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Video Transcript (unedited)

Hey {{first_name}}. Add Dynamic Layers to your canvas, to add personalisation to your images. Simply drag a control from the left menu onto the canvas. Once the layer is on the canvas you can position it, and change size and rotation. Clicking the Settings menu button will open the layer settings on the right-hand side panel. For example the Text layer enables you to control font, colour, size and many other style attributes. With the text layer, double click the text in the canvas to edit inline, as well as add personalised merge tags. The Logo and Website layers will dynamically display the business logo and screenshot of the prospects website. Hyperise will automatically generate these from a business email or website passed to the image. As well as dynamic layers we also have Shapes, to help further design your image and help your personalisation stand out! The Layer panel on the right provides an overview of all your layers. Click the layer name, to rename it. To change the display order of your layers, use the six dot icon, next to the layer icon, to drag the layer to the needed position. Each layer can also be closed or opened, to view all settings options, using the arrow next to the layer name. Thanks for watching {{first_name}} ! Please click on a feature to learn more and how it can help {{business_name}}.

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