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Hey guys welcome to the new session of the day number four of our full funnel summit so as you know this day is all about prospecting probably not my favorite name for marketing strategy but we call it lead generation sales processes and uh we had a really fantastic session with ricardo about linkedin ad strategy and now i believe this session can help you even to extend The knowledge the strategies ricardo share it with you because our new speaker is young nailer who is the founder of high price it's a personalization software that you can use to really personalize not only your website but as well your ads your outreach your live chat whatever you want so i'm super excited about this session and it's all about hyper personalization for b2b sales and marketing yeah welcome Andre thanks for having me amazing i was just saying before we started what an amazing week you've put together here obviously not all the way through it yet only on thursday but some amazing sessions um i've i've attended and seen so far this week so yeah congratulations on a on a great event or summit yeah thanks a lot thanks a lot and i'm super excited for your session so let's let's kill it yeah fantastic let's let's jump in um so thanks everybody for Joining i really appreciate it especially as it's a an early in the day session as well i know sometimes it's difficult to kind of get up and kind of jump straight into these sessions so i really appreciate your time today um and of course um we will be sharing these slides as well afterwards so uh don't don't worry about having to screenshot anything that you think looks interesting we will share these afterwards but of course if you have any Questions as we go through please feel free to um drop those in the comments as well and so before we jump into it obviously what we're going to be covering today is what we generally refer to as hyper personalization how we can use a kind of more trigger and effective personalization throughout your sales and marketing funnel to create even better results um and in terms of i guess what what qualifies me maybe to Talk about that or at least where my my passion and interest and experience comes experience comes from when it comes to hype personalization i've been working as a an online founder runner of businesses for last 20 almost 23 years now so i started my first online business in 98 and i've run lots of different types of businesses b2b and b2c and i've seen a common thread throughout all of those businesses And that is the effectiveness of personalization and i'll give you an example in my very first business it was a b2c uh business where we were selling built to order cars online so this is where someone would go onto the website spec up the car they wanted and we would order it down from the manufacturer and deliver it straight to their door and this was like in 98 when the average price is only being sold was a book on Amazon or something so it was quite a revolutionary business and effectively people come online spec up their car and kind of order like a quote pack and then within that pack they'd have a picture of the car and all the details the costs and what we found was in the end that we were making more money from all the affiliate sales all the kind of sidewalks like um insurance finance car stereos and one of the things with the most lucrative was private number Plates and what we kind of eventually realized was when we sent these packs out with a picture of their car if we were able to put a private number plate using their surname or kind of something that was close to that on the car it increased the chances of them wanted to buy that private number plate significantly and so even though we were selling 20 30 000 pounds worth of car we were actually making more money from these affiliate sales through this image Personalization in these product packs and these quote packs and that was the first time i'd say this was 98 and my eyes were kind of like open white wow this is an amazing opportunity um but back then the process of being able to create this image that was dynamic and personalized was it was it was it was took months and months of engineering to achieve that development work and then it was a very kind of labor intensive task to maintain That and obviously fast forward 23 years later you know things are much better in terms of cloud computing and all of those capabilities uh and i've used that philosophy of personalized images throughout all of the businesses um i've created since then um some of them b2b and some of them b to c but predominantly that kind of that consistency has been using that um hyper personalization so i just wanted to kind of give you a little bit Of a background in terms of you know how i first started using personalization and how consistently used it since but let's jump in and just kind of look first of all why we should use personalized images in our outreach and what's why that is i'm so important um now obviously this is this these statistics are seeing here not giving me a surprise to anybody we all know you know if we're attending any of these events we know that grabbing users Attention is becoming harder and harder because we're all being bombarded by thousands and thousands of marketing messages each day and obviously as we get increased amount of messages our engagement in that content goes down and the amount of time we get to grab somebody's attention is kind of reduced and reduced as we can see here some of these interesting steps from the new york times and linkedin just shows you how how little um how little um time we Have to capture the user um and that kind of manifests itself in terms of the cost to acquire the customer as uh conversion rates go down the cost goes up obviously in kind of direct comparison we can see that over the last five years this is consistent with b2b and b2c that the cost to acquire a customer has pretty much increased 50 percent you know it's continuing to increase as that kind of engagement continues to go down And this is really where images come in and again for us as sales and marketing people we know that images are effective because we look at any sort of marketing channel and what we're going to see is it kind of dominated by visuals you know pretty much everywhere but the odd thing is we think about our own outreach we kind of divert back to using predominantly text and whereas we're conditioned um you know throughout all parts of all that's about our life you Know where we're going to get these visual elements and then all of a sudden we're trying to get somebody's attention and engage them and we just revert to text but the way the way we process information you know we're apparently visual learners majority of us but we all process images significantly quicker than text and so when we when we provide an image that reinforces our call to action it's Going to inform the user of what we're trying to say before they start to read all the words and then finally when we include personalization in these images because the image is being processed so so quickly it just when when there when there's