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First of all again welcome everybody thanks for joining this session and in the next coming hour we will blow your mind with some real real value my name is stefan and we have a special guest today beside our own ex-funded rockstar amy we've made it happen to invite ian the founder of hybridized and the master of hyper personalization and actually in the next coming hour we will show you a lot of interesting approaches related to Linkedin outreach where you can embed personalized image and gif animations first of all a briefly introduction and we will welcome ourselves and i will start telling a bit more about ex-fondly who we are what we do and so on ian will take it over from that point on about why you actually use image personalization why hyper personalization and he will also present the Personalized gif that's actually what it's all about today using personalized gif animations in your linkedin outreach and of course how you can automate all of this at skill we will make sure that we have enough time to answer any questions in the q a and amy will pre present a really nice bonus for all of you if you stay until the end and we will try to make it as practical as possible for everybody no fluffy content just real and pure Failure a couple of rules because i can imagine people will jump in later people have to drop off a bit earlier no worries for nothing we will record the session and we will make sure that latestly tomorrow morning we will send over a recording of the session and link with the presentation deck and everything back we will send over by email so no Worries for nothing our copywriter will also wrap up a blog article out of this with all the interesting ideas topics gis and that will be live next week on our website as well let's do it like this if there are questions for the q a please drop them in the q and a section you can find that below and from there on amy can manage everything A bit more properly if we ask you a lot of questions in between if you have something urgent to share you can do that in the live chat so again no worries for nothing we will take care for the recording we will send it over latestly by tomorrow morning and let's rock and roll this from here i'm really excited and happy that you are all here from all these different countries and areas around the world i'm Located in the netherlands myself and it's uh it'll be past 6 p.m tonight here and together with amy and with ian we will give you some real value today for the ones who are not familiar with me not familiar with expanding my name is stefan i'm the founder of expanded um will save the software for length and automation i write tons and tons of content you can find a lot of that Because i do it also for forbes i'm a father of my best friend steve he's five years old and i actually help growth hackers agencies sas founders business owners and linkedin enthusiasts like yourself to explode explore their growth on linkedin with our amazing expanded software i totally understand how difficult it is to get new clients because i actually already in there and bootstrap expanded from zero without any additional Paid help now my winning strategies and growth tactics i shared tons of them on our blog page they became the cnn of linkedin lead generation and we have more than 50k monthly unique blog readers on our website so if you want to level up your linkedin outreach game definitely gonna have a look out there and you will find for sure some interesting approaches templates or Sequences which can help you to do a better job on your linkedin outreach enough about me so far let's move on to our other rockstar and marketing manager amy hello everybody nice to see you all i'm amy can you all hear me you've got me today uh so i work in expandi i've worked for expanding for the past uh over a year now stefan has had me under his thumb and I'm really happy here uh obviously i'm not sure if you can tell from the accent i'm not dutch i'm irish based in the netherlands based under stefan there are more irish people in europe today anyone else irish here sometimes it's nice to see uh usually not so many irish people a lot more english people are uh than uh irish anyway that come to the events but someday we'll take over I will take over your english guys uh but i'm super excited to get started here as well uh throughout the conversation i'm going to be answering your questions in the chat and the q a so if you have any questions for me just shoot it in the q a okay definitely to me simple to introduce our rockstar ian the founder of hyperice which is going to show and end up a lot of real real value Today happy that you're here my friend it's a pleasure to be here i just thought i would put together a bit of a a silly slide but i mean that actually is me in the soapbox there um but yeah i i i guess i'm a builder i've been building online businesses for more than the last 20 years both b to b and b to c um and throughout those all of those businesses the common thread has always been using personalization and personalization to really um Smash the growth in those businesses and be lucky to you know exit those um and obviously now i'm starting hyperis which is founded in 2019 and essentially it's the the dream personalization tool i always wanted that we manually crafted together in all those other businesses and and finally kind of there was a convergence of technology and and data enrichment and processing power that enabled hyperlines to come true so i'm kind of living a 20-year dream in terms of building a tool that you know was made for me but now you know giving it to many more businesses and seeing um you know the smile on the face that uh you know which it kind of the producer of of a platform is you know kind of uh you know it's like christmas every day so yeah it's great to be here and love hanging out with uh stefan and amy you know i love love expand it's an amazing tool and that you know our Platforms together it's uh it's like a dream come true so again always always a fun day to be with you guys so thanks thanks for having me i'm definitely definitely happy to to to have here again ian um so let's move on from from here i think everybody who is in this session we are all using linkedin and i see some new people are uh checked in and joined a bit later for the ones we checked in a bit later no Worries for nothing we will take care for sending over the recording latestly tomorrow morning so no need to ask that again in the chat and um back to where we are talking about linkedin everybody's acting on linkedin and i think since mid-march this year we all noticed some changes if i uh if i may share it honestly i guess That's the same for everybody here and linkedin has a huge problem and that's the spam the platform was growing so really really fast with with almost 800 million users on our platform and before people leaving