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So thanks everybody for joining us today really appreciate your time today especially as there's so many other things going on as we were talking about but before we get started i just want to introduce first of all william who's here from reply.o and for those who've not met we've not met before myself Ian co-founder of hyper eyes i've been a big fan of replied but more specifically william for a while now i i've been stalking his post he writes some amazing posts about personalization throughout landing pages and email and there's achieved some great results and and so i was super excited when the rumor from from reply.io Organized this this is a bit of excitement for me as much as it is hopefully for you guys as well in terms of things we're gonna teach but yeah i just want to say william thanks very much for joining us today yes thanks for for inviting us i'm even bigger fan of high price now after these two months is preparing for this webinar so Yeah amazing amazing thank you thanks very much before we kind of get in today and we'll go through an agenda in a minute i'd just love to hear about the people we've got here on the webinar in terms of your own experiences i'd love if you'd be able to just pop in the chat you know whether whether you've ever received a Personalized image you know or in fact if you have received it personally what sort of what sort of image was it how did that make you feel just have to understand everybody here just to kind of see the kind of the experience everybody's got whether they've had any personalized experiences before with imagery hey lou how you doing love to hear your your experiences of that does anybody have anything they would like to share and see there's a fair few of us in the group now okay you're trump's struggling with a scale so yeah certainly that's something we're going to be covering today in terms of how we can create effectively image templates and then use those so that's Great we've got a perfect group in terms of not many people have received personalized images so maybe you haven't got a good understanding of one what they're going to look like never mind how you can use them and scale them so perfect you're definitely in the right place so sit down buckle up and get ready to get some Learning on the other thing i would have been interesting too is obviously lou you mentioned that you've been struggling to scale so have you sent personalized images has anybody else used personalized images before and had any struggles with that lou you mentioned you were struggling to scale anybody else here joining us today that's had any issues or ever sent personalized images And what were your experiences keen to hear about that william i know from from your perspective from from what reading through your blogs that you went through a lot of trials to get through to the right sort of personalization spend a lot of time you know with your your development team as well as kind of your kind of copywriters and marketing and to get that final output So yeah actually left that message in chat so yeah we i actually grabbed some data before this webinar and we we sent around 100 000 personalized images within the last i guess four years like three and a half wow yeah crazy that's pretty crazy yeah that's cool and again it's at scale right so you're kind of you've had that up front Pain as it were to get there but now it's it's all gravy yeah fantastic lou we say oh yeah so with with loom and drift yeah certainly they're great mediums for being able to kind of create images and videos that are personalized more efficiently but yeah they don't really like do that scale that's definitely something that we're going to be Touching around touching upon today but yeah wearing 100 000 personalized images that's insane amazing so let's let's jump into and just kind of cover off what we're going to be kind of what is the agenda for today what we're going to be covering so of course the key kind of the core element of there's going to be fed through all of this Is personalization and how we can help personalize our sales funnel from from our outreach through to the landing pages and all the way through so we can get that personalized experience and of course with replying.io they provide multiple touch points put touch points throughout your funnel and so and it really does kind of kind of lend to full hyper personalization so We're going to be looking at why we should be using personalized images now outreach you know what is the benefit of that and kind of what that's going to give us and then once we've learned that how we how we can use that within reply.io and start to add those images in there then finally what we're going to do is cover over how we can also touch on personalized videos and have personalized videos Similar to personalized images we can really help to drive engagement and how we can start to do personalized videos at scale and then finally we're going to leave you with lots of ideas and inspiration and that you can take away and use for your own campaigns now one thing i would say up front is we're going to be obviously recording this session and so everybody will get a copy of that recording we'll Send that to you but also the deck that we're going through now we'll share that at the end as well and obviously at the end we're going to have a chance for some q a's so if you do have any questions as we go through please feel free to pop those in the chat some of those will will maybe pick up as we go through and then you'll have a chance to ask any other further Questions at the end of the session so hopefully that's clear again you know please feel free to shout out and jump in the chat at any point as we go through so first of all let's jump into why we should be using personalized images in our outreach now i'm sure anybody that's got an email account or uses linkedin Or uses the internet i.e all of us will be aware we're bombarded with messages now you know and just looking at some of the statistics that are out there the amount of messages marketing messages that we see in a single day you know it's insane you know of course what that leads to is you're kind of using content using engagement and content going down as we kind of Become numb to those messages and we get a short and short amount of time to grab the user's attention and that really is you know the problem and where that kind of manifests itself is in the cost of required customers is just going up and up and we can see over the last five years the cost to acquire a customer has increased by 50 percent you know and that's across b to b And b to c because this attention deficit disorder is the same you know throughout channels