Learn about Image Personalization in LinkedIn & Email Outreach - 10th Aug with the Hyperise Academy

Video Transcript (unedited)

So good afternoon or good morning wherever you're uh diving in from appreciate your time today my name is ian naylor and this is the webinar focused on using hype personalization in your outreach that's whether that be email linkedin or any of the other platforms that you're using to reach out to people i will cover all of those off today and looking at how you can increase engagement in your outreach in Those channels quite significantly typically our clients see a doubling 2x of their engagement metric that might be replies or clicks you know whatever it is that's uh important to you maybe meet uh meetings or attendance etc um in your marketing endeavors so let's just um service we're recording this session and so we'll um be able to send this out to you any questions fire them um to us as we go we'll cover them uh pertinent ones um at the time and They'll have a time at the end of this session to do a full q a so in terms of what we're going to be covering today first of all fundamentals of why why why would you consider using personalized images in our outreach hopefully once we've taken that book for you looking at how you can do that so you've got some actionable uh content from the day that you can go away and implement yourselves um you know and Start to see the benefits of what we've discussed today obviously the key when personalizing images making it purposeful to be looking at some examples of how what sort of images you can use to create and personalize very simple to do and you have a massive impact we're going to cover up a couple of um use cases around some of the major channels that Our clients tend to use email and linkedin for outreach um but hyperice covers lots of other options direct mail through personalized postcards obviously website personalization we're gonna cover off um but twitter linkedin obviously slack um you know all these other kind of business communication tools there's lots of ways that we can use a hyperwrite to increase the Engagement in those channels in terms of myself very quick brief introduction my name's ian naylor i'm one of the co-founders of hyper ice and in terms of my background i've been starting sas businesses and predominantly b2b a couple of b2c businesses for the last 20 years um my first let's say eureka moment uh with image personalization goes all the way back to my first business which i started in 1998 back then um i i started uh selling brand new built-to-order cars online which was a a pretty crazy endeavor at the time you know if you think back 20 um 22 or 23 years you know probably the average thing sold online was a book or a cd from amazon yes uh 20 or so and you know we were saying selling forty fifty hundred dollar thousand pound cars um and what we did essentially is allow people to order their car spec it up Online um you on the website and then we would place the order direct with a dealership or something direct with a manufacturer cutting out the dealership typically saving the customer 20 30 on the price of the vehicle and one of the things that we did with that business uh bearing in mind it was like 98.99 is when somebody came onto our website and specced out the car they wanted would physically print off a pack and send them in the post and you know we did Used to email them but we found got much better conversion when somebody received a pack in the post you know the envelope made it feel a bit more substantial especially back then but one of the things that we found was in this quote pack for the car they'd selected the more images um you know showing the vehicle they're interested in the better which is no surprise there you know we're you know visual creatures inherently and So being able to visualize that was great um in terms of conversions but then we kind of um actually kind of just stumbled upon this uh additional revenue strategy i wish we all liked kind of for you know from business owners upsell where we can get more money at the customer and so we were offering things like warranties and extra insurance and and all that other sorts of things but one of the things that really kind of Struck the call was private number plate so hey you pay customer you're buying this new uh car your surname is nayla and so we're gonna find the best private number plate n a a or n 4 y 1 0 r for example or whatever it may be anything any kind of private plate that's available that kind of matched you know their name their surname etc and so we used to manually look up you Know what was the best plate and you know we were getting like thousands of pounds of commission from these private plates they're quite expensive and the commission percentages were amazing um and so what we used to do is get a picture of the front on picture of the car that they deserve for their quote and then where the space for the number plate would be we'll personalize it put the number plate that we thought was the Best one for them in the car in the picture of the car on the front center of the quote pack and guess what we ended up selling more private plates than we did cars it was one of the best decisions we made as a business in terms of one looking for expansion revenue and two being able to tell that story in such a compelling way of visualizing it personalizing it very purposefully to that client now back then 22 23 years ago It was a very laborious manual process to do that we literally had you know a full-time person his only job it was to do the look up and then edit the picture and put it in the quote pack um you know and sometimes we would all jump in you know when there's a lot of quotes at the end of the day try and catch the post and so it really did take a lot of effort to do that and and that that learning that lesson that i took then you know those 20 odd Years ago has stuck with me through every business i've found that i've been involved with since then i've looked at how we can leverage image personalization as a strategy and the more that i've done it the more i've kind of looked into it the more i've kind of understood you know why it works how it works and kind of the science behind what's happening to make it work and ultimately those 20 odd years of of learning is accumulated in hyper eyes Being available you know to effectively create that sort of strategy we just talked about you know it could be done in sex set up in minutes and repeated you know verbatim forever in seconds um you know and that really is the key um of today one you know how you can leverage that for yourselves and kind of really to see some of the power of that so i hope that gives you an idea of of one some of the kind of the background of Where i've come from and