linkedin actually want to reduce the spend so what they did is in mid mars they reduced actually on a very simple ray the amount of actions you can do per day so it means that from The old days we could send easily 100 requests each and every day and from april on they reduced it and limited it to a total amount of 100 per week and from that point on it became a bit of a more challenging because everybody was do used to do outreach on a certain way for many many years and if the outcome was too low then only and the best answer until then was to just add More people on top of the funnel and at the end there are always enough people who reply now we have to make some changes we have to do a step back and try to adopt new ways to survive on linkedin and actually stop with doing these pray and pray approaches but changing people's behavior is a bit of a hard one i faced a lot of challenges with all the people i spoke in the last and the Previous months about what's actually the best way and how can you do that and everybody was asking me stefan i really like your expanded software but can you tell me a bit more about how can we bypass these limits and actually almost nobody was asking me what linkedin actually want me to do to become an healthy linkedin user and that shocked me a bit because if i dive a bit more in that Into um what linkedin wants you to do in relation to the social selling index or ssi school i see that 90 of the users have actually a lower ssi score than 70 and the ones who have 70 they are mainly focused on the fourth pilot building relationships now with the new edition of expertly we try to help you improve your ssi score by providing you the best features to work on the auto 3 pilots of the social Selling index but again we all have to deal with a weekly limit of 100 requests per week in general this means that we have to do a better job in the targeting and that we have to make sure that the people we are going to approach are also going to reply if you can imagine an outing or two about linkedin and i've tested tons and Tons of different approaches myself and with amy in our team and i can honestly tell you that using personalized gif animations is one of the best ways to have we lost them oh dear belgium is very incredible really really valuable insights today about how and when and which images you actually can uh we lost you there for a second oh sorry just just a second So you're all good it was pretty ready to hear what you were saying you lost me okay yeah let's repeat the last sentences uh again um as you all know i i know a thing or two about linkedin and i've tested and played around with hundreds different approaches and strategies and And yeah fair enough one of the best ways to get replies is using gif animations personalized dif animations in your outreach on linkedin and it will definitely increase the reply rate to an amount of at least 55 percent in comparing to a 25 percent on average without and that's what we're going to talk about a bit more today so ian will Show some real value in a couple of minutes but before we do that i definitely see that a lot of people are in here already using expanding but there are also a couple of people who are not familiar with expanding so just a small recap i don't want to promote it too much uh today um but actually expand these those safest linkedin outreach tool and it will help you get results and Supercharge your outreach gain and we've created the next generation of linkedin rockstars using the power of knowledge and world class software our v2 version contains a lot of additional interesting options as an e-native email outreach you can create much more touch points in your outreach with the personalized dif and image Animations from our partner hyper eyes and everything integrates with just one click to every workflow you want to build and just providing you with software is mostly of the times not enough it's always about educating about best practices how you can use such kind of tools and that's where i talked a bit more about in the beginning on our blog we Share tons and tons of value examples templates workflows and that's also what we're going to do in our brand new academy where we wrapped up a couple of master classes about specific topics such as hyper personalization but also crm integrations and also how to use or how to master expanded fee too it's all free to start with and amy will tell a bit more about how you can join how you can sign up by the end of the webinar she will also present a really nice Bonus for everyone who stay until the end so actually at the end xbond is a great tool we can do a lot of personalization it's mainly focused on linkedin in the new edition we also provide you written really cool email integration where you can of course also use the hyper personalization and to dive a bit more about where we are all here for today let's give the word to ian to show some Real value i think ian before you start this may be a bit more easier if you share your own screen right yeah sure because otherwise you are maybe too fast for me to click over on the right types as a sheet so let me let me share my screen then make sure i get the right one [Music] you can see my screen now yeah So um let me just kind of skip through to uh where we are so just obviously let's move on to it prior to this this event i was kind of interested to understand kind of what my audience you know my linkedin audience um thought and obviously their audience their network thought about image personalization um just really is a starting point now to Understand you know how people feel about that didn't specifically say gifts but just talking about images and how how important it can be in in outreach and i was really surprised i expected it to be positive um but you can see here 86 voted that they believe images you know have a positive impact in outreach but i i think what's interesting is probably the amount of people actually using images i Probably should have asked a second question follow that up another poll um you know this is over almost 300 people that voted on this i imagine if it asked how many people are actually using images it'd almost be the other way around because if you think about most of our business outreach you know when we're kind of you know b2b uh kind of sales messages it's predominantly text in email in linkedin you know a lot a lot of text um But yeah we all kind of subconsciously know at least that you know that images have an impact but the reason why we don't do that is because it makes it it's more frank it's more um friction in the process it's more you know more things i've got to do not just write a nice sentence and make it personalized and make it relevant to the call to action but now i've got to create an image it's also got to reflect that that call to action and That's obviously makes it a lot harder to do that but hopefully today we can