Learn about Image Personalization in LinkedIn & Email Outreach - 21st Sept with the Hyperise Academy

Video Transcript (unedited)

So if you would like a copy of this recording after the event please feel free in fact don't feel free free we're going to send it to you you've obviously already registered for this event and so it's going to be coming probably tomorrow now by the time that we've recorded this and got this all sent out after today's event here's what we're going to be covering obviously how to use image personalization your Outreach and looking at it from the different channels email linkedin and even website personalization so we can start to create what's referred to as hyper personalization where we can personalize each stage of our funnel and get incremental engagement uplifts each step and they all compound to create this overall funnel engagement improvements so without any further ado let me introduce myself as i said my name is ian naylor I'm one of the co-founders of hyper eyes i've been starting and building online businesses for the last 20 years and image personalization is a tool that i've been using is a common thread for all of those businesses and it's something that's always been incredibly successful and i've run both b2b and b2c businesses and i guess the common core there is that you know the target is always a human you know and we always all have those kind of symmetries in Terms of how we respond to these sort of strategies so you know why is it you know what is that image personalization why should we use it in our outreach so fundamentally you know anybody here on this call you know you'll be you'll be kind of if you've done any sort of marketing or sales outreach you'll know that kind of to get somebody's attention is incredibly hard and probably if you've Been doing it for a while you've probably seen you know those conversion rates or that engagement kind of dip over time as more and more people out there trying to grab your prospects time you know kind of niggling them with little marketing messages and as you can see here on average you know the person sees over 5000 marketing messages per day so for you to get your marketing or your sales message through and be noticed and be seen and kind of taken on Board mentally that's incredibly difficult because you've got less and less time to grab their attention and get their engagement and that's really where image personalization comes in in terms of addressing the balance of that and actually kind of giving us a tour where we can stand out from the crowd separate ourselves from all of that noise and do something that's going to really uh gonna you know kind of drive engagement And grab our prospects attention and the reasons for that fundamentally are the way that we as humans process information is it's typically very very visual led and of course that's no surprise if you look at any sort of marketing channel you know very very visual kind of imagery uh kind of lead and then the reason for that is that the human brain processes images 60 000 times quicker than text so what that means is that if we use an image to Convey our call to action you know the the recipient's going to understand that much much quicker quicker but and i think that that's kind of you know pretty commonly accepted but but maybe your question why is it that as sales and marketing people we're not using more images in our outreach you know in kind of hey let's have a call or whatever those call to actions may be and the reason is that it's quite difficult to in those sort of cases how To visualize it how to kind of do that you know in a purposeful way and again that's something that we're going to cover today but the great thing is because images are processed so so quickly when uh when when we see the personalization that means when we see our name or our website or a logo or some other sort of visual identification that is saying you know so personal to yourself that triggers what's referred to as a pattern Interrupt now that pattern interrupt is is essentially a psychological behavior it just puts a break on the brain the brain hey stop stop in stop do what you're doing pay more attention to this you've got your name in it or it's got you know it's got your logo or it's got something that is highly different from what you know what you would normally anticipate and that increased mind share is what leads to more engagement and ultimately more people taking your call To action now we've seen our clients from a vast array of industries and sectors doubling tripling and even more way beyond that in terms of their standard engagement rates and so you know this really is something that is only a massive constraint to your bow in terms of your outreach and driving that sort of engagement so let's kind of jump in and kind of look at how where hyper eyes comes into and how it can you know drive That difference and as you said hyper eyes enables uh image personalization now the great thing about images is they're inherently portable you can use images you know throughout your kind of communication obviously we looked at some examples right up there at the front of email and linkedin but also you know it could be in your chat box obviously it could be as we mentioned briefly in websites but those kind of areas wherever you're communicating to Your customers adding those personalized images you know really does lead to these kind of significant uplifts and creating this type of personalization so with that said let's talk about how do we use images purposefully in our outreach and like i said before if you do have any questions as we go through please feel free to shout happy to answer those as we go through so probably one of the most common Use cases of hyper eyes is within sales teams and sometimes marketing but mostly kind of sales led where they're reaching out to prospects or maybe even to existing customers and they're trying to initiate some sort of human kind of one-to-one or one-to-few sort of interaction so it might be hey let's have a sales call or let's have a an account catch up or hey we've just connected you know it'd be great to have A kind of a coffee and a chat and all the way through to