Learn about How To Personalize HubSpot Outreach With Hyperise - 3X Reply Rate with the Hyperise Academy

Video Transcript (unedited)

Learn how to Improve your CTR, reply rate and open rate on your existing HubSpot campaigns and funnels by using advance personalisation with a simple integration.

We'll cover the following topics

  • Humanising your client newsletter
  • Improve reply rates in your existing funnels
  • Re-enage with inactive users
  • Standing out from your competitors
Hi this is Ian from hyperrise and Welcome to our session today covering how to hyper personalize your sales funnel with hyperrise and HubSpot let's jump in so today what we're going to cover in this session is first of all why should we use uh personalization in our Outreach you know what are the benefits for that you know what are we what are we going to get from doing this and then We're going to look at how you can actually use these images how you can use personalized images in a really purposeful way to look at some different examples and use cases and some of the results that they've achieved then we're going to show you practically how you can start creating your own personalized images today and start putting them in your HubSpot templates and campaigns we'll also cover off how you can use it in other platforms Outreach such as LinkedIn and also personalizing your landing pages so let's Dive In first of all why use personalization in your Outreach now obviously as this event or webinar is focused around HubSpot I thought it'd be interesting to look at some of hubspot's own data on personalization and one of the things hotspot do really well is take big data and condense that into meaningful bite-sized reports one of those being the state of marketing Trends report They produce every year they're 2002 report pulled data from a 1600 marketers agencies across the globe so fairly representative in terms of data size and results one of the interesting things that came back was that personalization in messaging was the number one tactic that email marketers were using to increase engagement so you know significant data pool there and that's coming out as a number one tactic to use also another report from HubSpot this Time looking at website personalization rather than email Outreach personalization and again similar size or again a similar output in terms of the results more than a doubling of conversions when you're landing pages include personalization on the call to action now in this survey that has over 300 000 landing pages or pages that were using personalization to determine this over a significant period of time so again very relevant to what we're Talking about today and obviously um the results that it's delivering and the reason why people are wanting to do this improve engagement in their Outreach on their landing pages is because user engagement is getting harder and harder the amount of messages we see on a daily basis is increasing all the time and it's thousands and thousands but of course we all have the same amount of time in a day and so that time per message is reduced and so the Amount of time that message has to grab the user's attention is getting smaller and smaller so we have to work harder and harder to stand out from you know the wall of text and kind of the the the onslaught of messages that we're all receiving you know throughout every day and that's really where images come in images are such a powerful way to to communicate you know to give your message across in a really easy to understanding consume way the human Brain processes images 60 000 times quicker than text and so what that means is that when we use image to convey a mess message it's way more effective but also it means because the image is processed so quickly by the brain when it includes something like personalization in the image it triggers what's referred to as a pattern interrupt now that is just essentially a psychological behavior that just puts a break on the brain the brain screaming Like hey stop pay more attention to this and this is a little bit different you know that that personalization that might increase mind share just leads to more engagement and ultimately more people taking your call to action and that's really kind of what hyperize enables its core for you to personalize your images your website and even your videos and so you're increasing engagement each of these steps and creating true hyper personalization Through your funnel of course that can be used in outboarding uh Outreach you know newsletters whatever kind of communication methods you know that you're you're kind of putting out there to your custom base which your prospects each of those opportunities is is a you know each of those is an opportunity to increase your conversion rates and that's really you know where hyperize and HubSpot combined together creates incredibly powerful tool overall for Your Outreach engagement so let's look at some of the images or kind of types of images you can create used in your Outreach campaigns now I think there's fair to say this kind of two broad camps of users and use cases with high prize and the first kind of broad Camp is sales type people reaching out contacting you know new prospects trying to engage them in either booking a sales call or a demo or a strategy code or attending an event something Where there's going to be some sort of human interaction at the end of that call to action when that is the case in a really purposeful way of you know using a personalized image is to humanize it and that means putting yourself in the image so you're creating that human connection building stronger relations and relationships and Trust to people you're reaching out to obviously as a humans we relate far more to another human in an image than a certain Random object and so in this case at least the first two had I've heard James at the top from staff Circle and this is Ash down here from hyperrise in both of these cases they've recorded a gif within the hyperrise platform directly using their webcam and what they've done is they've used a real you know a prop