obviously hopefully how that can then kind of leverage yourselves in your own sort of outreach in your own sort of marketing and sales endeavors so that's kind of what we're going to be covering today and obviously the first of those was why should be using personalized images in our outreach now there's the reason why we're kind of all here today Why is it we want to potentially even think about using images what does it want to do you know we're doing outreach we're doing sales democracy engagement but we're probably noticing that our stats aren't either as good as kind of what you know we plan for or you know getting worse over time and there's a real simple explanation for that the amount of people that are trying to reach your target is increasing you know so a year ago a Month ago that target was getting um you know less messages than they're getting now you know and that's just kind of that issue is getting bigger and worse you know every day and that that phenomenon has you know been as long as records have been uh have been put put in place uh you know in terms of digital engagement and reach you know being progressively getting worse because we're being bombarded every day by more and more messages and of course we only Still have the same amount of minutes and hours every day you know to focus on these things and so the thing gets squeezed is our attention to these you know and we're automatically kind of dialing out the amount of time we spend you know on input in things that are kind of coming past us and so we really do need to kind of grab people's attention you know and kind of get a second bite of that engagement cherry and so what we can do is as we mentioned Obviously already is leverage image personalization and the reason why we're doing that is that the human brain processes images significantly quicker than text 60 000 times quicker than text and i think if you can step back and think about that it's no surprise if you look at pretty much every marketing channel it's inherently visual lots of you know glossy uh magazines and ads and posters you know commercials inherently visual trying to kind of grab our Attention out of all the other things that we could be doing and so for when we know that when we know that okay we can use images to tell a story then you know we can then well what is it what's the image going to be you know how can we make it purposeful because that's kind of really what we're going to be looking at today but when we've got this image that is purposeful and is telling a story that is related to the Call to action so therefore making your prospect more informed when they reach your when they receive your reach out they see the image that starts the process of them understanding you know what you're talking about and then obviously kind of when we include personalization that just opens draw door that triggers the pattern interrupts it just puts a break on the brain the image is being processed Obviously so quickly that when there's something there that is so familiar to them their name their business name their logo maybe a screenshot of their website all of these things are going to just put a trigger that pattern interrupt that's just going to put a break on their brain and they're just going to be more likely to then use that can increase mind share of of your message to then take the end And more likely to take that call to action so they're absorbing way more of your content than they would do normally because their brains are oh i just need to investigate this i need to pay more more pay more attention to what's going on here and that personalization and that pattern interrupt really this psychological behavior that's giving us a lot of um value in terms of you know driving that user engagement and like i said before our users are typically Seeing a two three time uplift in their engagement statistics uh when they start implementing these strategies so let's have a look at kind of how we can use that and obviously with hyper eyes the way our image manipulation works is that we can add these images into pretty much any channel that enables images to be uh to use and digital images are inherently portable so you know whether it's your outreach your cold email Whether it's newsletters for existing customers or onboarding being able to kind of put their ears up to get them to pay more attention to your message is always really vital and it doesn't just have to be email as we touched upon before it could be linkedin but obviously other channels have chat bots and videos direct mail and your website and all of these we're going to be touching upon today and it's when we combine these factors Of website personalization so image personalization and channels that can select all of these or can use and leverage all of these um these capabilities then we end up with hyper personalization where we get to multiple steps so our first step might be an outreach via email or it might be an outreach via linkedin and then we give them some clickable call to action and now they're on our landing page and again that's personalization Personalized as well and it's these compounding steps that start to give us you know significant uplift where if we've got a 2x uplift on step one then we get a 2x uplift of step two then those two compound with a 4x uplift over our hyper ice personalized funnel and so we're going to cover off again how you can implement that today so on the first step of implementation let's look at how to use personalized images let's look at some of the Examples that our clients are using in their kind of day-to-day outreach they're having an amazing effect now they're really two types two camps of customers from a high price perspective we have our kind of sales type of customers our sales teams our bdms abm type teams and then we have our marketing teams and but these set of images here are very much more utilized by the sales sort of team that are kind of reaching out to customers and they're Wanting to do some sort of one to one or one to few engagement but it's very much them the sales person or abm account manager etc that's front and center the call to action is typically involving about them booking a meeting or connecting with them you know getting together in some sort of participation maybe one-to-one or in a small group a webinar like this and so humanizing that connection saying hey This is me i'm ian pleased to meet you bruce paul steve bob whatever personalizing that connection but also humanizing it as well and so bringing forward that kind of human connection that you would inevitably have for better or worse when you eventually meet and so what we're doing there is one we're getting the value of the personalized image which we know is Going to trigger pattern interrupt