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Hi again, thanks for following these videos. In this one we're going to be covering the hype campaign, press jump into it. So, in the hyper-campaign within your images, you have this little button here, get your image code. What we do is when we click this, it's gonna enable us to get all of the code we need to create our hyper personalization to link our outreach messages with our personalized image embedded into clicking to a landing page for example. So to do that we simply click the Get Image probe button here with you have the option of either selecting integration if we've already added one for image, or in this case, we can add a new integration. So, simply click the Add New. And then here we can search our integration library for the hundreds of integrations that we have. So in this case I'm going to choose HubSpot, and they're going to add that into my integration. Now at this point we can also choose to link to a landing page so rather than just showing the image in the message we could make the image clickable so we can say yes to this. At that point, we can choose a domain, we will already have in our account, or add a new domain in this case, I'm gonna choose an existing one. And then finally, we can choose whether it's the home page or a landing page in this case, I'm going to choose my landing page for the demo. Then I click Next. Type arise will then check the site to see if it's setup. In this case it is, and sort of go straight into the code. If the site wasn't set up, then it will give you the snippet add to your website. So in this case we have three options as we added a landing page, we've got the clickable image codes I can simply click copy code, and add that straight into my in this case, HubSpot email template thought, just to have the image code, I could switch it out to have that or if I wanted to add an additional link into the email and have just the COVID link text, I can also do that. If I'm not sure how to add this code that I'm copying here into each version of selected, there'll be an integration guide here for the platform you've chosen, which you can then click on Select and get through to that specific integration guide, and learn how you add that specific code into the platform you've chosen services, you've been useful. Look forward to catching the next video, cheers.

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