physical prop in this case James is using a whiteboard and actually's got this laptop in this case we've got Dynamic screen or website screenshot of The prospect so again and that's your logo in this case and so what we're doing is using those real objects to kind of put personalization in them to try and create this kind of pattern interrupt doing in a purposeful way in this case hey I've just looked at your website would love to chat you know or having a message written on the Whiteboard so really going to get into focus in on that message but done you know with a gif so you've got the Movement drawing the eye in the humanization building this strong trust and of course the personalization triggering that pattern interrupt you know to increase that mind share otherwise you can do that uh kind of these examples in the middle and the bottom here is just overlaying personalization additional layers on your image and again with the GIF in there and the humanization you know like for example this one the middle here Where you know just connect to someone LinkedIn you know using a bit of humor in there as well the visualization and the humanization really kind of piling in the different kind of strategies in this image and then we've got this one here on the right hand side now in this case what we're using is an augmented reality marker like this a little bit like a QR code if you like but what that means is when we record a gif and we're holding this hyperize you can track this Object and then replace that with your personalized image so in this case we have a ticket to an event so really nice way to invite somebody to an event you know have a ticket personalized to them you know with you the host or the speaker inviting them you know no better way to kind of build trust you know and kind of stronger relationships it can earlier on in that funnel before you actually meet so there's some great examples there let's look at kind of Some of the other benefits so when we're using a humanized image we also kind of Leverage other elements like the more reciprocity which is kind of this inbuilt human trait if you do something nice for somebody and even a smile and a wave just kind of putting a face to the name then that kind of builds this kind of trust and also this you don't want to kind of Replay or repay that and so they're more feeling more compelled to respond you know after they've kind of Had that sort of um nice kind of moment of delight so again you know what we could end up with is kind of responses like this you know this out cold Outreach to Rebecca a simple personalized image just with a physical whiteboard with her name and logo and the call to action on there and her response is love this when can we chat now we all know nobody really loves cold Outreach but what we've done is elevated her feel good fact that she probably Would have said yes anyway she seems that sort of person that was was interested potentially but because of this personalized image she has gone from light to love you know what that means is that you know when we spoke to Rebecca she was way more receptive and open and engaged what we had to talk about or we can use an image in a humanized way to kind of minimize friction and reduce the the kind of the the size of The ask so for example rather than saying hey let's have a sales call or a demo or a strategy call you know let's say let's have a chat and a coffee much smaller ask can removing a lot of the friction you know think about mentally you know a business call of a demo or something like that it's you know half an hour more and quite heavy you know and it's a bigger decision than a light-hearted chat and a coffee you know you've kind of mentally think of it as a Smaller thing and so more likely to kind of accept that and so then reinforcing all of that by visualizing that in your image you know kind of saying hey let's have a chat of coffee you're there with your coffee mug so again very much visualizing your call to action humanizing it and obviously it's all personalized as well so kind of you know really packing in the the punch as it were and this is the sort of response we get again in this case from Edgar and he Writes I never apply to these emails this is the first one that worked and I literally hear that or see that in my kind of responses well that I receive daily from people that have had that sort of experience and almost at the previous predisposed to not like cold Outreach so when they get something that kind of cuts through that distaste they really feel that they need to to mention it and so you know that kind of again showing that kind of these are the sort Of replies you wouldn't normally get um you know without using this sort of personalized image strategy and now that's going to work part of that uplift is coming from in terms of you know those additional moments of delight that you're generating these are kind of kind of benefit you can just tend to see is that kind of good will you're creating from you know the kind of what they feel from receiving this personalized image if you Haven't potentially targeted the right person in the organization maybe too senior or too Junior often what you'll get is that good will means that they all want to still help you and they'll forward on to the relevant person and that's quite a powerful word of mouth referral that you're getting which means again another bite of the trade something that would ordinarily happen you know without you having to create this kind of moment of delight for them And so you know that can be quite powerful as well and again another kind of area of kind of results you're going to get that you would be missing out ordinarily if you aren't using this strategy and generally overall what you're doing is just creating this moment of delight as I say you know people think it's cool it's nice and they appreciate the effort you know and I'd say it just makes you stand out from everybody else and that's Kind of really what we're trying to do in this noisy world where you know everyone's vying for your prospect's attention this is the way that you stand