, integrations, and more.

Question: How easy is it to use Moosend?

Answer: Moosend is user-friendly and easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop editor, pre-designed templates, and automation workflows that can be set up in minutes.

Question: What are Moosend’s pricing plans?

Answer: Moosend offers a free plan, as well as paid plans starting at $8 per month. The pricing depends on the number of subscribers you have and the features you need.

Question: Does Moosend provide customer support?

Answer: Yes, Moosend provides customer support via email, live chat, and phone. They also offer a knowledge base with helpful articles, tutorials, and guides.

Question: Can I integrate Moosend with other platforms?

Answer: Yes, Moosend provides integrations with many popular platforms such as Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, and more.

Question: Can I try Moosend before I buy it?

Answer: Yes, Moosend offers a free plan that includes up to 1,000 subscribers and access to most of their features. They also offer a 30-day free trial for their paid plans.