which is going to give us more mind share which can lead to more engagement people taking a call to action but then we're also leveraging this human trait of humans human interactivity which also is going to give you a bit of a boost and so lots of ways that we can add personalization in a meaningful way if we want to do sales outreach we know where we've got this kind of one-to-one call to action For example here this is james from staff circle one of the things that he does is he'll reach out to people on linkedin of his um identified customer profile and then he'll reach out to when they change roles when they're more likely to be interested in making more kind of impacts in their role and lots of Citizens as a new starter in there kind of kind of targeting senior hr people and so he's got this white board next to him physically exists when he recorded this picture and he's just congratulating them on their new role so you've got some personalization in there you've got some kind of stroke in their ego making them feel good creating that moment of delight you've got the personalization it's a gift as well so you've got the Movement of the of the gift of drawing the eye in and of course it's humanized as well so it really is layering on all these psychological traits that are gonna you know create a mind explosion for the person who sees that and they're going to be much more open to taking the call to action the same way here we've got to get this one in the middle uh you know where we're just adding the personalization it's kind of just floating layers if you like on top and At the bottom of the image in this case this image is just a stock image rather than this one here james records that himself and then we've got her just in here at the bottom where he's using a physical laptop in his image and adding a website personalization screenshot again this can be great for call to actions by saying hey i've checked out your site i'd love to talk about some service that i've provided you know around your website or i've just checked Out this blog page i'd love to exchange some links that sort of thing um you know this one here in the middle and the bottom and you know where we've got this kind of video frame on top of it that's really great you know if you want to send somebody a video whether personalized or not and you want to kind of draw their attention to say hey here's the recording of the event that we just did or you know here here's this kind of uh white paper video that i Think you'll be gonna find really interesting and then personalizing it to them you know so they just feel a little bit more kind of engage with the content and again they've got the human kind of connection there and the waving you know to kind of create that kind of fear that kind of leveraging that um law of reciprocity you know really kind of great ways to humanize as a part of an outreach and kind of show something it's kind of relevant whether it's connection Celebration you know this one here in the top right an event you know that you wanted to kind of show somebody so you've got a dynamic personalized ticket you know lots of different ways to kind of to do that and what we see is as i mentioned before when it's when it's beyond just a kind of an image that represents or reinforces your call to action but it's humanized you start to leverage other traits such as the law of reciprocity you know it says that if you Do something nice for somebody they're going to feel compelled to respond and so you they're smiling and waving it might look a little bit tweaky but actually what it's doing is triggering and but here we can see for example a rebecca you know which is really elevated her feel good factor you know this is a cold outreach let's be honest nobody really likes cold outreach um but you know hear hear responses hey ian love this when Can we chat and you know nobody loves cold outreach and so you know we really have kind of taken up a notch you know her feel good factor of the message i'm sure you can know that you know when we reach out to her again and respond she's gonna be heightened in terms of chances of you know responding and taking the action that we desired because of that because of those kind of endorphins that you triggered from this little moment of Delight you know or like i said we've got to make the images purposeful and so for example reinforcing your call to action using other psychological tricks like minimizing call to action so for example oftentimes you know when we're reaching out to people we'll say hey let's have a coffee and a chat about growth or publicization or a topic that you know that we want to kind of focus around and that Let's have a coffee in a chat obviously it's kind of mimicking language we've used before when we're working more in a physical world and people would kind of meet up in local starbucks so it's kind of vernacular people are familiar with and verbal shorthand for what it really means but also it gives you the opportunity to kind of reduce the acts you know the the thought your brain can deserve when you talk about a chat and a coffee is casual And short you know and delightful versus thought of online uh demo you know an online zoom demo or another webinar or whatever it may be you know it's a different well whilst it might not be negative it's certainly more formal and longer and maybe you know a little bit heavier on in terms of an action to kind of undertake and or certainly agreed to so by minimizing the cork to affection and then tying that visually so yeah hey let's have a chat and a coffee and i'm There smiling with my with my coffee cup you know with some personalization with a gif with some animation drawing the eye in the humanized gif i like this response from edgar who received that exact uh message and that exact image and his response was i never replied to these emails this is the first one that worked now you see i'm today i'm wearing a white t-shirt i often think that i should have Something like that emblazoned across my t-shirt or some sort of high-priced slogan because i've kind of lost count of how many times i've received responses that kind of more or less word for word say you know say this you know i never replied to cold email uh this is the first email that's you know ever touched me you know all those sort of things basically saying your image worked it triggered something Inside me and that gave me long enough to kind of read the rest of your your your copy and now i'm taking action and then that's ultimately what we're looking to achieve here and so very simply creating these images we'll show you kind of during the course of this presentation you know how simple it can be to do that and start to add them into your existing outreach tools so very little needs to be