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So thank you everybody for joining us today on this webinar about hyper personalization and really focusing in on using image personalization in your outreach to really significantly increase engagement getting more of your prospects and your customers engaged and taking your call to action in terms of what we're going to cover today we're going to be looking at first of All why use personalized images you know what are the benefits you know what what are the reasons behind that and then i'm sure once you've satisfied there you'll want to know how to use them and so we're going to go through some examples of best use cases um for image personalization and then we're going to really jump into the meat of it showing you how you can create your own Personalized images really simply to cover the various different kind of use cases and call to actions you might have and then we're going to delve into the sort of channels where we can use those personalization in personalized images for example in your email outreach in linkedin outreach and even on your website for your landing pages on your existing websites how we can create this hyper personalization where we've got multiple steps of personalization Happening creating multiple moments of delight and really you know pushing those engagement metrics up significantly so in terms of myself also just to say hi i'm ian naylor i'm one of the co-founders of hyper eyes we're in our third year now so still a relatively new business but i've been using personalization strategies image personalization strategies specifically In my businesses going back all the way to my first one in in 1999 so i have a a a long held passion um and a lot of proof from lots of campaigns and businesses and startups where we've utilized these sort of kind of strategies that are going to be made possible from what we're going to cover today so let's jump in first of all and look at why use personalized images in outreach what are the real benefits there so The fact that we're on this call we're obviously we're talking about user engagement you know it's it's a it's a key thing it's getting harder and harder and you know these are some of these stats we can see here kind of exactly why it's becoming harder you know the average person is bombarded by messages now and so the amount of time that we have to consume those is you know is just kind of falling off a cliff and so the amount of time we have to engage Somebody is you know is is is kind of you know seconds in eight seconds according to this survey here so it really is um you know something that we have to work harder to kind of stand out and be different you know from every all the other messages that are kind of that they're being seen on a daily basis and that's really where images come in um the human brain processes images significantly quicker than text and of course that's no surprise if we Look at most marketing channels it's inherently visual you know magazines billboards all that sort of thing very kind of you know bright and intended to kind of pull you in with bold statements and and wordings and you know that's because the brain processes that much more simply and effectively and so it's a great way to communicate but yet most communication like business and sales communications are very much walls of text on email or linkedin and So trying to break up that wall of text you know having some element in there that's visual that it could and reinforces your call to action that in itself is going to really help in terms of the recipient understanding you know what's being said to them but when we include personalization in those images because image is processed so quickly we kind of ramp up to a whole new level and where we trigger this what's referred to as a pattern interrupt and that pattern Interrupt is basically a psychological behavior that just puts a break on the brain and the brain shouting out stop stop stop pay more attention to this this is something different this is you know in this case you've got your name on it or your company name or your logo or your website or your profile image something that's you know instantly recognizable by the brain and it's just you know puts on you know the kind of the breaks and The flashing lights as it were and that increased mind share just leads to more engagement you know people taking a pause of thought and then understanding your call to action better and of course when being engaged more likely taking your call to action and that's really at its core or high price enabling for you to create image templates with variable placeholders that dynamically personalize on the fly so in the same way that in an email Template you would have a high first name parameter you can now have that same first name parameter in your image as well and then put your image template right there in your email template and then just rinse and repeat you know personalization on the fly dynamically and of course the great thing about using online sales and marketing strategies that they're all inherently digital and so we can use these Personalized image templates across the channel you know whether that's in email cold outreach in linkedin on website personalizations chat bots and you know even on offline world using postcards and being able to create personalized postcards and really engaging people in that sort of way so lots of different use cases but like i said today we're really going to focus in on a couple of those around email and linkedin but feel free of course to Ask any questions about any of the channels if that's something of interest when we get towards the end at the q a so it's really when we combine these factors of being able to integrate and use all these different channels to get hyper personalization and with these highly effective images it leads to significant uplift across the funnel and these uplifts that you get at each step are compounding so if You go from five to ten conversion at step one then you're going to have twice as many people in step two to convert instead of any uplift there is going to be twice as effective and so that's really what we're looking at with hyper personalization so let's look