something familiar there it just puts a break on the brain and it just leads to more mind share and that more mind share leads to more engagement and of course more engagement leads to more People taking your call to action and those call to actions you know being more sales or more bookings or more demos or whatever it is that you're trying to achieve and that really is the key here it's about triggering those pattern interrupts getting users attention um you know and getting them just going to take whatever it is the call to action that you're you're looking for and of course that pattern into it's such a strong Um tool to have you know it's kind of built into our and it's kind of that kind of like we can see here is it's kind of psychological behavior that just is triggered naturally of course you'd probably uh be familiar with this if you're watching maybe like a national news program or some other kind of entertainment and they're you know cut to something familiar you know like the village you live in or you know there's A character with the same name as you oh it kind of jumps you up gets your attention and that's exactly what we're replicating but doing that at scale and of course the great thing about images is that they're inherently portable so we can use these throughout our sales funnel and create this hyper personalization so we've got a really effective medium in terms of images but being able to visualize our call to action and then Being able to stretch that out and increase that engagement throughout our sales funnel leads to this compounding impact so if you can double your engagement or your conversion rate to each step by using hyper personalization you know then that's going to compound you know give you a six seven eight times x uplift you know across that funnel you know with that compounding impact and it's really using all of these Factors together using personalized images hype personalization through all of the steps of your sales funnel that's going to lead to that significant uplift now just to give you a couple of ideas in terms of you know what we're talking about when we think talk about personalized images here's an example of this is obviously an email in this case um reaching out to rebecca um you know who's uh ceo of loud marketing so no kind of wet behind the ears Kind of prospect here you know a very significant uh kind of uh authority you know within her within her business or within her industry and you can see rebecca's response to that love this you know what we're really doing is elevating the feel good factor you know from uh from the prospects it's kind of that law of reciprocity where if you kind of pay it forward or you do something nice you know create a moment of delight for um you know for your Recipients or your prospects in this case that they feel compelled to kind of respond uh likewise in this case like rebecca's response love this you know to essentially what is a cold email outreach you know um just kind of goes to show the sort of kind of uplifting you know that you're going to create you can see obviously very simply here in this image you know we've got a the whiteboard here with rebecca's name and her logo all dynamically pulled through As well as kind of the main call to action there the salient point so just really uh you know creating that moment of delight as i said you know and creating this kind of response and obviously that does help move the needle in terms of getting people to take your call to action but it's responses like this from edgar where i kind of call a kind of reluctant reply is if people like edgar here you know um who's you can see his response i never reply To these emails this is the first one that works and again what we're doing here is that pattern interrupt has just kind of changed his perception from rather than being annoyed oh another cold email and he's going to delete or mark as a spam he's actually responding and saying thanks and in this case what i'm also doing is using um using a kind of a frameology to say hey let's uh let's have a chat and a coffee and using that visualization to kind of to show That and you can see here you know like saying edgar for example now is actually a paying customer of ours so you know really did um help to kind of um to kind of make sure that you know and again edgar here as you can see is a director of demand generation so again somebody that's very seasoned and understands you know the kind of uh the kind of what's up play here but still um you know was proven to be very effective and here's here's another um kind of way That you can significantly move the needle and that's going to engage in non-bias so of course sometimes you are going to reach out and not necessarily get the right person might be the right business but maybe two senior or two or two junior in terms of the person and typically when you do that you know your your email is going to get deleted or probably marked as spam because you know you you kind of got the wrong person but you can see here this message here that I sent to jonathan who actually was the the ceo of tfc marketing so probably not the right um person maybe it should have been his cmo but rather than being deleted you see he's i've sent this to my team trying to say appreciate the the personalization and really is that kind of creating that good will as i mentioned before means you're going to engage these non-buyers and get kind of internal or maybe sometimes even external referrals and That word of mouth is like so important and it really is all of these little elements of elevating the feel good factor for people that maybe would be interested um increasing the chances of those that would ordinarily not be interested in terms of the the approach by a cold email more open to listening and also getting these referrals all three of those combined together lead to significant uplift not just in engagement not just In people taking the call to action but in improving overall your your domain reputation and open rate so what we're looking at here is a screenshot um or some stats should i say from one of our customers replied that i owe now obviously for anybody that is familiar with that i you know they're one of the leaders um of cold email in terms of their own sas platform so they know a thing or two about how to send out a cold email um and obviously as i Mentioned they're a customer of ours now um but before before they started using hyper eyes this is kind of their benchmark that we see here at the top so an average reply rate of somewhere between 10 and 12 you know and a reasonably good open rate and a pretty good delivery rate but since they started to use personalized images in their campaigns we can see that their reply rate is significantly jumped up but also interestingly so is The open rate and the delivery rate now this is down to one kind of obviously the reply rate is to do the engagement through the content of the email you know driving people to take more call to actions but what we're seeing with delivering open rate is as they get more people engaging with their emails their domain reputation improves and they're more likely to land