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Learn how to Improve your CTR, reply rate and open rate on your existing MailChimp campaigns and funnels by using advance personalisation with a simple integration.

We'll cover the following topics

  • Humanising your client newsletter
  • Improve reply rates in your existing funnels
  • Re-enage with inactive users
  • Standing out from your competitors
So hi everyone thanks for joining us today I'm David from High Praise um so really glad you could join me to go through some techniques on how you can personalize MailChimp Outreach using hyperize So today we're going to go through um techniques to increase your click-through rate and increase your reply rate hopefully you'll find these Tips very useful and insightful and look forward any questions you may have um at the end of the webinar so kind of firstly a bit about hyper ice so what does hyperize do obviously if you're on this webinar you're likely to be using MailChimp um but probably not using high price so high price um offers Visual and text-based personalization of images including gifs um we offer some humanized images which I'll come on to um for down the line like a really nice technique of engaging a user with an email and we offer personalized landing pages and websites as well as personalized videos so a whole personalization of a customer Journey um using High prize we integrate with kind of hundreds of different platforms um one of which is of course MailChimp um and you know we really do enhance that customer journey by using Personalization techniques so kind of a bit about kind of average MailChimp user statistics so milking recently um released a post um kind of blog post on their site within their resources section for the average 2022 email statistics so a kind of Benchmark open rate that a mail Kim user was getting in their Benchmark click-through rate they were getting so 20 Open rate in a 2.62 percent click-through rate so as we kind of come through the webinar today we're going to touch on some high prize case studies and some success stories so related kilos um those figures in mind and what you can see using personalization how well um we're able to impact those two key metrics of any email campaign um that you're sending out and kind of a bit about MailChimp Themselves on what they've said about persolation So within this same resource there's a section about how to improve um your metrics how to improve your open rate how to improve your click-through rate and they touch on personalization as the kind of one of the key methods to do that and obviously they're talking about personalized subject lines um because you know you can't personalize an image directly in MailChimp or meant or any other platform Really um it's always kind of done through using a service like high price but they're talking about these personalized subject lines so using the mail Kim merge tags to personalize subject lines and they say themselves a personal ID was are shown to increase open rates for most users so already uh mail can be kind of informing you that the more personalization you use the better your metrics will become and using High prize With MailChimp means you can really improve um what you're doing you can really improve um the open racer click-through rates by personalizing on another level so really scaling that personalization so kind of a really quick example you know we we do personalize a lot of elements of an image we you know can personally websites from personalized videos but just to start off with on a Really simple example one that you'll probably receive every day in terms of a confirmation message so this is the confirmation message coming from myself to say um I really appreciate you taking the time to book a high price platform demo session and it has this personalized image so if I just kind of Click onto here you'll see that image in all its Glory so that's from my scentbox coming in There hi Catherine I really appreciate you taking the time to book a high high price platform demo session with me you can see here that it's personal you say with the speaker over here and then name it and just a simple thanks for booking a call with me now we receive salary mount on a day-to-day basis whether that's you know booking in um with other prospects or other vendors or restaurants Etc you'll get these thanks to booking emails and Confirmations with but rarely will you see a personalized one to you that really makes you memorize the fact that you've made that booking foreign offering this solution and why is it beneficial and it's all really about you know too many marketing messages that you're getting a day just being ignored so the average person according to New York Times sees 5 000 marketing messages per day and we think TV on trains on Transport on you know on email just on a website where you've got kind of all the banner advertisements as well and that's that's so much a process that user engagements rapidly declining so it's gone down with 60 um and you're only getting around eight seconds to capture and hold the attention of the user so you normally you think that's enough time to read like one line if it's text-based emails um so really not much timeline you're Getting to capture the user's attention with with your Outreach or or any advertising you're doing and this is really where personalization comes in home so we're kind of hardwired um to process images faster than playing Tech so I've been talking about the difference in between the initial email I've shown you there a brief introduction into high price being all around Um you know changing the usual email that you would send out you know your usual Venture booking to this whole um personalized gif image that's really I'm gonna stand out from the crowd and it's going to be processed quicker as well so the human brain processing sixty thousand times faster than playing text 90 of the information that's transmitted to the bank to the brain is a visual and 65 of the human population are visual Learners everything that is leaning Towards having this visual experience where you're kind of talking to the user via imagery and personalization in images particular what's called a pattern interrupt and that's a really important um part of the process and why