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So thanks everybody for joining us today on this event where we're going to be covering how to use hype personalization image personalization website personalization all of those sort of tools focus primarily towards sas businesses how to do that in your outreach um you know in email in linkedin and all your other kind of user engagement channels that you might be using and how to do That effectively and significantly um boost your conversion so just a little couple of housekeepings um to start with before we jump into that as you just heard this webinar is being recorded so just bear that in mind especially if you're um if you're going to be coming and talking or mentioning anything then there is going to be a current record of that also i mean to start with obviously your your audio is muted so if you want to come on and ask a question If you want to join the panel then remember to meet yourself if you do have any questions as we go through this you know whilst this is a bit of an event you know i'd love it to be a two-way process so if you have any questions as we go pop them into the q a function and it will be on the black bar wherever you see it above or below your your your your video or your your screen that you're Seeing um and we'll answer those as we go you know so um we can answer when we're the most topical as as we've already said this event has been recorded and we will share a copy of that with everybody with all the attendees everybody registered after the event and they'll also be available at the high prize academy where we include records for all of our webinars and all of our video education If there are any other any other issues or anything else that's going on some things going on or i've managed to mute myself or something crazy like that um just raise your hand and kind of um we'll stop and pause and then kind of jump over and answer your questions i'll sort you out and then we'll move on so hopefully that's the housekeeping now in terms of my introduction to myself who am i um you know who is it yeah that we're talking Just obviously my name ian naylor and the co-founder of hyper eyes obviously the image personalization personalization toolkit and that i mentioned before but before that um i've been running starting online businesses for the last 20 odd i think it's 23 years now and majority of those have been sas businesses obviously hyperis is a sas business founded another business called app institute 11 years ago which is a code Free mobile app business focused towards small businesses against sas and a couple of other sasses in between before that so um in terms of my experience of talking today about um how how we can aid in sas i feel like i've got a a good handle on that in terms of running several sas businesses and and seeing where those uplifts are and i'll come back to that um in a while other than that you know we have um you know with hyperis we're in our third Year now and just over 2 000 customers and growing quite rapidly um other than that i'm a father of three um and in my spare time as if there's any spare time when your father of three and running a startup um if there was any spare time um before covid i i used to race soap boxes so you know create build your own car and throw yourself down a hill essentially So that's me um hopefully we're gonna have some fun today as well as learn some things but i'd say any questions as we go please fire them up find them and straight in so we've already ticked off a couple of things in terms of welcome introduction and maybe a little bit about hyper eyes but maybe sometimes it's good to take a step back before we go forward um and what i wanted to talk about was why image personalization and there's lots Of reasons why image personalization now you know i can bring all sorts of stats and and customers you know that we have in case studies but i think the first reason or one of the first reasons was my as i mentioned before my my previous experience of working with other sas business founding of the sas businesses my first very business actually in 1998 was a car import business and that was the very first time i used image personalization and it had a Massive impact where we would personalize quote packs which would include a picture of a car and on the number plate we would personalize it um with the person's surname to a private number plate and then got great commissions off that it ended up being the kind of the sales leader for the organization but from that initial lesson you know so many years ago i've taken that forward in every business um i've ran and actually one of the Kind of the bigger ones of those was app institute you know which is a leader in its field of the kind of the code free mobile app building platforms and one of the things that we did that revolutionized that business um that you know that was one of the many seeds um you know for creating hyper eyes was that we changed the narrative of our business and how we reached out so rather than using many different channels Email one of them and reaching out to people and saying hey you can use our platform to build your own mobile app which you know to be honest wasn't a very sexy call to action certainly not in in the crowded channel like email but when we change that narrative to hey we've built your app click here to claim it the the the change was you know dramatic and so we use these personalized images Like you can see here these examples one thing you'll notice throughout today's presentation is that i i use um apple or specifically tim cook from apple as a proxy for my personalization examples so you'll you'll notice throughout the examples a lot of the examples i'm sharing today you'll see apple as um as as the business or tim cook as the prospect and that's so whenever you see apple just think of that as a proxy for Dynamic personalization so whoever received this whatever their business was their name or their logo they would see their logo in these images but you see here we've got images for a takeaway restaurant for a travel business and for beautician you get all personalized to the prospect that reaches those and so when we were able to segment our data and have personalized images that told the story of hey here's your business you know yes it's a templated app but It's now completely personalized to you you know clicking this button will kind of enable you to have that absolutely revolutionized the the business and you can see here 10x our funnel i mean we didn't just put personalized images in the email we also personalized all the landing pages so when they clicked one of the images they would also get a personalized landing page and again all the products all the Product images and all of the kind of the labels around there were all as you can see again in this one with apple you know and the call to action um being there personalized and that was you know like say it 10x it revolutionized that business what that meant was that we went from a channel that didn't work um which was email um and you know it became the number one channel so much so that we're able to Pretty much stop you know our kind of main channel which was acquisition via search engine marketing which we're spending about 70 000 pounds a month on and be able to