out from by doing that but as I mentioned the kind of two camps of kind of users if you like of use cases of hypervisor one of the ones we were just looking at there was a kind of sales humanization sort of kind of uh use cases but another kind of Campus okay the marketing sort of images where If you're more visualizing your call to action rather than humanizing it and this is a kind of a really good example from one of our clients G2 now what G2 do is they produce these quarterly reports showing who are the best software vendors by category and so these are quite well recognized reports especially in the software industry but in this case what um G2 have done is they've mocked up those reports in hyperrise and then they've personalized Them to show the highest performer in that category to be the prospect they're reaching out to and they're accompanying that image with this kind of call to action of if you work with G2 you could become a category leader and so they're kind of showcasing their services and how they can help you can rise up the ranks and do it in a very visual way you can imagine if you're a software vendor and you received an email with you know the kind of the G2 grid report it showed You in you know in the top spot you know that would certainly grab your attention in their case increase their reply rates from 15 to 48 so tripled their outcome simply by you know having this visualization of what success is going to look like in the future if they take action you know in a very compelling way um another example here again diet another kind of image diagrammatically telling a story in this case this is none of our customers reply to IO and What they've done is they've targeted customers they've seen are using lots of different bits of software you know and probably created a little bit of a kind of headache in terms of making it all work nicely together and then they're proposing the solution to that problem which is their multi-channel solution that we can replace all these individual components and they've just changed one simple thing in this image and that's the prospect's logo so you can see the Logo there being dynamically personalized to each Prospect and that you know really helped kind of tell the story of people that had this problem you know and obviously the the logo drawing kind of that triggering that pattern pattern interrupting drawing their attention in and that resulted in almost doubling of reply rates in that case their email uh call to action was to reply to the email and you see it went from 11 to 21 so quite an amazing Uplift there the other thing that um reply did is they didn't just look at the reply rate that was kind of the their North Star metric if you like the thing that were they were most focused on but they also were monitoring open rates and delivery rates what they found is over time as they were using these personalized images and creating better engagement and the reply rate going up that in turn also led to a better domain reputation So their overall domain improved from a reputation standpoint from a ESP kind of you know from an email service provider perspective that domain looked kind of a better quality and so what that meant is delivery rate into the inbox improved you can see in this case going up 10 from 86 to 96 and also then the open rate improved because they were getting better placement in the inbox as I say rather than going to end up in spam folds and so there really are these kind Of additional benefits if you're getting more people to engage with your messages high prices and acting like a pseudo email warm-up that is creating more engagement and so you know improving your domain reputation so again you know a massive uplift um overall for that this is a another example here of how to visualize the choice for somebody maybe like a newsletter or a survey something like that now I want to kind of say just caveat this this result here 14 times The kind of the uplift from the from the non-personalized image version that is quite an outlier we our customers tend to see a double or tripling of conversion rates but this 14x you know is probably one of the biggest updates I've ever seen an amazing result in this case this campaign we did a pure blind a B test where the email captures exactly the same the only difference was either just simple uh click links um in in the in one version and personalized images With images kind of re visualizing you know what the different elements were you know growth of more customers or you know more more uh reducing the CAC or kind of better engagement and so I've had these personalized images that visualize the different choices and 14 times more people clicked one of these images rather than one of those links and again you you know a very powerful way to get more feedback in this case uh you know in kind of 14 times quicker Than you would do ordinarily without those personalized images this is a probably one that you're familiar with if you've signed up or attended one of our own events because we use this strategy ourselves uh to great effect and that is essentially that we kind of create a personalized event GIF you know so an image of a ticket that kind of uh you know that references your event so visually tells the story of how this is an event uh I Mean this is a ticket for that event something that people be familiar with but in this case personalizing it to the recipient you know the person who's registered for your event now what that does is one creates this moment of delight and this good will because they've just registered for your event and then they get this really lovely personalized image and then what we can do is say hey I would love it manjo in this case a monoi should I say you know If you would share that with your audience and it can provide a simple sharing mechanism where they can share your personalized or their own personalized event GIF now what that does in turn is give social endorsement you know from the person registered to your event to Their audience and what we've found is that that kind of um on average about 10 of your