inviting them to an event but when you've kind of got this you know there's going to be this human interaction at the end of this sequence at the end of this call to action and being able to humanize your image and personalize it is incredibly powerful obviously us as humans react we react much much better to other humans the human brain has uh significantly more processing power for human faces than it Does any other sort of object and so we started to trigger other sort of humanized kind of human traits psychological traits uh when we're doing this along with the personalization as well so triggering pattern interrupts and more and you know and there's lots of ways depending on the purpose of your outreach that we can visualize that in a human way in a way that's not really going to kind of stand you out from the crowd like these examples here we've got James top left here and in his case what he's doing is he's got a white board physically next to him in his office and he's got obviously a blank board and he's just drawing the line on there he's recorded that directly from within hyper eyes and then he's putting his message on the board in this case he's reaching out to people just as they change roles who are his identified target congratulating them creating this moment of delight and then obviously Going further forward with his call to action this one in the middle top here again this is kind of maybe more from a linkedin perspective you just connect with somebody humanizing that connection building that stronger relationship building trust uh for you know further down the line creating connection in this case just putting the personalization layers on top of the image above and below you know really nice way of kind of tying That in and again using kind of font colors that are going to match aspects of the image looking at the kind of the top right there in this case what we're doing is we're using our augmented reality markers here to record a gif with the marker and then replacing the marker with whatever personalization image kind of template you've created in this case obviously it's an example of inviting someone to an event and having the event Ticket there on the bottom row we've got another one here maybe if any of your services is related to a client's website you know having their website on again on a physical object like a laptop saying hey i've just checked out your site it's really cool and a great way of telling that story and visualizing it in a really purposeful way other ways for example you know if if you've got a video or you've recorded Something maybe like today after an event and i want to send you guys a recording of this maybe i would use an image like this where i put an additional layer on top that makes it looks like a video clip or a youtube video so you know really kind of give another visual clue to make them click that to kind of get through to that next step so humanizing your image in any of these sort of ways you know with the personalization in there really helps Kind of drive these sort of human interactions you know as i mentioned before other sort of psychological traits for example the law of reciprocity you know which is kind of like this human to human sort of situation where if you do something nice for somebody they're going to feel compelled to respond you know whether you've just opened the door for somebody to held the door up to somebody they're going to you know give you a smile back And you kind of doing this kind of social interaction and we can kind of replicate that in a digital world by you know doing this smile in a wave in a gif you know kind of moving on in this case you can see we've got the white board next to me with my call to action of saying we have to have a chat but that sort of kind of smile on the wave kind of just elevates the feel good factor like in this example from rebecca you know who received this called Outreach email from me again with using the kind of smile and the wave with the message on the whiteboard next to it and her response is like love this now let's be honest nobody loves cold outreach right but what we've done is taken somebody maybe would have already said yes but now elevated her and now she's you know really juiced for the call i'm really excited for you know what we're going to Discuss taking it up to another notch another thing you can do is kind of use an image to kind of help reduce friction so one thing i like to do say hey let's have a chat and a coffee because it's it's it's a nice simple ask you're removing the friction of hey let's have a sales call or a discovery call which feels quite heavy and in this case i'm visualizing that hey let's have a chat and a coffee with myself you know with a Coffee mug you know in my hand and then the personalization not just around the image but also in the image like on my screen so just really kind of layering it in and you can see the response here from edgar i never replied to these emails this is the first one that worked and that's really what we're doing here we're standing out you know edgar's getting as a director of you know pretty uh big companies probably getting Bombarded every day as we said before 5 000 messages a day and this is the one that stood out not only did it stand out but what it did you know edgar's now paying customer hours and so what it did is that kind of patent interrupt gives them time to really understand and engage in your offer and they're more more likely obviously to convert which is obviously the ultimate goal of all of this and also sometimes when we are Reaching out you know we might drive engagement we might get people's attention but they might not be the right person and in that case that good will that you've created that moment of delight from the personalized image can sometimes lead to other outcomes for example in this case getting word of mouth referrals where they'll appreciate the outreach not for them but forward them on forward the message on to the right person you know So that could be a colleague a boss a subordinate or even you know a friend in an adjacent business or department that you know they think might be suitable for and often in case that word of mouth