just kind of turn that back on just to remarketing and use email as a primary source for in the lead generation so saving a huge amount of money which as as as a funded business was it was great to keep hold of more equity but it was it was certainly one of the Seeds you know that made me think that you know this would be um a great solution for many different sauces especially you know in marketing teams but at the time to create these sort of templated images it took a team of developers to create these static templates and then pre-process them for millions of images and at the time because this was like seven or eight years ago you know at times i know great if we could kind of dynamically do that You know do that on the fly and that's and really where high price came from so what they're going to share a couple examples of you know of some of the genesis there you know of the website personalization of the image personalization you know there you know how how difficult it was to achieve how effective um but now kind of with hyper eyes not only is it going to affect and be effective for your business but also easy to achieve as well We used it through all sorts of channels not just direct to kind of attract direct customers but also resellers as well kind of showing how the platform could look if it was white labeled you know and kind of branded under their business or even direct marketing creating personalized postcards um you know and using um kind of google maps type data to be able to reach out and what we found is that with these personalized postcards we put Personalized qr codes on there so when you scan the qr code you're going to get through to a personalized landing page and what that what that taught us when we when we monitored all of that that the amount of people that were scanning these cards was four times as many people that were clicking um the the links and emails and we already had you know um after the personalized image has already had a great uplift in terms of um the click-throughs from our emails So to be able to kind of do that um we can have an even better conversion rate with derek mayer was amazing and i i think we kind of came to the conclusion that when you're sending out a personalized postcard when it lands on your mac or on your desk it's kind of you have like 100 open rate like you can't help but see the personalization the imagery or whatever and that's in there and so that obviously creates a massive impact you Know that kind of in terms of people who then take that call to action but that was i said just a couple of examples of how we've used it in a previous stats that you know help help kind of um stimulate some of the things that we've done today with hyper eyes but you know obviously myself being a founder and a kind of a great kind of cheerleader of image personalization i was curious to watch to see what other people's opinions Of that were and so i did a recent survey on on linkedin to ask my audience you know what they thought and i had a reasonable um a kind of response you know almost 300 votes on there i was really surprised to see that 86 percent of people thought that using images in outreach can have a positive impact but because less than one percent of linkedin messages contain an image you know so it Is it's kind of everybody thinks yes using images is powerful but then when it comes to the kind of applying of that it's not necessarily done you know and i think part of that is to do with you know it being difficult or you know what image am i going to use and you know how i'm going to reinforce that and sometimes that's kind of more more obvious for marketing professionals but maybe less so from from the sales professionals so in the kind of the Outreach it kind of tends to fall off which is kind of where you know linkedin outreach platform in terms of messaging um you know you kind of see such a low percentage but the reason why we want to do that probably the reason why you know you're on this event now is because engagement is getting harder and you know we do need to work harder to get the sort of levels that we you know we're getting before you know platforms are having Having more restrictions it's hard to kind of send out lots of emails you know without getting in the spam if you're not doing it you know in a really engaging way and you know we're all being bombarded by more and more messages um each day but we all have the same you know number of hours and minutes and so the amount of time that we have to comprehend and process and understand you know or be captured by um you know Um the message is is reducing all the time and so as as marketers or sales people we have to work extra hard to try and grab their attention and that's kind of really you know where we see statistics like this start to come in play that you know as time has gone on and the attention span is reduced conversion rates drop and so to get the same amount of customers the cost goes up so you know you've got two Choices you can spend the same amount money and get less customers or you know get all the customers that you were getting before or kind of keep growing but obviously spending more to do that as a conversion rates change but there's another way that we can fight against that and against this kind of attention deficit and that's using image pro image personalization and the reason for that is that i mean no surprise that you know most um Most most kind of communication channels are visual but it's no surprise to learn that images convey information much more efficiently than text you know 60 000 times quicker than text images processed by the brain according to a scientific study um you know quite a significant one in terms of how that impacts but also the majorities of the majority of us are visual learners so when we kind of couple all that together when we see an image we you Know process it and understand it so so quickly that when there's some personalization embedded inside that image because that's a little bit different the brain just kind of puts a break on the bra and says stop you know pay more attention to this and that kind of is what referred to as a pattern interrupt and that increased mind share the pattern interrupt creates this psychological behavior that just leads To more engagement and obviously more engagement leads to more people understanding it and taking your call to action so it's really just about kind of working with what kind of way the brain works and kind of doing in a delightful way that's going to make a huge difference in terms of creating a moment of delight and getting people kind of to move to that next point of conversion so from your you know from the message from the from the email from the linkedin Message to your landing page then more personalization there create that moment of delight again or continue it and then get them to convert to you know putting booking a calendar call or filling in a form or downloading a white paper or whatever it is that you know your call to action is so that's the basics of you know what um our personal what why should we use personalization just you know why why Can they be um so effective you know why they're so powerful but obviously it's not just kind of useful enough to know okay great okay i understand the concept but you know how to