audience will actually share their you know this event gift like from that moment of delight Now 10 you might be thinking that doesn't sound that great but actually what we've seen from our own tests is that for each one of those shares that in turn generates five or six new registrations to your event and obviously that's quite powerful you know if you have a buddy or a friend and they just post their feed say hey I'm attending this event and you know you've got similar interests and also your buddy is kind of recommending it you can See that you know that's quite powerful and that's why we can see you know this uplift of five or six per share and obviously if you've got 10 share of five or six that can lead to a 50 or 60 uplift in your registrants and what we see from the types of shares you know a lot of that going off in kind of area networks would like for example uh LinkedIn now we also expanded that um that day to set and we brought in a load of our existing customers and looked at Their events some with them some without the personalized gifts and then obviously some with the event gifts and again what we saw was very similar uh to our own findings was that the the shares which were virtually none before when we didn't have these event gifts you know shot up dramatically in this case we see 11 slightly better than our own results but I know that kind of increased share kind of had uh you know a couple of impacts the first one we can see is the Average number of registrants per event has gone up by about 60 percent and again obviously that's directly correlated to the number of shares that uh that were kind of uh encouraging and kind of enabling to happen but also using other personalized images throughout the sequence and the run-up to the event uh some of them humanized and some of them kind of event ticket based we're also able to increase the attendance the overall engagement the Anticipation uh for the event is is improved and we get more people turning it from the day so again amazing if you're putting on events using these sort of event strategy gifts you can have an amazing uplift again here's another example of one as a reminder you know the event's about to start in this case Neil Patel using this one increased his attempts by 22 with this strategy here's another example of a different Slightly different call to action but in a really amazing way and if you have any sort of uh you know if you've got a SAS platform or anything sort of suit that has you know a dashboard or something like that being able to show your product in a visual way and personalizing it rather than just describing what it does can be incredibly powerful in this case this is Hub staff one of our clients and what they want to do their call to action in Their campaigns was to sign up for a self-serve free trial so what they were doing was kind of sending out saying hey here's the benefits of our platform you know if you have remote workers then this is a convenient way to kind of manage them via the app and you see a dashboard of all you know all of their activity so you know describing that and then visually showing that you know those two together are very powerful and in this example we can see this is this Image is personalized to Tim Cook from Apple so we're pulling through dynamically the Apple logo into the dashboard the first person listed in the dashboard is the prospect we're reaching out to and even the app component of product here the map on there and the logo and the profile image all personalized to the Prospect and what what that did was had a massive impact and first of all showing you know visualizing uh the product you know with The call to actually sign up for a self serve free trial which putting the product in their hands before they've even done that and seeing some of the values straight off now that led to a massive impact 3.5 x uplift there click-through rate for people starting a try went from three to eleven percent so a massive uplift simply by embedding these product images in their Outreach emails but they went further than that and what they did is they also Personalized their landing pages in this case you can see the header personalized in this case to Tim from Apple uh the call to action button is personalized of course all of the product images are on the page was personalized in all the subheaders and that led to a doubling of conversions on the landing page amazing and then if we look at that um what we see when we try and create this hyper fertilization where we're creating multiple steps of improvement Of optimization of Engagement using personalization each of those steps they're compounding to create an overall uplift so in this example from Hub staff we had a three plus X uplift on the first step on the Outreach on the email that means three more times three more times of people will download ending up on the Second Step which is the landing page now that landing page was also optimized using personalization we doubled the conversions there and so That's double the conversions times triple the conversion the first step we end up like a 7x uplift throughout the fun on what that means in you know in real kind of numbers that matter is that for every 300 emails now that hubstaff send out they get seven sign up to their platform whereas before they only got one you know and that that it really means difference of how viable their email channel can be in terms of bringing in New business so you know Really was a game changer and of course that 2x uplift on HUB stash landing page also very much mimics the kind of the uh the survey we kind of looked at before from HubSpot you know where they looked over 300 000 uh landing pages and again saw a similar sort of uplift so again not an outlier from hubstaff very much kind of in line with what we'd expect from when we Implement website personalization so hoping that's given you some ideas for Thought of You Know website or website and image personalization and the sorts of images you can use you know whether you're going to humanize it or you're going to visualize your call to action show success