irrespective of the sort of buying decision that you're making and that really is just you know because you know the cost goes up as our and our conversion rates go down and so how can we grab people's attention you know what how can images help In that in that sense how can we kind of push through that barrier so if we think about a lot of the outreach that we do especially called outreach when it's email or linkedin it's very textual based but the majority of us humans are visual learners over 65 in fact and the human brain processes images significantly quicker than text and really that shouldn't be any surprise to us as as marketers or Sales people because when we look at any sort of marketing channel we see you know they're predominantly visual you know and you know we look at kind of video consumption you know it's kind of going through the roof people like to look at images versus consuming text in fact you know something like if you if you read something then it's Um versus it's about 10 kind of knowledge retention whereas if you see it it's more than thirty percent motivation so it really does help drive that so when you when we have an image reinforces our call to action or our message that message is understood much quicker but when we add personalization into that image is going to trigger a pattern interrupt That pattern interrupts like a psychological behavior that just puts a break on the brain which leads to more mind share and that more mind share obviously how triggers more engagement and more engagement leads to more people taking your call to action and so that's really why to put personalized images are so effective and of course the other Thing about images are great because they're inherently portable we can use them throughout our sales funnel in our cold out reaching up on our onboarding our re-engagement in linkedin or websites or even beyond that many many other use cases that can really really help drive up engagement and it's really combining all these aspects of attention deficit disorder And images being so so effective at trans transmitting your message and personalization being such a great strategy when we mix all those together we can put this true hyper personalization where throughout our sales funnel we're delighting our prospects and creating micro conversions moving them through and what we do is we get results like this that we turn Reluctant repliers into buyers we've kind of for people like edgar here who just you know it is just predisposed to not like cold outreach and every email he gets that is called he's either deleting it or he's mocking you a spam but being able to create this visualization of hey let's have a chat and a coffee personalizing to him and his business you know just cuts through the noise Creates that patterned interrupt that makes him think about oh actually this is interesting i am going to give it a go and you get when you start to use this sort of hyper personalized engagement you start to get responses like this like i never replied to these emails this is the first one that works or engaging non-buyers and getting word of mouth referrals Like in this example here jonathan from tfc he wasn't maybe the right person to reach out to but rather than again deleting as a marketing spam he's forwarded on to his team because he appreciated the outreach strategy you know it's a great way of engaging those people ordinarily you know would be potentially negative william himself has Also got some great examples here with alan pastor mike over to you i'd love to hear more about some of these images and how they came to be so yeah i would love to share a short story and about how we decided to use personalized images here reply so and our conversation with jan made me think that probably lots of lots of you here Maybe was in the same situation so basically we decided when i just joined reply back in like 2017 as an sdr i was extremely obsessed with personalization at scale i was thinking how we can how we can do that and i came across one blog post of an agency showing how they they were generating like thousands of personalized images uh In a few minutes and i was impressed and we wanted to give it a try and we decided yeah when we we want to try it so we actually started brainstorming with our team with our designers marking sdrs and we came up with an idea to create the image you can see on the slides so so we so we actually created this image and it took us two days then we We decided to to create two sequences two extremely the same sequences with the only one difference one sequence contains that personalized image while the second one contained just plain text emails so as you can see in the next slide the results were work great so we were able to generate almost 2x more replies with with within that Sequence with image personalized image so so we said well we will use this for all our outbound sequences like and yeah so that's how we started using it and you as you can see there here is here stats of those two sequences the first one with no image and reply right is is pretty good while the second one with the sequence with an image generated us like As you can see 10 percent more replies and lots of us also were afraid of delivery rate but as you can see in our case we were able to even increase our delivery rate because probably a slightly better prospect list but overall the image didn't break up over deliver rates yeah that's amazing amazing uplift you know we we do here see kind of similar sort of results but you kind of you know from clients using Us but you put so much effort into kind of creating those images it must have been so rewarding to see because when you were because you were kind of pioneering that within within reply.io just kind of see that result amazing and you're actually you're absolutely right there it's something that i probably hear from a lot of customers in terms of Um worried about including images in their emails you know and what that you know the potential pitfalls of that and i think that kind of comes back to the old days where you know email spammers would try to get around content scanners so avoiding you know keywords in emails and so the whole email would be an image and therefore you know they would Look out for emails that had just an image in it now but i think if you look at most of corporate america they have at least one image in their signature now with their company logo whatever so the penalty for just having an image is if it's just an image and no text for example but what we found in our tests when we've looked at it is that when you include an image or When you can have a better engagement in an email your domain reputation improves so if the image is driving that better engagement