use them how to make them purposeful because it's making the images purposeful that you know really gives us the biggest like bang for our book as it were so what i wanted to do over the next couple of slides is just give you some examples of how different Sas companies you know that we've used other kind of clients of ours have used them to kind of create this sort of um big impact that we're talking about so kind of certainly on the kind of the sales teams sort of side of the organization um majority of call to actions are booker call right and it might be phrase lots of different ways strategy called discovery call sales call if you really Wanna do blatant demo is a popular one um but you know all of these events end up with this sort of scenario where you know you might be one to one or one to a few or one to many but you know there's this human connection um and so being able to create these like humanized gifts as it were you know has a kind of like a triple effect because one we've got the pattern interrupt from the personalization we've already discussed and the power of that Two we've got a gif so rather just you know a static image it's it's an animated moving image and so that the movement draws the eye in and that's quite powerful as well and then on top of that we can because it's a human face that triggers more processing in the brain and we've got more capabilities to process human faces than we do like an animal object so having all of those three together you know is like a really powerful trifecta and then of course You've got these examples here like for example um this guy here where we've got the white board it's james and you know with james you know he's got the message on there and he's kind of reinforcing it so obviously recorded this just with a blank whiteboard and then just drawing the line whereas these ones here it's actually just stock images from from giphy you know so even if it's not the actual person You're reaching out to being able to kind of create this humanized connection is very powerful and essentially what's happening is we're kind of leveraging the law of reciprocity you know which is this law that kind of says if you do something nice for somebody they're going to feel compelled to respond and that's kind of really what we're doing you know with a smile with a wave you know maybe a cheeky grin yeah obviously Make it suitable for your your brand and style but you know and obviously there with the personalization like seeing this um message to jeff you know all leads to creating this event where they feel special you know that that that kind of icebreaker doors being kicked down and now you can go on to have more meaningful conversation and you get responses like this you can see from rebecca who's responded you know rebecca is the ceo founder of you Know a large marketing organization and her response to getting this can email with this um image personalized to her with her logo and her name on it so very simple personalization um you know is i love this when can we chat now that's kind of an over-the-top reaction to a cold outreach email you know let's be honest nobody loves cold outreach unless it's the person that's doing it and doing it successfully but you know we've Elevated her kind of feel good factor from like to love simply by creating this personalization create this moment of delight you know we can use other psychological tricks with with images as well so for example rather than calling it all the things you mentioned before um you know demo discovery call et cetera let's let's let's refer to it as a coffee in a chat much less of an ask reducing the Friction of of acceptance and then having the visualization to reinforce and back that up that you can see in this example here to alexandria where we've kind of got the you know the the kind of the prop as it were of the coffee cup and then saying hey let's have a chat about growth over coffee you know nice and soft ask and you start to get responses like this you can see from edgar you know again no no kind of junior he's he's the kind of director of A demand generation company so he knows what he's doing and he's i never applied to these emails this is the first one that worked i feel like i should get that slogan printed on my t-shirt because i hear that mentioned to me you know a good few times a day from people that um that i have calls with so you know it's one of those things where if you're naturally disposed not to like email um you know and then when you get an email it's a Cold a cold outreach um and then you do respond to it you feel like you've got to come almost justified sorry i never knew replied to cold emails but you know this one was great you know and so i here it's july and so were you when you start to leverage these sort of strategies but it doesn't all have to be gifts it doesn't all have to be um you know humanized gifts like say that they're great for the sales team you know that are trying To book calls get people in their calendar but we've got other clients um for example look obviously this is a sas event so i'm sure you'll all be aware of g2 you know as any sas worth its salt is trying to get in into g2 to be ranked you know and get all of those lovely leads coming inbound right um one of the interesting things that g2 who are a customer of hyper eyes what they do for their outbound strategy is they're reaching out to sas companies Saying hey if you work with g2 we'll help you become um a category leader and so this is this aspirational message of you know working with g2 you know they can help you become more successful on the platform um and what they're doing is they're visualizing that story with examples of some of the reports that they do produce that showing kind of like mock-up samples of those to say you know this is what could happen if you work with us when they did that when They added that to their campaigns it would increase the reply rates from 15 to 48 you know which is a pretty amazing um outcome by doing that and you know i'll share this deck with you um after the call with a recording and embedded in here this is a video testimonial from jesse i won't play it now but like so you'll be free to view it later on and it's really compelling some of the things he says about the improvements How they um you know view email differently now as a channel so you know it's almost an extension of their product now they're able to do these sort of things and he talks about the size i think like ten thousand messages percent you know they've got this um this sort of results so amazing way of kind of showing this aspirational image you know this is what will happen if you work with us you know you're going to see lots of um success a really Neat way of doing that in a visual personalized way another way again this is kind of more let's say the marketing that on the sales side although of course you know you can use these for images in your sales outreach as as well um there's another client of ours hub staff now what hub staff do is that they're a timesheet app so they're all about you know helping businesses got lots of remote workers manage them you know Manage their time and location all those sort of things and so a lot of their kind of customers are not using it as timesheet app but probably doing it all in spreadsheets