referral can be just as powerful if not more than you know your direct outreach because of that and so again what we're getting is these kind of extra bites of the cherry you know where the people have said yes we've kind of delighted them even more the people that would Have definitely said no or maybe you've been deleted or wanted to spam before are kind of now saying yes you know and then on top of that we're getting this kind of referral and so that's where we're kind of doubling or tripling our engagement rates and again it's that kind of moment of delight that feel good factor really helps put a smile on your prospect's face that's the thing you know that's going To make them make you stand out in their mind and you know when if him doing follow-ups or kind of whatever it may be he's going to make you kind of stand apart but it's not always about the humanized image like the ones we saw there like i said at the top you know the that's something that we typically see a lot of the sales type roles sdr's bdrs using because often time you know there is that one-to-one human connection you Know within the within that kind of outreach but that's not always the case and this is another example another client of ours uh this is g2 for any of those online that have uh uh haven't heard of g2 probably not if you're kind of from a sas background but essentially g2 i like trip advisor but for software they enable their users to find the best software solution buy reviews and ratings all sorts of other factors you Know by by niche bike in a sector category but in this case one of the campaigns that g2 do is they reach out to businesses that are either not listed at all on g2 or not really listed very strongly but what they do is they have this kind of aspirational outreach where they're saying hey if you work with g2 in the future you could become a category leader and so what they're doing is they're kind of telling this aspirational story To kind of get people to invest in g2 and kind of use their services to help them kind of rise up and get more reviews and then they can accompany that now with these personalized images you know with the businesses name with their logo uh in the image you know for each prospect and when they did that when they kind of visualized kind of their call to action and their story increase their reply rates from 15 to 48 so showing success showing in a Very personalized way again is a great way of visualizing your call to action and so tom just asked a question this is very good one time in fact i i i think i think people may uh fear that this has been i'm gonna load you up on this one because actually my next two slides are gonna cover this very topic so tom's asked how do you get past spam and quarantine protocols when mailing videos so first of all you're absolutely right Mainly videos we can't do but what we can do is mail gifts a gif is just an image in this case this gif here is one one megabyte where you think like the typical uh image taken on an iphone uh it would be like five four five you know uh gig a megabyte so you know these gifs are quite slim small images compared to like the high kind of quality density of a phone image which obviously would quite Regularly be in a sent around you know from one kind of email user to another also you know in in kind of corporate world most uh people have some sort of image in the signature of their their email and so having an image in an email in itself isn't necessarily the problem it's obviously some of the other factors but i will come and answer that question as i said right now so Obviously this is example one with g2 this is another kind of visual diagrammatic example from one of our other clients reply.io now again i'm not sure if you guys are familiar with reply that i owe but they're a cold outreach email multi-channel platform so they know a thing a little bit you know i know a thing or two should i say about outreach but yet they were still able to significantly increase their engagement their reply Rates when they started to use images like this in their outreach in this case what they're doing is they're going to creating this uh kind of pleasure and pain scenario so they're reaching out to people they've got using lots of different sorts of solutions for their outreach you know and kind of poking the bear of that pain point that we have if we're using lots of different systems to definitely talk To each other and what they're going to show on the other side of the image is the solution which is this multi-channel simple slick solution with replies logo in the middle and the client the prospect they're reaching out to is logo on the left hand side now again hyper eyes will dynamically create these logos just from a business email or domain so really super simple to scale this with the impact that had you can see here increasing it from 11 To 21 now going back to tom's question what reply did as as a day-to-day company they didn't just measure the reply rate which was the thing that we're kind of focusing on driving that engagement they also looked at kind of before and after they've been running this the kind of difference in the campaigns and the open rate and delivery into the inbox and what they found was that both of those factors significantly Increased as well as you can see open rate went from 76 to 85 and delivery 86 to 96. now essentially what's happening there is that as you're sending out more images so more emails with images in and driving more engagement you're getting more people replying less people deleting and marketing your spam and that difference essentially is acting like a pseudo email warm-up driving domain reputation which then leads to better delivery in Your inbox than you're having even before you're using images so i hope that kind of uh answers your your question tom like i say it was very fortuitous in terms of you asked it literally just before i kind of got to this slide so hope nobody thinks that was a plan but it totally wasn't this is uh another example again of how can to visualize you know and personalize an image in some sort of way that's going to help Kind of tell a story to your clients in this case this is a an a b test we did with uh n