change that and give you some examples uh actionable uh content today that you'll be able to go away and create your own images that you can really scale you know you create it once and many many times and see a massive impact from that so what i want to kind of do is just kind of first of all look at you know why use image personalization you know why personalized images in your Outreach there's as stefan's already uh said there you know that linkedin engagement or kind of content engagement and user engagement is you know is getting harder and harder and more messages are being sent platforms are obviously changing their rules to try and combat that and restrict you but you know people will try and circumnavigate that as stefan said you know most of the people coming to him were asking them how can you navigate that Rather than just fighting that kind of losing battle against the platforms you've got to go with that flow you've got to learn how to make the most of what you've got and so by driving the engagement increasing engagement is you know where we can kind of make the uh make the biggest impact and that's really where images comes in as that survey suggested you know the majority of us are visual learners but we all process text or process images Significantly quicker than text like 60 000 times quicker you know which is crazy so when you have an image that's reinforcing your call to action but then you have personalization in that image that personalization because the image is processed so quickly by the brain is going to trigger what we call an interrupt and that pan interrupt is just like putting a break on the brain leading to more mind share and that more mind share leads to more engagement and Obviously more engagement leads to more people taking your call to action you know we've seen clients that get you know our average clients cannot doubling their conversions you know we've seen three four even 14x uplifts from using personalized images in outreach you know to trigger that um that level of engagement and it's it's kind of there's lots of ways that you can use an image but you know if your call to action is hey let's Jump on a call a demo you know a strategy call whatever it may be if it's if you at the end of that call to action then humanizing your outreach works amazingly well obviously we all know that kind of the human brain kind of processes things differently when it comes to human face versus other objects so when you have a human face that kind of triggers more engagement in the image in this case using a gif the movement it kind of going to draw the Eye in and that obviously helps and then on top of that you know in this case we're kind of leveraging the law of reciprocity you know where we're waving and smiling and that kind of law reciprocity really to say is that if you do something nice to somebody they're going to feel compelled to kind of respond to that so if you're waving and smiling and you've got the personalization in there it's going to trigger their Curiosity then you know kind of a significant uplift you're going to see in terms of people responding to that and therefore they're going to be more predisposed to kind of your call to action you know in this case you know jumping on a call and it's also about using the image to reinforce that call to action or in this example minimizing the friction so you know rather than saying hey let's spend 30 minutes on a demo you know saying hey Let's have a chat and a coffee and obviously we kind of think a coffee equates to you know a much smaller amount of time it's much more casual you know five ten minute chat and a coffee it's a much kind of smaller ask from a friction perspective and so having an image you know that reinforces that where you can say hey you guys have a chat and a coffee you know that's going oh yeah that sounds nice it's kind of friendly behavior and If that's in the cold outreach you know it's a great way of having an image you know with simple personalization like their name and a bit of kind of uh you know visionary kind of uh or kind of visualizing that ask that can really help you know and it's it's just about elevating your prospects feel good factor you know doing something they feel special you know it's like you know making a smile you know saying wow okay You've got me you know i'm kind of i'm sold not because you've even talked about your product or your prospect just because they realize they're seeing something that's a little bit different and they appreciate that kind of that effort and you can see you know just from i i actually had a few more slides in this navy cut about three of them out because it was just worn after all of comments because honestly it's so simple just to Kind of see the uh the kind of the feel good factor that can it generates um but what i thought would be fun rather than you guys just sitting here and listening to me just talk talk talk you know i want to kind of get you involved a little bit just to kind of um get your opinion and just kind of you know just it's interesting obviously i took part in this this is one of our clients um orca security and when they first joined us Um they had an interesting uh marketing strategy in that they sponsored events so in this case black cat was the event which is a cyber security event and they sell cyber security at enterprise level uh and so what they want to do is they can sponsor the event got the attendee list and then reached out to all the attendees and they had this bribe that if you turn up for the um for a demo and you've got more than a thousand cloud Assets which is their kind of barometer for a customer then you get this 200 gift card that's quite a lot of a convoluted message one hey we attended this event or we sponsored the event you attended two we do cloud security three if you've got more than a thousand assets you'll get two hundred dollars for attending a demo so it's a lot a lot of things to to kind of um put in there so imagine the text was quite large and so what they want to do is break up the Text and have some personalized imagery to kind of help with that story and so they started off their default was we're going to have the gift card and we're going to personalize it you can see in this example and you'll see in most of my examples for this presentation that i use tim cook just because not that i'm a fan boy but i just like to be consistent with with my examples and if you can see that can we start off with we're going to have this gift card And that's going to be you know the way to kind of visualize that story and then they did a second test which was okay maybe because it's an event you know how this mock-up of the event and again we'll have the name and it's just a way of kind of getting them to uh understand that the call to action and then the third one they had uh this is uh todd here who's one of the sdrs um and you've got this kind of post-it