you know all of those things you know great great ways to kind of using personalized images purposefully so let's now look at how we create these images so rather than just going through the deck here let's jump into the actual platform now within Hyperrise we have a 14 day free trial so you can jump straight in today without any commitment no credit cards needed and stop building your own templates and using the Outreach without any restrictions whatsoever now when you first come into your um your uh your account to your new account you go to images you'll only see this first tile here which is create a new image you can see I've got a bunch of images I've already created in mine Of course but when we click on this create new image what we're going to be shown is a bunch of stock templates and if you see this case over 100 and 153 templates as it stands today of different templates that we can use um you know take them and modify them completely change them or slightly change them or just use them for inspiration what we can also do is filter down so let's say for example I wanted to create Um a personalized image to promote my event you know I could just choose the event tag or indeed just type it in there if I wanted to the keyword event and what that's going to do is filter all the templates we have that are kind of relevant to an event so you can see we've got some examples of different tickets here you know or somebody at the front you know in this case saying are you ready to join us of course we've got okay we've changed all of these so maybe What I'm going to do is going to choose this VIP event ticket first of all maybe I'm going to say maybe it's not VIP maybe it's just it was just a standard ticket for example again what we could do is we've got this text here so we can kind of move it or kind of reduce the size you know if we want to that sort of thing so we've got complete control of the color the font the style all of those sort of things you know that are important to kind of create the sort of Image that we're looking for in this case we've got the first name there maybe we want to change this layer and rather than just first name maybe also put in the last name too you know so we've kind of got a little bit extra information in there we've got an image layer here and so we can again this has always got the high price logo in here we could simply just remove this or we could replace that image upload our own logo for example let's just choose this One so we're going to complete control and what we can see is as we're kind of editing this we're building up these layers here on the right hand side and we can control open up each and one of these I'm going to see the detail of that specific layer and we've got all the layer controls here so for example if we wanted to have their profile image in here we could just drag that in and maybe drop that there you know and then You can resize it like that sort of style you know even make it round if we wanted to so again lots of different ways to kind of control your image adding in these personalized layers the like logo or profile image or textual elements even website screenshots or Maps you know they're going to pull through dynamically and update so let's just click save on this we can also control other aspects you know for example this background if we preview This now what we can we'll see is that we've got this kind of gif background and again the reason why we're doing that is that we want when this image is shared we want to have some sort of movement in there because that gif is going to draw people's eye and imagine if you're scrolling through your feed and your buddy shared this you know that kind of that animation is going to really help but in this case maybe you kind of don't Want something if this is a bit of a Star Wars sort of background maybe you want something different you can go to the canvas settings and change the background so that might be again a gift that you've got um that you want to upload or again we could use the stock images and I could start filtering down so I can look for background images um and you know obviously we see we've got to just get rid of my images of the Stock ones and so we've got these various different images let's let's use this kind of lava lamp sort of one uh and we'll use the canvas width and we'll just set this back to 400 so we've kind of got our our image now that can make it public and so now we're ready to start using this in our templates we can add it into HubSpot use it directly within Gmail or Outlook or LinkedIn or you know or any of the hundreds of other Integrations we have But what we can also do is humanize this so right now we've created this image template um which is showing obviously in this case uh kind of visualizing an event ticket so again we could use this once somebody's registered for our event and send them a thank you and show that but we could also humanize this and use it as part of an invite process as well so let's go over to our canvas settings and Choose humanize image and what we can see here we've got our three kind of parts to process we've got our template we've just created and again we've got a guide here kind of really detailing all of that in further details um we've got our we've got our GIF our humanized GIF which we've recorded and we've created using our um uh augmented reality marker and again these are available here we can download the Portrait a landscape just an A4 bit of paper you print off and you just fold it up and sell it tape it at the back and again the kind of the instructions and video covers all of that how to do that and then hyperize smashes those together and what we end up with is this kind of humanized personalized GIF in this case you can see pulling through the uh a personalized image template what we can also do is scale this if we wanted the ticket to be kind of really big for Example you know we could really kind of go for it and scale it right up and obviously to get it right back down to get even smaller than the the QR the the marker there so again we can set it to kind