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Today it's our part two webinar uh about sales funnel hyper personalization with hyperice um so today i will be helping and we were talking with jan uh regarding a few more ideas on how to how to personalize your campaigns your outreach or your and personalize your your Your project so my name is william and i'm sdr leader at reply and we have jan who is the co-founder here at hyperice uh jan is one of my favorite i guess uh hyper personalization experts and sales sales personalization experts gross hackers god bless you yeah yeah so um last time we we had a conversation a few like a month and months ago and we were Talking about personalized images and videos so if you want you can check um check that link we will share this this recording and this deck with you so you can go and check our previous webinar and slides about personalized images and videos so before we dive into a topic um we have a quick poll for you um we want you to ask you about what Channels do you use or have been using for personalized outreach like either email is it phone is it linkedin what channels do you prefer for your personalized outreach personally uh oh i can ho i can vote but personally it didn't let me vote this is and panelists can't vote i've been excluded yeah so sorry about that but yeah let's wait a few minutes for your responses but personally i prefer emails and Linkedin and landing pages so yeah so what about you um yeah um i'm i'm not a great one at the phone to be honest uh and the reason for that is not because i don't mind jumping on the phone i i really do enjoy talking to people but i just find a phone call really intrusive i mean like people get upset about receiving a cold email but at least you can Say no to that with no pressure nobody being there in your own time whereas the phone call you know you know some forms where you have to complete the phone number and then like literally a minute later somebody's calling you it's like dude i'm not having family time it's not my time to work but you know and of course in this world where you're getting calls from contact before the world their midday might be your evening and so it really is way more intuitive But yeah email linkedin like you for me yeah you know get for me i'm a b2b guy i'm kind of reaching businesses and so obviously linkedin is is you know the professional network and if you're emailing a business email then emails you know perfect yeah and we also have a few people who already use personalized landing pages so that's amazing yeah so yes that's why uh that's why i was curious to know about uh your channels Because uh last time we discussed emails and personalized videos basically also in for your emails so today we will we will i will talk more about uh a few more personalized ideas it's uh personalized landing pages personalized linkedin messages and personalized short videos so today we will talk about uh website personalization how reply add our team uses uh users personalized landing pages we will show how to Personalize a landing page using hyper eyes and how to connect it with with your reply account and then we will talk about more about personalized short links how to use personalized short links in linkedin with hyperice and reply and then we will share a few more ideas through and inspiration ideas for your for your next project so uh so okay let's get started so yeah i'm being an expert here i'll say you can go Ahead and just start sharing your screen and yeah absolutely so let me just um share my screen make sure i share the right uh screen there hopefully you can see my screen now website personalization so yeah absolutely so i i guess to kind of understand the evolution of hyperis when we first started it was all about image personalization using those images in outreach um and one of the most Common requests from clients was okay we want to take these images and put them on our websites of course it's just that natural um natural conclusion but what we what we found is that images kind of you know kind of transport or transfer and communicate in a much more effective way than text which is actually what we covered in our first um in our first webinar but Websites are hopefully kind of more visual than text even when you have a very good textual based website that will still look much prettier than the text you're likely to see in an email linkedin so the kind of kind of personalizing even just text on a website can have some real benefits and so you know we've launched the website personally it's enabled you to personalize websites really easy and what we've seen since we've had that um There very much mimics this statistic um from hubspot now they did a significant survey they looked over a six-month time period and looked over 300 000 sites obviously i imagine the majority of these are going to be hubspot customers you know where they get a lot of analytics but what they found is um where personalization was used around a call to action on a site there's more than a two uh or doubling of opportunity Of people taking that call to actions in their case 202 percent uplift when personalization was used and it's kind of pretty amazing study because of just the amount of websites but like i say we've seen this mimics with our customers um you know since we've launched this uh website personalization our sales are like for example intercom they personalize uh some of their landing pages you know with company name and also change up the Customer image based on those thermographic data and they got three 3x uplift in terms of amount of people taking that call to action and so being able to personalize of course like i say it doesn't necessarily have to be images just very simple things you're on on a website they're inherently kind of visual based even even when using text um and it's just when we kind of start to build and connect all of these elements together what we see Is a compounding impact so this is another one of our clients hub staff so hub staff there a timesheet app and they're reaching out to hr managers and this is one of their landing pages and they have different landing pages based on personas so this one you know might be you know white collar professional they might also reach out to like a construction industry in that case you'll probably see a picture here Of somebody from a construction industry rather than somebody sitting at a desk so they're personalizing or they were already personalizing on a sector level you have to try and speak to people subtly but you can see here this again my my favorite person i always personalize my examples to tim cook from apple like my go-to personalized buddy you can see this page is personalized to apple uh specifically to tim and you can see here obviously Calling out the business name here