note that's kind of got the call to Action but it's kind of vibing off the um obviously the gift card from from image number one so i can see amy's put the the poll up there and number two um is is winning which is actually was my favorite too so again it shows you what i know because actually um it was uh here we go for the reveal drum roll it was uh it was it was todd todd won uh so but this is interesting so the baseline for this um for this test Without without the personalized image was a 1.7 conversion rate so that means that for every image they're sending out or every 100 you know they're getting kind of every however many it was 700 they got 12 bookings so it was you know 1.7 was okay i think but you know obviously they want to do better and you can see the winner todd here you know pretty much almost doubled you know from 1.7 to 3.1 so they were super happy with that But one you know never to rest on their laurels they thought okay what we liked was what looked to be winning was having that humanization having the face so they went a step further and i i can't help but smile every time i see this because i kind of understand the the story that uh went behind this um but i would just just kind of take a step back actually um interesting that you know we thought number two that was also my favorite Uh but we kind of all thought it certainly was number one but yeah todd um it's interesting we came close we came close okay first yeah we're not we've got four but we've got a second chance here we've got a second chance is todd gonna do it again um and so the interesting thing here if we can can we throw up another poll for for these ones amy or is this yeah i'll get one up now give me one second What do you think this will be quite interesting actually because everything is personalized on all yeah absolutely and the thing was that this was when orca came on as a client this was during lockdown um and so everybody was at home um you know and couldn't get to the Office and couldn't um you know so like todd here for example if you actually look at this picture closely that's actually the back of a picture off the wall that's actually brown tape you know and you just just innovative but i thought when i when i looked at that one i thought you know that they're reaching out to enterprise see cells you know um Chief information security officers and it's big ticket deal so i thought you know todd here looks very kind of rebuilding his in his you know in his in his home office in his nice chair and i thought that's going to appeal to um you know these kind of uh these technical types but um but yeah anyways and this was uh this was steve here and then eric came out with this one and obviously at home had not only an orca suit but a green screen you know to have this kind Of beautiful background and i was like well that's you know a bit different i was not 100 um sure about that but so we can see here what we got so again oh we've gone down to todd todd looks like he's got it 48 um and certainly not steve for steve and eric's eric's eric's kind of coming up 40 percent no one's loving steve let's end let's go so paul let's have a look fight very close here between two and three it wasn't close it Wasn't close um eric smashed it wow a little bit close i mean todd still did okay but this craziness and at the time at the time i thought maybe it's because it was locked down and you know people needed a bit more of a a laugh and a smile but eric's still using this one about three events on and it's still still kind of um still a winner for him um but it just goes to show you that one dehumanization work but two When we included a gif it just kind of brings it to life a little bit more i'm not suggesting everybody's got to dress up in some sort of mammal or whatever or or any other sort of animal for that matter but you know even kind of um todd you know in his office here with his picture frame turned around uh you know had a great impact and even for steve he still beat all the other images let's let's not forget and the interesting Thing is when you look at the actual detail the numbers of this campaign the baseline campaign with 1.7 conversion got 12 bookings at the 700. if they'd have done that for the whole campaign they'd have had 120 bookings give or take whereas actually what they ended up getting was an additional 178 bookings by so uplift by using these improved images if they'd used the just the gift 3 that have had almost 400 demos you Know so just shows you the difference uh you know by using these personalized images you know and making a big impact so i hope that's given everybody want a little bit of fun in terms of getting devoted to realizing that we're all wrong i got it wrong too when i was it kind of managing the client but you know that's why it shows it always pays to um to test so and uh you know and certainly uh paid pay for them paid paid well so that's image personalization and i Hope everybody agrees that that's um you know there's some certain benefit there for that uplift that you can get but with expanding with hyper eyes it doesn't stop just with images in your outreach expanding has got an amazing tool where you can trigger emails on connection send those out and i've been doing that for some time now and i've been maybe testing that and getting 85 more click-throughs when i have that Personalized image in my email so i just send very simple emails when somebody's connected with me on linkedin just to say thank you so no real purpose offering a little bit of value you can see in this one if i can help it anyway i'm always open for chatting to coffee and then i've got my personalized gift here um but it gets great but the gif is obviously clickable and then i'm sending them to my call to action landing page uh where they can book a call and that Is very effective it is also personalized right absolutely yes i can show you an example of that um in into one of the up and coming slides but yes if you can personalize the landing page as well um there's some significant uploads if i go to this next slide this is actually what we call a personalized short link again another capability um happen with landing hyper eyes and again that's when you add these short links into your messages in linkedin and it Will show you not only a personalized image but it's also clickable and when you click that personalized image you're going to get through to a personalized landing page um so in this case you can see the call to action this page we've got a calendly and it's personalized to tim um again tim cook from apple of course um you know the page the business names in there and we've even got you know personalized videos embedded in there you know with call to Actions you know maybe his website and then we're doing some brainstorming and call to action buttons in the video so a great way to kind of create this true hype personalization where you're