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Hey this is Ian from hyperise, in this video we're going to be covering some simple tips that you can use within your hubspot sales outreach to significantly increase engagement and people taking your call to action and when i'm talking about significantly i'm going to share some case studies later on in this video that show where some of our customers of Two to three times in some cases their response rates their engagement rates in their cold outreach and their sales and marketing emails so what we're going to do first of all is talk about the issues that we see presently in terms of user engagement user engagement's getting harder and harder we've been bombarded by messages thousands of messages a day and with Those increased amount of messages the amount of engagement in that content is increasing going down the amount of time we have to engage our users is reducing reducing reducing and what that means what how that manifests itself is in the cost to acquire a customer is going up and up conversion rates goes down you have to spend more to get the same Or you end up getting less and over the last five years it has increased over 50 percent and we can see looking at this graph here this phenomena is not specifically to b to b it's b to b and b to c ultimately we're all being bombarded as messages with with messages with both channels in linkedin and facebook in emails or social channels everywhere And so that you know that saturation is is to be seen across all types and this is where as part of the solution um starts to bubble up i think about these um sales outreach that we're doing very linkedin or email or whatever they may be they're inherently textual based you know but whereas now we're predominantly visual basically i think about all of the 87 Of the traffic on the internet is is images and videos think about most channels what you're going to see is visualization of the call to action but when we resort to sales outreach we revert revert mainly back to text so using images in our outreach that mimic or reference or back up or reinforce our call to action visualize our call to action That's gonna help transfer that information and help communicate it better but when we include personalization in those images in that visualization it's going to trigger a pattern interrupt and because most of us are visual learners but because we all process images so significantly quicker than text it just puts a break on the brain when we see something that's Personalized to ourselves in those images and the way that the brains process an image so quickly oh you need to pay more attention to that and that that kind of increased mind share leads to increased engagement um and that increased engagement leads to more people taking your call to action so those pattern interrupts psychological behavior is kind of Hardwired into us you know that we're going to create these reactions and so then when we when we've opened that door obviously it's all about you know what um how are we going to you know kind of drive that how we're going to drive that engagement and that's really down to having that image being purposeful and matching our call to action and obviously hyper eyes at its core what we're offering Is dynamically personalized images so you create one image template you drop it in your hubspot email template and bam it's going to personalize dynamically on the fly without any additional input from you so it's a time saver it's increasing engagement it's going to increase your sales your bottom line however you choose to look at it now as i mentioned Just as we started this video this is um gonna we're gonna provide to you uh actionable insights from here and so what we're also going to do is provide you with a complete free access to hyper eyes to prove this for yourself we're going to give you a free trial and on top of that we're going to give you a discount for uh longer term use once you've decided and proven That in the free trial that it's going to work for you so make sure you watch until the end of the video where we'll give you that code but for now let's jump in and look at how we can make personalization purposeful so obviously what we're going to talk about and the purpose of using within hubspot is using in our email so we've got a couple of different Examples here and what we're looking at here is um a call to action for example this is an image that i would use where i'm saying hey let's jump on a call and rather than framing that as a sales call i'm saying hey let's have a chat and a coffee about that so i'm using that kind of prop if you like for that framing of let's have a coffee in my gift i'm humanizing that you know the core of the action is going to meet Me we're going to have a demo call but we're framed as a chat and a coffee it's nice and friendly we're visualizing that um as you can see and we're also pulling through personalization in terms of the person's first name their business name their logo and also a screenshot of their website and obviously we can see the response here from edgar i never applied to these emails this is The first one that worked that's really what we're trying to do and obviously edgar you can see here you know director of demand generation so he's no wet behind the ears person who's you know easy to uh kind of grab their attention on so you know when it works with somebody seasoned as edgar here you know that it's going to have an impact let's look at the next one so maybe your Call to action isn't um you know humanized it isn't going to be uh you know one to one and a democrat maybe you have a sas product where you want to put somebody in a self-serve trial so this is what hubstaff did they visualized their product instead you can see here they've got their dashboard in their app in this example it's all personalized to Tim cook from apple and so we can see the logo the profile elements the name even the map here all personalized dynamically to each recipient and what that did is it forexed their cta so the four times as many people taking their self-serve trial based on them visualizing you know wow look at this amazing dashboard look how improved your life's going to be when you've got this simple reporting or this You know advanced um access to the capabilities that they provide you know just summing all of that up in a picture as you say picture paint a thousand words and when that personalization has triggered that pattern interrupt and pulled them in they're gonna lavish all of those up so a great way of applying that personalization here's another example another kind of Ours g2 you obviously provide a lot of reports and kind of enable businesses to get involved in those reports and so showing that success showing kind of examples um or samples of the reports already personalized um you