charge where we were looking at their solution which is all about kind of again email automation and surveys and and taking information back so what we were doing here is we did a 50 50 or a b test of the same email but the only difference being that the kind of the Body content was the same but the three call to actions in the email were either personalized images that visualized the the text or the kind of the purpose and then just three core links so you can see more customers reduce cac or improve customer engagement and so this was really a survey asking people who'd signed up and continued the or hadn't uh subscribed after the trial you know what it was that they were looking for you know just And then that kind of put them into a different sequence based on what they clicked on now what we found is when we did this a b test we've got 14 times that's one four times more people not 14 people more but 14 times people clicking on one of the personalized images versus the links now like say 14x we typically kind of see clients doubling tripling their conversion rates but this was you know a spectacular result from ultimate was using regular stock images with some Personalization there but just you know picking them right to kind of reinforce what those uh different purposes were so really simple way of creating some personalization in a purposeful way now this is maybe an example of something similar to this you may well have seen uh in the lead up to this event uh as saying thank you for registering for the event or even if you've been invited to the event something similar uh where you're Invited now this sort of visualization if you have some sort of event uh that you want to invite people for webinar whatever it may be uh these examples you can see like econ world or ad world here as well as our own in the middle using an event uh image to personalize that is a really nice way of doing as i said they're inviting people to the event to visualize to tell the story of you know here's the event or even you're thanking people when they Have registered for the event and then using that kind of moment of delight you're creating from when they receive this to kind of leverage that and how how may you ask how do we leverage that we can leverage that by asking them to tell their audience about your event so this was a case study that we did with some of our own events where we recorded every time somebody registered for the event we sent them this thanks for Registering uh with their own personalized event gift you see like this example uh monoi and also with a very simple sharing mechanisms we offered three different platforms you can see here linkedin twitter and facebook uh you know simple one-click share and that shared their personalized event gift to their audience to say hey i'm attending this event you should check it out obviously Getting some great social endorsement now what we found we were quite astonished to be honest was that one quite a few people did share you know and obviously that's comes down to the kind of the good will that you're creating from doing this you know creating this sort of experience with the personalization there and in this in this study we found 9.5 percent of registrar's actually Shared so let's say just break it down for simple maths if that was you know 100 registrants you know and then that shared that received that then you know we're going to get roughly 10 people actually kind of sharing to their network now of those 10 people let's say what we saw on average was that six people additionally signed up from those shares so going back to this example of 10 shares times up by six then we've got 60 so from our original 100 registrants We've now got an additional 16 and so we can what we saw quite repeatable was getting a 50 plus uplift in our registrants when we started to use this strategy so what we did is we kind of been leaning on this hard this strategy quite hard this year and actually been working with a lot of other clients and we did a follow-up to that case study where we actually worked with 37 other different events Um so actually some of those were with personalized gifts and some others without so but in terms of from the study and that that was actually almost 35 000 registrants in total and what we can see here from this kind of the a b test of events without the personalized event gifts and then below events with the personalized event gifts and again if you look at the draw attention to the middle statistic here you can see the the Biggest uplift whereas before events with no personalized event gifts virtually no shares at all in fact most of the events had no shares at all and there was just kind of i think just one event that offered some incentivization in terms of prizes etcetera just to share uh you know just to kind of use a hashtag and so that was literally the only one but all the others were kind of you know kind of Virtually not at all whereas now what we can see we're using the event gifts across the board seeing shares in in actual fact beating our own 9.5 on average they got 11. which 11 of their their registrants were sharing now that had an impact in kind of two core ways on the on the left here you can see the number of people registering for the event increased now again that reflected what we saw is when we saw shares we Also see i saw people seeing those shares and then taking action and taking that kind of social endorsement and signing up as well but also what we saw uh was that the attendance rate increased as there was more engagement more people interested in the event maybe intrigued by the kind of a different kind of promotion tactic or that's building that stronger relationship you know with with the with the speaker or the event host that's Therefore more likely to kind of be top of mind and more likely to kind of turn up and so we saw kind of pretty much triple benefit obviously the main benefit of being the shares but the kind of the value of those shares kind of being in increased registrance and attendance so really a double whammy and again we don't have to just use the event images in a way to kind of to say thanks or to ask people to register we can also Use personalized