changed from what you're presently doing to start getting You know significant uplifts and you know it's not just about finding the right buyer and getting them engaged oftentimes in your outreach you'll find somebody who isn't necessarily the right person and so rather than them just being pissed off and deleting or mocking your spam you know or sending you a snarky message back saying hey you've got the wrong person you start to get responses like this where they say oh you know i i really liked your email you Know you know the pattern interrupt the moment of delight worked and so that good will you know they'll they will use that and kind of forward your message onto somebody else so you know maybe the right person in their organization or a buddy who they think it might kind of be more suitable to like you see here that reached out to jonathan who's actually the Ceo of um of tfc marketing and actually probably should have been somebody else in his uh company so rather than just you know any of those negative scenarios happened are happening he's he's actually kind of given us a word of mouth referral and you know who better to get word of my referral from somebody in the organization you know who's over holding a senior position and so Being able to create these moments um you know of delight you know where people you know find it kind of cool or wow or different or something completely original all of those things are just a path to further engagement you've opened the door they're talking to us it might not be specifically great okay i'm gonna book the meeting right away but they're having a dialogue with us and that means that we can then start to be you know The kind of the good marketing sales people that we know we are and kind of digging in and finding the true in now that we've got their attention and their engagement but we've looked at there a lot of images they say humanized or personalized images so human eyes are personalized and as we said great for sales people but what i want to show you now just a couple more examples beyond that so not Always do we want to reach out and always is the court or actually going to be a human interaction you know sometimes we're dealing with scale and want people to download a paper read story sign up for a free trial they take some some call to action doesn't involve necessarily immediate or with a specific person you know on the end of that and so this is a great example one of our clients Here at g2 you know what they do and now most people i speak to have heard of g2 but for those of you that haven't the way i like to think about them is trip advisor for software companies so tripadvisor obviously you go there and you put in a keyword and you find all the best in the locations to go with g2 you go and then you put a keyword being email software or you know Personalization software or crm any sort of kind of software vertical and it will show you all the best software vendors within that kind of within that category now what they do is they kind of rank all of the the vendors per category you know based on reviews and feedback and all that sort of stuff again similar to tripadvisor but what g2 do as part of their own growth is they reach out to lots of other vendors that aren't featured on their platform or maybe that Don't have a high profile and what they do is they kind of use this kind of aspirational outreach message of hey if you work with g2 you could become a category leader in the future and so these two examples he continues two different reports these are reports that they actually do produce on a quarterly basis you know and a lot of people pay attention to these you know who is the category leader or the high Performer or the up-and-coming leader in the category i'm interested in and so they produce these reports and so they'll be quite familiar to people but even those that aren't going with youtube and their specific what's you know visually you can kind of see what stories being told with these but in this case what they're doing is the prospect they're reaching out to they're adding their business name and their logo to the report and so they're Saying hey aspirationally you know here's a great topic here's the great thing you know that you could be leading your category only if you work with g2 and so you know that kind of that kind of personalization of that storytelling is very strong and very very purposeful and you can see the response increase they got from that their reply rate which was their kind of call to action in their email went from 15 to 48 so it tripled the amount of People that responded from that outreach by you know creating that personalized image in that copy to tell that story in such you know a dynamic way you know that really you know really really was very purposeful um you know and helped reinforce that story that they had um like i said we will be sharing this deck um after this uh after this event and in here if anybody is interested in learning more about what g2 did there's actually a video here uh where jesse Wrote the head of growth going to really delve into you know their process of how they end up with these and as he talks about extending their product um you know right the way into email how it revolutionized you know how how they think and how they do that email outreach so like i said i won't play that now but i believe that there's an option there's something maybe um if you're interested in the g2 use case to kind of delve further into That this is another one of our clients replied io so again another sas provider in this case they're a multi-channel outreach platform so they themselves already know you know a few things about what good outreach looks like and so you could imagine already pretty well optimized and what they wanted to do was kind of diagrammatically tell a story so you see here we have this image and it's showing the kind of the pleasure and the Pain the ying and the gang you know the old way in the new way so can really try to tap into a pain point that people they're reaching out to would already have you know which is one of having lots of different forms for your outreach maybe a scheduling system here and an email here in all these different bits not really talking to each other and creating you know creating a bit of a nightmare in terms of kind of management and then what you've got on The right hand side is the thing that's triggering an interrupt getting them to pay more attention because they're seeing their logo there in that image and then they're thinking like wow okay what's this paying more attention okay that sounds interesting and then they're off taking the call to action and in this case being in 2017 10 uplift almost a doubling of replies simply by Adding this personalized image now the