dependable time tracking for apple rather than you know for white collar for construction or segment name um also the call to action is the first name tim start your free trial and then if they're starting to scroll through the um through the page you've got various other elements where you want to take pen take notice and be engaged like here tim check out your new time tracker and Showing apple runs smoothly in addition to that balancing that because we know images are really powerful personalizing the product images you can see here pulling through like the apple name logo um screenshots um logos in the screenshots of the product etc and that led to twice as many people taking that call to action the page essentially to start a free trial so twice as many people taking that um that Route but the interesting thing is that it's a compounding impact so what they actually did is they had six different product images on that page and they also used these product images in their outreach in their email and so they had a 3x uplift their emails went from about a three percent click-through rate to over 11 click-through rate simply by illustrating the product showing hey uh mr mrs hr manager this is how this amazing product is going to make your Life easier and showing and illustrating that and so they've got three and a half times uplift in the email to the landing page and of course got the 2x uplift at the landing page and what that meant was that overall that compounding impact of personalizing the outreach personalizing the landing page at 7x uplift so what that meant for them was that before when they were sending every for every 300 emails they sent out they were getting one person signing up for a trial and Now after that that same 300 emails is now getting them seven sign ups to trial so a massive uplift and obviously meaning that that whole channel becomes significantly more effective or the roi improves and they're just getting kind of more people on top of their funnel so amazing out um outcome from being able to personalize both steps or multiple steps to funnel so going back to what was said what we saw Um with the poll it's interesting to see that people already using landing pages and already using multiple steps and as we'll see i've got a slide later on here when you start to mix linkedin and email and landing pages you really start to bubble up and even more effectively even more effective than this sort of uplift but what we've looked at so far um is landing pages i just wanted to Kind of share just a couple of other in a use cases examples of how you can further uh create that personalization and delight effect delight for your prospects so any of those still in your funnel are more likely to be kind of ingratiated to your offer and that that kind of law of reciprocity whereas if you do something nice to them they're going to feel more compelled to respond or take your offer and so for example One of the things that we do is you know somebody might land a landing page but typically you've got a lot of your educational resource in your blog and so if people are still you know on the fence do i want this product is this the product for me they may head off to your your blog or some of your other resources page to learn more about you know use cases or upside or other kind of ways they potentially Get value from your product so even creating little moments like this a moment of delight and welcome to their first name knowing obviously they've come from a sales page or a landing page it's just another way of just editing them closer to that that call to action you want them to take uh or indeed if somebody arrives on your page maybe the experience isn't personalized at this point maybe they're An anonymous user or maybe they even if they are being personalized when they complete a form with hyperis you can enable it to listen to any form on your website so when somebody completes that form on from that thank you page beyond you can have a full personalized experience so really kind of getting into that personalization on that thank you and beyond sort of pages another thing that we've Seen great success with is using the personalization in the onboarding and we touched upon this in our last call about the effectiveness or the engagement that you can generate from personalized videos and so using onboarding where you really want somebody to pay attention to taking you know what typically is a you know when you're learning any new bit of software there's always a little bit of anxiety Of am i going to know what to do how am i going to do it and when we started using personalized onboarding we actually saw a reduction of 25 in terms of support requests showing that more people are being engaged in the content and learning about the platform and therefore less likely to kind of kind of jump a resort to asking questions our support team so lots of different ways from very top of the funnel getting somebody to listen to Your message you know to thanking them and engaging with them along the way to when they kind of finally take the action to make sure that you know that you can retain them you know i can kind of create a a great outcome and this is another slide i've just put in and i it's amazing some of the customers i see from hyper eyes uh the use cases they're doing this is another one of our clients ad world and what they've done is they've created Uh these quite eye-catching i i guess that's good because they're being shared socially um gifts so when somebody buys a ticket for ad world uh conference or econ world conference uh in their in their kind of back end account within within their um ecom section they will see these shareable gifts and they're encouraged to share them like say on twitter with a hashtag and from that um you know get further Benefits and featured and bragging rights and they've seen thousands of shares of these um images by being able to do that so that's a nice way when somebody is in your back end you know giving them some sort of asset that they can use and you can really kind of generate a bit of word of mouth and leveraging the referral um you know of your customers and getting that kind of um referral marketing going so another nice way of Creating an asset and embedding in the back end personalized to each of your customers so they've got a nice shareable asset i thought that was a a really nice uh campaign editor they certainly saw some some great results um and finally what i mentioned it and kind of touched upon it before and one of the uplifts that i've seen since personalizing my landing pages is i've made call to action so the image in either email or the image in Linkedin clickable uh and when we clicked taking them to these personalized landing pages and since doing that in our own outreach we've seen a 45 uplift in terms of the