images in the build up to the event as well to remind people about the event to you know the daily event here it is and again other opportunities to humanize that connection before the events actually started in this case we saw neil patel increased his attendance by 22 percent when he started to use this sort of strategy and what kind of uh another example i know we've kind of gone through a lot of Examples here i think this is going to be the last one just to kind of give you something a diff a little bit different again of how you can visualize a call to action so this is another client of ours hub staff in their case their sas business and their call to action is to sign up for a self-serve free trial so they're not asking you know there is no human interaction you know humanized gift would necessarily make the right kind of sense here they're high volume You know on boarding six seven eight hundred new clients a month and and so again they kind of just kind of have a self-serve solution to put them through so in this case what they're doing is they're taking actual product screenshots and personalizing them to each recipient in their outreach so in this example here you can see it's personalized to tim cook from apple so from the apple logo in the desk desktop bar there uh to obviously the Person listening the dashboard all the way through to the app part of their solution even the map there is actually personalized in this case to the apple's head office location and all of those individual elements what they do is kind of again triggering multiple pattern interrupts as they see this product screenshot which is kind of telling its own story of their solution but obviously you're kind of seeing it as you would if you were kind of an actual User with all of your kind of information in there and what that did is significantly improved the outreach that the campaign solution campaign results you see here from the from this uh test we did their their baseline baseline without any personalized images was three percent click through for that call to action of a sign up for a self uh serve free trial that it actually increased to 11 and that that in fact that 11 was an Average of three or four different images we tested and so i think the winner was was way above that so it was a kind of a minimum three and a half x uplift three and a half times more people taking their own call to action when they saw that personalized product screenshot now the other thing that hub staff did something we touched on before was with website personalization being able to personalize your landing pages now with Hyper eyes you can personalize actually any landing page any website page that you can control so you can personalize your own website rather than having to build a landing page somewhere else and some other editor you're not familiar with so in this case what they did was personalize the headers the call to action buttons the obviously all the product images and all the sub headers and what that led to was a doubling of conversions on the page twice as many People taking the call to action clicking this button when they saw their name on it as to when they didn't and what we saw there was a compounding impact where we saw uplift in the outreach you know three three or four times more people taking action in the outreach and twice as many people taking action when they landed on the landing page to actually sign up for the trial and those two different changes had a compounding impact so actually they kind Of end up with a 7x uplift seven times as many people ended up in a trial when we use these two different steps of personalization as to when as before when they weren't used so pretty amazing and actually it's pretty typical hubspot did a survey themselves they looked over 300 000 landing pages yeah and looked at where personalization was used around the call to action and they found a 2x a 202 better Uplift if you like in conversions and personalization was used around the call to action like you saw here you know we're using kind of a first name on on a call to action button so that really is kind of what i wanted to kind of show you in terms of what you can do sort of examples you could use in your own outreach whether it's sales marketing events b2b b2c lots of different ways you can use to Purposefully visualize your call to action and start to drive that further engagement so let's very quickly look at how we can do that in terms of the editor what i'm going to do is rather than looking at slides let's actually just jump straight into the platform itself and again any questions as we go through please do jump in happy to answer those as we go along so i'm in the uh the platform here what i'm going to do is jump into the Images section now as you'll see in my account i have tons and tons and tons hundreds in fact of images and they've all been kind of created some demos some of them actually being used you can see here you know some of them got hundreds if not thousands of kind of usages here so you know certainly having some uh some good uh kind of good times for those but when you come into your account for the first time obviously you're gonna see a blank page here no Templates already created but what you can do you will see this tile here where you can create your first image template now when you do that again we're not going to kind of just leave you hanging we've got you see here right because it's done today 152 templates already there ready for you to play with now you can filter these down by purpose depending on whatever it is that you want to do maybe for example if you're thinking about linkedin it might be you Just connected to somebody so you're trying to find something maybe the coffee cup or a connection you know something else that's gonna kind of visualize that or maybe you're running an event and you want a sense of creating some sort of event tickets and you know let's just filter down to events and again we're going to see in this case a few pages of different sorts of images that we could use As a starting point for our own template and i guess that's important to state that any template that we select is just going to be let's just choose this