people more likely to reply more likely to click then the email service providers will see that and therefore improve your domain your domain reputation of course less people more or more people being engaged in less people watching your spam so All kind of creates a better domain reputation and a better open rate of course i'll carry out all of that with like you said william it still comes down to great targeting if you're just emailing out with bad talk you think it doesn't matter how great your content and your offer is it it was still you know it was still working a 2x Uplift so of course targeting is is always key but hopefully that's giving you guys some some ideas of you know you know why we should be using image personalization in our outreach so what we wanted to kind of touch on now is is how to use image personalization so william gave us a great example there of How they were pictorially or diagrammatically telling a story you know for their customers what i want to do now is just kind of go through a couple more examples of you know how we can make the how to make the perfect guys speak personalization purposeful i'm really taking myself some tongue twisters here Um so in this example you know what we're looking at is we're trying to reinforce the call to action so in this case the call to action is hey let's kind of chat over a coffee and chew the fat on growth so i mean really obviously what the core strategy here is we're trying to frame the call as a chat so therefore making it seem psychologically like less of a barrier To acceptance than let's have a demo or let's have a sales call so but first of all kind of deliberately framing the conversation as a chat and and therefore making it seem more lighthearted by saying a virtual coffee or a coffee in quotes and so now we're going to set up having an image that reinforces that you'd like to see in this case with their name on the coffee cup You know create this amazing response i can see from alyssa here okay you've got me i get 10 lengthy messages a day your personalized image is awesome i'd love to talk you know something really is about triggering that you know that that purposeful response you know so they've seen the image it reinforces the call to action and it creates that moment of delight And really does push them in that right direction or there's another one of our clients here at hyperis hub staff the hub staff for those that haven't heard of them there and an assassin application and therefore target themselves to hr managers and it's a timesheet application and so what they did is they took the actual product screenshot so this is A screenshot of their dashboard and of their mobile app solution and what they did is you see here this this is all personalized tim cook from apple so where we can see the apple logo where we can see the map where we can see the name of the dashboard even the profile image they were all personalized to each prospect they were reaching out to well that i did was a 4x four times the Amount of people that taking their call to action in their outreach in this case they're they're called to actually to sign up for a free trial so a self-serve call to action but you know really kind of triggering that economy about fomo that fear of missing out showing them hey this is the product you can imagine you know if you're a hr manager and You're managing your remote workers you know in a little spreadsheet somewhere and then you see this oh wow that really is amazing how easy it would be to manage my work because you really are painting the future you know and it's an amazing way of kind of visualizing the story you're trying to tell how amazing it's gonna be and how simple your life's going to be So you know visualizing personalizing the product if you have one is an amazing way of triggering purposeful personalization as we saw before in my linkedin message example i i like to refrain my calls as let's have a chat and a coffee one of the things i've learned from doing this for quite a little bit now in terms of visualization and outreach Being able to use gifts is is a real benefit because that movement of the image that draws the eye in so you can see here in this case having me visualization going from name on coffee cup to me with the cup kind of cheering them but including their call to action in the image but also using some other personalization techniques like the logo the business name on on the my screen And also their website there and you see what that's doing is one is humanizing the connection in terms of it it's me in the image and so that's the person they're going to meet because my call to action is to jump on you know have a demo or sales call and but also you again minimizing that call to action in terms of kind of reducing or kind of framing it as a chat and a coffee and you really are kind of Turkey turning like to love in terms of just elevating that feel-good fact and you can see rebecca's responses i love this when can we chat you know she's no went behind the ears junior you know she's the phantom ceo of you know a loud marketing of you know a big agency another of our clients or security i love this image it always makes me Smile and i can see just as i change the slide there that the same was true for william i'd love to have you see all of your faces as i turn to this one but what you saw there what kind of made what you felt that little kind of this is very ridiculous i mean let's just be clear here the image is ridiculous and you know and also just to frame this awkward security they sell high-end Um security you know they sell five six seven figure or online security you have to have over a thousand cloud assets to even get a demo call with orca to qualify for the demo call but they still managed to attract you know these high-level c-suite execs into calls with this an interrupt the other interesting thing to note here is that they're also Offering a bribe a 200 bribe or gift for turning up onto the demo they already had that bribe before they use the personalized image so even though a 200 bribe is powerful to get people into a demo personalized image still able to 2x the amount of people that took that offer just showing how important it is to kind of visualize your offer and show People what you're offering you know to make sure that they read it because otherwise people will skim and maybe they'll miss the salient point of your offering and then this is another image technique strategy that you can use again to use that salient point to highlight it this is another client of our staff circle and they they're into they provide hr Experience again another sas application but what they do this is james who heads up their sales team there he recorded this in their office