interesting thing that reply did was they didn't just focus on their core metric which is reply rate and as we just saw you know that certainly increased but also what they looked at over time was other metrics that were important for email outreach such as the open rate and the delivery rate and what they found was that as more people were replying and engaging in their emails that increased their domain reputation And that increase in domain reputation led to more people opening their emails and also them landing their emails in the in the inbox or the promotion towns and so we've probably you've probably heard of email warm-up solutions and services well this is kind of like a pseudo email warm-up because what we're doing is increasing naturally organically the the reply rates or click-through rates which again is giving us that improvement The loss of other ways that we can visualize a call to action can be aspirational images images that kind of hint to the story here's a a case study by encharge what they were doing is reaching out to customers that were falling out the bottom of their funnel and trying to ask some questions in terms of understanding better what their challenges or their kind of drivers were essentially they were giving a three-choice Uh email and then that internet and uh loaded them into another uh sequence based on which one they chose and what they did was kind of hand did a full a b test was exactly the same copy the only difference was they replaced the click links for personalized images so whether it was more customers reducing their acquisition costs or improving engagement and again having Some images that kind of reference those in some sort of abstracts of the way with the personalization in there what that led to was a 1414x click through uplift 14 times as many people clicked a personalized image as a link you know so that was absolutely massive for them for that study as you can imagine you're receiving Um you know 14 times more people in your funnel 14 times quicker learning by simply doing that so you know very very um uplifting in terms of the engagement rates they saw there but so that's kind of some examples of marketing and this is something that um we've seen a lot of clients jump into recently something that we we've certainly been um kind of promoting and kind of using ourselves and seeing some Great um engagement uplifts and results overall and that is you know maybe you're doing one-to-one demos and so moving your one-to-one demos to events [Music] doing some sort of events or webinars your existing user base but also your registrants in your events can be a really amazing strategy so for example if you have an event you see like a couple of examples here whether it's Econ world or ad world or even a hybridized one creating sort of personalized image that shows that kind of resembles like an event ticket tells the story of what your event is and what it's about and then what you can do is use that to either invite people you know your existing clip in your database to your events so you can say hey ian here's your event ticket you know we've already got it ready for you to click here to claim it or the alternative Which we also seen have this amazing results is that when somebody registers for your event you send them this personalized event tick saying event ticket say hey thanks very much for registering for this event really appreciate it here is your personalized event gift you know and so that one creates a moment of delight that you've mentioned you know that people feel a bit special because it's got this personalized gif or gift um and then you Know what we can do is then say oh would love it hey thanks for registering would love it if you would share to your network you know that you were attending our event and so because we pricked that moment delight by sending people this personalized gift we found that on average 10 of your event registrants will actually share your gift to their own network to say hey you know i'm attending this event and it's Really cool you know and i kind of can't wait to attend or whatever it is that they kind of the message they share alongside the image and that social endorsement can be really powerful on average we see six additional registrants per share so run the maths of that so imagine you've got 100 people from your out from your own invitation registered for your event 10 of those will share Statistically on average so that's 10 people will share on average per share you're going to get six additional signups which means that 60 additional registrants for your event so your 100 uh attendee event has now come to 160 by using this strategy and as you can see here in this pie chart you know we're getting some good shares across you know the social networks we kind of get some real value from The learnings of where the benefits are from using personalization in your events is we we call some day customers personally after over the last in a couple of weeks and months and in total for our data analysis we had 37 events um in the pool which represented almost 35 000 registrants so you know a big number of people you know certainly Beyond statistical significance and what we saw was the average number of registrants before using personalized gifts and images in their outreach was an average 743 people so you know not too bad actually you know there were obviously some events bigger than others um but you know on average you know 743 now the interesting thing was that virtually no uh no none of the registrants were sharing telling their audience that they were attending the Event um in fact that even that 1.5 was skewed by one of the um one of one of the event um uh um organizers who offered some quite significant bribes four shares uh which kind of led them to a couple percent uh shares most most events had like a zero percent share rate so a very very minimal activity from share perspective and attendance you know pretty typical as you'd expect for an event in the 30s 40 You know attendance you know if you're lucky but when we look at the stats after using personalization after using personalized images one we can see the number of people registered for the event shot up quite significantly and we can see the reason for that is the amount of people sharing the event has gone up you know gone up like 10 essentially so it's going to go from 1 1.5 to 11 so significant uplift and that's obvious what's driving more Registrations but we can also see on the other side is that more people are attending as well so you get a double whammy more people on the top of the funnel more people registering then more of those people turning up and so it really is increasing this kind of audience uh kind of event audiences by 50 or more you know by implementing this