amount of demo so despite already having a really highly optimized campaign in terms of personalized outreach you know and a response rate that was already beasting uh that most people that uh you know we chose or cared to compare with still Managed to get an amazing um uplift when we started to include that um that clickable personalized image call to action so hopefully that's given you some ideas of the types of use cases of personalized images and we'll certainly jump into um you know some more i'd love to um when we can get into the demo you know maybe pick a a website of somebody that's on the on our call here and we Can kind of show you some tips on how you know we can personalize a site a fresh site um live but before we do that i'd love to pass the mic back as it were to william and hear some of the experiences of how reply how you guys have been using personalized landing pages because i know i've read a couple of your posts you've obviously produced a couple on website landing page personalization as well as image Personalization you really are kind of a pioneer in the space so yeah i'd love to hear some of those experiences maybe i'll i'll switch the share over back to you um so yeah indeed we um we uh uh we had starting experimenting with uh uh with personalized landing pages almost four years ago when i joined reply so um on our previous webinar said that we Decided to get started with personalized lending it was personalized images so but after that just in a few i guess months we decided well we can proceed and we can uh we can get started with personalized landing pages so we created a few landing pages you can see them over here and there are some old ones there there are like p and there are some newest ones so we we get started with with with Uh with a few ideas we decided okay so we can write personalized emails so we can also add a link to our to our email templates so instead of adding just a regular link um let's let's say i reply to io we decided okay we can personalize landing pages based on on our variables we have for each prospect in our list like their name company name their website email industry location stuff like that and we created Um a few landing pages with company name then we added their name their department like if it is if for there were like department uh there was a department variable for different uh departments like sales business development fdr so that's how we wanted to personalize our call to actions in our and our landing pages so as you can see here that's uh that's how We we personalize our landing pages right now we add um a few variables like company name first name department and email so so when elite clicks on the link they already have a pre-filled email box so they can simply click try for free without even typing their their email address so it helped us a lot uh so So so we decided to to write quite personalized email and then we added we've wrapped our let's say reply with personalized link so when we send our emails and when a prospect clicks on a link every time each prospect will see a personalized landing page based on on data from replied at ao so that's how it looks like uh you can see we just that's how it it is personalized for every Prospect in our sequences and here's how it works for us we were able to generate tons of tons of clicks it helped us it helps us actually right now it helps us generate additional from 50 to 100 additional trial signup each month from our outbound sequences and every every month we have a few like a few emails say responses saying like Oh wow thanks for this personalized landing page it it it look good it looks cool so how can i do that with this reply or how can you explain me how we can do it ourselves so people want to to give it a try as well so that's our experience with personalized landing pages with landing pages and i guess you young can now show how to how to do that yeah it's interesting because As as a fan i've read your blog post obviously you went through and you said started doing this four years ago and you know i imagine had to get involved your developers and do a fair amount of iterative work to kind of get it there and i i can imagine having uh kind of gone through that process historically the thing that led me to creating uh hyper eyes in the first place was Doing in other businesses i totally feel your pain but yeah it's um it's it's a really interesting um process what i would love to do as i mentioned before is kind of go through a live example of how we would process also personalize a website that process so if anybody's got a website or a landing page um there they would like to share or brave enough to share it'll be great to kind of go through a live one and just kind of show everybody How simple as if anybody would like to post in a um a message in in the chat of your website or a landing page any any url um that would be great but while well uh somebody's thinking about that maybe what i'll do to get the party started uh i'll i'll show you an example of one of the landing pages that we use and i think the liberty william of uh personalizing this page to you just to kind of give an example and what i'll do first of all is i'll just kind Of show you the page as it is in its personalized state so we can see here for example which we we're pulling through dynamically the reply logo uh next to the hyper eyes logo with the ken over hyper eyes loves reply and also pulling through the business name um and then we have a personalized video which we touched on videos uh in our last pass i won't kind of go into that too much but um you can see here like With our images with videos you can have personalized layers within them let me see what your name and obviously also personalized audio so this is kind of like a video sales letter i'll just play a little to show you hi william did you know videos generate the highest level of engagement online so i won't play all of that but within our videos you can have call to actions like we've got kind of the guy looking at your website there and at the end We've got call to actions like other personalized videos or even the call-to-action of the main of the cut of the page is to book a call and we've got that also embedded below but as we can see if we scroll through the page in this case we've got kind of william your name here and the business name uh and throughout even we've got some balanced um a balance of images and text so here what can you expect from the course of course there's a landing page to get Some of the book recall talking about your website your business name pulling through showing illustrating what's gonna happen to call visually and balancing that with personalized images and again you can see here pulling through your name and logo and every kind of a kind of a personalized report showing