the high prize method of Outreach and using our services is so powerful so what is a pattern interrupt so pattern interrupt is a technique change of particular thought Behavior or Situation behavioral psychology and neuro-linguistic programming use this technique to interrupt and change thought patterns and behaviors and why that's important is because if you're using personalized images then you're triggering the pattern interrupts and doing that in your sales flow will typically double or triple your engagement so where does mail campaign I've kind of gone through what male can talk about on Personalization and I've gone through current mailchim metrics and a bit about what hyperize offer and why it works and why we do it so where does MailChimp actually come into the whole journey here so high price integrated MailChimp and that allows you to personalize a customer Journey whether that be your sales funnel whether that be a car abandonment process whether it just be your newsletter a very common use for MailChimp or whether that be you know Anything else within a kind of customer Journey if I'm asking for reviews or saying a happy birthday out those kind of things that are commonly done within you know within the MailChimp system and it's really easy to add the integration so there's no technical um knowledge required there's no coding of apis Etc required in this process it's a simple straightforward adding an integration into the system so if we click here I'm going to go into the high Price platform now and this is just a nice example um a nice example of an image that hyperrise offer and this is just one of our stock templates you can create your own imagery as well and in here you've got a few aspects so kind of got um company logo that would come in and it's got the the first name tagged there and another logo here but the key part I'm showing this image is to just show you how simple it is to integrate with so all you have to do to integrate an image is just click out so I've already got MailChimp integrated you'll see there but if I remove it and just go for the full process it's literally a case pressing add and then I can search MailChimp which is then obviously coming up there you see how many other Integrations we have um over 150 Integrations with with other Platforms as well but for the purpose of what we're discussing today obviously I'm going to select MailChimp integration yes add my MailChimp integration and that's that simple the integration is now added to this image and now how do I put that in MailChimp how do I connect the two well it's just a simple case of pressing this button here get image code I can select the integration again I asked to always here do you want to Link to the website landing page which we are going to want to do and I'm going to come back onto but for now I'm going to press no and just show you how simple that process is of just linking one image and creating that personalization so in here it just gives you this code okay and all that is is a bit of code that you can copy into your MailChimp template editor editor so if I go into my an American account for example I just Copy that into my email now so once we're in our MailChimp account what we're going to see is simple ways to obviously edit um our template so if we just go into our standard um all campaigns and email template editor so I'll go into any of our templates here I can select and I've got that um similar one in there already as you'll see a similar picture I just go into this one here and all you have done is Copied and pasted that code really simple I go in here you'll see in that block there was a simple line of code so we're seeing that code within the email and that's all you do to add it into your email template and you'll see there that it's on there on the left hand side and you'll see where it's done as well if I go to my hyperrise platform you're seeing first name here and if I go into my MailChimp template it's already Converted using the MailChimp personalization tag this F name here is obviously the MailChimp personalization tax already know is exactly where to get the data from there's no technical aspect to what you need to do there and that's that's the whole integration in nutshell just to put that percentage into MailChimp it's really straightforward to do foreign so let's have a look at a few different Use cases so you've seen a very basic one there and just on how to integrate it but how can we how can we use imagery and integrate into mail to you know what are the best use cases to to do so here you're going to see a humanize gif um which I mention only a really powerful way um to grab a user's attention um and this is all about inviting a user to an event it's obviously a common use of MailChimp with Eventbrite Um and and taking registrations for events this is a good way to to promote your events or even send a um you know ticket to someone who has registered so if I just click onto here we're going to see the email um in the fall and what we're going to see is it's got personalization in um so obviously I'm sending to myself in this personalization aspect so you're going to see um you know my name on the Personalization so David because he's coming to David highprice.com the high price company name because it's going to highprice.com and you're going to see the um the logo as well logo because it's being sent to highprise.com domain and that's all between dynamically created on the fly so all that personalization is happening and the point the email is sent and you're seeing all of that go on to this Um really different image and you kind of see the email text where we're talking to user hey David So a bit of personalization in there as well you know using the standard first and I'm taking tagging the text that you'll be familiar with using your MailChimp now but it's all about the main content of the email being this personalized image I preferred a free ticket just for you and it looks like you have prepared a free ticket just for them because you've Got a free ticket on display not just uh you know here's your ticket with you know just generic fields on it it has got a ticket which you're passing to the user in this humanized GIF um with all their information on click below to claim it and then the user can obviously