so you know really great way to use image personalization If you're using events you know and you know using your branding this is an example from new patel who uses our images and you know increasing his attendance by 22 simply by using this image in this case you're not using a gif um but you're going to if we kind of convince him with some of these stats he'll be finished changing to a gift pretty soon because there's even better results when we're gonna have that movement in there too A couple of last examples i promise and then we'll kind of jump into the practicalities of how you can start doing this for yourselves uh getting started today this is another example i like this one because it's kind of the polar opposite really of the humanized gifts in the club staff again one of our clients what they wanted to do was increase the amount of people signing up for their self-serve free trial so pub staff is a sas platform and what they do Is provide uh management of remote workers for any businesses that have you know teams working remotely which is most people these days but when they first started with us it was construction workers and those sort of businesses and so what they do is target the hr manager you know in kind of operations and they're saying hey look at this platform you know so simple you can track all your remote workers see what they have what they're doing Know all that stuff and so within a simple view you know no more spreadsheets and paperwork all that sort of thing and so when they presented this dashboard that kind of helps tell all that story shows you know the app with the kind of the tracking part and the dashboard showing all activity um and so it helps kind of reinforce the ease of what their platform provides in this case what we can see in this Image is completely personalized to tim cook from apple so from the organizational logo in the in the dashboard um you know through to the the profile listed there even the app um you know that the map in the app is personalized there's over 12 personalizations in this image and when they use that in their outreach that led to over tripling of click-throughs so more more than three times a month people took the action of clicking to Say okay i want to start my free trial when they saw a personalized image in their outreach and in fact the image we're looking at here this was the winning image that they used they actually tried four or five different images uh in their outreach and this was the one that kind of combined as it were told the best story that had the best conversions this image here actually was like 12 and a half percent click-through rate and even the worst personalized Image was 10 and a half so even the worst performing personalized image was still three times better than the um that then the benchmark with no color slide image and we're over four times better when we use the um that the winning images as we talked before and what they did with um hub staff they didn't just stop with personalizing the outreach of the images in their email what they also did was personalize their landing page too so You can see this is an example of one of their landing pages again personalized tim from apple so it's got personalization the business name in the header in the call to action button and obviously all of the headers the subheaders and images all personalized and what that led to was a doubling of conversions on that landing page and so what we saw was this compounding impact where more people Were clicking on the email the call to action they're getting to the landing page and then more people were converting the landing page and those two changes compounded to create a 7x uplift across the full funnel so pretty amazing uplift you know pretty means pretty much means for them that for every 300 emails they send out now they're getting seven sign ups where before they're only Getting one you know so you see what a you know big impact that would have um you know and and obviously we're looking at some of our own customers and findings here but this was a study that hub staff did so bob spock did over a six-month period and over three hundred thousand landing pages so very significant in its size and what they found was a 202 percent uplift when personalization was used in the call to action so pretty Much mimicking some of the some of the stats we've seen you know like for example as we saw just before there with hub staff they could go to it to lift their landing page which pretty much mimics that you know the kind of the ballpark that bobspot found in their own survey and that's kind of hopefully giving you some ideas of the different sort of ways we can be personalizing images now outreach whether it's humanizing with Your gift for your sales or whether it's finding some products that product images that reinforce your call to action or aspirationally help tell a story in terms of how we create these images so so simple with hyper eyes with our graphical user interface simple drag and drop you can upload any sort of image and you just add new personalized layers to that with hyper eyes you can upload any sort of image format whether it's a Png a gif and anything else that you you may find like a jpeg or whatever you have in your in your arsenal um once you've uploaded that image you can add in different layers such as text and then add in placeholders like you would have a placeholder in an email like hi first name we're now just adding that kind of first name placeholder directly into the image and of course we can style that with color and all those sort Of things but beyond text we can also add website placeholders so if you want to show a screenshot somebody's website in our image then we can add a website placeholder or if we want to show their logo again that's great for mockups of reports all that sort of thing like we saw with the g2 example again we can add in the logo element and then we'll be dynamically pulling through That logo based on their business email or website if that's provided um also if you're looking at more on let's say the linkedin site or we've got professional email addresses and being able to pull through profile images entire images directly can be again a kind of a strong uh kind of use case trigger that pattern intro the personalization in an image and the great thing about high price as i touched on before We integrate with hundreds of different platforms and pretty much any website building solution so it doesn't matter just tripped over the tortoises so it doesn't matter what uh what you use it already and you'll be able to copy the hyperwrite image code and add that directly into your existing automation tool so maybe what would be a good idea now is to jump over and into hyperwrite and just quickly show you how