personalizing the outreach increasing the engagement there and obviously the call to action um kind of conversion rate but then you're taking them to the website and then the further personalization there is going to drive even further conversions uplift and what We found when we use these short links is a significant uplift in people that will click you can see that 86 of the users we engage with through a connection and message campaign on on linkedin we're clicking those short links you know and also that was maintained a great conversion rate in terms of that call to action that booking page we just saw people taking That and i think the reason why that is why the the strong conversion uh to the on the booking pages hubspot did this survey and it was over a six-month period so it was a significant length in time um over three hundred thousand sites and what they found is that when personalization was used around the call to action the user the prospect of the visitor was more than twice as likely 202 um kind of a lot more likely to click that call to action and take that So you know as we see you know image personalization is a good way to move on to the site personalization around the call to action whether it be textual or images is a great way to move them on and we've seen that with clients and other customers you know like intercom they've got a 3x uplift by using personalized company names and imagery you know on those landing pages i know um stefan amy uh your data Scientists you've had have been looking at trawling through your campaigns and even though you guys are super optimized and you know the best in the business in terms of your your outreach templates and uh content you're still able to get a significant uplift um when you start using hyper eyes and those messages so some strong um correlations there you know that matches kind of what we we see from from our own uh users So hopefully again you know you can see some of the benefits of not just creating images dropping them in your outreach but also then personalizing your landing pages and the great thing with hyper eyes is that you can personalize your your existing website doesn't matter what it was built with you can personalize that your existing landing pages or pages that you built specific for this purpose with no problem or code free you know very very Simple to do but just to make it a bit more practical for everybody if people if the starting point is linked and that can all be done with uh with a high price right absolutely absolutely yeah so i i realized that we kind of took it maybe a little bit longer than anticipated to kind of talk about some images so i tried to speed up a little bit but absolutely uh we'll show you Some examples live of how to do that creating the link uh between expandy and hyper eyes but before we do that what i want to do is kind of just give you some examples and i'm going to i won't kind of label these because you're all going to get the deck and you'll see them all and obviously touch upon this gifts are great just because of the movement of the eye so what i want to do is just share with you some examples that we or clients are Using to great effect so as i've already mentioned yeah if your call to action is you you're jumping on a call of some way humanizing showing you in that call to expression and it works amazingly well but there's lots of other ways you can use that for example if you have a product that you want to show i think we've had clients that have like a self-serve cyan up and get access using gif animations of your product and again in this case you can see it's Personalized to apple so you've got the movement draws the eye in and then you're actually sharing the value of your product but also as they would see it you know some personalization to them in that case um or using memes as well you know obviously people kind of the great thing about memes is people are very familiar seeing them then adding again that personalization can be a great way of telling a story you know or kind of using him in kind of seasonal For kind of follow-up engagement for existing customers you know even celebratory um gifts as well so you know then just to create that kind of feel-good factor you know and further that engagement obviously a lot of the gifts we just looked at are predominantly b to a b to b we also have kind of many clients in the b2c world for example this is econ world and ad world where what they do is uh when you buy a ticket they give you These shareable gifts personalized to you as you can see obviously your name on the ticket and then encourage you to share those um on twitter you know with their hashtag so they get further engagement and referrals and obviously you get into kind of draws for further swag and that the thing is a nice way of providing some delight you know to your uh to your kind of attendees but also getting some kind of referral uh magic um but all of these types of gifs um That we've just looked at very very simple to create some of them you know you can create on your iphone or your android uh using video and converting to a gif and there's a couple of apps here that i've linked to so again obviously you're going to get the deck so you have these links to these apps um there's a great website here called gif pal and i'm going to show you that one in a moment where you can record your own gif directly using your webcam um and also Giffy a lot of those gift ones the mean ones we just looked at were all coming from giphy and also there's another great site called easygift.com where you can upload any sort of mp4 video and create gifs but what i thought would be nice to start with is go over to gifpal.com and what you can do at giftpower.com is just use your webcam to record a gif so what i'm going to do is just choose the dimensions here for a gif That's what i'm going to do at this point i'm just going to grab it i've got a little easel here very interactive yeah this is what i like ian a real live demonstration exactly so what i'm going to do is maybe just sit here next to it so i could just maybe point at that i'm going to click this little red button now we've got our gif beautiful there we go it's going to give us you Know it's it's a little bit cheesy but you know what it's going to do is allow us to humanize that situation um obviously we've got a kind of somewhere to put our message um you know and we can use it on our outreach and we're going to create a really nice engagement you know and delight moment for those for those people that are going to receive it so what i'm going to do is now just very quickly jump into hyper Eyes and go to the images section and i'm going to choose to create a new image and i'm just going to upload that gif that we've just created from gif pal so i'm just going to click add new and hopefully in my downloads i should be able to see that gif there we go now i would say what i should say