click below go to your um site to claim the ticket or wherever the events being hosted to register so a really nice use case there of how personalization can you know just really Make a simple process that would have previously been hey David I'm running an event you know click click this link below to register into a much more um kind of interactive way of you know booking on that event and you know no doubt are you going to capture the attention more and have more people register for an event another use case that you can look at um it's obviously a very common case uh common use case of MailChimp itself is a Newsletter so in here we're looking at that image I've shown previously and how to integrate it this is going to be making it in its Glory so that welcome and thanking users to the newsletter so normally you can't subscribe to newsletter hey David hey Tim wherever the name may be thank you to subscribing we look forward to sending you all our wonderful content Etc whereas this is a much more personalized way of doing things you know a bit of a a cute image With an animal on it can be whatever you want it could be back to a gift it could be you know any image you create but just an example you know thanks for subscribing and it's thanks to subscribing first name and obviously the logos on there as well so when we looked at the image before we had the first name in the logo that's it where it's capturing all that data in this instance obviously using um the example of tea cooker apple.com Foreign users a happy birthday so where you're kind of reaching out to people and saying you know happy birthday claim your birthday about your claim your birthday gift whatever that may be um you'll see a MailChimp that it's an existing user Journey with your I'll show you where that is in a second and that's a really nice way of doing things you're seeing on a birthday cake you've got that personalization happy birthday David obviously I've sent this to myself um wishing myself a happy birthday clearly um and that's obviously a nice way to connect um with a user you're kind of gonna always get emails around that time of year with kind of other vouchers from other companies because it's quite a standard marketing technique but very few are going to have a personalized image on that you know birthday cake With their name on it that's going to grab their attention it's going to make them smile um because it's like getting a birthday card and an email but personalized to them automatically from someone you know you're just who's just reaching out on a marketing email from them um claim your birthday gift um being the button the call to action on that on my image but you're going to draw them in with that birthday cake With their name on it really nice way to do things um so we look at on MailChimp obviously they have that full Journey already there in their customer Journey Builder they have that celebrate customer birthdays um aspect in there are you Captain a birthday when that turns their birthday adds their contact into the into the funnel and then that email can go out and that can be any image you want you know there could be a full Birthday card that you create for someone whatever you wish to um wish to create for them can be done and you know the integration is the same just adding it in in the same way we've gone through um previously foreign so another really good use case um for high prize and MailChimp is to increase call bookings so where we've got them into a funnel maybe with the Newsletter or maybe it's a different customer Outreach funnel you're using this kind of visual personalization method so we've talked about kind of the first name and the logo but even here we're showing another aspect of personalization you'll see here that we've got their business name on the on top of our website and so it's like that users on our website which they would have been if they sign up for a newsletter but here we even got their Website on our computer screen you know real personalization you know like you're really talking to them right yeah hey thanks for signing off I'm looking at your business now have you got time for a chat about it you know really nice message to send out and before at the start of the webinar is talking about website personalization being another feature that high prize offer and let's click into this email now so we click into this email image now you see that That page has just converted itself into a personalized page personalized video personalized text personalized imagery so it's seeing a personalized logo again here we're seeing personalized business name here by seeing more personalization of the biggest business name thanks for accepting my offer and watching this video we've got a personalized video to the user I mean how many websites you can call me personalized video you've got videos Talks to them not just via text by Audio as well and this is one of my favorite parts of the whole strategy is you're asking the user to book a call you know Tim please pick a suitable time to schedule your strategy call I'm just a you know standard kindling book of time look forward to speaking to you standing generic terms this is literally asking the user them personally the book a call And we've even got kind of really minute details on here that you could be doing your website like the whole point of the call this free strategy personalization report that we're talking about we even have that in an image personalized to the user you know business names on there first name last name like it's actual like brochure that we're kind of creating for them but you know before we even spoke to them real personalization happening in real time Um it's a really nice way to engage your users and really research goals and improve click through rate and improve reply rates and core booking rates so let's have a look at some results we're talking about how good it is and why it works so let's have a look at some real life um campaign examples um and the results that it came through so if you remember at the start we're talking a 2.62 average click-through Rate um on on MailChimp users under 22.3 average open rate so let's have a look at some examples of real life campaigns you've used hypervisor and what the results are so when we're looking at