of to be I like to kind of have it the sort of size where I could just still about to see my fingertips and so it just kind of creates more of that illusion of something that you're kind of really holding on to there so you can see scale slightly bigger than the Actual card and obviously because I'm taking it towards the camera um you know it kind of you still get a pretty good size there and in terms of these humanized gifts in the middle like I mentioned before you can record these directly using your webcam uh within the within the platform you can set that to be square or portrait or landscape and even the record length before it Loops or if you've already recorded some before then you'll have those all in Your library so you can simply just select any one of your markers you might have one with a wave one with a point you know a square one format for maybe LinkedIn you know and you can select those and use those with any number of your images and once you're happy with the uh the humanized GIF and the size we can simply enable that click done save it and now when we preview this I'm going to see obviously the personalized ticket but we're now going to see it at Humanized as well and in this case we can see what it personalized uh based on this example data so that's the the basics as you saw there there's you know hundreds of templates hundreds more um uh stock images so you can really get going without um you know without much much effort but also obviously adding in your own uh media is going to help as well and so again we make that super easy but once You're satisfied and you've got your image and you're ready to start using that then this is the next step is really simple to stop adding that into let's say HubSpot so what we're going to do is choose get image code click that and it's going to give us the option to add the integration which in this case we're going to choose HubSpot now we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Integrations here so usually it's easier just to kind of filter the list In this case we can see a HubSpot we've got two options here one for the CRM and one for marketing they're two different slightly different um kind of interpretations from a HubSpot perspective of how to add an image to a template and so we have two diff Integrations depending on where about your idea in HubSpot you can add as many Integrations as you want to each image so there's no restrictions you could have you know both HubSpot Integrations On the image that wouldn't be a problem in this case I'm just going to choose the CRM and I'm going to what we're going to do is see the image just pop up in a second just taking a little bit to load there we go and I can simply copy this and then we can add that into our HubSpot template we can see here it's now pulling through all of the um the properties for uh you know for for HubSpot in terms of Like contact our first name and all those sort of things and also if if we need a kind of reference for every integration we always have an integration guide and that will kind of guide us through the process but what I'm going to do now is actually jump into my own HubSpot account and I'm going to go over to my templates within the CRM just to show obviously because I added the CRM integration and what I'm going to do is create a new template From scratch uh record this HR uh open up HR hub spot demo HS demo I'm going to put Pi let's just say hi first name in here very first name and imagine we've got some blurb here whatever it may be intro paragraph and now here I want to add my image I'm just going to right click and choose paste what that's going to do is add the image that I've copied from my buffer and add it directly into the image now We can see here we've got um the the template that we're creating high price that we've copied and it's got all the parameters in there for HubSpot that we need so we can simply save that template and we've got that there for whatever we need to use it now we can use that you know wherever we wish so for example I could be in Gmail and then let's send an electric email here which is Tim and what we can see is when I'm in Gmail I've already got the HubSpot integration Here and I've got all my templates so I'm going to choose templates and what we should see let's just choose view all we should see the one we've just created uh created a few seconds ago HS demo and what that's going to be what that should show us I don't know why did it say hi Tim there but what we see at least the image personalized which is the bit that we were interested in there in this case you see Tim byland and we're pulling through his his business Sticky leads.com and you see that's the logo being pulled through let's just try that again I'm going to choose one of my existing templates so this is one that hopefully I don't get to use too much Mr Zoom call so have a call book for somebody um and we can see in this case again we're pulling through the personalized image Tim learned how to use in sticky leads we kind of got his logo pulled through that image is Personalizing perfectly so so we can use um in HubSpot via Gmail or use it in Gmail via HubSpot I'm using their templates what we can also do because obviously use these templates within sequences you know or directly within contacts within our CRM so let me just jump over to this CRM and I'll just choose someone here maybe let's use page because I was looking at her earlier she's on our website personalization for our next demo so that'll tie in nicely Um what I'm going to do is choose uh to email uh page I'm going to create email and again I can choose a template and so let's just set the same one that we just created and Bam here we can see high page and then what we should see is the here we go the personalized image dynamically created on the Fly again pulling through pages uh logo a name Etc so very simple to use these templates again of course these templates can be used in sequences you know all campaigns In the marketing side so at scale rather than the one to one here uh what we can also do from the one-to-one basis is here