and that sort of thing so part of their narrative is you know see everything what's going on in one place rather than you know a million spreadsheets and so what they do is they're showing their dashboard in their outreach that kind of visualizes that but obviously personalizing it to the Prospect so again it's tim cook that i'm personalizing too and you can see he's number one in the dashboard the the organization drop down is is kind of branded to apple even in the um in the app side you know we've got the we've got the logo the profile image and even the map is personalized to apple so there's about 12 personalizations in this image and what that led to was a three and a half x uplift including click through so More people take the call to action in hubstaff's case their call to action was to sign up for a free trial so self-serve free trial their product so rather than humanizing it which would um obviously make sense for a book and a call in this case it was just getting to the platform so you know putting the product in their hand saying hey this is the product you're about to kind of get access to you know led to a massive uplift in this 3.5 x but but um okay another one of our clients orca went a little step further than that so they took you know their dashboard um but they also had moving elements of their dashboard so you can see here the different kind of elements of its cloud security app but again added in the um the profile logos and business names in the dashboard elements so not only are you getting to see some of the Value i mean this this graphic doesn't mean much to me um as a non-uh cloud security person but i've been assured by orca that if if you're responsible cloud security this this this graphic kicks ass um but with the personalization you know if you've got a double whammy there again of the personalization making pay more attention and then when you start to see the details oh wow yeah that's cool we've got aws and this and that and Azure all all in one graph yeah top notch um so again it was a great way of getting people to kind of really pay attention to something that told you know a really powerful story or creating some sort of virality so obviously there's lots of different ways that we do marketing for our assassins but for example if you ever do any events whether they be digital um you know or kind of in in life again you Know as we're all we're allowed to almost do in lots of places these days um one of our clients um or econ world and ad world what they do is when you book a ticket for the event they give you this personalized gift which obviously is a mock-up of the ticket that you've you just registered or bought and personalized to you with the kind of the suggestion that if you share that on instagram or on Twitter with relevant hashtags then you're going to be putting to draw for you know further prizes and swag and kind of event you know attendee of the day and all those sort of kind of extra bits and so just kind of creates a bit of win-win you know the the kind of the attendee feels extra special they've got something that they can do and which they're more likely to do against the lord respristi um because you know They're going to feel good about this and then obviously the the event gets some virality and kind of referral from that sort of business but going even further down the funnel beyond that you know when you want to re-engage or if you've got existing customer base obviously key thing for sas is avoiding churn and so engaging with them you know whether you've got online learning you know when they complete a section you know kind of celebrating that or when They subscribe you know this is one that we used um to promote our black friday offer you know there's lots of different ways that you can create a little moment of delight as you go through the journey um you know which obviously all helps in terms of that engagement and another of our clients and this is reply.io this is an interesting one because obviously reply.io They know a thing or two about a cold email outreach campaign because that's their whole bag right that's what they do they do cold outreach you know a little bit of multi-channel um but you know it's really kind of i guess their core um core is is email and what they do is they create these um diagrammatic kind of banner images to tell the story of what you can do with their product and Then just dropping in some simple personalization you can see here the logo the business name because these are kind of linked in data they're also putting in profile image and obviously getting business name down here but that led to a doubling in this campaign of replies by simply having this you know broken down explanation of what could be done with the product and they got it even better result um With this one so a little bit more of a simplified version of um kind of the banner image we saw before the diagrammatic one in this case they're trying to tell the story of you know this is what your old journey looked like when when you're using all these different systems to achieve what you can do with reply with their multi-multi multi-channel solution you know and this is the new way this is like the kind of the pain and the Pleasure as it were and they just had one simple personalization change in this just the just the logo of the um the prospect they're reaching out to and that when that led to a reply rate jumping from 11 to 21 so you know a huge uplift simply by you know using this sort of visualization to tell the story again kind of showing oh wouldn't be so nice we just had this simple solution oh look how now sim kind of simplified that that funnel looks you Know that looks i'd love a bit of that you know just kind of creating those sort of emotions on you know people that have that pain point you know and gonna you know make makes a big difference in fact what reply also noticed no of course the kind of everybody was looking at the kind of the increase in the call to action in this case the causation was to reply and yes the reply rate went up over time but also what they noticed Over time the open rate and the deliverability of the emails into the inbox also increased and essentially you know as as more people engaged in their campaigns and actually responded that acted as like a domain reputation improver or like a domain warm-up almost and so their domain reputation improved because of the increased engagement and then guess what more emails landed in their inbox so that's again kind of another example Of you know how we can kind of use different image personalization to kind of reinforce kind of what our outreach first um perspective is but what i thought might be fun now is just have a little quiz i say don't phone it's just for fun but actually what i do have um is um polling here so i'm going to launch the poll whilst i've talked through this so you can have a little play as we go so this is another one of our clients orca security and one of the Things that they do is they sponsor events and then get the attendee list um and um then reach out to attendees and say hey you attended this event you sponsored you know let's let's have a call let's have a demo essentially but really what only want to target large enterprises so business with more than a thousand cloud assets so