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Hey this is Ian from Hyperise if you're a salesperson or somebody that's trying to get meetings booked into your calendar then this is the video for you with hyperrise we've just released what we call video pages and this is a really effective way of being able to share your calendar link but supplementing that with personalized video in a really really super simple way let's have a look at a quick a Couple of examples so we can see here this is an example of a video page we're able to add our logo able to add a personalized title and we can see here in this case this is Dan from SAS Academy and we're pulling through what looks like you know typical Loom sort of video where we've got their website we've got our kind of talking head and you can even see the details like their logo and name so let's just switch over to a couple of different domains just to See how the difference looks this is Brian from HubSpot Tim from Apple or Emma from Trinity creative let's just play one of these videos just to have quick look at how it plays out hey hey this is Ian from hyperrise I was just looking at your website and I noticed that you weren't using personalization on your pages I wanted to send this quick video to you just to explain a couple of benefits of Being able to do that first of all you'll probably know that user engagement is getting harder and harder so if you're reaching out to customers and sending them to your web pages having put not having personalization on those pages will make a significant difference humans are hardwired to process images in milliseconds so when we when we personalize images on our web pages and in our Outreach they trigger what's Referred to as a pattern interrupt and this pattern in touch is incredibly powerful essentially just putting a break on the brain hey pay more attention to this and that increased mind share is to more engagement and more people are ultimately taking your call to action so if you have a sales funnel that involves Outreach and then taking people to a page to take action like booking a sales call then this process is critical for increasing that Engagement and ultimately getting more people booking your calls and you creating sales if you're interested in learning more about how you can Implement personalized images in your Outreach humanizing your images and your Outreach like this or personalizing your landing pages then please book a call using the calendar below and we'll be here to help alternatively if you just want to jump in and start a trial click the button here and you'll be able to do That any other questions click here and you'll be able to chat to one of our Representatives so there we see a very simple example there we start off with some personalization uh showing their web page and then you know we flip through to kind of some screenshots of Our Deck to kind of put across some pertinent points and then finally obviously have the main call to action where we have our calendar underneath in this case We're using calendly but this will work with any calendar software where you can embed on a web page in addition to that in the video we're also offering some interactive elements if they didn't want if they're not ready to book a call or for example going over into our web page in this case we're able to push the personalization from the video page onto our web pages while using high price personalization so really creating some Super Hyper personalized funnel you know It's really going to have a massive impact on the number of people booking your course now let's quickly jump over to high prize and look at this exact video we've just been playing to see how that works and what we can see within the video player we've got a bunch of different layers here which I've all labeled up so first of all we've got as you can see that's kind of a gif of the mouse movement moving around and we've got a kind of Post-It note with some Personalized text on there just so when they first hit the page like this and we've got some movement on there and they can kind of see you know the eyes drawn into that and obviously they've got the personalization of their name and we've got a nice big play button after that we've got the layovers we've got the the play button we've got the Post-it notes and then we've kind of got these chat buttons here which we're calling right at the end of the video And we're pushing out to different pages and pushing the personalization through beyond that we've got our talking head video we've got this kind of layer here which is a video we've had added into there as a layer and then beyond the layer we've also got these various different uh kind of a slide we've added in for example our different decks screenshots of our decks which are just static images or in this case gifs so we've got Complete flexibility we've also done um right at the start we've added a background rather than using a background video we've got a background image which is just a generic browser and they've added some personalization into those in terms of the business name the website address and their logo and of course we've got the website layer which is going to be dynamic to each User so hopefully that's given you an overview of how this video works right so let's jump in and actually create one from scratch just so you can see how easy it is to create these so first of all in the video section I'm going to choose create new video now what I'm going to do is I'm going to choose no template in this case although the video we've just looked at is available it is available as a template So you could actually start with the template we've just looked at and then change it for your own purposes but let's just for now start with a blank one so I'm not going to choose a background video because we're going to have a foreground and better video so in this case what I'm going to do is choose a background image for this video and I'm going to choose one of the stock items that we have available here which is the Chrome browser so that's going to Add a basic Chrome browser now I prefer kind of a size about 900 in there so I'm going to just increase that slightly now we can see we've got this basic Chrome browser background and what we can do is start to add some personalization elements so the first thing I'm going to do is use the website layer and drag that in and just kind of move it so it just covers the area of the to move that so it covers the area of the browser now we can also do is use Our kind of mouse movement here so obviously you can see it's not quite aligned to the left there I'm going to use my left and right keyboard keys to move that to exactly so it's lined up there and then just drag it all the way across and all the way down so it's covering that area of the browser and we can see here that's going to be shown from 0 to 4 seconds in and obviously depending on your video and how long you're talking about their website Before you then switch over to talking about something else that might be longer maybe 10 seconds or so unless you've got complete freedom to change that and you can play along uh you know as you see fit what I also like to do is I'm going along is to name my layers so it makes easier to find them later on so I'm going to just call that website now the next thing I'm going to do is use the new video layer I'm going to drag that in and now what I'm going to do I Could either upload a video I already have as I've recorded or if I've already got one I can choose it for my video library so in this case you can see I've got my talking head video here so I'm just going to select that and then just kind of resize it and move it where I want now as you can see by default we've got obviously the usual kind of rectangle that we would have from recording a video but what I prefer have is a nice round circle so what we can Choose is a video style and change that to round I think a bit bigger and then kind of move it to obviously wherever you want it um so it's causing the least disruption from your uh from your video and so there we have kind of the very basic start of our um of our uh our personalized video so what we've got is their website in the background our video talking ahead in the foreground and obviously we can now start to add a little elements like for Example um if we want their name in the tab we could use the text control here and move that and then change that to putting in business name