know showing a great position to the prospects that inc that increased their reply rate from 15 to 48 A 3x uplift simply by uh using that strategy there's a great uh testimonial here we'll pin it on the end of the video from jesse rowe head of marketing for g2 who inspired that campaign but yeah absolutely uh great uplift there three times simply by creating these personalized images to reinforce their call to action here's another one of my Favorites here using the whiteboard again kind of having your salient point on the um on the board and you know kind of helping that kind of and get driver engagement so they're going to read the rest of your message and you can see here the impact it's had from jonathan maybe you know in this case uh it wasn't necessarily he wasn't like the right person within tfc marketing to reach out To but because of the good will is created from this personalized image he's forwarded onto his team because he appreciates the the touch of the personalization so really helping uh kind of break through those barriers and getting word-of-mouth referrals from potentially non-engaged buyers here's another one of our clients again really Um visualizing kind of their offer here in terms of you know a gift certificate um but and still despite having that gift certificate offer still able to kind of get a massive uplift doubling of demos uh for you know what is quite a summer product in terms of cloud security but also a high ticket value you know five six figure uh Ticket value here and still being able to kind of get that uplift you know targeting uh sea level seasons etc another a whiteboard example here another one of our clients staff circle you can see here uh james you know doing a great job celebrating and engaging with his prospect candidates in a really nice way here uh humanizing of course but also you Know a great way to kind of show um your message and your your kind of point in a way that's gonna really gonna make you know it's going to get red lots of other examples in here in terms of being able to visualize the choice but engage here really do take the biscuit for um being able to increase the most 14x uplift here admittedly their call to action uh was A little bit less in terms of just asking for feedback so kind of taking part in a survey but when they visualize and personalize those call to action with these image templates you can see here 14 times as many clicks as when they just had the personalized short link options so significant increased amount of learning there in their survey Another one of our clients replied to io they did a great job of visualizing their story so taking what is a complicated process of what most people have already and they're just really visualizing how simple it would be uh if they um started using applied io when they started to do that with these personalized images you can see here this simple ones with logos being pulled Through they increased their reply rates from 11 to 21 a massive uplift which i'm sure was already a very optimized campaign knowing the guys that reply to io here's another example of the one that william at replied arrows using again diagrammatically showing the story or and personalizing the image again using business names images and other personalized elements and Getting a great um uplift in the um in the in the response from that of course it's not just about putting personalized images in your emails it's about what you kind of do with that afterwards so for example all of these images can make clickable so when somebody receives that really engaging email and they're super stoked maybe you don't Want them to reply maybe you want to click that image and go through to personalize landing page because guess what personalizing your landing pages also has a massive impact hubspot themselves did this survey um over a six month time period quite a long time and quite a lot of sites over three hundred 000 sites they looked at and what they found was more than a 2x Uplift in conversions when personalization is used around the call to action so making your images and your outreach personal making the call to action personal making the landing pages personal we get this compounding impact where two percent uplift heels 2x uplift hair 2x uplift there all of a sudden you've got like a 6x up lift down at the bottom you have a significant uplift throughout Your funnel meaning channels that you know were slow to develop and now you know you're burning hot uh go-to channels your email can be a massive area if done right if using all of these tick boxes so let's not kind of label anymore let's jump into how we can make these personalized images super simple with hyper eyes and add Them into our templates in hubspot so let's start off and create a brand new image from scratch i'm going to jump into the image template here as you can see we've got all of our personalization layer controls here on the left we've got our main uh image canvas in the middle and our settings on the right so first of all start off by what we can do clicking the canvas gets to our image Library and we can choose to upload any sort of image here that we want that we have any kind of existing marketing images a gif that we've created pngs svgs of course as you can see animated gifs and then start to add those into outreach in this case rather than uploading an image i'm going to choose a gif i've already got created here and uploaded i'm going to select that And i'm going to adjust the image to match my canvas so you can see in this case i've got a simple setup of me set up my desk uh with the white board next to me so what i'm going to use that to put the message on there and it's part of my outreach so first of all what i'm going to do is i'm going to drag a text element here i'm going to drag it over and put it on The canvas what i'm going to do first of all in this text error i'm going to drop in a merge tag that's going to be a placeholder and we're going to put in the first name here actually what i'm also going to do is to style this up a little bit this gray font's not going to very texture not going to work is it so i'm going to go over here for the text settings And i'm going to choose maybe a black font and i'm going to choose maybe some font that looks a little bit more like it's been written on the board maybe this permanent marker take the italic off there as well maybe increase the size and i'm going to choose this fit to box what that means is going to do is so whatever the name of the site whatever whatever the length of the name it's going to Fit within that box it's always going to be maximum so it can be a maximum of 18 uh font size but if it's got a super long name it will start to reduce so we're kind of maximizing the space there for the name then what i'm going to do is i'm just going to duplicate this uh layer there so we've