one here it's going to be a starting point that we can completely change every aspect of this design so here we are now in the image editor with our first image template that we're going to use now what we can see on the left hand side we have all of our personalization controls so these are different layers that we Can add into our image that we can then add personalization placeholders or other aspects of the design anybody that's used canva or photoshop or anything kind of similar to that they'll be familiar with this sort of kind of layer paradigm where we've got different if you've got like the first name here you can select that i can see all of the different settings for that in terms of the size the color the font whether we're going to skew it whether it's got Outline or shadow uppercase lowercase all that sort of stuff and also these elements here you know i can click into this and yeah so for example if i wanted to have let's say first name and last name you know i could just choose another personalization tag and put last name in there so now we've got first name last name placeholders and maybe i want those a bit further down you know or maybe the business name we wanted can live here and let's remove this logo you Know and so now we've kind of got and we can say let's call this test event imaginative as it was and so now we can see we're kind of starting to kind of change this for our own purposes we can preview it as we go along so in this case we can see we've got some test data so this is what we're using to personalize in this case again timberapple.com and we're putting Through the apple logo and tim's name you can see in this case we're not we're not pushing through from an example data that the name cook we've got no surname pass through but we're still able to identify the surname was cook based on our built-in data enrichment which is getting us in this case surname and also the logo which obviously we've not provided but you see here we can change every aspect like say let's say for example i want to change This background i can go to the canvas and change the background image and again i could find a stock image that that i have except i want to find a background of an office for example we could see and then you know here's his different kind of images for example maybe this one here you know and i could use that add that into my canvas so now we've kind of got this uh kind of gif background of an office Uh for my uh event ticket of course what we could also do is upload our own images so going back to the the canvas background here we saw that we've got optional stock images or your own images so again you can upload your own images pngs gifs svgs etc no limitations there or indeed you can also record your own gif so if i wanted to have a gift background again if i had like my whiteboard here i could record something like a wave will be pointing Or you know with a marker pen you know that's going to enable me to create that humanized gif like we saw with the where the humanized gif is the background and we're putting the personalization around what we could also do and this is a a new uh function of hyperice using augmented reality so again if we preview this now we've got the personalized image which is our event ticket we've got the gift behind which Was with the office what we could do is we could humanize this further within our canvas setting and choose this humanized image option now what that's going to do is take our template and add it directly into a gif that we've recorded using our augmented reality marker and so what that ends up with is this combined two images together the the humanized Gif with the with the marker and then obviously your image template and what we can also do here is scale this as well so if we wanted a bigger ticket or a bigger something you can see here we could make that much bigger i would scale it right down so it's even smaller in the hand total flexibility to kind of create some pretty awesome outputs and again we've got both Landscape and portrait markers so if you want to be more like more like a phone you know or kind of something kind of bigger and again once you've recorded these gifs again we've got the ability to record this directly within the platform once you've recorded one you're going to have those all in your library so if i wanted to maybe have like one that was kind of a slightly bigger for you for a bigger message you know i could use a bigger Marker or kind of just zoom that in and that's going to give us the ability to take a little second there my bandwidth with me having there we go so now you can see we've got using a bigger marker uh and again we can kind of zoom that in so we can kind of make this you know really big if we wanted to keep a little bit of the face in there for human eyes but you can see super super flexible to be able to do that you know and now Within a couple of moments we've created our humanized image experience and now i'll be able to send it out and you know go into whoever receives that is going to be blown away you know not seen anything like this before and you're going to have like say that feel good factor from from from seeing something different you know and it obviously being personalized to them so that's that's the kind of The the the why and the how and now it's kind of like you know part of the how let's say the next part is how do you implement this how do you start to kind of get this in your outreach you know with these images and so the real simple uh way to do that you can see here with this image template just created here there's a button underneath get image code and if i select that what that's going to do is ask me what Integration you know what sort of uh outreach tool would i like to use so here i can just choose app new and we're going to be given hundreds of options of different platforms and again these can be kind of segmented by different types different channels whether you're looking for email linkedin crms chat bots whatever that may be or you can scroll through the list or you can filter like say for example i wanted To add this into a hubspot sequence i would just uh filter to hubspot find the relevant one that was