in the right the right tab in the inbox rather than The promotions tab or the spam box and more likely to kind of not get bounced and so therefore improving across the board um you know all of their mail metrics so you know massive impacts there that can be enjoyed from using uh image personalization in such a way so in terms of using image personalization obviously it's all about making it purposeful so let's look now at some of the examples hopefully that will give you some inspiration of how You can start to use personalization in your own outreach so as i mentioned uh before being able to create or have an image that reinforces your call to action is is uh makes a big difference in terms of how impactful that image is going to be so you can see here alyssa's response to my let's have a virtual coffee and chew the fat overgrowth so again kind of framing the the call to action uh kind of minimizing It so rather than saying hey let's have a sales call or a demo say hey let's have a coffee and a chat minimizes that kind of ask in a lot of people's minds they think it's going to be you know a 10 15 minute call rather than you know half an hour an hour sales long demo which obviously a lot heavier so being able to kind of reduce the kind of the weight of the ask and also kind of creating a visualization in a very simple way i can name one a coffee cup You can see the response here okay you've got me i get 10 linkedin messages a day but your personalized images are awesome really kind of striking through now obviously not all of us are going to be reaching out and kind of wanting to kind of get somebody onto a call you know and so therefore maybe not the kind of the the name on a coffee cup but this is another one of our clients hub staff here now they're a sas application and In fact their app um is kind of focused to hr managers who are managing a remote workforce and so what they did is they took screenshots their product images as you can see here this one this example um personalized tim cook from apple and as you can see here they've kind of got the app part of their solution and the dashboard but all of it personalized to the recipient so you can see here you've got the apple logo you've got the profile of tim here and his name in the Dashboard even the map here is personalized to his location so you can imagine if you're receiving this and you're seeing all of your kind of elements you know your location your business logo et cetera in there it's going to massively trigger that pattern interrupt and you're going to grab your attention you can see the end result of them doing that was the 4x they got four times as many people taking their call to action in their case it was a Self-serve trial so having a product an image product you know which is what they're going to end up getting you know really helped kind of visualize that you know and also maybe trimming a little bit of that kind of foamer that fear of missing out you know seeing some of the value of the product right there um now this this is another example another one of our clients and it's a bit of a zany one you know when you first look at this you think oh wow That's that's a that's a fun one um you know and an interesting story here is that orca security you know they only deal with enterprise clients they're offering cloud security to businesses have more than a thousand cloud assets so you know it's big big ticket size deals five six figures um selling to c-suite to csos and so high-level executives um but despite all of that you know when they lent into their brand You can see this is eric who's the head of their sales you know and he donned on this orca suit you know to to create this uh personalized gif uh demo you know they were a little bit skeptical orc in terms of you know how is this going to work but they managed to double the amount of demos they booked from from this campaign by adding these personalized gifts and the interesting Thing here is you know this like i said it is a bit of a zany one but within orca they have a team of sdrs and sales people and so they all we we created these last year when we were in the the depth of uh pandemic when everybody was locked down and couldn't go anywhere so all the sales guys were making these at home and for some reason eric had this orca suit at home but all of the guys created different ones similar to like we saw before with the coffee cup with The boards those sort of things but this was the one that won by a mile you know it really was uh the kind of the winner out of all the different uh image variations i think it's just that um having that something that's going to stand out and kind of you know differentiate yourself just really um made a big difference so you know humanizing the situation um you know is a great way and obviously the gif in itself that moving image kind Of really draws the eye in so you know you kind of got the power of all these different elements together um now of course it doesn't always have to be you know a gif it doesn't always have to be um you know the person as i said here's another one of our clients g2 now obviously i'm sure a fair amount you'd be familiar with g2 you know that core business is about reviewing businesses and software and Solutions online uh you know and it's the kind of the ratings and reviews that can then lead out to these kind of like quadrant or kind of uh sector category leader reports so what they did is they created a couple of different examples here you can see um of the reports and again i'm using the example personalized to apple but where you can see that the apple details here of course they would all be personalized to each recipient and when they did that when they sent Out these kind of visualizations showing success of hey you can work with g2 and we'll make you a category leader uh they increase their reply rates to that call to action from 15 to 48 it's like a three-fold uplift um and there's also i won't play it now but obviously we're going to share this deputy there's a testimonial here from jesse rowe who's the head of growth um at g2 and he talks about saving over a hundred thousand pound on development resource by being Able to create effective extend the product into the outreach so showing you know elements of what the output their product would be and some of the success of that you know creating these um personalized uh visualizations into massively um successful uh uh kind of results and again another one of our clients staff circle um so again they're reaching out to uh uh kind of people in in um in kind of to Do with employee experience and what they did with this campaign they were using linkedin and looking for people just when they change roles obviously one of the filters you can have within linkedin is kind of role change they're kind of reaching out to them and congratulating them on their new role and obviously targeting the kind of decision makers within within their kind of icp uh you know and creating this real nice moment Of delight and again kind of maybe a little bit of an ego stroke you know and that resulted in like a 2x uplift in their trial so again you know a significant um increase