just with a completely blank whiteboard and obviously the image just like the text that's going into that image is then generated dynamically based on the business name and what they're reaching out for And obviously the person's name and jj james and his entire team were able to uplift a 2x uplift of their trials by using these sort of highly engaged strategies you know again through email and through linkedin indeed so it really does help remove the needle and so it helps can celebrate engage and again of course using that humanizing factor also being able to visualize the choice is a great way Of giving choice to your customers this is an example we did with another client where they were sending out a survey where they clicked the survey and enrolled them into another funnel now in this case we had a simple a b test between 50 of the users in the visualized version of 50 in just the pure text version now in the visualization where we had personalized images That reinforced each call to action there they got 14 times the amount of clips and it's absolutely insane you can get 14 times the amount of people taking the call to action now in this case of course the call to action was much much reduced then it wasn't signing for a trial it wasn't booking the demo it was just giving your opinion on something but if you want to learn from your existing Users or indeed kind of you know further engage as you're embodying them on boarding them then being able to visualize you know what you want to show in a personalized way it can really help to maintain that sort of engagement again i'm going to pass the mic back to william got some other amazing examples here yeah thanks so yeah we actually when we started using personalized Images we had a few ideas and we incorporate them even now into our email sequences so we insert a personalized image into our email template like in step two or three it depends but as you can see on this first this is our first personalized image we currently use and it's this is the simplest one there is We only add their company logo and that's it and when you see how we incorporate the personalized image into in email templates it looks like just like this so this is first first email template this is the second one this one is a little bit more complicated it's more complicated because in this case we use their company logo we use their company name we use their Uh company logo primary color as a background plus we use their personalized avatars and images on linkedin and then we generate this personalized image and when we incorporate this image into it our next template it's looped templates it looks like this so each prospect in our sequence can see a quite personalized To them and an email so that's how it works for it and it's actually this one [Music] this image we started using four years ago and we're still using it it's our like i guess it's the best it's the best idea so far i guess it works because we indeed wanted to humanize our outreach we wanted we spent we spent Some time even generating these images and it takes time for us and i guess that's why they enjoy this this image and we also use our we use personalized images at scale for our inbound sequences here's one of our sdrs so she we use like coffee mug and they her phone and we just add their first name as a variable To make sure that email is personalized exactly to that to that prospect in our sequence and it and it makes difference so yeah yeah i guess we will keep using all these those template templates in our sequences yeah so that's that's our own experience with personalized images in most cases it works better and it helps us generate More interested responses and definitely it generates higher apply rate yeah i would say we we we treat it as an additional variable within our sequence within our in our email template so yeah that's why it works yeah it's really cool i just go back to this one i just want to give you a shout out because this just for for for clarity this is an Image that you've created in hyper eyes you you spent a lot of time building this like you say since back in 2017-18 when you created this and still use this before even before hyperis existed you were you were creating these personalized images so you know really ahead of the game and you know what why these sort of images work so well it's because You're trying to tell a complex story of hey you know this is you're the journey of the customer and i'm trying to make that simple as possible and so you know including a little bit of personalization like their logo is going to draw them in oh what's this well that's something for me rather than something generic and then they're more likely almost as much just seeking for okay Where else does it mention me or else i'm in blue can see i can see yo recruitment at the end or perkons and so it's kind of almost like top and tail with recruit with with personalization so it's going to bring them in and so yeah creating that diagrammatic kind of story or tell a complex process in a nice very simple way you know it's just just works super super well another thing i wanted to say and Give you give a shout out to william and reply is that one of the things that's presently not capable is is being able to dynamically change a background color based on on a the main color of a logo but since since we and i have been chatting we're now in the process of implementing that so that's going to be live very very soon i i did hope to be live for this webinar But it will be alive very soon in the coming weeks so you you or anybody else will be able to create these types of images where you can have a dynamic background color as well obviously with hyper eyes we can add logos etc but being able to create this full process image here very exciting and that takes us on To being able to create a personalized image let's jump into a live demo and create an image so what i'm going to do first of all i'm going to jump over to hyperlines.com and for those of you that haven't actually got a hypervise account we do have a free trial it's 14 days you can jump straight into the platform and when you do jump in Uh you'll you'll be represented with a dashboard like this what i'm going to do is go straight into the images section now what you'll see in your account when you come in there'll be over 80 templates of personalized images that you can use or use for inspiration so all of the different templates that we've been looking through in the deck so far all of those there will be versions of those In here so you can have a play and use those or see how they were built but what i wanted to do today is start off and create a brand new image just to show you the process of one how we create the image and two how we