and again even talking about the industry that you're in pulling through internet services and all of these elements are all all dynamic so what i'm Going to do now is now we're going to skim through the page i'm just going to click this little button here and this is a chrome extension something that comes with hyper eyes and now you can see when we look at this page we've actually got 27 changes on the page you can see here where we had a reply that they've got the business name we've got the personalized video we've added First name here business name and lots of other elements you know like website etc so if i could select here what can you expect from the course i want to change you or what can as soon as i click into that text we can see all of the personalized tags there so what can business name expect from the call for example uh maybe we want to do that or we could even change it and say first name etcetera and kind of get there first and then so we've got all of these Different variables that we can use to add into the page as well as if i select an image on the page i could also add in rather than replace it with a text variable replace it with a personalized image that's going to pull through variables directly into the image people like with their name or even if i wanted to replace it with a personalized video like we saw before so there's lots and Lots of options of being able to kind of apply personalization but did we get anybody um give us a website so we can kind of uh pick one here oh yeah perfect great okay uh so i'll i'll be fair i'll go to the first one in the list is is that right is that wwe or is that a miss type guess that that's a perfect okay so let's take this page example so here to help preserve your blood sweat and tears and give back one thing uh you don't Have enough time all right so this is so i guess this is focus towards the entrepreneur here so what again what i'm going to do is i'm going to choose this little website widget here i'm going to select that and now what we can see we've got the page loaded but now we've got zero personalizations on the chat up on the page so what we could do is maybe click into here now this feels like this title is not really focused to a business but To an individual i could be wrong so maybe what you'd want to do is have like first name comma here to help and maybe drop that the capital h to lower case um and so now we've got you know the first uh leading line um it is kind of personalized to the uh to the to the person that's just gonna hit this page as part of your outreach and we can kind of go through again you can see we've Got an image here uh so you know we could kind of uh replace this content and again we could replace this with like maybe a personalized image or a video sale a video that we've created um so obviously you can create these personalized images or maybe this image here is is the perfect image but all we really want to do is have a bit of personalization to the to the business so what we could do is right click this Image and then load that up and personalize it in high price we've got lots of different ways to to do that um in this case in this site here we don't have a form so we couldn't set it up so let's just have a quick look at some of the other examples we've got here uh uh to see if we have one with a form in it maybe so i can show you how that works Let's just try this one i feel free to uh post any questions whilst we're going through this in terms of the personalization uh no maybe we can get into desk let's just choose this getting touch page here and so hopefully we'll have oh yeah okay so what we could do here uh on a page like this where we've got personalized like a Name here if we select this form you can see this is obviously name and below that we've got email and so i didn't mean to close that so what we could do is um map those up to hyper eyes so if i select this we can see this option to set up setup form and so now what we can do is just map the form to the various different elements like the email and the name And then that once we save that so then when somebody completes that form hyperis is going to be aware of that user and then trigger that personalization straight away so a very simple way of creating personalization and what we've done so far i say on this page obviously we can edit any other element on the page so here we've kind of got ad fintech healthcare and music innovation innovations developed by smart tech so Let's say for example rather than having this broad description of this page you know maybe we want to personalize of course photographically to talk to the person or the business but maybe also we want to split these different elements and tech fintech healthcare music into different segments so remember what the first one we'll do is we create a segment called ad tech so rather than being in the default segment they're in now we click this little plus button and Create a new segment called ad tech we say if business category contains ad tech and all you know if we wanted to create um different kind of different options as well or business category contains um advertising for example it's a lot of different words that kind of define that segment and so now in this ag text segment we can remove all of the Torque of other segments and just really focus in on an area that we know that segment's going to make sense for so now we say uh ad tech innovations um you know we could even go as far as it for um a business name you know uh developed by the smartest and tech people in the product so now we've got personalization on two levels We're personalizing on a thermographic level right to the business of course we could switch it up and go demographic and personalize the person but we're also personalizing on this segment here so when a business category has to do with uh ad tech or advertising they're going to see this personalization there and that kind of really helps as we saw before with the example uh with hubspace when they're creating personalized imagery based on sector As well as the personalized text as well as in personalized personalizing kind of product elements as well or imagery and again it gives that extra step so that kind of really is the first step um from a website personalization is defining the personalization as we see here on the page and so you know we have various different elements and then once we've done that of course what we want to do is connect that to our reply campaign so what i'm going to Do is i'm going to jump over into hyper eyes here and i'm just going to set up the process as if i was going to um create a link and set up that personalized page so maybe i'm going to grab this random image here and use this as a base of something i'm going to drop into an outreach campaign and then um that's going to