simple it can be to create a Personalized image and what we'll do is we'll create one from scratch so when you first come in to hyper eyes on the in my academy going to my account you'll have three core options really we've got image personalization we've got video personalization and website personalization now i'm going to focus on the image personalization day because that's kind of i guess the lowest hanging fruit in terms of when you start To use hyper eyes is adding images into your outreach of course once you've added the images what we can then do is go on to personalizing the landing pages so when people click the images they go to a page on your website it's personalized and then obviously we can start add personalized videos in there as well but the process is very simple and similar and so but if we focus on the images that gives us a a good kind of footholding so what i'm going to do Is first of all create a brand new image that's going to give us choose from one of the one of the templates we have you can see here over 100 templates 143 templates as it stands today i'm always adding new ones into our platform and some of these you know can be more aspirational like for example you can see here we've got this business success one um you know and we can simply select any sort of template And that's going to give us the ability to just stop changing it and imagine ourselves so here for example we see uh business uh business name we're here for you maybe we want to change text on there but you know the image looks good and that sort of thing and so we can filter these images so if we're interested in i'm putting on events you know what sort of templates you have around events i could choose an event tag or i could even search using the Search bar here so we can see in this case choosing event uh we've filtered all of our options to event and we've got um 15 now and we can see we've got some like event tickets some look like somebody actually giving uh some sort of talk and again obviously all of these have got some elements of personalization and see if we can kind of go through you know and kind of find something that's kind of um useful you know aspirational like i Say kind of maybe just say we want kind of aspirational images and so we kind of got this sort of thing uh like you say you know or maybe we want to find that success image and use that one and maybe have some changes to it and so once we've got an image you know we can see the layers we have in there so we've got this layer here which again we can move around change change the font that we're using very very simply Um you know just with a couple clicks in this case we've got a logo being shown as well so when we preview that when we put it all together once we save that image what we can see is that you know in this case we've got um you know for the email of tim apple.com we're here for you and we've kind of got this uh actual logo maybe what you want to do is add some more personalization We could add in another layer here and we're going to add another image into our um into our composite so what i'm going to look for is actually a post-it note there we go post-it note and then what i'm going to do is just kind of resize that a little bit bigger and maybe just give it a bit like a tilt like that and then what we can do is put some more text on here so again it's Going to really personalize it it's going to grab in this case tim's attention so we say hi first name let's just change the text in there so maybe change the color and change the uh font so it looks a bit more like it's written on there maybe the size a little bit like that or a bit too big it would just fit the box so it doesn't go over the Box and so now what we can see is when we preview this in this case we've applied a few success with the apple logo we've also got this personal height in so we've got enough elements there to trigger the pattern interrupt and now we're just a case of right okay how can i use this image where can i use it i'm going to use it in my outreach campaign so i simply go to the get image code option here and i would choose the integration i Want to use it with so i simply choose add new i've got all of these options like i said before hundreds of different options of different platforms we can actually filter these by different purposes so whether it's direct mail or email crm e-commerce linkedin etc etc you know or we can scroll through or if we want to use mailchimp for example i can just filter the list And then choose that correct one once i've done that once i've searched the integration i simply copy the image template code as you can see here obviously this is for mailchimp and all i do in mailchimp is go into a template and mailchimp edit an existing one or create a new one it doesn't matter and then we're just going to add in a code block into mailchimp and just paste in the Code that we've copied from hyper eyes and that code is simply you don't need to change it don't do anything it will simply dynamically update on the fly whenever this email template is used that image template that's set inside it it's just going to personalize dynamically on the fly she's going to pull the data that you have within mailchimp and personalize that inject that to the image personalize it on the fly and so Set and forget once you've added that code to the image you never need to change that template again it's just going to work seamlessly and that process you know is pretty much the same this wizard here that we kind of got through is going to guide you through whatever you choose whether it's linkedin email chat bot whatever it's going to guide you through the steps of how you get the image from hyperprize into that platform and personalize it Dynamically and for every single integration there's an integration guide so you really can't go wrong in terms of how to do that and that really is the kind of the basics of using hyper eyes if you want to do a scale and of course always using one of these integration partners will enable you to do that sometimes you might also want to add a personalized image to a one-to-one email there's kind Of you know personal follow-ups that sort of thing and for those occasions we've got a chrome extension to cover you so this chrome extension here you can see that it supports gmail outlook linkedin and facebook messenger so what that means is when i go to any of those places so for example you can see now i'm in gmail so i send an email to let's just find somebody to send a message to hi tim I'm going to click this button here which is the hyperis button and now you can see i can see all my personalized images that i've created so if i want to send in this can a gift one with me at the whiteboard i can also choose a link here so this link is