prepare it for adding it into reply the i o so what i want to do before i just go in and just create an image i'd love to Take some suggestions if anybody has them of any any personalized images that you know that they would like to see would like to see a gif or static image or indeed if anybody's got a website they'd like to suggest and we could pull an image from there and personalize that open to suggestions if a gif okay carl wants to see a gif okay so cole you you win the prize For first answer so what i'm gonna do there's a couple of ways of creating a gif and what i'm actually gonna do is i'm just gonna very quickly just open up our support guide here and just kind of talk through the most effective way which is creating your own gifts so the sort of gifts we're looking at so far in this process where you know it's you in the image It's going to you at the white board it's you your wall of your desk or whatever you know we've seen these humanized images are really effective to do that if you have an iphone or an android phone there's an app called lively for iphone or there's an app called motion stills for android they're both free apps And what you can do is with the iphone app it will convert a live photo into a gif and with the android motion stills app it'll convert an mp4 and a movie in into a gif and with either those once you create your gif you can add it to your high prize account or alternatively there's a website version ez gif or easygift.com again free Service where you can copy also upload your mp4 and again create a gif so what i'm going to do i'll add that guide into the chat so you've later on just pop that in there and so now what i'm going to do so for the purpose of today's quest i'm not going to record my own gift what i'm going to show another alternative which i really love which is giffy.com so difficult from just a gift search engine let's say for example i wanted to find an image that i was going to send to somebody once i've connected with them so in this case we've got this image here so i'm going to select this image and i'm just going to choose that and choose the image and save save image as and i'm just Going to call it connect and save it to my computer save that and so now i'm going to do is going to jump back into hyper eyes and i'm going back to the main editor so what we've got here is we've got the melee through all of our personalization controls here and we've got the canvas to the middle and the settings on the right so first of all what i'm going to do is i'm going to click the canvas And i'm going to choose here to upload the image that we've just just saved to my desktop called connect i'm going to open that and you can see here within your library wherever you upload an image whether it's a gif let me see this one here or static images will all be there and you can give them a name so you can use the pencil to give it a name so later on when i want to find it it's easier to find i'm going to now Select that image and i'm going to adjust the canvas to max that image size you can see why when we're in edit mode the gif doesn't animate so it just gives us a nice clear canvas to work with and so now what i can do is i can start to drag in these controls so maybe what i could do is drag in a text layer here and what i can do is just resize that to match the size here go to Text settings and maybe change the font we've got hundreds of different fonts in here pretty much all of the google open source fonts and what we can do is kind of style this out in terms of size color and all those sort of things and so now we've got the element here i can double click and change changes please hold the text and put in say something like say first name And i can duplicate this one here put that down here now i'm going to change the color for that one too and just say something actually maybe what i'm going to do is put a shadow on that too because it's really doesn't come off that gray jumper does it so we put black shadow in there and we say thanks for the connection and so now we've got this personalized Image and maybe what we can also do we do lots of things in terms of what so far we've done is added personalized text so what we're going to do is we save this and preview that image and you see just from the from the text here from the email that we're going to be using we're putting through the personalized name what we can also do is we can Choose this to make this obviously much much bigger to kind of really stand out so it's going to be the full size of the image there's lots of other kind of elements and dynamic elements we can add into these images so for example right now we're looking at text we also have logos for example so the logo if we put this on here we're going to dynamically get the logo of the business and we're going to pull That through just from their business email or website if you have that so we can add that into the canvas and so now if we preview that what we can see is we're putting through a much bigger name now as well as their logo and so what we could do is kind of as we saw before before with things like logos what we can do is is Create really interesting diagrammatic ways including their personalization there we also have website elements as well so if we wanted to create like a scene where a bunch of people were around the desk and we have to kind of you know reinforce the message hey we've just checked out your website then using the website element here we'll be able to then be able to create a personalized website image within Their elements so we could for example let's jump out of this image and create another one with an office scene where we can create a laptop scene so let's just choose this meeting here and then for example you can drop another image in here and call this laptop and then within the screen of the laptop we could use this website element And so there we could create an image where we're going to see the website dynamically so you see the process of whether we create a static image here and maybe let's just put some text on the blackboard here as well so we could say make this black maybe and written and again let's put in that the business name in there A little bit bigger and so now we create that what we're going to see is the website on the laptop in this case for app institute which is coming dynamically from the email address we're putting through the business name and their website so hopefully what you can see from this couple of examples of creating either a gif or creating an image where we've got assets such as Logos we've got maps profile images all being dynamically created from the data we're putting in and obviously then the next step is you know okay if we've created this image and this