be clickable and they're going to get to that personalized landing page first of all What i'm going to do is click this get image code i'm going to click add new and in here i'm going to choose reply or filter down to apply and here we see do you want to link this campaign to your website landing page i'm going to say yes at that point and i'm going to be able to choose my website from my drop down you can see here the last page we were just playing with this post industrial it's already there in my uh in my drop down But i've already started to create some personalization for it so hyperis is now aware of it if it wasn't in the list if i was creating the image of the link before i started and personalization to the page i could simply just click add new and that would give me a pop-up and i would just add a domain in that way but in this way i'm just going to choose both industrials as the site obviously in this case we were personalizing the landing page you know if it was a kind Of a sub page of the site then we could just put that in in here now if we click next you know what's going to happen now is hyper is going to go away it's going to go and check the site to see if it's all set up for and suitable for personalization if it is then it will go on to the final step of the code that we need to add to reply in this case of course we haven't added this so what we need to do is this Is a little javascript snippet and this can be just added to your site it runs asynchronously so it doesn't have a performance disadvantage so four of those chasing uh slight performance since google changed their algorithm in mid-may this will be fine because it won't affect your core vital score um there's this integration guide here that shows you how to add that whether you're using google tag manager whether you've got wordpress site whether it's html or You know any of the other sort of ways that you would kind of create your website landing page but essentially any website and page that you can add your traffic tracking script to so you'll be able to add google analytics or any other sort of um javascript code then you'll be able to personalize that with hyper eyes so once you've added that um script to your site then that um that prompt will no longer come up and then you'll get these two Options here so because we're linking to um gonna have our personalized image that we've just shown we've got our code here that allows us to get this image and then add it to a reply template so i just jump over to reply and we can see in this case um i think i have an image here so you see i've already added the image if i remove that for example if i wanted the image from hyper eyes i'll just click the image button And paste in the source there that we've just copied from hyper eyes and that's going to add in the image um into the um into the email template as you can see there it's gonna pull through the dynamic um first name etc but obviously what we want to do is also make this clickable and go through to the personalized landing page now we'll do jump over to the link option and now just copy this code you can see we've already got the Postindustria.com website url in there just copying that going back to reply selecting our image that's selected and clicking the little link button there and then we can just paste in the link that we've got and click ok and now we've got this image it's going to personalize and be dynamic and go through to the personalized landing page so that's a very simple way simply just within hyperlinks adding the replied i o and then all the links will be customed Uh specifically to reply and of course we've got an integration guide for reply.io if you want to jump in to see exactly uh you know the process that we just followed followed here again step by step with instructions as well so really simple to get that code and get it into your reply templates and then start to see people hitting your landing pages and getting that experience So hopefully that's giving you an idea um on the website landing page side uh did we have any any questions there i'm always open to answering questions obviously we do have a q a at the end but um if anybody would um you know think of any questions you can go along happy to tackle those uh at the point as well but i don't see any so far so hopefully that's been uh nice And clear um so in terms of um let's just go back to the site it's obviously that was the uh the demo and um did you was there anything you wanted to add into um into the website personalization before we jump on to the um onto the linkedin site i see uh someone's got a question there the same link can be used for multiple urls yes Essentially uh great question thank you so essentially the url we're providing is kind of two-part so if we go back to the url that we showed before the hyperis one with this personalized landing page you see there's effects we've got the domain which is your website it's always going to be whatever your website is in this case we've got our uh our page that we're sending people to which is uh demo and then we have a utm parameter utm hypref now that Utm chi prep is the parameter that we're using to trigger the personalization on this landing page and then we have a subsequent value to that in this case i just put in williams email address but there's lots of different ways that you can get a unique id and that unique id can be used to trigger the personalization one of the benefits of hyper eyes is that it includes data enrichment so In this case we've passed just an email address and from that hyperis is enriching that email address and getting business name logo and all the other elements like say a business category that would enable um uh enable that kind of segment personalization also as you may be saw down here we pulled through williams full name even though you know we only had a Kind of williams surname has no you know it's not mentioned at all in the email but we're still able to get that through and again obviously that data enrichment is doing that so that you the url essentially that you're adding in from a template perspective into reply that is a that is a kind of a one-off template so you can see here post-industria and it's still using the the parameter tags or personalization tags from reply so it's Kind of you you don't need to change that url ever you know whether you send that template out to one person or a thousand people the template remains the same with the tags remaining the same but each recipient will get a personalized experience um deborah good question so um we kind of did touch upon this um in the um the last um call or webinar that we had uh and actually one of the slides um that William provided was kind of quite telling to that in that essentially when you start to include images in your outreach there's you