at some examples of the types of images that clients have used that have been successful that we use and that you know that are going to give You a great boost to the sort of campaigns that you're doing so first and foremost i guess there's there's really two kind of camps of of hyperis users and broadly they're the sales team and the marketing team and these sort of images that we're looking at here are really kind of in the um in the the sales camp you know what they are really are you know people representing themselves when their call to action is themselves eyes and they're Either providing some sort of sales or consultancy or service and they want to have a one-to-one call to introduce that concept you know and kind of close them down to sdr's bdrs abm that sort of kind of role and so humanizing it so not only are we personalizing it with the person's name in here like you know um with the name on the board or kind of on the screen here you know with tim for example just but also humanizing it and personalize it from a Human to human perspective and that obviously also helps as well in terms of you know how we relate as humans to other humans you know we can start to create some other psychological um kind of benefits there but kind of creating these um kind of humanized images you know really help kind of drive a strong connection and so being able to do that you know on the fly as it were can have a significant impact And this is kind of you know it's like i said before this kind of psychological traits like having a gift where you're smiling and waving that kind of going to trigger the the law of reciprocity where people feel compelled to respond to kind of say something in return or you know to take the call to action that's being um portrayed like for example this one here from rebecca you know this was a cold Outreach to rebecca as you can see here i had a whiteboard next to me which um which i used to kind of put some personalization on and you can see rebecca's responses love this when can we chat now of course no one really loves cold outreach but you know what's happened is her her feelings have been elevated by you know the feel good factor that's been delivered from this moment of delight of this you know there's a nice personalized Experience you know this human human connection um or you can use the image to help tell a story or for example um you know rather than saying hey let's have a sales call or discovery call you know framing it as let's have a coffee in a chat you know so we're psychologically kind of reducing the the call to action and so you know removing the friction increasing the the amount of people taking that and then visualizing that With you there with the coffee to help you know kind of move that story along and tell it in a way that you know they're going to understand what's being said when they see the image before they even read the text and so they're almost hearing and seeing it for a second time when they read it there and so much more likely to to take that or get responses like this from this exact same image template you can see edgar's response here i never replied to These emails this is the first one that worked and it's quite funny that kind of response almost verbatim of i never reply i i hear on on a daily basis and you know and it really is that kind of that's the testament that's the testimonial of of the product you know you've seen it at work when it helps push past people's natural distaste maybe for cold outreach and all of a sudden in angus cases now a paying customer and so you Know really helping make that difference in terms of you know your engagement in the outreach um and also the good will that it generates so sometimes you know you're reaching out you might not get somebody you know who's at the right right level right seniority or the two senior or not senior enough you know not the person that's going to be the you know the actual kind of end buyer as it were and Typically if you land in in the wrong person's inbox you're just going to get deleted straight away you know or even worse get marked as spam whereas when we're creating these moments of delight what you actually do is you know help leverage that and get more likely to kind of help get word-of-mouth referrals where people refer you or forward you to the right person because you've created that moment of delight as you can see here in This case from jonathan and so you know being able to use these images in linkedin or in emails can really have a significant benefit you know and create these kind of this wow moment you know or this feeling um you know originality that people are not seeing elsewhere and you know it's a great starting point to then build on that relationship and this is um a different example as i said before you Know there are kind of two camps really of of customers using it and what we saw there before was certainly more on the sales side where we humanize it with you know with with the actual sales person that interaction in this example this is um sits more in the marketing camp in this case this is one of our clients g2 um for those that are not familiar with g2 although i'm sure majority of you are They're like um like trip advisor but for software so you know you can discover you know the best software platform of the you know the up and coming software platform by category by vertical and so what g2 do is um they produce these quarterly reports to show you know who are you know who are the leaders and all that sort of thing but in this case what they've done is they've taken their actual product reports and recreated Them in hyper eyes and added personalized placeholders in this case you can see these example images are personalized to apple so where we've seen the apple logo and the apple name they're all dynamic elements that change for each prospect that receives the email with these images in it and essentially these images help tell this story the aspirational story that g2 lead with are saying if you work with g2 you could become a category leader so They're reaching out to businesses that maybe not listed or not necessarily a feature particularly strongly on the platform you know and suggesting that they could work together to