is the image we're gonna send out to say hey i think just had a brainstorming session after looking at your website and we'd love to have an idea or have a chat About some of the ideas we've come up with and what we can do to drop that into an email template simply to go to this get image code here click that and here we choose add new obviously it's a new image so we don't have any integrations and we choose reply to io add that and add that to the image template at this point what we can do with hyper Range we can also personalize your website as well and we're actually going to have a second session following on from this webinar which we're going to all be notified about where we're going to cover off some of the website personalization how you can personalize your website too so the purpose of this campaign i'm gonna say no for now actually what we've got now here is This code and this code here we simply add to our reply.io we do have an integration guide here so you can see all of the details of how exactly we add that into reply.io so i hope that that kind of gives you an idea from a personalization perspective of being able to add it and we are going to Cover off in the next segment of what we do with this code and adding that to reply that i o but i just want to answer the question that leg posted in terms of what happens when the majority of customers are using gmail address yeah absolutely so let's cover that off so let's preview this image for now so if you've got a customer well let's say you don't have an email at all We don't you know it's not worse than gmail it's it's kind of you know something that's not going to give us any personalization but maybe you still have their website if you're collecting that so if you do have their website then we'll be able to still pull that data through from the data you have within reply.ao or let's say for example you don't have a website at all for them so all you have is a gmail But you still want to have you know some call to action here so what we can do with any asset or any element on the image we can set a fallback so in this case where we've got a website here i could choose a fallback image so i could do lots of different things where i could show a picture of my own website i could show a picture of a generic mock-up website And then put their business name in there or i could choose for example to have a transparency and then show nothing at all so in this case what i can see when i put my transparency in here it's gonna just show the laptop screen so then maybe what i could do instead is on this canvas have some text right so on this canvas here i could just say something like let's Say a first name thanks for whatever thanks for taking the cta what whatever that may be so in this case what we can see is now this layer here we can change the order of that so the layer this text layer here is going to be behind the website so we've got the website here and we've got the text behind it and so if we view this again When we have the website we're going to just see the website when we don't have the website but we just have let's say the name and don't even have the business name see the business name we've not set any default so it says nothing on the board where as now we don't have the website so now we have the message on the laptops in this case ian thanks for taking the cta Thanks hope that helps fantastic so hopefully what we've gone through now let's go for that get image process one more time you see here we've added the integration now so we can just simply it's already selected we just go next we're still saying we don't want the landing page so we don't need to personalize our landing page just yet we'll cover that in the next session and now we copy our code and once you've Copied that code we then go over to reply.oh so let's move over and look at the the process of doing this and replied owner william did you want to kind of go through this live or should we just look at the slides you can give me like two minutes maybe less yeah absolutely yes so let me let me stop my my share and i'll hand the right over to Yes thanks okay and yep sam when we go to our high price account we can see that personalized image let's say this one we have this is the one like we we already skipped the steps young just mentioned above and now we just can simply copy the image code and choose replies integration then which we Simply need to copy and paste this code go to a sequence reply sequence and just simply upload insert a new image and choose that url as a source and that's it in your email template you will see just that just generic email personalized in image template with wearables stuff like that and then you need just to click a save And then when we go to when you upload new prospects to your apply sequence you can go to a preview mode and actually check some of your prospects and now instead of fallback variables you will see like a real first name or the logos all variables you decided to use for your personalized image so when we Just check some of them you can see that first name is dynamically changed as well so that's that's quite easy integration things yeah very cool and very simple i mean it was literally a couple of steps so quick almost that you could miss it so you know we do have an integration guide here i'll again i'll pop this into the chat So that you're there for anybody that does want to kind of go for integration again but obviously you're gonna have the recording of seeing it live from from both sides from way around myself but yeah we've kind of really simple and obvious that preview for anybody's you know when they're doing it the first couple of times and yeah they want to make sure that everything looks spot on that preview Really does help so yeah great great job on that as well you know this is this is actually kind of an email from reply that i did when i was before before we were or when i was preparing for this webinar i've been playing around and created a campaign start to get exactly these sort of results caught my attention which isn't easy to do And now james is a paying customer of ours so kind of getting paid to set up a demo it's not a bad not a bad gig to do at all but yeah it really is a really nice way of including and getting that driving that engagement you know and like it's really is set and forget once you've created that image and hyper eyes and you've copied that image code and Added your template template like we've just seen then that's it you don't need to go back to hypervise and keep touching the template up because it will just dynamically update every time really is set and forget and oh for a bit of a box around that when we've already done that live there but never mind and