by doing something that's you know very simple to do in terms of implementing this sort of personalized imagery you know in your outreach now this this but um you can see pretty much the uh case studies we looked at so far you Know we've seen two three four x uplifts you know and that is quite typical of what we would normally see for a client when they start to use this sort of kind of image hyper personalization in their outreach but this um so a caveat this 14x uplift is an outlier it is unusual it's not typical to get such an amazing uplift in results but it nevertheless you know this is an ab test that we did with end charge um which has Been actually uh very very late on in 2019 so it's a little uh a little an older one now and one of our first customers but um what we did is we did a an a b test with them when they first came on board where we split out a survey they were sending out and just a 50 50 a b test kind of random split and it's the exact same email with the same text and the only difference was in the survey there was three options to choose and um and Within the test there was the text original version which was just typical click a link to kind of to give you a response for the survey and in the other email there was three visualizations so personalized as you can see here with the business name and that led to 14 1 4 14 times more people clicked one of these choices that's 14 times quicker learning you know in this case obviously the call to action was less significant than book a demo or start a self-serve Free trial but as a result less friction in terms of the ask led to more people taking that call to action 14 times more people 14 times quicker learning of you know understanding your kind of users needs so really was you know a huge gain in terms of the ability they added to um to their um their outreach campaigns and here's here's another uh i've mentioned before obviously replied that io being one of our clients here's another one of examples of the images That they use in the outreach you see here this element on the left just kind of visualizing their story they have maybe you could say a complicated story tell in terms of trying to put across the user that using reply.io is going to streamline your outreach it's going to improve the the kind of the the kind of the hornet's nest or spaghetti junction that is your kind of current solution in terms of different tasks and processes And it's going to create a nice simple way to do that and then illustrating that in this kind of diagram here and putting through you know personalized logos there just to kind of trigger that pattern interrupt this image here led from an increase from 11 to 21 reply rate which you know really is a significant uplift almost like again a doubling of reply rate by you know using a very simple um but you know kind of a very simple image that tells a very Powerful story here's a another example from reply to io again diagrammatically showing and telling that story in this case in more of a kind of like a flow rather than a kind of visualization we saw before but again pulling through like the business name profile images and even logo here to kind of to pick that story you know leading to an amazing uplift now here's something that andre maybe maybe for for next time something that You you could also leverage this is another one of our clients um ad world and um and what what they do is when you buy a ticket for ad world within within your kind of uh dashboard and also they send one in the email they send you these personalized gifs which is kind of a visualization of your ticket that you can download and then they encourage you to share that socially uh you know with a certain hashtag and then that gets um obviously engagement for the business You know they get kind of their story out there but also it gives a little kind of um a gamification if you like for the people attending because they get they've got a shareable asset and then they've got a potential for a shout out or even more engagement as a result of sharing these so it really is kind of like a win-win for the participants who get a nice little um personalized experience and then something they can do with that and obviously in this case Um ad world or econ world as well you know they get extra um eyeballs and engagement you know from the from the leverage of these shareable so a great way of kind of generating or encouraging referrals uh from your customers as well and a really nice and delightful way click super coffee off we go so i hope that's giving you some examples of ideas of you know how you could use personalized images And in terms of how simple it can be to create these and certainly within within our platform high price we have a really simple drag and drop editor so if you've used something like canva or any other sort of online design tools you'll be very familiar with that and it really is just as simple as dragging in dynamic elements into whatever picture that you have that you that tells your story and with with hyper eyes you can upload pngs Gifs jpegs obviously animated gifs and just start adding these elements like a dynamic text and just dropping in like a placeholder like you would in an email like hi first name or you know i really like business name and just doing that same philosophy but in an image and it doesn't stop just with text as you saw before we can also drop in other dynamic placeholders such as a placeholder for a website so if you want to tell the story of hey we've just Checked out your website you know we've got some you know great advice or tips for you or you know we've got something that could help you know if you're selling website servers or seo or whatever it may be being able to visualize and tell that story with a picture of you and the team you know around the screen and on that screen um is uh you know is their website of course you know that's gonna tell the story but also you know trigger the Pattern interrupt in a really meaningful way actually um as i mentioned at the start of this you know i run a couple of different online businesses and i was i was kind of really um really kind of super happy not not too long ago when uh with my other business hat on i received an outreach for somebody asking for a back link in one of my blog articles and they were using hyperrise to reach out to me to my other Business uh saying oh yeah i've just checked out your article uh it's amazing you know i'd love to love to kind of get a link in there and they're using the personalization of this uh outreacher kind of sat next to the screen kind of looking like look amazing or kind of shocked or whatever you know with with the post um on her screen it's a really effective way in this case of kind of building out seo value you know through cutting through cutting out cutting Through all of the noise everybody else asking for backlinks in your article doing in a really nice delightful way but not just websites also logos so one of the great things and unique things about hyper eyes is the built-in data enrichment so just from a business email or from a website you know we're able to get screenshots logos and lots of