increase their visibility and so in doing so doing and telling that story of you know this is what the future could look like significantly increasing engagement in their case replies went from 15 to 48 so it tripled the amount of engagement they were getting from their campaigns Like i said at the top of it i will be sharing this deck um but if you do have time i i won't i won't play it now um but there's there's a there's a video here um from jesse rhode the head of growth at g2 he talks about how using hyperis in their email campaigns has just revolutionized their kind of go-to-market strategy and how they you know stretch their product all the way into their they're called outreach Campaigns so interesting stuff but um yeah a good example of how we can create um a marketing perspective personalized images that are kind of telling a story like showing success in the case of g2 also seen clients like for example agencies offering seo or some sort of traffic sort of solutions having like a kind of google chart like google analytics you know that's that's kind of branded up showing you know a big hockey Sticks or a graph to help tell that story as well so lots of ways that we can um tell that until that show that success and this is another client of ours um and this just goes to show you how simple image personalization can be to still have a significant impact in this case this is replied.i o um again if you've not heard of them they're they're a cold outreach platform so predominantly email and Linkedin so they're multi-channel platforms so what they're doing is they're using a diagrammatic image to tell a story of kind of the pleasure and pain of reaching out to people tapping into their current pain of lots of different systems not really talking to each other and then the solution to that which is you know replied the i o in the middle and and their logo the prospects logo in there showing a nice simple streamlined funnel you know from their Multi-channel solution and that what that led to is just one simple personalization in there just the client's logo led to almost a doubling of conversions and in terms of replies um in terms of their metric being there and people replying to their campaign went from 11 to 21 so a significant jump by you know having this one simple personalization and telling the story in a nice way in this diagrammatic um Example um the other interesting thing um that reply tracked and monitored and was it was an interesting outcome is that of course the the kind of the focus was on the reply rate being increased that was you know the the kind of core barometer what they also found was the open rate and the delivery into the inbox also increased over time as they were using more personalized images in the campaigns and Essentially what we were seeing there is that the the additional engagement that the personalized images kind of generate in the email campaigns leads to kind of like a pseudo domain warm-up process because more replies less people mocking your spam or deleting you know increases the domain reputation which in turn leads to better open rates and email delivery overall so a nice slight positive side effect from you know the increased engagement And this is another case study we did with in charge another kind of social outreach platform and in this case um this wasn't a cold outreach this was a kind of a follow-up to people that signed up for a trial and hadn't gone ahead so usually quite hard nuts to crack in terms of you know people in your cycle when they're falling at the end and you know generally not responding so in this case it was a survey to ask you know what They were originally looking for um you know kind of what their goal was and essentially it was three simple choices and clicking one of those options essentially just enrolled them into you know that that campaign um you know for further sequence now what we did is we just did a simple a b test um and one just with clickable links and the other one with personalized images and just kind of really just kind of Visualizing the choice so in case of you know more customers obviously showing the kind of the growth of the plant and reducing capturing that kind of monetary symbol or you know the the little boy rocketing you know kind of some aspirational kind of ways to kind of express those those choices and that led to 14 times the amount of people clicking one of these three choices versus the the Links and that is that is a significant uplift and you know one of the one of the most just the caveat this one of the most successful campaigns i've seen in terms of uplift from a to b 14 14 x is is an outlier but certainly many many of our customers see a two to three x uplift um you know trying to uplift on average across the base from you know from utilizing these sorts of campaigns so significant gains to be had Maybe not 14x but yeah if you do get that would love to hear about that um and you know and here's here's another great way of um of of using personalization to create a moment of delight you may have seen seen one of these your your own example of this in registering for this event um but these event gifts um as we kind of call them have been responsible for significant uplifts for our customers events in terms of the number of people That register after seeing one of these shared event gifts and we typically see about a 10 share rate from when these are sent out which is you know pretty good compared to you know when we compare that to we're asking somebody to share without the the person who's images is virtually zero so it is kind of almost an infinite uplift as you if you even take it that way um and if in terms of where these Personalized event gifts can be shared you know we kind of obviously you can see we give the choice of linkedin twitter and facebook but we see the majority of the action happening shares in linkedin which is really positive because if you've got a business message and you're using linkedin for events then getting the majority of the shares on the network where you're going to get the best engagement obviously the key so you Know seeing such a significant amount of shares happening to linkedin is is obviously very very interesting and so being able to