they came across the chemical kind of across this idea of saying well Okay we'll have like you know a pre-qualifier you've got to have more than a thousand cloud assets to um attend the call but if you do then they'll give you a 200 bribe so it's just a kind of a way to you know kind of remove some of the wheat from the chaff so it created quite a complicated story certainly to have in the kind of a cold coldish outreach so they created these three images um to kind of test you know if there would be an easy way to help Tell that story so we've got image one it was just a straight up um gift card if you like with the events logo on there in this case black cat their logo as well and then the personalization being the the name in the corner and obviously that became the story being the gift card the kind of design number two was obviously it was an event um it was having kind of like the stage sort of look and again having the the orca and the black cat um logos to put That familiarity of something to be familiar with but then the message in the middle but then also their own logo on there so really kind of smashing home the personalization and then option three we had this is todd and todd's one of the sdrs at orca so similar sort of vibing off the gift card but having todd there kind of to humanize it a little bit and the post-it note you know just to kind of say hey this is the offer you know thanks todd Um so out of those three who does everybody think um is the winner out there so you said we got gift card number one 20 gift card number never wins nobody ever wants your gift card number two the stage event 40 and todd 44 oh it just changed 38 to the stage and 44 for todd so for those that chose todd 44 you're absolutely correct it was todd who got 44 of um Um the votes today but also kind of one let's look at the actual results um it was again a 3.1 conversion so to compare and contrast that the baseline was a 1.7 conversion um that was what they were doing that's what they were doing without any personalized images so that was kind of you know whether that was good or bad like say it Was kind of like a warm they weren't completely cold because they'd already attended the event um that they did they sponsored but nevertheless you know they all had you know a an impact and kind of had an uplift but obviously the one with with todd's facing it was was certainly the winner um now when we kind of go on to they didn't stop there they actually kind of went a bit further and created These humanized gifts um for let's get the poll out again hold two let's go so in this case what they did was double down on the humanized element but use gifts this time rather than static images which was kind of our suggestion all along but they wanted to kind of go through their own improving process now the interesting thing with This is that this was done during lockdown so we kind of got steve here in number one who was just stood in his hallway didn't have any props any any nice home office or anything to use so just a blank wall and we've got todd who looks quite quite regal i thought you know in his kind of home office and that but he didn't have a whiteboard which was kind of one of our suggestions but what he did have was a picture off the wall and he's just turned it around And you see like the brown tape and everything and just using that but and then we've got um eric here who for whatever reason had a green screen and an orca suit at home um but god love him um you know he came out with this image now hands up i i thought it was going to be um todd that won this um and looking by everybody else results we're seeing that looks to be the case also oh i mean it is tight Between eric and todd um but poor steve he's he's really lagging behind um but yeah um let's let's have a let's have a look let's see um what we got so we ended up with um todd being the winner and like i said that was that was that was my pick as well but you'll be surprised to see i mean todd wasn't far behind to be fair but eric was the winner and at the time i i kind of consoled myself as the as the expert by getting It wrong by saying oh this is because it's locked down and everybody needs a laugh but you know that was kind of best part of two years ago and he's still using this image now or a version of it and he's still getting um still getting a good result saying that i'm still doing really well with it so i think maybe because kratoku is quite sombre i don't know but it certainly triggers a pattern interrupt like you wouldn't believe And when you look at the um brighton said everyone likes an orca yeah absolutely gonna free free willy and all of that um but when we look at the the actual kind of the hard stats as it were and look at the numbers this was a campaign of like 7 000 in total 7 000 prospects and the baseline test was 700 and what we can see is it actually generated 12 bookings so if they'd have sent out the whole campaign just to the baseline with no Personalized images they would have maybe got 120 bookings but they actually got an additional 178 in that they actually got 262 over what you know what over the baseline establishment so that's amazing the even more amazing thing is if it had just gone straight to the gifts they would have probably got close to 400 bookings you know so if you think about the bookends of bookends of bookings it was like somewhere between 120 no Personalized images to somewhere like 400 you know for the optimized personalized images you know which is you know night and day um amazing a 3x uplift if they went for when you know they they kind of do that that can that campaign you know the outreach to the events you know by simply going straight into the gifts which of course they they have been doing since so an amazing a case study i thought at least um of how to do that So again stopping pausing for breath um no questions so far i'll take that as a good sign that everything has been clear but hopefully what we've we've seen and learned so far is that personalized images are good personalized images can be used in lots of different ways to make them purposeful whether it's screenshots of your sas whether it's moving images of you of your of your team whether it's aspirational images that Help tell a story or diagrammatically visualize something you know there's lots of different ways that you know we can use that to trigger these pan interrupts it's going to significantly improve engagement and as we've seen from some of these case studies you know that can be two three four ten times you know better than kind of what you're doing at the moment so what i want to do now is kind of jump into kind of you know how do we create These images so well let's get out the deck because it's kind of gets a bit boring doesn't it been in this deck of time let's jump into the tool and have a real look at kind of how we can kind of create these and use them in our outreach so what i'm going to do first of all i'm going to go to my images section and i'm going to choose create a new image now Now within the image editor we can see we've kind of got all of these tools here on the left to be able to add personalized text or logos or other elements which we can layer into our image we've got our image canvas in the middle and we've got all our settings on the right so the