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Video Transcript (unedited)

Hey, I wanted to record this quick video today just to share with you a little tip it's not a new thing with hyperise but it's something that we use internally and it's really simple to set up but really effective especially if you're using website personalization already so what we have um is we have this landing page we see here hyperise slash growth call where we tend to funnel all of our cold Outreach Too and we have a personalized video on here with scrolling website and all those sort of nice things and a kind of a book uh you know a book in action below there um so what we've done is we've set up a zapier um is that um where every time a personalized image on this page is triggered so we've got like a personalized image here we've got Another one down there for example so we've just selected one of those images in the zap we can see here if we look at the trigger uh we've got the strategy report which is actually um this image here um you see which is personalized uh with their business name and the person's name Etc it's triggered every time that image is personalized we know that that's from the growth record page we're Going to send that information to a slack channel so we get notified of somebody's joined uh that pay or someone's taking action and hit that page and so it's really useful especially if you're kind of from a sales perspective in order to see for example you can see here's our messages for today in the growth call visitors slack Channel we can see um the details of the person uh their business name the campaign that they Came from when they joined and also you know the link with their personalization details in this I could even click that page and see what they've seen obviously you could have other different personalizations or different actions in there and what's really great is that within the the um the kind of the slack action what you can do is just add in your own message you know choose whatever Channel you want to go to and you've got all of the Personalization data um that we've we've fetched from that visit you know it could be like their business name uh their job title um you know where they're from you know you could have a map with a Lap using their Latin long um obviously first name last name email address all of that sort of useful information you can inject into the slack message you know so then you end up with as you saw this nice big long List of all the people you've been reaching out to and you can see them there so maybe you want to give them a nudge you know use that email to kind of uh can reach out to them again maybe even give them a call knowing that they're hot right at that moment on on your page you know so lots of different ways that you can make sure that you know these uh prospects these visitors to your pages become um you know live customers or live prospects anyway just Thought I'd share this with you it's very simple to set up as I said just using a zapier and using our um image personalization triggers and obviously in this case we're putting the data into slack you could quite easily have a different process where maybe if you're using HubSpot now you add a note to that customer to say Hey you know they visited this page and so you know from a sales perspective again you know you could have a hot list of people that

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