at this point is right now you know we're just going through this process of using Gif power and before the end of the year's out we'll actually have a button here where you'll be able to record the gif directly within price you won't even need to go somewhere else you'll click here do the exact same process and then the gif will be there in your account so we kind of will knock out there yeah that's so cool but in the meantime you know we can we'll use this process you can see here We've got our gif now essentially what i can do is just drag it in some oh it's perfect i've got still got the x still get a bit of star wars love after all what i can do is put in some a text block here and i'm just going to say hi i'm going to say first name and what i'm going to do i'm going to change the the color and the font uh maybe have it if it looks a bit more like it's kind of handwritten But not too scruffy so you can't read it and then i'm going to increase the font oh increase the font uh to maybe that sort of size up 21 take off the italic maybe and so now we've kind of got high first name and i'm going to duplicate that and i'm going to put you know we're gonna have something else here i won't kind of uh spend any more time with the call to Action we've got this nice board here you know where we can have you know whatever your call to action is over multiple lines so now we have our image and we can preview it and you can see now we've got our image with the personalization on there and we can even go further you know if we want to do things like logos you know their logo in the corner for example and again what hypervisor does it will personalize those and we'll pull the data through uh From expandi um from pause it from linkedin and so we can have obviously personalized text as well as uh profile images company logos so lots of ways that we can create a really rich personalized image so i'm going to do is just say could you show some of the other placeholders that are available someone was asking in the comments yeah absolutely what placeholders are there absolutely so essentially we have you Know business name first name last name job title category and but if you have any custom place holders set up in um expanded you can put all of those through as well so any dynamic placeholders you've created in expanding they can be used as well and these are just the kind of default set default set if you like you know which obviously around the business um job title uh you know and the actual prospect but yeah any any custom Variable data can be pushed through as well so that's really the process you know within probably a couple of minutes you know we've created a gif uh you know we could do the same process if we wanted in giphy if we wanted to find you know one we could send out as a christmas gift you know maybe uh let's say you know this one's quite nice we could just find that and then just right click and choose Save image and now we've got a gif you know in the same way we had before with giphy set uh with gif power save and we could just add that into hyperlines in the same sort of way so very very simple super simple like say the gif recording is going to be even simpler within a week or two when that's built in but now that we've got our image what i want to do is just show you how simple it is to use those with in expanding so it's a very simple Setup process within your account within your profile settings where you just add your hyper eyes api key and you just grab that within your settings within hyper eyes you can just create your api key here you know how to spell it almost there right now i can imagine that you know i felt it too many uh yeah and then with an expander you just add that and once you've added that all of Your personalized images are now going to be available so let's say i'll just create a brand new campaign here [Music] sorry to interrupt you ian here because i i can't imagine people you you are you are going so fast because it's so natural for you that people are getting confused maybe amy you can make sure that you drop the help center article in the chat already so that people Can see it we will also make sure that we send that one over in the email afterwards um so you will get it anyway but for the ones who can't wait right now let's drop it in the chat all the steps are very clear yeah absolutely i apologize if i do get excited no no no no but yeah there are there are links um in in this deck for one for the tools we've used to the kind of the Process of of building the image which was just done and also the integration guide between expanding hyperis is also linked on this slide here um but yeah once we've created that gif um obviously saw that we've just gone gone through that process and then we can simply automate the process um through the integration of adding those images or dynamically get updated and essentially with expanding hyper eyes together we can embed personalized Images into follow-up messages into inmails and into emails and also with the personalized short links we can embed those into connection notes follow-up messages and in mails so now that we have the connection what i could do you can see here we've got a new campaign it's just a typical connect a message campaign and we've got a connect message here where we could have either something very simple or something more more elaborate but we can Even add a personalized short link into here where for example i could choose my the image the gif we've just created which is my ign gif event i could put in a title here a first name book a personalized demo now and a description and also a url so where i want to send them to so obviously we're adding a short link it's going to be clickable and so now we've Got short link here in the connector message but also what we can do in the body we can also either drop personalized short links as we just in the connection message or we can drop down and have um messages in the um embedded images inside the message it's very very simple you leverage these two techniques of either embedding an image in the message which and that's really perfect for if You want to um kind of draw that sort of engagement you want somebody to kind of you know have that feel good factor and maybe it doesn't have to be when you're kind of wanting an icebreaker in a way it doesn't need to be purposeful click here to book a call you know like say post connection you just want to put a smile on their face then you know embedding an image can be really great or if the call to action is like to respond to reply if you want them to Click and go somewhere else there's a book a call using your calendar or whatever then using the personalized short link option is a great way because then you can have you know clickable action that will take them to those personalized pages of yours so hopefully that that distinction between the two um makes sense um but yeah