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Hi {{first_name}}! When you add layers to your video, you'll notice a new settings control is added to the Layers tab on the right. Each layer control will denote is function using the layer icon and name. You can click the layer name to edit it. Selecting a timeline control will also select the layer in the video, as well as move the video timeline to when the layer is visible. Also each timeline control shows a visual representative of when the layer is visible in the video, shown by the green line atop each control. To change the start and finish times for visibility in the video, each layer can be controlled down to video frame level. An easy way to control this, is tick the lock checkbox and drag the video timeline to the appropriate time, and the selected time will automatically update. Finally transitions.... You can also define a transition animation for each layer. Select the animation style and duration. Define transitions for when first displayed, whilst the layer is visible as well as when transitioning out. Thanks for watching {{first_name}}, I hope this video was useful! Please select another video personalisation feature, to learn how this can benefit {{business_name}}.

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