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Hey texo family it's ian from hyper eyes i've been chatting with uh with vikesh um a little while on slack now about being putting together some examples and demos of how using kexo with how personalization can create some real effective um outputs and outcomes from uh from uh engagement and kind of you know Your call to action being taken so i started to put together um a little use case that i was going to record and going to run them through all the way to uh its ultimate um ending but i'm already just two days into it now and already seeing some amazing results so i thought i'd record the progress so far show you what i've done and what i've been what i'm up to And i'd love to hear your comments and feedback in terms of what you'd like to see uh kind of drilling into some of the more detailed elements of this or you know if other other strategies you'd like to see so anyway without kind of waffling any longer let me just jump into this so what i'm using texo for in this example is using it for linkedin outreach uh and in this case i'm using events so what I've done is i've searched for b2b uh marketing which is my uh interest if you like uh for my uh for my targets and then obviously from there found uh a kind of bunch of events so in this case you can see we've got events and i've selected this event here chosen to attend it and once i've done that the whole list of attendees here you can see 309 of them in total in this event I can just copy that list of people here and use that in a spice or in a recipe in this case so to extract all the profiles from a linkedin search and i'm just putting in my search there which i've copied directly from the url in linkedin and what that's going to do is pull pull out all of the profiles of the people attending the event in this case what i'm doing after that Is then scraping the profile of each of those attendees to get a bit more personalized data and then finally what i'm doing is pushing all of that data to a google sheet so i've got that there to kind of use for further automation so here's this google sheet you can see here in the case of the event i was grabbing there i think in total 146 people in this event You can see we've got profile link first name last name profile picture um on all the company details and interests and all of that lovely stuff so what i've done is i've grabbed that sheet here and then i've gone over to hyper eyes and i've got this image here uh let's just preview this to show you what it looks like so in this case it's and when it loads it's an animated Gif and you can see you've got the guy pointing the uh this uh logo here in this case um it'll either be a logo or if we have a profile image it'll be the profile image of the prospects obviously we're reaching out to look from linkedin and tech so texas provides us all that lovely uh profile image which is going to more than likely be the profile image There and we're going to have their name and then just a little call to action the image so if i select my google sheet here with all this data you can see row one is mercedes so now if i preview it um with my google sheet in there what we should be able to see and see we've got mercedes profile image and her name in there so we're really Gonna grab her attention so we've got our image we've got a call to action what i did is also added my google sheet using integrations and then finally what i'm going to do i'm going to click edit the google sheet here you can see we've got all the columns mapped up we've also got this new option in the high price called short links or personalized short links when you choose That element here you can set up all of the details to be embedded in that personalized short link and i'll show you what that is like in a moment but essentially these short links and what you'll see uh this is kind of uh when they click that short link in the linkedin message where they're going to go so that could be your personalized Landing page and i'll show you that example also um and what we can see here we've got a title uh that will appear um below the image so again we can use personalization here so the first name check out this personalized video and then a description so once we save that what it's going to do is going to push all of those all of that data and Update our google sheet so the last column here we now have this short link and we have all of these uh short links in there so if i just jump over to my linkedin and go to just open up a message tab here you can see here in this case um for shubu obviously we've got her profile image there and hike shubu uh and we've got all of the personalized data so you can see just from including This short link here in this case i've branded it the hyper ice it's linked dot hyperis you can within your hyperis account you can change that domain to be any custom domain uh you choose so in that case you're going to see your customer domain there the first name that we set and obviously all of their details as well as their profile image and obviously this is clickable So when they receive that and click that they're going to kind of get through to a personalized landing page in this case um with personalized video with also video audio um did a better job of pronouncing it than i did so so what we've done so far is we've used a text cell to push a load of data into the sheets we've used hyper eyes um to select our Image and add open graph tags and create personalized short links here in this column uh which now create these personalized landing pages working pull through business name or first name um you know and with a call to action there of book of call so then uh what we've done is we've gone back to uh texo and we've used uh a spice to um to send a connection request to each of those recipients In there and we're using you can see here um let's just find a message here hi megan i saw you also attending the b2b marketing exchange event so we're talk we've purposely calling out the event that they've attended i wanted to message you as i thought you'd appreciate this high personalized outreach strategy and then we've included our link as a serious digital marketer i'd love To hear your thoughts all the best ian so that's the message and you can see each one in the connection note is getting this personalized link and as we saw there uh within within linkedin you know they get this uh really nice um kind of response or this kind of really nice personalized image and you can see here okay just doing the right sort of uh Creating the retro impression creating some engagement and now allowing us to then follow up so that was the kind of the the first part we've used texo to send out our connection messages and they're dropping like this what we can see so what i used uh to create this a nice clean account or a nice clean test should i say i use a completely brand new linkedin account i created for the purpose um so you can see so far i've got 91 uh Invitations still outstanding not been accepted um but also if i look into my account i've got 37 new connections you see an hour ago an hour ago three hours ago four hours ago so they're just starting to drip in so already over 30 uh connection acceptance from a brand new linkedin account reaching out um based on an event but that's not where the excitement finishes because So far we can see 37 people have actually accepted that connection but when i look into google analytics what i can actually see is 39 page views 39 people have clicked on the link or copied the link from the connection note and actually gone and looked at that page you've seen some cases three two two two so quite a fair bit of engagement and so out of those 39 page views when I'm looking calendly i can already see four events have been booked so four events after 13 hours about 10 conversion of the page views and those page views represent um you know other total people we've um reached out to so far in our connection in terms of the 128 so far you know about um about 30 odd percent people have connect that have clicked on That link even if we've not accepted the connection rate yet only 37 so only 37 people have accepted the connection so far out and we've sent another 91 on top of that 128 in total um and so we can see that curiosity of people that maybe don't accept the connection will still go and visit the link and obviously when you've got a you know a nice landing page like these Here you know with personalized titles maybe even use the logo and as we saw even personalized videos hi tim did you know videos generate the highest level of engagement online and even with these videos here we've got other personalizations embedded like their website in here and then further on at the end we've got call to actions like book a call as we got below there Interestingly uh three out of the four took this call to action one took the one below it so it really shows that the video uh engagement is pieces working as well um but yeah early days in terms of this campaign obviously 147 send out 120 connections sent out already 37 of those already accepted um and forming for meetings but so you know pretty good uh conversion rate so far I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this strategy including personalized short links obviously in this case in a connection note obviously works just as well or even better in the message as well obviously then you kind of got that personalized preview in the message rather than just a short link in the connection note but a real great way of driving that engagement i said love To hear your thoughts in the comments below and also any other examples or suggestions on videos you'd like to see catch you later cheers bye

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