got the same um font select etcetera i'm just going to change this i'm just going to have some texture say Would love to chat maybe something like that um so they've got first name a bit bigger maybe we could kind of move this to two lanes like that two lines like that and then we've got a bit of space here in the corner so what i'm going to do is i'm going to drop their logo elements i'm going to use the logo layer here i'm just going to swizzle that Around a little bit maybe and then reduce the size so it's going to fit more like that and then put it in this corner over here and also what i'm going to do it's going to go to logo settings i'm going to make it round rather squares looks maybe more like a sticker let's see say and then finally what i'm going to do is i'm going to drop this shape in here um i'm going to go to shape settings i'm Going to change that to a heart just to give a little kind of logo love as it were there and again obviously we can change that size there just by reducing that and dropping that about there maybe so let's just save that progress and let's do a little preview to see what it's going to look like so now we can see here we've got some opportunity here to put in some sample Data just so we can see how the image is going to look in this case you can see i've got my my go to demo guy tim apple.com you can see we're pulling through his first name and obviously the apple logo there and what i can see from that is that maybe i'm going to move that text up a little bit it seems to go to uh cramming down on on the logo and the love but a bit more space there so i'm Going to go back and you see i can't see that now but obviously when we preview it it's nice easier to kind of spot that move it up a little bit happy with that now save that i'm going to make it public so it means that i can now start to use that in my outreach campaigns and in my template so yeah one final check see that's good so now i'm going to choose the Image code here option and now i'm going to add my integration so of course in this case we're going to be adding hubspot so i'm going to choose hotspot here now we do have two hubspot integration options and if you want to do more marketing campaign uh in the hubspot marketing section in which we can choose this the purpose of this video we're going to focus on using help spot sales And putting in our email templates for our outreach in that way um so i'm going to choose hubspot crm now in this case we've got this option here do you want to link your campaign to a landing page so as you mentioned before and as we saw on that deck there's a lot of upside to personalizing your landing pages as well so obviously with whether you wherever You've made your uh your website whether it's with a hubspot landing page or whether it's on wordpress or virtual one of the other thousands of other website building tools any of those sort of websites can be personalized using hyperlines as well so we can personalize that landing page so we can say yes to this and what we're gonna do is we're to get rather than just An image code we're going to get an image code that's clickable so what we can do is we can choose our website that we're going to send them to in this case i'll just choose hypervise and we could also put in a sub page if i wanted them to go to a specific landing page i have i could put that in there now click next and what that's going to do it's going to give us the code that We need so in this case we can see we've got contact.firstname variable in there which obviously is the hotspot variable so that's the kind of dynamic element and high price you can replace that logo dynamically based on the business now obviously if we weren't reaching out to the businesses then we've included a logo and we could also set that as a default to not show if we're going to find the Logo but what i'm going to do now is i'm just going to simply click this button here copy content as you can see we've copied my image now we've got the clickable image option versus just the standard image and so now what i can do is i can go over to hubspot and i go over to my templates area as you can see i'm in already i'm going to start off by creating a new template from scratch so i'm going to call this spot demo just To give it a name for here um and maybe what i'm going to do is add some personalization in here so let's say first name love to chat i don't think i've actually used it as a subject name but let's line but let's just uh keep it simple for now say hi and again let's just stick in some personalization here first name now what i'm going to do is i want to have my Image here now probably i would put another sentence or so of uh introductory or personalized text in there before jumping into the image uh so let's just kind of mimic that with some um uh blurb here but once we're kind of ready to put our image in obviously we've copied it already from high prime so it's still in the um the buffer as it were so all we need to do is right click here And choose paste and that's going to copy that image in with all the clippable code as we saw before from hyper eyes and so we've got that and we can you can see here the image is set to applicable too thanks so you know we can finish off that email like that save our template hotspot demo and now whenever we want to uh use that Template either in a sequence or as part of uh you know kind of uh you know coming back to a specific contact and kind of manually triggering an event when we use uh the email we're going to use either the secrets of the templates we've got that personalization now so in this case you can see we've got our template just created here hubspot demo and you can see in this case this Obviously template this emails to byron you can see byron pulling through and also um byron is um from a soul pub and you can see we're putting through the soul pub logo there so it really helps um to kind of create this personalization as we saw from some example four you know leading to a 2 3 even 14 x uplift you know by this simple change so you know what i would um suggest to get started Is going to hyperize.com so coming here to hypervisor.com and coming to this top right as you can see here starting your free trial that's going to give you 14 days full access to the product simply put in your email name address here and of course as i mentioned at the top uh there is a 20 discount uh once you've finished your trial using the code hubspot20 that's hub Sp ot 20 when you start your subscription i hope this video has been useful of course the lots more uh use cases beyond image personalization emails obviously website personalizing etc so do look out for other videos of how you can further your sales and marketing outreach funnels using hyper eyes until then catch you later bye

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