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Video Transcript (unedited)

Hey everybody hope you're well i want to record this quick video to show you something uh that we've been working on for a while on the hyperwrite side of personalized short links and now the integration of our personalized short links dynamically right inside the expandy platform so if you're using expandee for your linkedin Outreach you'll know that we've had personalized images uh embedded or integrated should i say in the expanded platform for some time you can see here you get the drop down and you get to choose your images directly from there but a new exciting addition has just gone live you can see down here on the right hand side amongst the other placeholders there's now a hyperis placeholder And when you choose that you can see here and you can add these also in connection messages which is really cool because i'll show you what it looks like in a moment but essentially when you choose this placeholder you can see here i've got one already here so i'm just going to remove that and so we've got a black one there i'm going to choose hyper eyes and one i can still select my image that i want to use Um so in this case i'm going to use this gif here um we're going to got some personalization of the person's name on the board um i can shoot i can put in um a title including uh personalization tags so and that title is gonna appear underneath the image um i can also do the same for description and i can put in um a url so this url can be actually any Url at all it could be to a candy link but if you're pushing someone to your own website then we'll also be able to personalize that site as well for example putting videos and all those sort of things so once you've created that let's just also put a description in you click submit and you can see it puts in this tag code Here this placeholder in your message that can be in any message from you know from your connection message onwards then let me just jump over to linkedin uh and you can see here here's my connection note to muzam um you can see here's here's the link included the personalized short link and within your hypervise account you can actually control This so you can see i've got link.hyperprice.com that part you can set to any domain you want that you can control and you can see then it creates this personalized preview from that link so we've got the personalized image here actually creating a bigger space obviously it's the image i selected and you can see we've got the personalization in the image and but also the title that We set um as part of that as well and this is obviously clickable and when i click that it's going to take me to the landing page um that i set and now in this case you can see we're pulling through personalization into the page that we're sending them to so it creates a really nice experience and then gives you opportunity to then personalize the landing pages I'd personalize videos or do whatever it is that um you know it's going to get that call to action tick and um as part of your funnel so to get this done like i say first of all within your hyperis account if you go to uh custom domain within settings you can see here i've got linked high price you can create your own custom link and then Obviously set up your integration as normal as you would do with expanding and once you've got that integration set then you're going to see this hyperis link here and then every time you create a new message you can be able to trigger this and create a new hyperis short link which is going to personalize dynamically like i said we've seen we've been testing this for some time now doing it Manually with expanding and seeing amazing engagement high click-through rates and high call to actions taken with these um highly engaging images you know obviously creating more of a call to action there clickable and then take them out somewhere else so so now we've got two different options in terms of uh delivering personalized image engagement with linkedin we've got the Embed option where when we embed the image using the drop down that's going to give us uh an opportunity to drive that engagement and keep that engagement within linkedin so more likely to get a response and someone reply to the message whereas now with the clickable link the clickable images and the links that will take them Elsewhere if you want to then kind of remove them from the distractions and get them to take an action like for the candy form or something like that then you know have an actual link using a short link where you can still have something that's infinitely more clickable than just the text part that can help with that so depending on your journey what you want the users take Using leveraging the personalized short links can be a great way to get them onto that next step of the funnel any questions please do put them in the comments love to hear your feedback otherwise look forward to hearing from your success stories your success stories from using this cheers bye

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