visualize your event when people register for your event send them you know these personalized gifts it's creating that moment of delight and then you can kind of leverage that and kind of it's almost like paying it forward then get that back and say oh we'd love it if you Would share this you know to to tell to your audience that you're attending our event and obviously that that kind of um that kind of kind of a give and take relationship you know after you've created that moment of delight really helps this is another example um again more from a marketing perspective one another one of our clients hub staff so in their case they're a sas platform um and essentially It's a platform targeted to businesses that have lots of remote workers and it's a it's an app for the remote worker to be kind of tracking their time and then a dashboard for the hr team or whoever's imagining the remote team from the head office um but kind of lots of kind of moving parts and things to talk about there to try and tell that story so what and their call to action is for people to sign up for a self-serve free trial so again that's a Kind of a lot to kind of cram in and ask in a cold outreach email so what they did was take their product images from their website and personalize those so you can see here we've got an image that was taken from their website and just added personalization in this case you can see that the person being personalized is tim cook from apple so we can see like for example the apple logo here in the toolbar the person first person listed The dashboard you know is is tim and on the upside again we're putting through the apple logo and also even the maps personalized there's over 12 elements that are dynamic in this image and if we look at the data here we see that what it did was had a significant impact in terms of the a b test we did we actually tested a bunch of different images with them and the one we're looking at we just looked at there was the winning image and that actually Had a 12 and a half percent click-through rate versus the base of three um and say the average of all the different images we tested was was 11 so you know a significant um significant uplift even the the losing image had like a 10 click through so it's still three times better than the um than the um without the personalized image but what um hubstaff did or didn't Didn't do was then they didn't stop there what they did is they also personalized their landing pages so in this case we can see an example here um again following through the theme of personalizing to tim from apple we can see that the header is personalized with the business name the call to action button also personalized with tim's first name and of course all the other headers and all the other product images again all personalized in this case to Tim now what we saw there is that they doubled the the conversions on the page so had twice as many people taking the call to action of starting the free trial when they landed on this page when they were having a personalized experience and what that means overall is because as i mentioned before the hyper personalization creates this compounding impact that the three also x uplift they got on the first step on the outreach meant that you know they were Getting three times as many people on the landing page and then they were converting those twice as twice as many so doubling kind of doubling the the the tripling that had from step one so a 7x uplift overall if for everyone following the math there but what that what that kind of means in in real simple terms is that for every 300 emails they send out they're now getting seven sign ups Whereas before they were getting one you know and that that at its purest is is amazing for them and is obviously an amazing result you know that can be achieved by you know simply creating a few changes to your existing funnel adding in a personalized image personalizing some elements on your landing pages very very simply and it isn't just our customers that see this uplift hubspot did their own survey Um and it was a significant one over 300 000 web pages were analyzed in the study and it was over a six month time frame and what they found is that there was a 202 percent better chance of someone taking the call to action on the page when personalization was used around that call to action and so you know very compelling in terms of the impact it was having there um you know and and seen over significant Numbers but that's hopefully giving you a flavor of the sorts of images you can create potentially where you could use them so the channels and so what i thought might be fun now is to kind of actually jump into the platform and look at the editor and how we create those images rather than just kind of going through the deck here so let me just open up another tab and i'll jump into hyper eyes um again if you've got any questions as we Go through here happy to take them or i can just keep on trucking as we as we say so what i'm going to do first of all is jump into the image editor and i will just create a blank image just to kind of show you the process so as you can see i can in my account right now i've got a bunch of images that i've created when you first come into your hypervisor account when you start of your free trial you won't see obviously Any images here yet until you you created your first image template and so the first step will be to create new image and then from there the first thing we can do is choose a template and we've got 100 well how many 143 templates and adding more all the time and again these can be filtered down by different tags and different purposes so maybe if you wanted something about creating a Meeting you could look there and obviously these these um these images here we can you can either use those as they are or just use them as a starting point or just use them purely for inspiration but you know we can kind of find a sort of image you want or we can decide to choose to create one without a template so let's do that in this case and so now what we can do is choose a background so the kind of the base image That we're going to personalize and create our own kind of image template so again here we've got lots of different