that's kind of essentially the kind of the way those two processes work so just a couple a couple of small steps People sign up for it for for a higher price they will get there the happy token that way as you showed they will copy it they will place it in exponding in the profile settings they will save it they go back to hyper eyes and from there on they can upload their gif animations or they can take out fonts of all the perfect working ones you get out for them already is that correct in the library yeah right right now there are about 85 templates um in in The platform one of the things we're working on right now is expanding that so we're adding we've kind of reached as many as we can because the the discovery mechanism is not great so we're working on a tagging system now so you know whether it's going to be recruitment connection gif or you know whatever template you want we're going to tag them all and then we'll be able to add hundreds more um which will be we'll be adding you Know over the next month or two so 85 for now but many more coming as we improve uh the kind of discovery mechanism of the templates we created but yeah absolutely the api key here that you add that's a one-off process you add it by account you can use that same one api key for many different accounts there's no restrictions there in terms of using one key for multiple accounts within your expandy Settings and once you've done that you're going to see you know all of all of your images um you know in here that you know that you've created so what was the one that we created it was ign if i need to do a refresh don't try yeah that was a good thing uh once you've added a new image you click this uh sync from hyper eyes and then what that's gonna do is allow you see here we've got The ign gif event and you see a preview of it uh the reason why i couldn't see it before is because i hadn't clicked the sync and the sync is will update your list whenever you add a new image in hyper eyes click this and that will bring them from using the api and that really is as simple um as it as it can be you know in terms of being able to one add personalized short links And again these can be copied and and moved across different messages that kind of work in that sort of way as well and we can just use the placeholder here to be able to add those into our messages they can also be used in in males as well so they can very flexible in terms of you know where where they can be used and as we saw from the deck you know they look great you know when when you click those Um i'm just conscious we're kind of like 10 minutes from the end um so i i'm thinking maybe we kind of start looking at kind of answering some of those questions i know that um one of the questions that comes up quite regularly uh is image dimension so when you're creating uh these images you know we as we saw there when i used gif pal um you know i created a kind of a rectangle sort of shape that gif and the reason for that Is because i was in my mind i was going to be using it in a short link um kind of type message image should i say and and these kind of images need to be as you can see this is how it was going to look in linkedin it's going to be like a two to one sort of ratio you're gonna have the image and then obviously you're gonna have the personalized title description underneath whereas when you embed an image uh they're gonna appear Square so even if your image isn't squares you can see this one isn't square it's going to be pillar boxed inside this um this kind of square reveal if you like when you click that it is going to open up full size and will be whatever you know unhindered and cropped as it were um but obviously the square your image then kind of the more it's going to fill up that box that's available so a one-to-one ratio ideally 600 by 600 pixels would be amazing and again in the short links to two to ones more like 600 by 300 sort of ratio so hopefully that's that's going to given everybody um a kind of an idea in terms of sort of images to create and the sort of sizes you know for your use cases but if anybody has any other questions left to uh can you get stuck into that but before we go to the questions here sorry to interrupt you again You shared so much value so much like samples i can imagine people wanted to get our hands on their own how can we proceed it's almost christmas what do we have in mind amy do we have to prepare something nice for everybody here so that we can help people to move forward straight away and get our hands on both applications yes definitely and we provide so if you want to sign up With expandee you can of course get your seven day free trial it's usually 99 per month uh per linkedin account and if you want to sign up this month you can get 30 off your subscription um for three months and if you also want to sign up with ian over in high price we're gonna match each other so he's gonna give us 30 do you want to tell a bit about your price in first ian yeah absolutely so essentially our pricing we have three Different plans depending on uh the functionality you want so kind of what we've talked about today is image personalization so using personalized images or short links in your outreach that's all covered under our 49 a month plan so that gives you effectively five personalized images you know that could be using that over five different linkedin accounts essentially 49 if you want the website personalization as well as the image personalization Then that's 99 per month but then that increases to 10 live personalized images so again you know that could be 10 different linkedin accounts and personalized uh you know 10 different personalized landing pages on your website so you know it's you know for effectively for 99 that supports you know 10 different people using personalized gifts um you know and personalizing landing pages for them and again we're matching your discount says 30 off the first three months and we're synced we've got both got the same code uh which is expand the x hypervise yep so if you use that in the uh clipboard section when you're signing up you'll get 30 off and we have loads of resources that are going to help you if you need it uh so to start with we have of course both of us have help centers we can find all of the guides that you would need uh we Have a live chat ian you guys have a live chat that's right yeah we do absolutely main website and within the platform yeah so the same thing uh expandi offers a lot of resources um i can speak for us more than i can for ian right now uh for example we have our academy uh which we're gonna actually be teaming up with ian and we're gonna put in a full training course in there so that he can show you You know we've given you a snippet now but obviously he can go in way more depth than he has uh so we're gonna put that um yeah we're gonna get that set up right now we have one course in the academy and it's