first thing we do to create a personalized image is just click the canvas to get started and choose an image that we're going to add in there Now what we can do we can either select an image that we already have in our library as you can see i've got lots of tests and meme images and all sorts of different things from different campaigns so we can upload any sort of image whether obviously be a a gif animated gif png jpeg svg or any sort of image format we can upload those if you have uploaded one before they'll be um in your in your Image gallery or alternatively what we can do is we can record a gif so if you want to create this human nice sort of style what we can do is record a gif and in this case we've got our webcam you know and we can kind of we can be waving smiling having a drink but one of my favorites is to have a props excuse me like i just don't grab it and have a prop like a whiteboard or something so just having a little whiteboard there we go off the sun's shining this Time of day i should have had this ready earlier apologies all right so we've got the whiteboard there so what i'm going to be doing is just kind of pointing at it so i'm going to click record we're choosing two seconds what means it's going to record two seconds and then it will just loop so we've always got something see what we can do so we've got our gift now um you know What we've got is we've got the prop of the whiteboard where we can put something in or we've got the flash in the middle there to put the business name there so what i'm going to do is select that and add that into my canvas and so now i can just start to do is add some personalization into here so um you know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna choose specifically this kind of area where it all got a bit um Washed out from the sun it's kind of right there but just use it and all i'm gonna put in it's just the business name just to kind of really kind of draw that out and maybe kind of have a big blocky font there um and also let's just change the font color and make it a lot bigger and maybe also center it as well so what we've got There is again we're going to have the business name there and maybe also we could kind of add a shape like an arrow pointing to it or something like that so again um we've got different arrows and those sort of things and we can make it black as well um and we can rotate that maybe we want to make it a bit smaller and maybe also just for good measure let's just put in Their logo so we're just kind of helping telling a little story here you know that we've been doing a um maybe a brainstorm about them you know use a narrative you know so they're now as well let me let me change this very quickly to my to my usual personalization buddy of tim tim cook so you know you can see in this case we've got i've just put in some example data Tim apple.com of course and now we can see we're putting through the apple name we kind of got this kind of smiley face um with the apple logo in it so now obviously we could go a bit further um like so add some maybe some more text in here um remember what we can say is again let's just style this up Very quickly maybe this one we can change the font to be something more like it's been handwritten like with a permanent marker that sort of thing and then we could um or let's see i would just say four and then say first name right so we're gonna have like four tim right so now we've kind of got some personalization on there looks like it's been written on the board and i've also Kind of got this kind of smiley face with thing and of course again we can make this much bigger but you get the idea that we know within a matter of moments we can create these personalized images whether that's through uploaded images you already have or by recording a gif we can then use net outreach and in terms of using in the outreach it's very simple to do essentially what we've created here is an image template let's just call this smile Because of the little smiley kind of face and now what we can do is if i want to add this into an outreach campaign whatever integration whatever platform i'm using whether it's crm or email platform you know we've got hundreds of different platforms we integrate with so you can simply select you know whatever platform it is you're using you know with mailchimp mailshake salesforce you know you name it we integrate with it in this case i'm just Going to choose active campaign um simply kind of and then what we get is specifically effective campaign we have our image template and we can just add that into our email templates in this case i'm going to look at the active campaign integration guide just to see exactly how it's done all we do is going to go into our email template in this case and just add that directly so whenever that email template Is used in a campaign it's going to personalize obviously the whole email template including now the image template that's inside there and it's going to be injected with all the data you have in in this case with active campaign and then that will personalize dynamically the image on the fly so very flexible very simple you create an image template once you add it into your correspondence outreach templates and then it's just going to personalize Dynamically on the fly in addition to having you know hundreds of integrations that i mentioned with lots of different outreach tools we also have the ability um to i'm just going to close that ability to kind of do it on a one-to-one manual basis so let's say for example if i was in in a gmail then if i want to compose an email let's just put an email in here choose tom not tim you see now that i've Gone to the body this additional button appears and when i choose that i can select any of my personalized images that i can then kind of drop in there and you're going to appear so in this case i'm sending this to tom enigma so now you can see i've got personalized image in there it looks like a video preview um for you know for a use case you see it's tom learn how to use it for enigma digital enterprises and also putting through their logo there so Dynamically dropping them in one to one dynamically doing it you know you know one to a million you know through your campaigns and again the same is true for linkedin so you know here for example let's just open prakash up in another screen so we can see it so here for example um we've got a linkedin message um and it looks like linkedin profile Should i say and here we've got the ability to create a short link so that short link here when i click that open up i can select any of my images so i can select an image that i've just created i can choose a title to appear underneath the image and then a destination url so where we're going to send them when they click it so for example if we look at prakish here we saw that you know i just Sent him um a message before um in terms of to book a course in this case you can see we're pulling through his profile image of his name and i'd actually sent a previous one which actually had his youtube channel um on on the laptop behind me you know and he's like kind of and he's ended up being signed up as a partner today booked a call and kind of gone through that process but you see now we can Click these images and now we're kind of putting through all