other dynamic elements so being able to include include your prospects logo for example in your Outreach may be creating um a report you know that's already branded up for them that sort of thing you know obviously something like a logo that's going to be so familiar to them it's going to kind of help trigger that pattern interrupt you know it could be done in a really meaningful way and of course this all scales beautifully you know you don't have to think about where we're going to get those logos from it just dynamically happens automatically you know without Having to lift a finger and that obviously makes your outreach so so much easier to do when you have that sort of capability um also what we can do i know that maybe the next session up after this is with stefan from expandy who's also going to be talking about linkedin we integrate with tons of different uh linkedin platforms and being able to Pull through like dynamic profile images into your images can really help one of the images that i use in my own outreach i use a visualization of connect four in the game we used to play where you can get a line but i replace all the counters with profile images and just to kind of create a bit of a hilarity or an ice breaker and i get so many positive responses from there people oh wow i love it's so amazing you know of course it's much easier to Have a conversation and open the kind of the start of a conversation with somebody when they have a smile on their face when they're already coming to you saying oh that was amazing thank you much easier to do that rather than than being on the back foot and of course with hyper eyes the great thing one of the um the strong points of the platform is that we integrate with pretty much any platform you could care to mention so whatever you're using from An outreach from an email from a linkedin from a chatbot perspective we integrate with all of those and whatever your website's built in again we integrate with that so you can personalize your whole sales funnel without changing any of your technology stack and so that really is a big difference you know to a lot of other platforms out there you know where you have to kind of go wholesale over to their solutions so you know rather than Kind of investing lots of money in your amazing website and then having to you know have some sort of paper thin landing page somewhere else completely separate from from you know from your main investment your main website you know with hyper eyes you can actually personalize your existing website create personalized landing pages right there on that asset that your business has already um So hopefully we've now got a little bit of an idea of the sort of images we can create and where we can use them so what i want to do now is just kind of go through and just look at some of the different channels that we can use um personalization in and some of the uh impact it's going to have and you know why is why or why not it's important depending on those channels so obviously email is is kind of as old as it gets um from a marketing perspective from a Digital marketing perspective should i say in terms of outreach but and you know the the death of email has has been kind of put out there so many times but yet still we find you know even in this kind of coveted times emails becoming almost more important again than it was you know less people are available maybe in their offices available at the end of the phone and so we're relying again more and more on uh on kind of our old school email and other tactics like that But what we're looking at here is salesloft again another one of our clients they did a massive survey in looking at email interactions over 200 million emails they looked at and they found a direct correlation between the amount of personalization in the email and the reply rate on average kind of doubling you know as you start to ramp up that personalization so really is um a significant tool to have and this is we touched upon um pub staff before i Mentioned them they increased um or they forexed their um their reply rates from their emails now the interesting thing was that this image that we see here was actually the winning image but we created as part of the process when we're doing the test with them six different product images to test which one would be the most effective now the interesting thing was that this is the winning one we're looking at here and that was actually Had a 12 and a half percent click-through rate the average of the six was 11 and the poorest performing personalized image was 10 so even the worst personalized image was still three times more effective than not having one at all and i thought that was really interesting to to see that you know and you can see here again the sort of um responses you're getting and again what we're looking at here is an Example of one of my own outreaches where i'm trying to um kind of frame my call as a chat and a coffee in this case you can see this is buster from um fruit punch ai and um i'm reaching out to him just as they've got some funding and his response is this is the first email i've gotten since the funding that actually spoke to me or karim's response this is fire and the Interesting thing here is that you know this is a very generic email template hey i found you on crunchbase you've got funding it'd be great to talk i'm sure they get hundreds of those because it's a very well trodden strategy that people will reach out to sas businesses and get funding but the responses you get here by that small change of having a personalized image this is the first email that actually spoke to me whereas that's ironic because it wasn't really Speaking to him because it was as generic as as you would expect really other than you know his name there the business name there and you know and this personalized image it just goes to show that a personalized image is really kind of does a lot of work in terms of creating that good will that people will more likely want to respond to and what i see is as a result of that you know this is a screenshot again of a typical email Campaign for me you can see 30 engagement a reply rate of about 10 and a 20 click-through rate now generally my call to action is click this link to book a call so generally when i'm getting replies it's people telling me oh wow i love this it was really great and you can see some of the messages here is like thanks for your awesome message i love the video and gif and thanks for reaching out you got it down to a tee nice approach i'll be sharing This with my team again engaging those kind of word of mouth referrals um you know and you know got gotta chuckle out of this gotta chuck out that chuckle out of the outreach so again it's kind of creating putting a smile on somebody's face that law of reciprocity if you do something nice they're going to um can respond and kind of more likely kind of be engaged in the way that's kind of really important but just creating a lot of love and a lot of good Will and that really is kind of the key that when we're reaching out something email as we saw before you know you have seconds before before they're on to the next