obviously in Gmail we're using uh the HubSpot templates if I go back to compose here again let's just put in another let's choose Timmy again why not um and again we can kind of have a message here we've also got the hyperrise button here as well as being able to add them in as a full template Via HubSpot we can also add the personalized images into our emails or in Gmail or also in Outlook you know we can select an image template we can even make it clickable choose anywhere we want to send them to in this case a kind of a Blog template Academy and then what that's going to do is embed that image directly into the email and so as you can see here we've now been able to add it directly into the email using the Chrome extension that Also works um in LinkedIn as well so you for example you can see here we've got the the same short link button that we can add in these short links and personalized images directly into LinkedIn in this case you can see my message to Howard giving him a trial invitation using a similar sort of ticket idea putting through his logo a name and business name Also while we're talking about the Chrome extension that also enables us to personalize our landing pages so going back to Pages we're just looking at before in HubSpot here we can see a landing page that page would have seen after she'd received an email from us and clicked to go on to our site so in this case we can see that page worked for invite change and so we're using her business name her name in the button her logo on this briefcase And even kind of next our logo and as we scroll through the page we kind of see in this mock-up of examples of our product again all personalized dynamically to page and this is another thing that our Chrome extension enables enables you to personalize your landing pages on your existing website so let me just load this up again Chrome extension this is the thing that's enabling us to add short links and images into Gmail Outlook and Linkedin and Facebook in This case what I'm going to choose is to personalize this page or we can see when this loads before where we had Pages business name we can now see we've got parameters and actually what we can do is I can click into any text element on the page and when I do so all of my personalization tags again become visible so I could add them in so for example we could say um first name double Business names Outreach engagement with personalized images and again you can see this is green and this that needs to be just it's just using the HTML of that standard element that's being applied there so again this personalization is just taking all of the traits design style font of your existing website and just and again adding in these personalized layers also in here where we've chosen text we can see all the personalization tags if I choose an Image on the page what it's going to show me is all of my personalized image templates or indeed if I've created some personalized videos and you see here when they load I can also replace the image with a personalized video as well so pretty much any element on the page we can control and replace with one of our personalized placeholders for text we can just change the text to make it more sense if it's if we're in a segment you Know we can add personalized tags personalize images and videos so really really flexible and like I said that will work on any website you simply add our JavaScript snippet to your site and then use this Chrome extension to define the personalization and you're away creating these personalized experiences so that's a very quick overview of hyperize you know we can personalize our images we can obviously create these personalized images we can use those in Our LinkedIn Outreach we can use them in our email Outreach and we fully integrate with HubSpot so we can pull all of your data from hotspot into these personalized images and onto your landing pages and that is really the key of our platform enables you know dynamic logos Dynamic profile images integration with thousands of different platforms so whatever you're using or if you're working with lots of clients whatever They're using you know we're going to have you covered for that of course our Chrome extension is a thing that enables you to kind of spread that out from wherever you're you know browsing or using adding in these personalized experiences on a one-to-one basis as well as doing at scale with one of our many integration partners I really hope this has been a useful session for you as I mentioned before we do have a completely free Friday free 14-day free trial did I say free there also as I mentioned before we have a completely free 14-day trial you go to hyperrise.com click this the the free trial sign up button you'll be in there no credit card needed no commitment just pure free access uh to that the full product so for the Images the website personalization and videos so you really can kick the tires on all of the elements of the product you know and we're also there for you from a support Perspective so once you've started your free trial within the product we've got this uh little um uh kind of support chat element if you like where you can chat to us start a conversation with our support team we also have our help center we've got hundreds of integration articles and how-to articles you know similar to the one we saw here you know which are very kind of text and uh uh image based so quite easy to follow Um you can also book further time one-to-ones with uh our support team who needs to delve into any of your kind of more complex questions and of course we also have our um let's put it out of this we also have our Academy within our resources which has you know I think over 60 uh videos now in terms of how to kind of onboard how to kind of use it in sales funnels and Linkedin and Automation and many other different strategies lots of different videos to Explore and learn from there so again I hope this session has been useful we're here to help uh look forward to speaking to you all soon you take care cheers bye

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