crm or hubspot marketing i would simply select that option and that's going to give us the image template here and you see it again it will take a second to load but you see here it's quite small but we've got actually kind of the tanks in here automatically now for contact.firstname and contact.lastname That are specific to hubspot so i can now copy that content and just go over to hubspot and add that into a template so again we for every integration we have we have an integration guide what this enables you to do is within hubspot you will just go into an outreach template and you just add in your your image template and then like the rest of the template where you for example got hi first name that's going To personalize along with the image data as well so hubspot will inject their data into the image template and we're going to see the personalization appear as if by magic dynamically every time that template's used and that really is you know the kind of simple process you go here you choose your integration you copy the code and that's how we scale that out do it by kind of one-to-many you create one image template add it into your outreach and it's done with Hyper eyes we also have a chrome extension so you can see i have it here what that enables you to do is also use this kind of a one-to-one sort of basis as well so whether that be gmail outlook linkedin facebook messenger for example if i just jump over here to to gmail and if i can compose a new email and just put in an email address here you see we've got this button here in the ribbon at the bottom with all the Other tools when i click that what it's going to do is load up all of my hyperice personalized images you can see including this one we've just created here and i can select whatever image is that i wanted to use maybe this one here with me kind of waving and then what i can do is choose a a link if i wanted to kind of have it so the image was clickable i could choose a Link and when i click submit that's going to add that image directly into our email and again what we can do is we can also do this in linkedin as well you can see here we've got the short link button and again if i click that it's going to go through that exact same process and add that personalized image in like we can see here and that really is kind of the kind of the beauty of hyper eyes that we can do at its scale we can add out kind of you know send out Images like this like hundreds or thousands or we can do individual ones using the chrome extension kind of using these different platforms the other thing that we can do with the chrome extension is actually personalize a webpage so if we look at this home page here you can see right now it's personalized to inside partners and we're putting through various data Attributes for them in terms of logo website screenshots and various other elements if i load up again this personalization toolbar for this page using the chrome extension what we're going to see is where we had personalization before that business name we now have tags and actually what this means is that we can go to actually any website uh you know with the hypervisor toolbar and define personalization so for example this Title here unlimited possibilities to personalize your quarter way maybe we could replace your with business names so if you just highlight that word and then just add in a tag in this case business name and then voila we've personalized a new element on that page and we can see the full count and all the different elements that we've paid with personalizing to you right there is the one we've just created and then similarly we can also select images on The page if i wanted to personalize you can see this image is already personalized if this one wasn't i want to personalize i can just select that and rather than seeing the personalized tags we're now seeing all the personalized images or indeed the personalized videos if you created any personalized videos then again you would see again take a little bit while to load here while i'm sharing my screen you'll Be able to select the personalized video and pop that directly into the page so lots and lots of possibilities personalize your outreach using the hundreds of integrations that uh we have hyperis and whatever your landing page your website is built in there's lots of ways to personalize that as well so that was really the kind of the core content of what i wanted to kind of share with you today looking at how we can use image Personalization yeah and also give you some ideas of types of ways that you can do that now what we have with hyperis is a completely free trial so you can come to hyper hyperice.com click the uh free trial button get access to all of our extensions and have 14 days free trial where you get access to every element of the product so immediate personalization website personalization and video personalization once you're in in the Product itself there's a full onboarding and support solution where you can kind of chat tours you can book further one-to-ones as well as troll the knowledge base and the academy that has lots of other articles and videos showing you how to get the best out of hyper eyes so that was again what i really wanted to kind of cover today i am now completely your disposal for any questions that you may have anything that that kind of wasn't Completely clear as we went through it love to answer those now if you have any okay i guess that means i've done an amazing job or a very terrible one because maybe it was so confusing you don't know where to start oh no tom thanks again uh asking a question yeah so from a pricing perspective after the trial again we have three core plans really depending on what area the product wants you to use obviously today we've pretty much Mostly focused on the image personalization so images yes that includes gifs as well using static images or animated images in your outreach in email in linkedin that all comes under our images plan we also have a plus website plan now that enables you to personalize your landing pages as we saw briefly before and that also includes all of the images capability as well and then finally we have our plus videos Plan which again