personalized tag obviously we probably want that a little bit smaller there and you can see that was fitting in there lovely now maybe what we want to do is obviously we're going to show the website for a certain amount of time we've got this talking head which actually is in this Case 106 seconds long and so the whole video will now be set the video duration will be set to the length of our layers in this case this video layer so as we know we've got the website showing for the first 20 seconds so maybe it's 20 seconds on we want to show something else maybe like a slide deck or some other information so very simply what we can do is just drag in an image layer and then what we could do in this case I'm going to choose my images and I've Taken some screenshots of my deck so I can just choose that and again as we did with website layer we're just going to stretch this to match the screen in this case I'm just going to cover up the whole Brown browser just so we kind of got it um full screen that we need to see the kind of browser elements at this point now what you can see is obviously we've covered up the talking head at this point so with these layers they're also it's showing in show order so in This case the talking head which is this one here so I'm just going to rename that talking head I'm going to have that right at the very top so I'm just going to drag that up above the other layers and now you can see that's going to let us stay on top of everything else so it's going to be perfect and now here we can call this um get one for example we know we want that to show from 20 seconds to maybe 40 seconds in and then we can just keep Repeating that process for you know if you've got five slides we can then just create add in another layer and then add another layer another layer and obviously changing the time controls from your next one starting at 40 and ending at 60 etc etc and that really is the basis you know you can keep adding as many layers as you want whether they're static images or gifs you know to really create that effect you know of these personalized images and kind of Give them what you want now also what we had in the other videos we had a play button to start with just again another visualized clue of something that the user needs to do to kind of click to get started so we could simply do that by adding in a shape and then choosing from the shape one of the play buttons now I like to give it a red color because it's kind of vibing off YouTube and give it maybe a bit of a semi-transparency so it's kind of you can still see what's Going on in the background and again obviously we can kind of move that around kind of in the center sort of area also what we had was a Post-It note just again with just a little note there to add a bit more personalization and you can see we also have this kind of mouse movement around it so let's just also add that in again we're going to add in another image and that image within our stock images we have a Post-It note so we can just Find that of course if you've got something you prefer you can upload that yourself I'm just going to maybe just give it a little tint there and then also we have some text on top of this I'm going to grab some text and just put that into place here over the Post-it note drag it and then obviously within here we're going to add some text and maybe we would say um first name the Check this out for business name or whatever you want obviously here we can kind of set the line height so it's kind of a little bit uh kind of spaced out and obviously also change the the font to something that's going to look a little bit more like it's kind of like a written Post-It note and also what we can do for the mouse movement again we're going to go back to the images drag in another image layer And then again within our stock images we have some mouse movements here whether we want slow fast or medium I'm going to choose the fast here and we've got this GIF and again what I'm going to do is just I want the mouse movement to go around the Post-it note I'm going to just resize resize this so we can see now we've kind of got this mass movement going around um the Post-it note so let's Simply Save That and we've got our video with all of our different layers set to go now the other great thing we can do as you mentioned before is set this video not to just be embedded on your existing web pages to be a video page in itself where we can put our calendar so what I'm going to do is choose the page tab here on the right hand side and choose enable page I'm going to turn that on and now we've got the option again to choose the title that we want to see in our page You can see here and obviously we've got complete control over the font size and the text and the color we can also choose the logo that we want to have at the top of the page and again here for the logo um you can upload any logo you know that's suitable for that page you know or if you've already uploaded one before just find it in your library and obviously you've got full control of the size there so maybe if I want that to be 400 and you get that you choose one of those Dimensions the other one will sort itself out we can even change the background color so you know if we want the page to be kind of gray rather than white and then finally your embed code so whatever your call to action is for your video calendar booking Etc you just put your calendar booking code in here let me just go and grab that right so I've got my calendar embed code I'm just going to paste that into here and so now We've got everything set oh actually other than the title so let's just replicate what we've got in the Post-it note so we're going to say first name check this out it could be perfect oh struggling to type for business name let's say dot dot dot maybe increase the size a little bit and maybe we'll go for uh a different color just to just to illustrate what we can do here right so now we've created our Page what we can do is preview that here and we can see all of the elements we've set up with the logo the title we've set obviously we've got our video with a Post-It note with the moving cursor and the initial web page part of that obviously what we can do is scroll through and get to certain points where we're going to see elements like our deck along with our talking head and obviously underneath we've got our calendar embedded there so people can Very easily book a call super simple to create this once we've got our page obviously we want to include it in our Outreach to do that we simply choose the get video code button below the video and then here we can choose one of our existing image templates that's going to be shown or we can even create a new image template from the video we've got in this case I'm just going to choose an existing template we can then add our integration and of Course hyperize integrates with hundreds if not thousands of different options all of the most popular CRM email LinkedIn automation tools are going to be available here let's just choose one as an example and then bam we've got our code that we can add directly into our Outreach campaign it's going to show a personalized image in the email typically that's going to double the amount of people clicking on there to get through to your video page and of Course then your video page is going to at least double the amount of bookings you're going to be able to get because of that increased engagement one final thing to show is as well as being able to do that from direct within videos if you've already created your video So within the image editor you can simply choose get image code you add your integration let's add a different one this time I'm going to say yes to linking this to A website landing page and we've got three options now of course we've got the previous option of personalizing a page but we can now also have the choice of choosing a video page and here we can see all the video Pages we've created this is the one we've just created just now and click next and again we're going to get the video code for the integration we're chosen complete with clickable image and going through to our personalized landing page I hope this Video has been useful look forward to hearing your feedback any questions do let us know we're here to help and of course look out for future videos we're going to be releasing more new exciting functionality you take care see you later bye

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