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Hey {{first_name}}. The editor controls, positioned in the top ribbon toolbar, give you overall control of the image. Changing the image template name, makes it easier to find and identify later, so its a good practice. Click the image name, or pencil icon, to edit the name. Clicking off the image name will complete changes. The zoom controls enable you to zoom the canvas in or out, to allow you to zero in on a design element, or zoom out to get a good view of larger images. The Undo and Redo controls can be a life saver! To undo any, or multiple design actions, simply click Undo. Similarly you can click redo, to reapply any undone changes. Your image edits don't automatically save, so remember to save your progress as you go. Preview gives you the option to view your image and how it will look with data, before you push it into your campaigns. By default your account details will be used to personalise the preview. You can also add any example data to update your image with real prospect information. Finally, the image status. New images will be set to Draft, when you're ready to use in your campaigns, just switch the image over. Thanks for watching {{first_name}} ! Please click on a feature to learn more and how it can help {{business_name}}.

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