thing so you know having that image is just going to deliver that wow and then they're more likely to can engage in the rest of your content and then long as you take that call to action but as i mentioned it's not just emails linkedin for especially those doing uh b2b will know that it's it's massively Important to get linkedin right if you can engage properly on linkedin you know you've got a lead source for life there so being able to have um a formula of effective outreach on linkedin is key and so again as we touched upon before personalizing uh the images in your outreach can have a big impact you can see that uh careers here so thanks for customer image great hook please feel free to reach out you know and that's kind of really what we're Trying to do is you know in our outreach you know do something like here that creates some personalization that's in this case you know we've just connected and so we're just trying to create an icebreaker so maybe less um personalized or meaningful than some of the other images but in linkedin obviously we're more conversational so we're having a kind of a series of kind of bursts of chat versus maybe an email Which is a you know his here's my whole pitch and so in in linkedin we have the ability to kind of be a little bit more conversational and a little uh a little bit more loose kind of loose with our images in terms of the i give the purposefulness we can actually ramp them up so you can see here for example this is my message to diana i've got the whiteboard and again we've got the moving gift to kind of draw the eye in and this is more like a follow-up image Where i'm kind of got some salient points on my board which i'm using just to kind of highlight um you know the the call to action there this is the um image i mentioned before that you know that i really get an amazing response i've been testing various different icebreaker images and i get over a 70 percent engagement on this one so over 77 over 70 of the people that receive this respond in some sort of way and Sometimes it might be just a thumbs up or a an emoji and sometimes it will be responses like we're seeing here you know like robin for example like this is hilarious i don't usually reply to inmails i have to say that's a great way of getting response or jerome's thanks for not being like the 99 you know and that really is the key here it's about standing out being different lodging yourself in your prospect's mind and so when you do follow up with Something a bit more purposeful you know later on in your sequence you know you've already kind of got that kind of credit in your back pocket and they're more open uh to receiving uh your message and more open to listening to what it is you've got to say and obviously i say just just generating lots of love lots of kind of feel good factor from doing this now um hyper eyes when we first started our kind of core focus as a product um was Was images in email so we i've always used linkedin as an outreach so i have um a a good benchmark of what my prospecting looks like before and after adding personalized images into it we did our first integration with expandy um september of last year so we're pretty much 12 months into this uh of my experience of using personalized images in linkedin Now but what i can tell you is that it's had a significant impact what we're looking at here on the left see 25 that was my average engagement so 25 of people on average were engaging with me after i connected with them and now you see on the right is just some snapshots of some campaigns uh that i have had since um adding personalized images and you see on average my engagement now is 55 almost 56 more than a doubling of engagement by Simply making that one change everything else remained the same in terms of targeting and copy and cadence so really was you know like night and day in terms of the difference from adding in these um subtle changes um so that's kind of email and linkedin obviously what we can do is can extend we'll talk about hyper personalization so when we send out these call to actions in terms of an email linkedin Most times we want somebody to kind of click and kind of go somewhere else and take action like book a call or sign up and so being able to personalize our website um again just extends that type of personalization and extends the likelihood that they're going to take that call to action now hubspot did a survey um over over a six-month time period so Very significant in terms of the size and weight of the study and there's over 300 000 websites so again you know really really kind of in depth in terms of the value that it was kind of deriving from there but what they found was that when personalization was used around the call to action it more than doubled they saw a 202 percent uplift in conversions when personalization was used so again a significant uplift and when we couple That with an uplift from the outreach you know we're gonna get a compounded uh result that is gonna you know really move the needle in terms of your lead generation another uh what our clients intercom they went even better than than hubspot's 2x they managed to three oops they managed to 3x their uplift by having these personalized landing pages uh you know for these clients next door as you see here you've got a massive Uplift by including these you can see here customizing the images and the names on the page and obviously we've already looked at this image before from pop staff that was they were using in their emails what we can see here this is also one of their landing pages uh here again as personalized as always to my favorite um apple or tim from apple so you can see here we're putting through the company name in the title and in the uh the Subtitle as well as the call to action here uh we're using the first name and also in this sub sub element here and obviously as we can see the product images i'm also pulling through personalization such as the name business name logo uh details etc now what that led to as i mentioned before this compounding impact is before before um hub staff were using personalization they were getting a three percent email click through and about a 10 conversion On their sales landing pages to the trial which basically meant that for every 300 emails they were sending out they were getting one sign up since they've implemented the personalization at these two steps in the email they increased originally it was increased 11. it's actually 12 now once they picked the winner but for the purpose of this it was 11 but they also doubled their landing page conversion just over double should i say Going from 10 to 21 and the net result of those two uplifts was that for every 300 emails they said now they're getting seven or more trials like a 7x uplift that compounding impact you know the 3x uplift here and a 2x uplift at the landing page you know led to this kind of 7x uplift you know throughout the funnel so really amazing difference it effectively for them changed that channel from being not effective too effective and so it wasn't Just okay we've improved the channel it opened up a channel that wasn't wasn't working for them before so you