stefan was already speaking about it how to become a v2 rockstar so if these are already customers of expanding you maybe already know about it but we're going to be transitioning into A nice new front end so before you before we do that you can already become yeah a superstar in it uh we have youtube channels with all of uh guides over there blogs ebooks templates everything that you could ask for we have and they're all linked here as well from you ian i know you have a lot of resources too you have absolutely we've lots Well we have um an academy similar to yourselves or not symmetry selves and yours is is much better structured than ours ours is essentially is just video content um it's accessible uh within our kind of from our main site but also all of the onboarding resources are kind of um in the academy as well we have a facebook group where there's lots of um kind of ideas banded around and And as you said um you know we've also got the live chat so typically for if you're if you're looking to kind of from a learning perspective in our academy is all video based content and you can access access that from the site other than that yeah then um our facebook group is a good place to go to ask questions um you know or find you know where we Share a lot of our kind of use cases as well nice uh there is a couple of questions still open in the q a if we have a couple of minutes left um to answer i wasn't sure on the answer of this uh ian can you use instagram for high price or with hybrids so um yeah i mean there are a couple of platforms uh that offer instagram um automation you know texo for example is is one that there are others um And and you can um you can add hyperis images in in there use using those um those sort of automations i've never really had a lot of success with those just because the limits are so limited you know like facebook messaging as well effectively facebook messenger and instagram unified platform now so you know they both have it's like 40 messages a day before you know you kind of so i've never found a lot of value in that but yeah absolutely you can also With personalized short links you know they will work on any social platform like you can share them on slack and you'll still get that preview and pinterest in facebook messenger instagram those short links will give you know that same experience as you see in linkedin in all of those social platforms absolutely um i said that hopefully that answered that question the the second question there Can you identify the prospect if they clicked on the gif an external link through linkedin outreach so yeah if they click on that link then that that link is specific to them so it doesn't matter whether they click that and then yeah that's going to be personalized to them absolutely uh john was asking about the cfd of expanding and how you can warm up the account expanding has so many different safety Features in place to keep your account safe uh we do have an auto account warm-up where basically you have a start limit and an end limit and then you can set how quickly you want it to warm up so whether you want it to increase by one every day for example uh i can send that um article into the chat and that will help but we also there's a lot of different uh things that i can say for this firstly being cloud based is a nice Safety feature in itself besides being a chrome extension that's kind of the two types of automation tools you can get out there um being cloud-based means it's a lot more difficult to be detected rather than a chrome extension and then because of because we're cloud-based each account gets assigned its own dedicated ip address so that you can safely send messages from the you know the location that you're in and then all of the ways that we send Our messages are there for safety so we have this randomized back-end sequence that when we're sending messages it mimics human behavior so that every message is kind of sent randomly you know it's not every minute on the minute until it runs out of messages it'll take nice breaks to make it look natural um and you know i could i could keep going there is more than that but i don't want to take up too much time if you're Really concerned though you can write to the support chat and they can give you some more ideas on how to keep your account safe that was very quick probably no one heard anything there yeah i can only echo that in my past i've used many many uh linkedin automation tools and and this is you've you know you're not very good to say this but you know you're you you're going to have the best experience From it from a safety perspective as well i know recently uh linkedin had a problem didn't it where um they just started suspending accounts just randomly they had a bug um i know you guys were straight on that you paused activity and everybody's accounts as a safety precaution where every other linkedin platform you know we're oblivious to it you know and that's that's about as real life as you can get irrespective of all the Hyperbola and all of the promises you know in real life you know something that was a complete curveball it was a linkedin bug you know that they were incorrectly kind of slapping accounts even people that weren't even using automation were getting slapped yeah but you know you you guys were straight on that like you know like on chips yeah definitely um but there's no more open questions i Think um so hopefully you guys all enjoyed that hopefully you learned a lot uh obviously as we said we're going to send everything through uh the recording might take usually takes a while for it to get downloaded um hours usually yeah i would say they'll stay up a bit longer tonight i will promise that wait for the recording and I will make sure that i send it over before i go to uh to sleep i will add the coupon code in it from both sides i will add the link in it the deck in it and also in the presentation some additional links to some templates i think they are already in there we talked about some examples how you can use it in your email now we also Will wrap up an ad in guide with some examples so um before i go to sleep i will definitely send send it over if it's if it's there from the zoom um much thanks for joining this session if you really like it spread the word with your colleagues with your friends and everybody who can This be uh can benefit of this and we hope to see you soon on both platforms using this kind of gif animations and examples again really thanks for joining ian my friend much thanks for being here and sharing so much practical value and of course our lovely amy for answering and helping out on all the questions wrapping up the coupon codes and the presentation of Course um i wish everybody a great rest of the day evening or afternoon and let's catch up soon yeah thanks everybody thanks everyone for your time see you soon bye

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