um open rates for example open rates and reply rates this um campaign here with reply we've got before using personalized images the average reply rate of 12.3 percent and after using personalized images I've got A reply rate of 20.4 that's nearly doubled the reply reply rate there just by making that small change of using the personalized images that's how powerful it can be and also the open rate has gone up by 10 as well by using this technique so we're seeing better open rates and better reply rates and that's just one example of how powerful the software can be to improve your um improve your funnels if we look at this a really nice example I really like This one because it really does show um a few different aspects so if I kind of um go here so you've got one email campaign Center at 8am two hours later yeah 24 confirmed bookings um a book sales appointments 30 engagement in the um within the whole campaign in general and we're seeing a 20.3 click-through rate you know and we're talking earlier about a 2.62 average that is nearly 10 Times that um click-through rate by using the personalization option and let's just look at some of the responses that we're kind of seeing blown up here so thanks for your awesome message no one thinks cold Outreach is an awesome message I love the GIF and the video the personal video on the website um you know hey thanks for reaching out and you actually got it down to a T I love a good personalized approach haha You know sometimes actually enjoying reading a cold Outreach email it really no no one no one does does that so this is making a kind of a whole different process really more engaged using 30 engagement from this post you know hey Legend got a chuckle out of the Outreach and props for doing something different people have been acknowledging it's different from what they're seeing on a daily basis so this is why it's so powerful and we're talking you know Relaying it all to your current metrics you're likely to be seeing with your MailChimp girl we're seeing how well you can use high price and increase um you know your click through rate on there your reply rate your engagement um your open rates it open rate of 45.1 on this um so a really high delivery rate as well some really good um Outreach and metrics there and you actually what I'm not mentioned more Than one person open this email so out of the openness up there more than one person open this thing or 20 of people have opened that email more than once and who reads a cold email you know I'm normally a you know kind of spotting a mile off and and kind of markers read before I've read them and these are being open more than once I don't know 20 of people it's massive because they're enjoying the email um it's a really nice way of Um of doing and the reply is there uh brilliant and I'm sure stuff you would um you know love to see coming from your campaigns on newsletters and then to relate back a little bit to the website let me talk about because I said how powerful that is to do this website personalization and I really do recommend you see here an example of a personalized website but what I really want to share with you is this whole Um kind of funnel journey and the impact it has so before we were looking at other examples and taking their benchmarks prior to using personalized images at the funnels and I'm doing that again here so if we take the Hub stuff example here three percent email click-through rate so very similar to the average we've got um with the MailChimp average at 2.62 so ringing true that your average click-through rate would be around that And I'm sure many people watching today are experiencing that click-through rate um and let's look at how we can improve it using personalization so but every 300 emails in this average um nine visits to landing page so nine people you're getting to the landing page and then a standard trial conversion prior to using your personalization was 10 and so therefore 300 emails you're just generating that one trial sign up Let's Supply perforations I mean we applied personalization we've gone from a three percent email click through eight to eleven percent that's three and a half times uplift okay so you're kind of massive increase there um and for every 300 emails sent then you're getting 33 visits to the sales page and a personalized sales page doubled the trial rate so from 10 previously to 21 with a personalized um sales page so more than you know more Than double it's just over double the um the conversion to trial from going on landing on the page and therefore when you're doing that you're getting 300 emails and now generating seven signups so from the initial uh standard no personalization a campaign you're getting one sign up per 300 emails we're now seeing seven sign ups per 300 emails um absolutely crazy uplift seven times the uplift um just by applying those two things to Sales funnel and you see how powerful it can be there with tons more examples like this but what we'd really like to do at this stage um is invite you in for a free trial so high price we offer a three 14-day trial use that in full use all the personalization aspects we've talked about today videos websites and imagery with the um with the humanization aspect as well so Loads of different options there for personalization that we've got we've gone through today and you can use all that within your trial you can sign up for tries out by highprize.com you can also book in a free one-to-one demo so many things on the platform that you won't have seen today um just can't give you too much information in one session um there's far too much to take in and I'm obviously focused on MailChimp today In this webinar but if there's other aspects of personalization you want to talk about go through or just have a or guide on the platform we do do one-to-one demos so you can contact me as well David highprise.com um love to hear your feedback about today's webinar as well and then hopefully in the platform and assist um with anything that I can do and look to help your personalization and Outreach Journey um so thanks very much for your time being absolutely a pleasure to do to share these ideas with you um and hopefully look forward to speaking to the near future thanks a lot bye

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