going to be where we're going to send him to and again this could be a personalized page it could be your event page youtube link it doesn't matter if it's Your own website obviously it means that you can personalize it as well so all we're doing is putting it to make it clickable and so once you've added that we're going to see that uh appear now um in the email so now we've just created this one personally for tim hi tim you know here's yours your event recording and we've got obviously is um his logo sticky leads being portrayed dynamically and of course we're also making it clickable And we're sending him to this page here linkedin event variety and again you can see we're pulling through personalization in the title in the headers and all of the personalized images all being personalized in this case to tim from sticky leads so dynamically personalize our landing pages you know from that click obviously you can see there but also what we saw was using this uh chrome extension to enable us to be able to personalize and Add images into our individual outreach so whether that's again linkedin or facebook outlook gmail we can do those all individually as well as leveraging automation tools to kind of go through those channels as well so hopefully that's given you some ideas of the capabilities of what hyper eyes can do and what i'd like to do now is just open up any q and a's any questions that anybody has and we can kind of jump into those And kind of get through them again this deck that we provided here uh it does have a link to the chrome extensions you know to be able to kind of create them manually as well of course when you sign up for a free trial of hyperrise you will kind of get access to all of these from your onboarding and be given the relevant links uh to be invited to kind of download those but hopefully um that this has been a useful session if You do have any questions certainly now is the time to kind of pop those into the q a and we can kind of start answering those and they're giving you some uh further information to kind of finish the session with um well you're kind of thinking formulating what those questions might be um just one thing i'd like to mention Regarding the trial hackerize has 14 day free trial it gives you full access to the platform to the whole solution that we provide so the image personalization the website personalization and the video personalization now as i said um that gives you 14 days but you can you know you can kind of upgrade to any other plan anytime and after the 14 days you know you can switch between plans Without any lock-ins obviously you can see the pricing here based on different plans you have so tavana i see you've i just popped in a question there have you ever implemented these on college campuses um so yeah you've certainly seen uh the nus's um is it's kind of a facility we have over here where this kind of student facilities you know talking uh promoting certain things certainly from threshers that sort of stuff where they You know again ultimately you know at the end of any sort of kind of reach out of communication it's kind of human interaction and it's about trying to grab people's attention and probably students uh considering how busy they are and distracted at the kind of these early days of attending uni you know is kind of all the more reason to kind of need to grab their attention and kind of drive engagement and so again it's All about being purposeful you know obviously um you know maybe the dean waving as a humanized gift might not work as as well with students as it would with you know a ceo reaching out to his employees but you know showing something uh see this personalized or something like that you know is there's lots of great ways that you know you can still make the imagery purposeful you know and Kind of still drive that engagement so yeah we've certainly seen uh universities and kind of students uh being used uh kind of from that sort of image personalization like i say obviously with the free trial what i would suggest is kind of having to have a trial have a you know a test find a campaign that you're already doing maybe you already have a benchmark for your campaign you're about to do where You have the capabilities in your outreach tool to do an a b test and then do some with images some without you know and that i'm sure will provide you with all the answers that you need in terms of the effectiveness within your industry and your for your particular targets um sir tushar is asking a question uh will this be helpful for individual smes who want to publish their articles in linkedin as well as to increase response rates one to one no so Hyperis is purely a one-to-one uh personalization tool has no impact um on articles that you would share in your obviously with the um with the event promotion we do see you know we do ask kind of prospects to share also registers of your event to share their own personalized gifts so hey i'm attending this event but they're sharing Their personalized event ticket what their network is seeing is still there you know the person who shared it their event tickets so that's good from our perspective because it's social endorsement um but obviously what it's not doing is personalizing to each person that sees that that that is unfortunately not technically capable with uh the way linkedin or facebook etc work And their own personality uh personal uh data policies etc but i hope that answers your question uh it does look like we've maybe uh ran out of questions um for today um i will just hold it open for another moment just to see if anything else comes along or any any follow-up questions but like i say you know really the next steps um would be So i'm just fiddling with my my my trackpad is running batteries at the same time um so like i said the next steps really would be about getting you know getting in with the trial um you can go to hyperprice.com and just click the stop free trial button and you'll be in no credit card needed so there's no no kind of commitment at all but you'll also then get access to the support team Where you can book further uh support for you know from ourselves on online courses as well as chat uh an email so lots of ways to get you going and making sure that you get the most out of your trial and the most out of your outreach so it does look like that was the last of our questions so again for those who made it to the end i really appreciate your time today uh if you do think of any of the questions after this event Again please feel free to reach out uh you obviously have my contact details but also all the members of that team i will be more than happy to help you until then i wish you the very best and you take care cheers bye

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