know really did make a big impact you know and so being able to make your call to actions clickable having a clickable image in an email or even in linkedin what i found is it massively improves um the uplift of people taking that call to action versus like saying hey reply and let's book something when i when i took that uh wrote uh round Should i say uh it led to a 45 uplift in demos by giving somebody the choice to click and get through to a personalized landing page with all of the personalization um in there you know um in a video the headers all of the different elements um you know um that would be needed to kind of push them over into taking that call to action and as as i alluded to there we can also uh with high price personalized video i know i think this that here kind of uh 2022 it feels like we're there already in terms of the amount of video we're consuming i think uh lockdown has escalated and improved increased the amount of time we're spending in zoom calls and watching videos and getting more and more familiar with that sort of means and so being able to personalize your video at scale you know really can be very beneficial and that really is kind of where hyperis kind of fits into this Kind of video solution think about how we're using video in different ways you know right down at the bottom we've kind of got um videos like this kind of one to one or one to a few or in kind of groups in webinars zoom calls etc and then we have other great products like in the vidyards and the bonjours of the world you know that allow you to kind of create really great personalized videos one-to-one in an effective in an Efficient way but still not massively scalable and then we have hyper eyes where you can create a video template once and it will personalize dynamically every time you know with all of the elements we talked about before in terms of personalized logos and personalized screenshots of websites even personalized voice so you can have a textual script in your video and that will convert directly into personalized Voice for the recipient so a great way of having that um kind of that's personalized at scale and these can be you know very effective in video sales letters or in content engagement or even onboarding one of the things that we found um is we recently implemented personalized videos in our onboarding um so obviously people are already engaged they're already part of the process you know they're going for the platform but it was almost half the amount of support Calls that we've been getting as you know those kind of early kind of um questions of how do i use a platform how do i do these specific things we've literally halved that by having more engaging videos people more likely to watch them and therefore you know get the basics of how the platform works and so it's not always about getting more people at the top of the funnel these personalization can be used throughout the funnel you know to um a great um Great impact um another thing that we've recently launched um is personalized short links and this is a way that if you use social obviously we've touched upon um linkedin but also facebook instagram twitter pinterest all of these types of platforms um they all support open graph data where you can have a dynamic preview of your of your um Of your image but also is clickable so when you share a personalized short link think of it like a bitly link that's personalized to each individual when you share the link you're going to get these dynamic previews in the message center that are like this that are clickable and again we'll take recipient to your personalized landing page and again as i mentioned these can be used in lots of great platforms i've for example recently been using this Automating it with texo to send messages in slack using these personalized short links again a great way of kind of standing out and doing something a little bit different but creating something that's also also clickable and again when they click it gonna take them through to a personalized landing page now as i said personalized short links is a relatively new product for us so i've been doing some some testing and some Maybe testing around the kind of the the engagement rate of these and maybe because they are new and people have seen them so much the engagement rate is kind of through the roof we can see here uh the stats from a linkedin campaign that i recently did where i was getting a pretty good connection and engagement but the click-through rate 86 of the people that i engaged with that we connected were clicking that link and it wasn't just idle curiosity because 10 of Those people still actually took the final call to action which was to book a call so crazy high uh click-through rates by being able to add these um short links and the great thing is that when you when you send a short link you can even include them in your connection request and when you do like you can see here in this example when you set when you send somebody a short link in the connection request when they accept that the message box will pop Open and it will show that personalized image straight away as you can see here since you click accept um the message box will automatically pop up and we'll see excuse me you'll see there this personalized um gif in this case and then when that's clicked it will take you through to a personalized landing page so that really is um you know a great strategy for extending and creating Further um kind of clickable options that i've seen in this illustration linkedin but also can be used you know throughout the funnel so i hope today has been useful in terms of giving you some ideas and inspiration of potentially where you could use personalized images throughout your your funnel but also you know about just generally using hyper personalization just to really kind of grab your users attention um and get um you know and get Get people taking your call to action thank you so much jan i see already ladies posted in a zoom chat that the presentation is awesome so everybody loves it thanks a lot for this brilliant conversation we just uh probably let's do a short q and a because the next session is exactly stefan smolders from expenditure yeah absolutely i i'm almost tempted to watch that one because i love stefan i love expanding It's an amazing tool so if anyone's not booked into that one get get in now because uh this is gonna we integrate with expanding the two tours together are absolutely amazing they're really uh really kind of gets up you know kind of beyond exactly that's why i planned it right not just a pretty face are you yeah so let's do a quick q and a and just a short question quick question from me So if you are changing if you are dynamically changing the text on your website does it somehow impact your search engine optimization ranking um no i don't think it does um in terms of the there is something to be said for improving it from an seo perspective because of the linger time so if you think about um what we're Doing by having personalization on your page you're increasing the engagement or increasing the amount of time someone's going to stay on your page because