know this i guess a reasonably common held perception that is going to affect your deliverability and i think that comes back to historic times when spammers used image only emails to try and avoid text scanners um but that's not really the case these days um essentially when you start to use personalized images you're Increasing the engagement in your outreach and so people are more likely to respond more likely to click or reply and that in turn improves your email or your domain reputation which means you you get better deliverability and i think william in your case you went from was it 85 to 95 deliverability and and kind of a similar uplift in an open rate from from using those personalized images yes exactly we haven't seen any issues With spams and deliverability rates so we actually so i would i would also suggest here to trim to resize your images to make them like smaller but overall it shouldn't affect you or your dilu your delivery rates yeah absolutely i think that's that's right you know it's you've got to if you think about typical email it's like 600 pixels wide yes there's no point sending somebody Uh you know an image that's 2 000 pixels wide that's what you have on your website and it's getting shrunk down because what's going to happen is it's going to take a while to load and then you're kind of losing the real benefit so optimize your images for the channel you're using them in so we're about to talk about linkedin in a moment you know the size of the image i would use in linkedin you know again you know keep it nice and small but the kind of The the message window linkedin is even smaller than you typically getting an email so you know anything over 500 probably going to be a bit wasted um you know in that case uh yeah so in terms of you know where people can see this personalization it can be triggered in lots of different ways so obviously what we're talking about uh right now is about outreach so using uh an email or a linkedin uh sequence or Communication to provide a call to action which is click here and when they click it it's that that's triggering the personalization lots of other ways you can trigger it so for example if i just go to the home page of hyper price here um we can what we're gonna see is this is all per this is all personalized right now to uh reply and as you can see it's also kicking in our segment for software businesses because We're talking perfect for software businesses like reply so photographically as well the second if i just reset the personalization so there's no personalization on the site now this is how a kind of a non-personalized user would see the site if i fill in this demo request here and i just put tim cook at apple for example request demo close that now we'll see so from somebody filling a form in that can also Trigger politization so like you know someone having you having a lead magnet in your blog or you know kind of expression of interest like say thank you page whatever from that point on now if i go to somewhere else on the in the site like say the blog you know we're still gonna see that personalization in this case like tim and the apple logo etc so it doesn't have to be just from your outreach it could be from somebody effectively self-identifying there is Also another way um that we can also detect them from their ip address so if they're visiting from a business using their ip we can detect them and um and identify them thermographically so that's to a business level not to an individual level but you can obviously still do that thermographic personalization hopefully that's um answered the question and that you have perfect great Marvelous so hopefully what we've seen so far um you know and uh echoed also by william and kind of the success that they have uh reply to io is the um when we can get somebody to a personalized landing page the outcome is significantly improved in terms of them taking that call to action Which led us um from a linkedin perspective scratching our heads and how can we replicate what we do in email in linkedin and that kind of led us to short links because i don't know how familiar everybody is with linkedin as well as email i think from the poll we saw earlier you know there's a significant amount of people using Linkedin as well but let me just jump over very quickly to my actual linkedin account here and i just want to show you this message i've got so if we look here i've got an embedded image here which is great um for engagement if i click this what's going to happen is it's going to open up the image in linkedin so i'm not it's kind of people will inherently click images because we've Kind of been trained to if the images are clickable for example if you go to pretty much any website on the web and go to their logo if you click it it'll probably take you to the home page and there'll never be any little text telling you that the logo is pickable but pretty much it's okay unwritten rule that you know kind of a logo is a kind of clickable navigational element um but those sort of Kind of subliminal messages teachers that you know we can get actions from clicking images and so we want to kind of encourage people to click images and kind of something useful happen whereas here yes to get to the image bigger but we can reach a bit of a dead end that we created a moment of delight but now they've got to kind of reverse out of that and then now they've got to reply whereas here we've got a personalized embedded image so First of all you'll notice it's bigger this is as big as an embedded image gets because you've got to click it to see the full size but when we use personalized short links we get a significantly bigger canvas let's say or visible space to kind of show our personalizations in this case you can see this is sol from stealth startup and actually this is a message that i sent to stop uh to to solve after he attended our first webinar and so i was sending Him the recording of that and so i wanted to personalize that and engage with him so i saw thanks for joining the replying webinar um here's your link and here's how you can get it you can see underneath obviously it's personalized in the image hi sol uh welcome to the reply uh webinar and then underneath sol here's your personal recording and this is clickable so we click it rather than getting to just seeing a bigger picture of me Waving which nobody wants to see we're now actually on our on our landing page in this case in our resources section we've got a title that's personalized to seoul and we've got the video offering what we're talking about which was the uh the webinar that we had uh with with ourselves william and we can see there we've got a significant uplift um in terms of opportunity uh by taking something to a landing page and of Course now the um songs click here if you then go somewhere