that personalization into the page so you know we can have this hyper personalization simply by adding in personalization um from the email or from the linkedin message um into the the web page like this and again using hyper eyes it's super simple to personalize your landing pages so for example here where we can see the business name top on media And we can see prakash um as the um you know it's the person's name you know and also using those personalization tags throughout the page you know visually as well so in this case like a strategy report for practice business top on media you know and all of those sort of kind of personalized call to actions but these are all done simply you know using our chrome extension so again it doesn't matter what your website's built in hyper eyes Is able to personalize your website dynamically on the fly so all you need to do is add our little javascript snippet to your website it doesn't matter what it's built in and then we'll be able to personalize it let's let me just load up the chrome extension here on this website and what we'll see is before where we saw top on media we're now seeing um the personalization tag for business name same again here and you can see as as i Move my mouse around the page it's now all completely editable so i can select any bit of text rather than kind of what can you expect from the call we could maybe change what you know you to a personalized tag so actually business and what can business name expect from the call or if i select an image on the page rather than seeing personalization tags i'm going to see all my personalized images so this is the one we've just created and i can Also see all the videos i have in my account as well so if i want to drop in a personalized video on the page then i could do that like the one we had here and that really is um the kind of the key with hyper eyes it's super simple to use you know we have these kind of chrome extensions that enable you to kind of leverage things that ordinarily wouldn't be Possible in terms of dropping in individual personalized images into email into linkedin personalizing your existing web pages you know all done you know without having to kind of kind of do any coding or anything in a super technical then on top of that with hyper eyes within the editor you can also choose integrations of hundreds of different platforms you know and add those um you know do those at scale and obviously This is linkedin automation platforms as well as crms chat bots direct mail obviously mentioned before doing postcards that sort of thing so lots of different ways that we can do this you know in your crm as well forgetting for further engagement later down the kind of the customer funnel so that's kind of hopefully giving you some ideas you know from a usability perspective in terms of some of the Functionality obviously we kind of touched on who can use dynamic text also screenshots saying that if you want to have screenshots within your images that could be great you know for example within within all our businesses we've used that's part of our link building obviously seo is is another useful um tool for every sas business to have as and obviously the value of links doesn't need to be um kind of underrated and so being able to reach Out to people in a delightful way saying hey but it can be listed in the article etc doing that um by sharing a picture of the article maybe even you next to the laptop you know you and a colleague that's the laptop is a great way of of kind of um creating that pattern interrupt in a really delightful way also logos are dynamically created either using business emails or web addresses so if within your email platform or in your Crm you have you know business emails or you have a kind of their web domain and their website domain then we'll be able to generate um logos as well or even if you're using linkedin pull through profile images so there's lots of different ways that you can you know leverage that for the personalization obviously as we mentioned before we can you know use that with lots of different integrations With different emails we've also linked this deck i mentioned that we'll share this um the link to the personalization um toolbars you know for gmail and also for linkedin as well being able to use those and obviously using these personalized short links and that that we kind of showed before in linkedin they can really have um a significant impact in terms of being able to put that engagement in in linkedin just because you know they look so different And and as i mentioned at the start that you know less than one percent of linkedin messages have images so you know you really are going to stand out from the crowd and that's kind of really what we're trying to do with this um sort of strategy and if you include a personalized short link in a contact note and when that contact note is accepted your message is going to pop up with that shortening can display itself immediately so you know it's kind of a Great way of including one of those at the bottom of your connection note so when somebody does accept it they're going to get this beautiful immediate response that's going to be personalized you know you waving or whatever some other sort of value you know and again that really does help deliver that moment of delay of course we make we integrate with lots of different platforms but um my personal favorite one that we use is Expanding um they've just launched a v2 which includes email as well so really is a great platform we're not affiliated with them in any sort of way but um it's like i say i do recommend it because you've seen many many customers get many great results from from using that but i said we do integrate with many other linkedin platforms too but that's kind of really um in a kind of In a nutshell in a 55 minute nutshell you know the idea of of kind of image personalization and outreach and obviously i've touched on it as well website personalization as well and kind of creating this hybrid personalization here where you've got multiple touch points so i thought i'd just kind of finish on a couple of examples of that um if you remember anybody paying attention earlier we remember we Looked at hub staff who managed to get a three and a half x uplift on their email click through to go into their signup page for trial so what i thought i would finish take extend that example just to kind of illustrate the power of hyper personalization so what they also did was personalize their landing pages so you can see here again personalized apple of course and you can see the header here is is personalized the call to action on The button is personalized here with the first name and then of course all of the product images personalized too and this one you can see obviously some product images personalized to tim here and what that led to was a doubling of conversions on the page so when we look at that again look at the kind of the numbers for that the interesting thing was that these two these two improvements in the email and on the landing page had a compounding impact so It's kind of one time to the other um so in this case you know a three x uplift on on the email and a 2x upload to a landing page they took 7x update overall across the funnel so what that means is in real numbers for