they're engaged and so obviously google through analytics date one of the factors they're using is how long are people staying on their page what's the bounce rate so when you reduce your battery and increase the linger time that plays a part into um into your seo but also um kind of we see That from ads as well so you know personalizate personalizing your page when somebody comes from an ad for example will improve you know the cost of ads as well and so from from a positive perspective there is some benefit in terms of is there a negative because you added an extra bit of javascript to your page i mean our javascript is asynchronous and so it doesn't load until the site's loaded so from your first contextual paint and all Those kind of super important core core vitals that google cares about it doesn't impact like so for example we've recently gone through our own site to make sure we're in that the 90 odd percent from a performance perspective you know and and we had all sorts of things on our site like we had um hotjar and you know uh kind of intercom and all those sort of things which were all killing the performance of our site but You know we obviously had our own snippet as well but that didn't impact that wasn't one of the things that we had to kind of think about or remove or lazy load or whatever to be able to improve the site we've already kind of baked that end for you so you don't have to worry about it from a negative impact but certainly there should be a positive one as well thank you thomas please go ahead yeah so i'm thinking about this That it's personalized layer uh from the you know that that that image that hi thomas for example but how is that editing the audio also because i check on the website the cooking class so how it works should i you know make high and then the space for this or how it works when you're creating your own outdoors also like personalized as i understand from this one video on the website Yeah absolutely so i mean the way it works with high price you design your site and whatever tool you're using so if you're using like wordpress or wix or whatever it doesn't matter we integrate with absolutely every builder you design your site as you would as you always have done in a generic sort of way so you know do this and improve your business results or whatever you know hi friend or however you choose to um kind Of you know put your content out there and then with hyperis what we do is essentially we have um a website personalization toolbar and that just enables you so we've got some personalization here you can see we've got a marketing name here and we're putting through some elements if i load up the toolbar you can see all i'm doing is replacing i'm selecting some text so where we got like your for example if i personalize your sales funnel i could Change that to business name so what we're doing is we're changing the adding a layer of personalization onto the site so your site will still be perfect for the generic users because that's how you designed it and then only and only if we have that data we'll apply that personalization to uh for that specific user and we can do that as in generic personalization but we can also create segments for example you know i could have a segment that um is For ceos so in this case we have a segment is defined if job title contains ceo then we know we've got a ceo in there and so we can have a title that's like ceos love the high price impact is business name next so we can get some really advanced personalization through segmentation as well as photographic and demographic personalization okay i got that but i was asking for videos because it's interesting for me from the audio perspective videos it Works in videos yes yes yes yeah sorry so yeah so again this is the same is true that you know within videos we're going to have like say a video here um you know in this case euros your personal cookery video so again like this because i just signed up for this yeah mm-hmm and yeah interesting for me that audio were personalized yeah so in this case if we play this video We're getting through we're getting the name of the person but you can set um defaults as well so in this case if this page isn't personalized this video won't show at all it'll actually prompt you give us your name or your business so it's kind of being used as a bit of a lead generation but equally i could i could always show it but have like a fallback so you could just say your personal cookery course and then when the Personalization's there it will um show that like like we saw with um the the personalization on the page as well so it just works exactly the same way we just add our placeholders and we can also choose for defaults and fallbacks for all of those okay okay thanks let's ask the last question because the next session is just right so yeah i don't i don't stress you out i'll do it yeah so i saw the question there for Andrea in terms of um the kind of gmail spam filter and ultimately when we talk about spam there's a couple of things that affect your deliverability i mean i touched a point earlier with this slide when we were talking about reply.io that they actually improved their delivery rate uh when they added personalized images because essentially you've got two parts why you end up in spam you've got the content of the of the email itself and Then you've got your domain reputation it's very easy to understand the the kind of the the content side of things because you can use something like mail tester and with mail tester you can create your email with your visualization with your image in there and then send it to your email address that this gives you it will tell you the score of of your email now i i do this whenever i'm creating new emails and my score is always eight or nine out Of ten almost perfect you know with even with a personalized image so an image in itself isn't inherently going to land you in spam but if you've got a poor domain reputation and you're sending out the same message to lots of people thousands of people with no variations your email will get hashed and then you'll get and spam so it's really about becoming a good actor and getting more engagement in your email so when you get more Engagement by more people replying and engaging your domain reputation is going to improve and therefore your your ability or likelihood to land in the inbox is going to improve as well so just on itself i'm having an image in the email won't do that but if you have just one image and no text and anything else then that starts to look spammy from an email perspective so with things like this if you just have a small amount of text and a big image it Will tell you that okay we're giving you a penalty for that it might be like half a point you know you've got to be below four for it to be considered spam so even with um you know a slightly spammy looking email it's not guaranteed it's going to be in spam it's i'd say it's more to do with your your overall domain reputation as i try to speak quickly at the end now yeah yes i just need to jump in yeah i really appreciate your time everybody

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