choices we've got lots of stock images in the platform and again these are all discoverable um by tags so if i wanted to find something of an office shot maybe something with a whiteboard i could put a message on again we could kind of find those or if i wanted a specific office and a gif you know we Could find one so maybe like this if here we could use that um and add some personalization here on this whiteboard or as you saw or maybe you didn't but you will now we can also record a gif so if we wanted to create our own personalized gif we could use the record gif option here and that's going to use our webcam and what we can do is kind of change the format so we can either have i can just standard default um which is Great works both both great in email and linkedin or we can have square or more like in a portrait or even kind of a wide screen so i kind of generally tend to take can't speak tend to stick to the default also what we can do is set the length so obviously these gifs are just going to animate and loop um and so generally if you want to just do an emotion like a cheers or a smile in a wave or if you have a whiteboard point at something generally two seconds it is Enough to kind of get that sort of loop and then we will basically just click record it's gonna give us a nice little countdown and then we can just simply do what it is that we would like to do in our gif once we're happy with that we can click submit if you're not quite happy with it you can just click the retry recording and then you'll come back to here to record a new one once you've recorded that it's going to be there in your image library and then You can use that in any of your subsequent image templates as a starting point so let's just stick now with this generic stock image that i've added now the first thing to point out that this actually is a gif but when we're in design mode it doesn't animate so if we ever want to kind of see the progress of our image we can just click preview here what that's going to do is show us the image and obviously at this point we've not added any personalization to it so It's just the basic image we've got no options here for personalization so what we're going to do is just close this down the preview and let's look at the different personalization options we can add to the image so first of all let's going to put some text here on the whiteboard so i'm going to drag in a text layer and we can see we're going to have that maybe Just resize it here using these little ears and what i'm going to do first of all is click the text settings option here well that's going to give me option to kind of change all of these um colors and styles and fonts let's maybe change it to black so it's going to pop out a little bit more and maybe what i'm going to do is choose a font that's going to maybe look like it's more like written on the Board so what we've got down here is permanent marker which i think is quite a good one in this case and i'm going to increase the size quite a bit so we're going to see it nice and big and leave it like that for now and i'm going to actually change this text now so i'm just going to click into that and just delete all of that and just put hide i'm going to put in the merge tag of first name so now we've kind of got this Little element here where it's going to be dynamic with their first name now what i'm going to do is jump back to the settings here and so obviously with an element like first name you know you could have a short name like me with ian or you could have a longer name like say jonathan or whatever and so what we want to do is rather than having just a fixed fixed font number 25 here choose this option of fit fit to box so in this case we're Gonna have a maximum font size so this is the biggest it's gonna be maybe we could actually have it even bigger than that maybe we could say if you've got a really short name we're gonna have it i'm gonna show it really big but as your name gets longer yeah the the font is going to get well the writing's going to get smaller so now we can have a preview of this and now we can see in this case we've got high bob obviously bob's got a nice Short name so it's a relatively bigger than it would be without some of the longer name so that's kind of the basis of adding text these layers here again we can kind of rotate these twist these we can also um skew them as well so depending on on the kind of the rotation angles of the images you can get a pretty good a feel for that as well as being able to have outlines and shadows and those sort of things and of course also you saw when we're adding in text We've got the option of all the merge tags there so what we can what i'm going to do now is i'm going to duplicate this one here and maybe just put in a another message in here you see there now it's kind of just resizing still got the fit to box and maybe what we're going to do is have something else here maybe like their logo so i'm going to get actually put that on the wall there which maybe looks like it's a big badge on the wall so Let's grab the logo layer drag it over here i'm going to resize that a little bit i'm going to make it round and then we're going to skew it a little bit oh maybe not too that much there we go and so now what we're going to do we're going to see also some data enrichment and so we're going to see in here that hi bob would be great to chat and we're also pulling through bob's logo so let's Just change this for my uh for just another email just so we can see the difference in the ian app institute and what we should see here is ian and then putting through the institute logo and so again you know very quickly dynamically personalizing on the fly very simple to add in these um these layers now what we've seen there obviously we've seen text and we've seen dynamic layers logos we can also have Dynamics website screenshots dynamic maps um if on the on the side of linkedin profile images as well as a dynamic qr code so lots of different options to kind of start creating these images um you know to reinforce your call to action and once we've got those we can then very simply add these to our existing outreach platforms and to do that we simply just choose this get image code option