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Hey in this video we're going to cover website segmentation and personalization so with the most recent update to our Chrome extension you can also set website segments and then apply individual personalization to each of those segments so let's jump in to see how that works so we're going to use the high priced website as a example here and as you can see here we've got the Chrome extension already installed by Simply clicking that in this case we're already logged in and so that just shows you I'm signed in as and then we proceed we've got the personalization toolbar here at the top now for those of you that have used this toolbar before some of these elements will look familiar in the middle here we've got the personalizations that we have on the page here we see in this case 26 personalization on the page and we can scroll through and see those and then Select any of those and be taken to that point on the page where they exist and then from there obviously we can select any element and if you select for example you set the text element or see all the personalization tags or if we select an image element then we'll see all of the personalized images in there and can also search for a specific image we wanted to then in this case we could then you click to replace that or we can right-click the image and choose to Personalize it and that will load it over in our image editor the same applies with text went in edit mode we can choose to right-click and see that edit HTML so if you want to add some specific HTML tags I'm making a motor tank bold for example we could do that room directly within the HTML editor so that's the kind of standard stuff that's already there we also have these controls here which will bring up the easier the HTML editor all the Edit Controls but what we've added to here is segmentation on the right-hand side as you can see when we the personalization toolbar by default will have the default personalization segment so that's the segment that will be applied when user arrives website and we're able to apply some level of personalization based on what you've set in this case we're personalizing writing sending your website or personalizing with the actual website name to Personalize AFRICOM for example if so we were able to recognize you know personalized identifying the visitor topologies thermographic level then that we applied now to for personalization but we can go beyond that now if I click this we'll see I've got a couple of other segments based already created but what I would do let's just for this for this example or a demo here let's just create a new segment so you see this little button here then that will load Of the website segment at all when we can first of all give it a name so in this case let's call it b2b marketers and what we're going to say is if the business category contains b2b and the job title contained marketer and so when we have this segment we can see now that we've changed now but the b2b marketers segment selected and we've got zero personalization on this page so in this case I might want to change the title and say perfect for me to be marketers And just completely change the title of the page based on the segment in this case I know that you know they're gonna the business segment is going to be b2b and their job title is gonna have Montes so if that case when we had a visitor coming to your site you've identified through an outreach let you Oba this segment could be applied and then you know you'd then go through and apply a completely different set personalizations in terms of changing Images you know for example change some font or links to articles that are more specific to that segment and in terms of mm-hmm to save that segment personalization to know that we've got in this case three segments select created I can then choose to change the order of these so for example the private I might want the CEOs to be the first segment to be applied if possible and then kind of go Through the list to find the most appropriate segments based on priority so my select another segment here I've chosen a soccer web segment we can see we've got nine personalizations in this case so we're saying perfect for software businesses like and then we've added in a personalization tank so not only are we changing the content in terms of to personalize to the segment then we're also adding this thermographic personalization in there As well so I can then now take that click the Edit box here and I can see in the specifics of this segment so in this case we're saying if business category contains the word software what we can also do with segments which is incredibly powerful is link them so for example we've got a statement as we just saw they're called software so I know that can be a software business and then we could add an additional segment that for example could be number of visits so Number of visits is more than five let's say or you can lower the one and then or whatever that number may be and then we can say okay that that repeat visitor as maybe got higher in ten so maybe we want to have different level of personalization or maybe just even a a welcome back name you know sort of title instead and so we can say no repeat as well as being able to use segment types searches of the segment you defined you can also use refer excuse me as well as With UTM parameters so if you're using this from for example a campaign from paid acquisition on Facebook or Google and you're defining a certain campaign the campaign type or in terms of a Google search a seven term that was used then thank you being able to apply that to the campaign and then segment your site and then personalize the site according obviously the number or the permutation is available with these segment types is a you know Limited almost but yet certainly it gives you a lot of scope for creating really personalized experiences on your website hope this has been a useful video and forward to your feedback and making this product even stronger thanks for your time

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