so the last thing that i want to touch upon before We can answer er go answer any final questions or go through the inspirational slides is just touch upon video personalization and why that is so important so i kind of touched upon it already that the majority of us are visual learners and yet and we're more and more kind of processing information in a visual way and a couple years ago this slide was seen kind of far-fetched you know we were hurtling towards 2022 you know and i think we're already at this 82 internet traffic coming from video you know we're being kind of we're consuming video more and more in every sort of way from chats from entertainment you know on websites So we're all being conditioned to enjoy or to communicate in video much much more than we ever were before but yet we're still resorting back to text in you know in our outreach or in our kind of engagement online and that's going to become more and more jarring as we go through you know as we continue just down a pure textual route and so one of the things with Difficult one of the difficult things with video should i say is it's difficult to scale that at a real kind of personalized level so what i wanted to kind of discipline today was a way with hyper eyes that you can start to scale your video in a couple of different examples of how we can do that so in this case we look at this kind of Pyramid of usage of kind of scale or video engagement kind of obviously right down at the bottom here is kind of the video kind of what we're doing now where it might be one to one or one to few but it's very personal you can ask people questions and they'll respond you know and it is it's kind of but it's not scalable yes you might be able to get a hundred people in the Webinar but beyond that you know you're always gonna be limited by you know typically you know most of us are doing one-to-one sales course those sort of things and so really not very scalable from a video perspective the next kind of step up from that again is some great products in here i know the reply i had attended it myself a video a vidyard Uh conference or video webinar last last month you know and they've got some great strategies and they really make the process of personalizing a video and sending it to an individual person very slick but again still it's efficient but it's kind of still very time consuming and not something you can do at the very top of your scale so if you want to kind of be able to Personalize video and have video as part of your outreach then hyperlines can enable you to do that by adding personalized video into your landing page as part of your your funnel you know and a couple of different ways we can do that in video sales letter content engagement we've also started using it recently in on on boarding so what i wanted to do is going to just jump back Into hyper eyes and just kind of show you kind of just some examples from the video side as well so what i'm going to do is i'm going to leave the video so leave the images section and jump over to videos and what i'm doing first of all i'm going to load up this video here and just i'm just going to show you first of all some of the basics of the video of kind of how we've created it And then i'll just get a quick preview run through just going to show you how that looks so what we've got as you can see on the left hand side almost looks exactly the same as the image editor we've got the same sort of controls we can drag and drop into the video additionally we've got a couple of extra ones with interactive dynamic buttons and also Dynamic audio we've also got additional controls of time aspect of course because it's a video rather than a static image so we can have the various elements of the video here you can see i've moved through it we have kind of different personalized name elements moving through to a board scene with the business name on the board and then coming through to again going back to What we discussed before about fallbacks we'll have the website here where we can have a website and when not we have these kind of notes and kind of report strategy and going all the way through to some interaction call to actions at the end again personalized so let's just kind of go for a quick preview and show you an example that's what i'm gonna do is rather than personalize it to me i'll Just put in email address i'm just gonna put in tim cook from apple and let's just play the video to see what it looks like hi tim did you know videos generate the highest level of engagement online did you know that using hyper personalization can 2x conversions hyperis leverages the power of these combined to take apple results to a new level We got together as a team and brainstormed the perfect business to benefit from this guess what apple was top of our list our analysts checked out the apple website and we have some tips to share with you using hyperice you can personalize any page on your existing website but it's not just websites with hypereyes you can create images that dynamically personalize on the fly These images can be used in email and linkedin outreach campaigns to significantly improve engagement we're pumped to share our findings with you tim to learn more about how hyper eyes can help apple select a feature or book a call to discuss with us in person so that gave you a bit of an example of what we can do with personalized video now as well and just saw there all dynamic elements from the voice from The business name and even this interactivity where we could click for example and then go through to an external web page such as a video or even trigger other personalized videos within a sequence of study welcome to your interactive video person so in this case we're looking at videos more about onboarding is an onboarding tool Please click on the feature to learn more and how it can help apples and so the interesting thing about this is we've as a business launched our video product at the start of the year and so switched over our onboarding within our platform to use these personalized videos over the last couple of months over the last two and a half months and we've seen a 3x uplift the amount of People watching and engaging in our onboarding videos and let me tell you from from a support perspective that's made a massive impact and so the personalization doesn't just have to be in terms of the engagement you're going to drive when people you know when you're first interacting with them when you're kind of sending them to your landing pages But also further down the funnel because you know engagement and churn and all those other things are equally as important as getting that first touch from the top of the funnel so being able to use interactive videos to engage existing users