here and click that and it's going to show us all of our Integration options if we've already added an integration to an image we'll see this here already in this case we obviously haven't it's a new image so we can just click add new and here we've got a list there's literally hundreds of platforms in here so usually better to either filter by group whether it's a business software crms or chat bots or e-commerce or email or whatever or if you know the name of it which probably you do just type in here and filter it So maybe we wanted to put it in in a hubspot template for example we could choose hubspot and then what that's going to give us is the image code of the image example you see here we now have the the hubspot parameters in the image dynamically where we're going to see the hubspot data first name in there so we can simply just copy that and then go over to hubspot And add that directly into the template so in this case for every integration we have we will have an integration guide that will show you exactly the that what is always a two-step process step one is what we've just done which is copying the code from hyper eyes and in this case in step two you just go into your email template in hubspot and then just paste it directly into the email body so you'll just see here we'll right click choose paste and then bam the image that We code that we just copied will be visually pasted directly into the template with all of the the right parameters and really that's that's as simple as it gets you know so whatever platform you're using you know whether it's hubspot or mail shape or mailchimp or salesforce outreach sales loft you name it we integrate with it and so that's a very simple way that you can start to you know create This increase in engagement spend five minutes creating a template image template put it in your email template and then it really is set and forget you're just going to drive that engagement without having to do any further effort so that's that's kind of the the first part really of how we create these images using these dynamic layers and obviously the thousands of possibilities From the different elements different platforms websites that we can integrate with but also sometimes we don't want to do a campaign to thousands of people sometimes we just want to do some one-to-ones um you know individual outreach and so being able to utilize this engagement tool in one-to-ones what we've also done is created a chrome extension so i've got this chrome extension installed here so if i go to Create a new email and just kind of create let's just choose tim here from sticky leads and you can see i'm going to go into the email body here and just create my email and what you should see down here at the bottom is this hyper eyes button in in the email compose and when i click that it's going to show all the images that i've got in my account including this one uh Here all the ones that we've kind of been creating and in this case i'm just going to choose my simple coffee cup one and now what i can also do here is put in a link so this could be any web page link that i have um that are maybe set up for personalization so if it is set up for personalization then this page is also going to be personalized i'm going to submit that as you can see here now we've got the Personalization um in the image pulled through we've got tim and i've also got his logo sticky leads pulled through but also we can see that this image is clickable and if i click that that's actually going to take us through to a personalized page in this case you can see um pulling through personalization for tim you know throughout the throughout the page and all of the images all now being personalized to him in this case and testiculate so again Furthering that personalization outreach and so using this chrome extension we're able to add one to one personalization in terms of triggering website personalization and image personalization and we're able to use this in gmail in outlook we can also use it in um in linkedin so for example um we can see here we've got the short link button in the messaging or if i go to A profile page let's just close this down what we should see here is also the short link button on the profile page and when i click that again we're going to get the same experience where i can choose an image like for example you know the one we created um i can put in a title which is going to appear underneath the image in case of how it's shared on linkedin so we can control the title So in this case we can maybe say first name this is perfect for company name and again i can choose a destination url to somewhere where i'm going to send them to when they click it again for that personalized experience when i complete those three bits of information clicking submit it's going to create that personalized short link i can simply then just add into the The the message and when i post that we're going to get this personalized preview of um from this link so let's just give this a little second and it should there we go so in this case obviously this is to maria maria would be great to chat maria this is perfect for winning by design which obviously maria's company and you can see they were pulling through Um her logo and so simply with this personalized short link and of course now with this this link we're going to get through to a personalized page again you can see pulling through maria's logo here into the academy and we've got this page for her you know so very simple to add one to ones as you saw there in linkedin in email with gmail or outlook and also even in facebook messenger as well so lots of different channels you can use Our chrome extension for to create that personalization as well so really are flying through this now and getting close towards the end obviously we talked about using um this personalization in linkedin all of these um these capabilities all served through this one chrome extension which again is the link provided here also what we can do is personalize our landing pages as well as we saw a couple Of these examples so for example in this comp one here where we've got the first name of tim and kind of also his business here if i load the chrome extension on this