else to find out about us like for example goes to the home page what he's going to see is now personalization for stealth starter so he's going to be further getting that um that delight moment so that is really the premise of personalized short links being able to drop into a linkedin message um this kind of dynamic element it could be Any personalized image you create you can create any sort of link link to any website obviously we're linking to our own website here you can link to your youtube video or your booking calendar link or whatever kind of call to action you want of course if you take them to your own website then you can personalize the full experience um i mean what you can do as we've seen is create you can have pretty amazing Personalized landing pages that as we've seen from some of the uh from some of the case studies it can lead to significant uplift in terms of the sort of engagement just to give you a little bit of an example um on when we personalized short links is a relatively new product for us we've been we launched in february so i've been monitoring my um my uplift since then and in terms of when i've been connecting with people and using it on Linkedin i've seen that crazy high click-throughs like 86 people clicking these personalized short links and again of course there's no um no wonder why you know when you see something that it's i mean what we refer to as an interrupt it's something different it's a marketing strategy that not everybody is doing and so that in itself makes it stand out but then on top of that what we're actually doing is communicating it in the most effective Way that we have which is visually and so when we have that personalization triggering that pattern interest is just so so effective at grabbing that engagement so you're getting super high click rate but the call to action conversion rate is maintained and again obviously in my case i'm pushing through uh or pushing people through to personalized landing page so you're just maintaining that Feel good factor that experience that they're going through and so the conversion through the call to action is pretty high and so in this case you know i i can you know have like from 100 connection requests you can be leading to like 20 odd demos you know really high conversion rates through maintaining that kind of feel good factor if you like throughout the process so i'd love to kind of show you kind of how that process works as Well but before we do that obviously we did talk about lots of other channels um here and i just wanted to highlight that beyond linkedin these personalized short links essentially the way they work they're using open graph tags embedded in there so i think it was like a bitly link with lots of extra data embedded in there and that personalized data could be read by lots of other platforms so you know if you're communicating other areas like facebook Messenger or instagram or twitter or pinterest or slack lots of other channels you know where your community or your ideal prospects might be hanging out then there's some great opportunities especially with the flexibility of reply to io where you can trigger an extra automation with um with zap zapier for example and then push out some of these other channels you know where you have those contact details i certainly found That um to work really great when you have say for example do you have a slack uh are they in a slight group and they're great okay we'll kind of go up and there you know it works particularly well obviously a big fan of linkedin that's by far um the kind of the where the majority of my effort goes other than email from a link in perspective but you can see here just a couple of different examples you know of How great these um personalized short links can look you know on facebook on twitter and pinterest and slack you know really help uh deliver that uh that engagement and that pattern interrupt so let's um let's talk about how we can use this um from uh kind of leveraging it from within reply so there are a couple of ways to do this this screen grab here kind of shows us but let's jump again Let me jump over into reply to kind of show how this works you can see here in this case my first step of this process is the personalized image that we saw um and obviously with a couple of personalized links in there now what i found is that either going linkedin first and emailing them and follow up on linkedin or email and then following up with a connection Either way around when you hit them up in more than one channel you're doubling the chances that um they're going to respond so what i'm doing here in this case is i've got a step here uh a zapier step and what that's doing is it's calling a zap that i have that's creating a personalized short link so i'll just jump over here to zapier just to show what that looks like so we've got this reply trigger here just using My account and then when this uh when we see this process here trigger when so when we send the email it's gonna pull this trigger it's gonna create the short link in hyper eyes and then just update the person record in reply so what that means is if i just i choose this at this people's list here and just choose joel for example you can see here in my um custom fields i've got a custom field called short link and now i've got this Short link here for joel so of course yes i can use that in my automated outreach but like i said before if i also happen to be chatting to joel in slack on facebook or anything else i can just come and grab this and then just manually put it into um you know into that conversation so it's really nice to kind of have this little process here so whenever a client kind of gets added you know obviously you can trigger these uh zapier steps Wherever you want in your process that okay once i send the email i know they're going to be open for prospecting and so i'm going to create this short link of course you can see here i just command and click this one to show it and what we're going to see now is everything's going to be personalized joel let's just go to this page you can see here we've got lead generation sales uh which is kind of what we've got here lead generation sales from joel needs The sales point there and we can see obviously now we've got you know this personalized page purple person hi joel did you know video called personalized job so very nice way of course with replied io we can then further automate that in terms of when we kind of have this step i will have that link dynamically in our templates in um in reply so then we can kind of manually um put that as part of our kind of linkedin Uh tasks and get that as we saw uh creating that beautiful personalization in linkedin but then taking them through to our personalized landing pages so that's hopefully giving you a little bit of an idea