as well as the the sales letter sort of ones we're looking at here is is is kind of really beneficial i Just want to draw a kind of another statistic to your mind up to yeah to the front of your mind that the sales page that we use this is an example of a personalized landing page you can see where we're using this image in there now if we look at this page here below the actual page below the video should i say we have the same call to action which is A calendly call it's the same call to action that we have here at the end of the video however the interesting thing is that this this calendly booking call link gets clicked three times three to one this one here that's embedded in the page really goes to show you that when you do have you know a personalized video and obviously when you hit this Page and you see the first thing you see is your name the video or maybe your website or whatever depending on on the type of page that you want then you know that that can really help drive that engagement so i just wanted to kind of give you a couple of different examples of can the videos we can also help to really drive that engagement as Well and like i say we'll be following up this session with another one of how we can start to create personalized landing pages on your own website and also how you can start to use hyper eyes linkedin image personalization within reply to io as well so i do hope you will be able to join us for those sessions Too and that really is from kind of giving you and presenting today really is all that we have but i would love to take any questions we do have a couple of minutes left in this webinar so if anybody has any questions i can see that tammy was asking some questions about pricing so let me just jump over for that so a hyper rise starts at 49 Per month and for that you're able to create five like or use five image templates throughout your campaigns if you're using reply with lots of different accounts then you can use one seat within hyper eyes across multiple different accounts and campaigns within reply there's no restrictions so you know if you've got you know a team of sdrs You'll want to use a coffee cup image for example or whatever in your outreaches then you could all use that under one single 49 images account i hope that helps to see if any other questions in there yes side was asking about you you'll be using another platform you know we have integrations with lots of platforms but certainly i'd recommend replying to io In terms of the sort of integration it gives you way more capable of a tool for your outreach than the one you mentioned in your comments i actually love you and those personalized videos but as for me it's it was always hard to like be creative with personalized video i was that's why i was always afraid of using personalized Videos like probably horrors and personalities just right well yeah i mean i think one of one of the things that i do for example with personal ideas like especially within our within our academy for example i just do something very simple like if we look at this video here this is me just doing you know a talking hedge video but the personalization is you know On the whiteboard behind me just there to kind of drive a bit of engagement but you know the key see i'm going to move myself in this video i can't be myself but what we do in this video is we kind of get through to this part here where we've got some interaction and that's image personalization website personalization and video personalization and you see I'm smoking to myself like you do feel a little bit good and pointing to nothing but actually what that does you know it's one you've got the personalization there to get them to play the video in the first place and drive that engagement and then they're further engaged the video because you're giving them further options to choose the thing they want rather than Forcing them down to fix roots so you know obviously the other sales letter we looked at you know there was lots of different elements but those elements were in true stock videos that you know you can find online for you know very very little price in the same way that you know we can find stock gifts and stock everything else is what you say it comes down to creativity george yes Just to answer your question we will we won't be sending out a full recording of this and yeah that will be hitting your email um i'm sure in the next couple of hours and once once i finish watching the england game and the recordings uploaded and mark with all the changes to privacy and cookies in the future yeah so again we're not Really you we're not using cookies from i say from ads to identify people we're controlling that journey because we're sending out the or defining the personalization based on links within our outreach so we're not coming to the same issues that would come kind of with all of the kind of current privacy elements and obviously we are a gdpr compliant And also we you can also personalize your domain so you can have price images under your own domains and links under your own domain as well do you have any other questions no problem i appreciate your comment mark thank you thank you for that it looks like we're we're just about fielded all the questions well i guess that leaves me just to say thank You very much for everybody that's participated and joined in today with your questions or with your suggestions really appreciate that really appreciate your time and of course massive thank you william one just for your pioneering of personalization image personalization you know all the way back to 2007 it's it's things like that that's enabled hyper eyes to exist today You know by people like yourself you know kind of doing that so very grateful for you and grateful for having you today and thanks and for for for yeah i'm actually happy to be here too and thanks for your questions i guess thanks for for having the ability to share the experience with personalized images it's it definitely helps and i will definitely recommend Give it a try it might be like a little bit scary but give it a try and and you'll you'll see great results yeah i mean that's a great point i mean most most things that are scary or most things that are successful or the difficult you know or that are kind of hard are scared to start with but you know it's usually those that get the best results right you know the easy thing for what everybody else Does the hard stuff everybody gives up on and so that's why it's more effective because it just makes a big difference and it just distinguishes you separates you from for everybody else on that note i'm going to say thank you again and sign off thanks bye-bye bye-bye everyone

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