every 300 emails they send out now they're getting seven sign seven seven sign ups whereas before they were getting one so you see a amazing amazing uplift by simply introducing these two steps to create this hyper personalization you know and That's not just our clients that see that you know this is a kind of something that is seen you know in pretty much any um review or study this is a study by hubspot and i i call this one out just because it was so significant it was a six month um study and over three hundred thousand websites so you know in terms of size and length and quality it was it was significant in every sort of way and What they saw was a 202 uplift on average when personalization was used around the call to action so you know that kind of backs up kind of the sort of results um that you know we've seen our clients see but you know amazing studying over such a period of time so many websites that you know it's it's um really does kind of stand out but we've seen obviously much better than that as well for example Intercom um you know they got a 3x uplift when they start to personalize their um landing pages with you know with company name and custom imagery so yeah they really do help you know we see in terms of the kind of the click-through rate of these personalized short links shared in linkedin you know with people that engage after connection is crazy high in terms of you know that sort of um kind of engagement that you Wouldn't see without those personalized kind of imagery in there um so i really hope that that has been useful you have um you haven't asked a huge amount of questions i was just checking there but now certainly is the time if you have any more questions you know i'll be more than happy to delve into those now so let's just kind of swing over there have a look Um so diego you're asking um you've seen seeing some personalized images is it made one by one so maybe i've answered that question as we've gone through but just to kind of double it make sure of that no absolutely not so the key with high price it's all about engagement it's all about leveraging should i say and leveraging dynamic um images so yeah okay so diego is he has he has confirmed that yeah so absolutely you Create one image template and you know it personalizes dynamically on the fly and it's all about that leverage so yeah fantastic glad to have answered that um and braden you're you also mentioned can we send by sms so yes there are um some some platforms i'm trying to think of the ones off the top of my head um high level i know for example send enabled send sms and so you can add in personalized urls For the sms for images and so you can add i've sent them myself personalized images using high level and i'm sure there are many other platforms out there that support sms it's not one that we see a huge amount of customers using although a lot of mega aren't using sms um you rely more on email and linkedin but yeah certainly i know some customers have done that um you know and it worked out well for them um yes um i'm sorry excuse me again Fogging my throat i saw another question coming in was can we get a recording of the webinar absolutely i'll be sending that out to everybody that's registered so i'm sure as you'll hear in here i have your email address and it will be winging its way to you tomorrow um another guy can you integrate integrate with new platforms to send sms um yeah i mean absolutely if you've got a specific platform that you want to use um and we don't integrate with it just Hit us up in support we're always adding new integrations always love to add new integrations obviously new integrations means being exposed to new audiences and of course who doesn't love new audiences um frederick you're talking about nft that's something that's been mentioned quite a few a few times recently um and that you know obviously the purpose of nf on purpose one of the features that say of Nft at the moment is it's one image that's slightly altered in lots of different ways um and so we've seen that kind of where users want to have like a base image that they're adding different layers or different elements to and yes we've seen a couple of customers using in that sort of way so it could be done to you know kind of mass generate you know based on lots of different layers a semi-trump training spectrum certainly transparent layers You know it could all be interactive um in terms of dynamic what shows and what doesn't as well as text etc so you know it could be done with nfts as well you know putting the person's name on a board of a character for example you know creating an entity that's personalized to them that sort of thing so yeah absolutely seen a couple of use cases of that cool um do we have any other questions We're kind of pushing right up to the hour mark which is always great to get to see some questions coming at the end if you do um think of any questions after the event there are a couple of ways that you can come and learn more obviously hyperice has a completely free trial so you can go to hyperrise.com jump it's not like i said hypervirus.com didn't it you go to hypereyes.com And start a free trial click the stop free trial button strangely enough and that will give you full access to the product to image personalization website personalization and video personalization and so you can you know kick the ties play the product prove that it's going to work in your sales and marketing teams you know and get the uplift that we've been talking about today and some of these examples um of Course this recording will be sent to you directly but like with all recordings of webinars we do it'll be added to the high price academy um and so you can access there and also we have a facebook support group you can get access to um the team ask questions there so you know there's some links that will be available in this deck that will also be shared with you um but finally if you do have any other Questions you'll be able to come into our site and we have we you know took a moment to load we have a chat both inside and outside of the app where you can ask questions search our knowledge base hundreds of articles or even schedule a time to talk to us you know whether it be on boarding or support call to do with the platform so i guess that yeah also if you'd like to talk to me Specifically then just check out linkedin um and it's ian dash no sorry it's not my apologies it's ian naylor one i think yeah um ian of one if you want to reach me there or if you want to email me it's just ian at hyperize.com so that looks like we have managed to knock out all the questions there so that just leaves me one final thing and that's to say thank you very much for your time today it's been an Absolute pleasure i appreciate everybody sticking to all of you that stuck to the end um and you know like say um please do give high price a try i'd love to hear your experience you know and you know jump on a call and help you kind of get the most of it thanks thanks brian appreciate you saying that always nice to have some positive feedback great thanks very much everybody really appreciate your time enjoy the rest of your day whether it's A few hours or a long few hours depending on where you are have a great one cheers bye.

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