um from a creation perspective using zapier as part of an automated process and of course um i were talking about this um before last week when i was in the midst of Wales in my campervan car campervan holiday that zapier isn't for everybody um you know there are a couple of setup steps and you know i totally get that and you know so there are a couple of other ways that we can create this as well but what i do like about using these zapier steps is that it is whilst maybe there are a few involved steps to get started once you have set it up it's just set and forget you don't have to worry about it um but We've got a couple of other great integration options uh with hyper eyes as well as zapier you could just if you've got a simple csv so for example if you've got a csv of prospect before uploading it to reply to i o you can just upload it to hyper eyes and hyper is automatically add that short link to your csv and so you can just do that before you add it into your reply um process sequences and then you'll Already have that there ready obviously just map that field into your your custom variable we also have the same integration with google sheets so if you want if you have all your data in a google sheet then uh every time you add a new row we can we can set an automation up with hyper iso automatically update um whatever column you specified um with that new personalized short link so i've seen a lot of clients do that where they want To do a little bit of manual prospecting and so they'll be occasion just when they find somebody they'll put them in a google sheet and then you know bam you know then personalized short links pop up and then for anybody that is super advanced of course uh we have a personalized uh way of hopefully an automated way of creating the personalized short links using our api but like i said i think the zapier route is is kind of the best route for the Automation the csv route is certainly the simplest in terms of you know uploading and go but hopefully that's giving you some ideas around the short links like i say it really is a great route for providing that sort of um call to action that's going to speak to people it's going to create that moment of delight you know where people can be like wow i haven't seen that before that you know i need to i need to get Involved i need to speak to that person i need to understand you know how i can kind of leverage that so that really is the case is kind of breaking through standing out you know from uh from from the norm but i'd love to hear um your thoughts any questions you have um i'd love to hear kind of if anybody's already done some personalization their landing pages and you know and some of the results or experience they've had from that So yeah have any other questions we would uh like to uh share with the group that we could uh go through yeah i guess we can proceed with q a section right and and ask any question about personalized landing pages or short links or linkedin messages like that stand silence i like that that means we've done a good Job explaining everything and i guess so as well so um just just while um everyone's catching their thoughts there uh yeah absolutely great okay thank you very much and for the question um save me from uh regaining my holiday stories there but yeah absolutely in terms of um getting getting started with this for Those anybody on the court not using um hyper eyes already we have a complete free trial where you can get going with um 14 days but you know if anybody um is kind of needing a longer child and that if they want to um kind of run a test in their mid you know mid uh big campaign and that's it's uh the trial is expiring let us know in support and we're always happy to extend that you know we want you to have a successful trial not 14 Day trial so that takes seven days or 30. we don't care but we just haven't started for 10 at 14. so please do just go to hyperlines.com and click the stock free trial that will give you access to all the products uh personalized images that you can use in your in your email with reply um in linkedin i'm obviously personalizing whatever landing page you have from a reply perspective um do you want to answer that one Yeah sure you definitely can get started with a 14 day free trial too and connect hypervise and reply together to see how it works so basically we at replies use hyper eyes for our uh sequences too so uh if you create a trial you will definitely get a personalized um email from us too with personal link and uh image that's actually interesting okay yeah I'm just kidding cool so yeah perfect thank you deborah also for the kind comment um in this deck that we're we're looking at now of course um all of the um all of the information you know we want to share with you so we'll be kind of reaching out uh and sharing the recording of this webinar as well as his depth making that available there are i just think we are holding up to the uh secretary that's why nobody wants to ask Questions because they're they're worried about to stay late but no i really appreciate everybody's time today and of course we will be sharing this deck but yeah beyond the slides we've looked at there are many other examples here to give you some ideas and inspiration you know of how you can um how you can personalize this is an interesting one so this was an uplift that we saw From a company when they were personalized just purely on a segment level so this was this was a simple way of just personalizing based on the referrer so using utm parameters so we've talked about personalizing based on using an email using some linkedin data but also if your visitors coming from a certain place or maybe even if you're buying traffic using utm parameters you Can define their experience based on based on that data so in this case this client saw a 44 uplift simply by using that segment data say right okay they're coming from a certain destination in this case product hunt and so we're going to give them a different sort of workroom which had let's say a massive update you know a high statistical significance on that uplift and lots of other case studies and examples here uh you can see where we're Seeing kind of segmentation based on images and text so i say we'll share that um with you and uh you will um hopefully get the inspiration uh to kind of implement and experiment yourselves but again thank you everybody for joining us today and the questions and of course william uh um i don't know if you're still on the call thanks for uh bringing us together uh to enable this Yes thank you to ayan um i would say i would say happy to have another webinar with you later again yeah i'm still always up for that so yeah thank you everyone thanks for joining us today and yep we will send you recording soon

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