obviously includes all of the videos all of the website and images capabilities but also allows you to create personalized videos as well and again very similar to our image editor that's just about adding in personalized layers into your video jordan jordan's asked a great question what the top three things to avoid doing um So fundamentally i think you know you've got to taper your your personality your your personalization you know to not be kind of getting into the creep zone so you know you you want it to kind of amaze and delight rather than freak out uh and so obviously especially with linkedin you know it can be quite a bit of data that can be exposed you know maybe it can use it sparingly like i say if you're reaching out somebody especially if it is kind of a b2b then Obviously there's a lot of thermographic data uh which may be less less uh striking maybe from a oh that's that's my personal information i like saying logos or whatever so yeah certainly you kind of where you're using personalized data when you've got a lot you know it doesn't necessarily mean kind of more is more sometimes less is more in terms of a personalization perspective Um in terms of other things to avoid obviously from an email deliverability perspective one of the key things we touched upon it before is images can be really valuable but equally if you're sending out emails with just an image and nothing else that i think can be quite harmful really the image is there like i say to help tell the story and to kind of trigger that pattern interrupt to drive Engagement it shouldn't be the entire piece in itself don't expect people to see your image and then just go wow okay i'll buy whatever it is you're telling you're selling you know without kind of some context around that so certainly like you see here in examples i i've shown before you know a head header and a kind of a footer to your image an intro paragraph and out paragraph and you've got your kind of image in the Middle to break it up to kind of get people to drive engagement and the other thing maybe the last thing yes you can put text inside your images try to avoid the the the drive or the want to completely put your whole message in in the image so yeah even if you're having text above or below people then also think oh the image is getting so much attention what i'm going to do is you know put my wholesale spiel in there you Know which is really not what we want we want it you know the the image data to be very clearly visible and so you know for example that's why here in this example we've got aneena we don't we don't use a surname and again that's going back to the previous one about you know what data do you really need to trigger a pattern interrupt yes of course we have a surname do we need it to to do that no we don't you know we can test have shown that first name Is is just as powerful if not more than you can before if you've got the full name then people start to think you know that's jarring rather than uplifting and so again less is more i think when it comes to text you know if you are we looked before with with the example with james you know when you're congratulating people this is probably about as much text and again you can see that the image is really allowing itself To have a fair amount of text because it's predominantly kind of the white board there in fact james probably could have done a little bit of himself a favor and push that along then center himself or write it himself and put the ball to the left and squeeze a little bit more space with text but no more text than this is probably as much as you would would want to see an image so hopefully those three tips helped jordan um How do you manage the so another question from jordan should i say how do you manage the image download in the email and avoid the download issue so what we're doing is we're embedding images in an email so you can see that this example here to tanya there is no download the image isn't an attachment it's embedded in the image template itself in the same way that these share buttons are so There is no download button yeah perfect so jordan i hope that answered your questions also we are kind of coming up towards the end of the event so don't feel uh feel that you need to ask any questions just just for the sake of it but equally i'm here for as long as you need me if you do think of anything else happy to kind of go through this anonymous asks will hyper eyes images work when people on the mobile Absolutely so this this kind of image is just like i say embedded and so it will scale 100 to the to the to the content of your uh your device let me see if i can show you that in my email sent well that's so i don't know if you can see this this is a bit blurry this is an email and you can see there's my image In the email and again it's it's loaded and scaled perfectly in line so no problems i do brought up in apologize uh and they they talk incredibly fast and i do try to slow down occasionally but uh it sometimes gets the better of me so apologies if it was too fast maybe if you get the recording watch it on on half speed thanks jordan i appreciate it i really Appreciate your comments today questions uh always helps to have some questions along the way to make sure that one you you get it but to everybody else is uh kind of getting that valuable information as well so i really appreciate that that does look like uh we probably have come to the end of our questions for today but let me just ramble on just for another second in case when one comes through oh bob Uh okay bob i answer your questions even better so actually this recording will be sent out we are here if you have any questions going forward in the platform or on the website there'll always be this little guy in the bottom right chat to a start conversation book some more time find uh the answer in our knowledge base whatever works best for you and like i say go to Hyperprice.com smash that stock free trial button and look forward to working on the other side i really hope this has been useful i appreciate all of your comments of your time and look forward to seeing you very very soon thanks again everybody.

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