page what you can actually see is we've got eight eight um personalizations defined on the page for example here we can see first name and the business name and then all of these images we've Personalized as well and now this chrome extension is installed when i select any element on the page i'm able to add personalization so for example here when i set the text i can add in personalization tags and we can do this on any page at all in fact if anybody would like to suggest their website that we could load up as an example and show you how simple it would be to add personalization to your page but we are very very simple to do this And obviously as you saw very simple to trigger once it's been added but yeah so that's that's kind of in a nutshell what we can do with hyper eyes in terms of creating our images and then being able to create and personalize our existing websites and landing pages the final part of of the hypervised product is around video personalization but really i think for Today's purpose of today's event i think that's something that we can save for another day but obviously know that that's another layer of personalization that we can add to drive even further engagement beyond the email or linkedin outreach and website personalization and so really that really draws to a conclusion that the the kind of presentation part of today and just leaves us open to uh Leaves us to open the floor to any questions you might have anything else you would like to kind of me to delve into or show or highlight be more than happy to to do that now [Music] um okay so i'm not seeing any any questions come through yet so i guess that's a great sign that um that everything's being very very clear so far but what i would say um is that obviously hyperis we have a completely Free trial you can get access to that just by visiting hypereyes.com from there you'll be able to get access to the whole platform to the image personalization to the website personalization as well as um as well as the video personalization and with complete flexibility to kind of use that for the full 14 days and of course if you Come into support and mention that you attended this event i'm happy to add a couple of extra weeks into your trial so you can really get the benefit of what we've talked about today and using them in your campaigns when you are in the product in the platform itself lots of ways to get support um you can chat to the team here directly start a conversation you know and we're pretty Pretty quick to respond there we also have a knowledge base that has hundreds of articles so again if you're looking for some immediate answer will probably be a knowledge based article that you can get very quick access to or if you're something that's a little bit more full-on let's say um then book a demo or book a meeting should i say and that will be a one to one member of our team you know where you can really kind of drill down into uh You know the questions you have beyond all that we have of course the the hyperis academy where we've got um i think close to 100 videos now covering all manner of kind of capabilities and strategies of hyper eyes from simple overview with about 20 onboarding videos and then kind of drilling in deeper into different areas and different strategies again all Uh kind of video and text based but lots of support and education there as well so certainly lots of ways for you to get support and hopefully for us to make you success um just see a couple of questions for me let me just read those yes so uh cinderella's asking um about the cost and post trial great question thank you thanks for that essentially hyperis Comes um in in three flavors if you like or three plans and that is the image plan the plus websites plan and the plus videos plan and the the images planned that essentially gives you the capability of creating personalized images including gifs gifs um still common under images from from our perspective um and so that and then use them in your outreach in in linkedin email you Know with any any any number of integrations as well as the chrome extensions etc the the plus websites plan comes with all of the capabilities of images but in addition to that you can personalize your existing website so no restriction on the number of pages at all on your websites any number of pages all of them to one of them whatever you prefer and then the plus videos plan again includes all of the images and Website capabilities but also gives you the ability to create personalized videos again these have kind of interactive buttons call to actions that can be personalized text to speech using ai so again it can be all personalized saying your prospects names in the videos etc um and again you've got access to all of that in the trial all of these plans are completely flexible so you can move Around the plans maybe you just want to use videos just for a short campaign and so you can jump over to that that you know for a month and then jump back to whatever plan you wanted um you know after that and so again complete flexibility i hope that um answered your question again you know if you do have any think of anything after after that you can always reach out to myself the email you've got from me or to our Support team directly and mark thanks thanks for your comment there i appreciate that it's always always nice to hear appreciate that very much stephen youtube appreciate the thanks and godwin yes we have recorded this at least i i hope so looks like it's recording um and so i will be sharing that with you jacinda appreciate that thanks thank you very much Erica i appreciate your thanks too um i hope it's been useful for you again we're here to help we're here for your success so please reach out when when you need us um again appreciate your time today everybody and also the kind comments um i really hope um that it's been useful and i look forward to seeing on the platform and hearing about your success in the very future it does look like we've kind of run drive of questions now So i'm going to give you your 10 minutes back and say thanks again for your time and look forward to seeing you again very soon you take care cheers everybody bye

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