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Cool so thanks everybody uh for visiting today uh for joining us uh in this event which is the purpose of this event is to help you potentially improve significantly uh your outreach uh in terms of the channels of linkedin and email so what i'm going to do first of all is just a little bit of housekeeping in terms of the event that we're running so essentially obviously as you just heard we're going To be recording this webinar so you know um you know we'll kind of use that but obviously for the purpose of if you've been sharing information or questions just be mindful of that obviously if you do want to ask me questions you are you will be muted but you know if you want to kind of come on with your q a at the end so if you want to come on to a Panel then always remember to open mute yourself now if you do have any questions as we go you know please feel free to use the q a function to uh post those in there um and we'll tackle those as we go or again at the end will be a time for some q a's as well now as you um as you've heard we've just talked about it the event has been recorded and we will share that with you after the event we'll send out an email Um in the next day or so uh with all of that um and that will also be available at the high price academy where we include all of our um all of our educational event recordings if you do have any other problems outside of just a general q a just raise your hand and we will um we'll address that as we go through so hopefully that's the housekeeping In terms of who i am and what we're going to cover today my name's ian naylor um i'm one of the uh i'm the co-founder of hyper ice which is founder she's a co-founder and there's two of us um my background is i've been starting online businesses for the last 20 odd years since 98 i think was the first business i founded um and you know right up to date found in hyperion 2019 and hyper eyes essentially is is the Personalization toolkit i've always wanted if you're all those businesses kind of obviously predominantly from a sales and marketing perspective um but throughout all of my uh uh kind of online endeavors uh we've used uh this sort of kind of strategy image personalization to great effect um and it was just always kind of held back by the kind of technical limitations of how quickly you could do this and do it at Scale and that's kind of really where hyper eyes comes in other than uh business and all those sort of things i'm following three and if there was such a thing as as a spare time um i would be a soapbox racer although very little of that these days um so hopefully that's giving you a little overview of me and why i'm passionate about um type personalization personalization um and how we've come to Uh meet here today in terms of what we're going to be covering today you'll be great to know we've gone through all the admin so we've done the welcome the introduction and a little bit about uh no what we're gonna do is jump into the value of you know why we can use image personalization and outreach you know how to use it you know how to make uh the perfect images and how to use them in your email and in your linkedin Outreach for great success so let's jump into that um and kind of as i said before any questions as we go please do um put them in the q a and we'll cover those as um as we go through everything so first of all let's take a little step back and talk about you know why image personalization is so important and you'll be interested to know and this is a survey i did recently to um my Audience on on linkedin just asking the question um about image personality or images in outreach generally you know whether people thought images and outreach had an impact it was interesting to learn that less than one percent of linkedin messages contain an image um when you know when i asked my audience uh my network um you know who um you know what what they thought you know The overwhelming um kind of response was yes they thought it was impacting it had an impact or had a chance to have a positive impact um and yet you know it's completely odds to you among people that are actually using it and i think really that is because it's hard to use image personalization how do you do it in a purposeful way and obviously you know the key is to make it purposeful because we need to do Something different to grab people's attention user engagement is getting harder and harder you know we're seeing more and more messages marketing messages each day um you know we've all got the same amount of time right and so you know that the kind of my time we have to grab somebody's attention is getting less and less and so you know just stand out and be different you know to kind of combat this this kind of growing cost of Acquisition or reduced amount of return for you know the same amount of efforts either put more effort in to get the same or you have you'll get less back from the same amount of effort you know and we've seen this consistently you know over the last five years you know that conversion you know and engagement is getting harder and harder and so using image personalization gives us another opportunity to grab people's Attention in in a different sort of way from majority people that aren't implementing this and the reason why it's so effective is that the human brain um is is just hardwired to process images kind of significantly better than text 60 000 times quicker in fact according to this uh scientific study that was uh carried out you know and that's you know a massive obviously Uplift and you know leveraging that when whether image has something like personalization in it when the human brain is processing that so quickly that personalization is going to trigger what's referred to as a pattern interrupt and that pattern interrupt is just a psychological behavior that just leads to more mind sharing that more mind share just leads to more engagement and more people taking your call to action and That's really the key of image personalization it's just using the way that we're as humans better equipped to communicate you know using visuals to reinforce your call to action to doing in a purposeful way but using the personalization in there to trigger the pattern interrupt to create that increased mind share so let's take the kind of assumption that okay we're now on board and we know that Personalized images are gonna add value to our outreach they're going to increase the engagement how can we start to use those and do it in a purposeful way so what i thought we could now just take a moment or two just to look at you know how to use image personalization in your outreach and with some examples that we've used but also some of our clients have used to great success so in this case what we can see Is this is an example from myself when i'm reaching out in this case to jeff and we can see we've got some text in here but obviously an image this is actually a linkedin message in this case and we can see in this case we've got the personalization to jeff with his name and actually even his business logo as well as his personalized title underneath the image and what we're doing there because my call to action is To have a chat you know have you know book a meeting have a demo a discovery call whatever you want to you know call it a typical sales call to action i'm trying to humanize that situation because if jeff eventually says yes it's me he's going to meet and so creating that human connection earlier on the funnel you know really helps to kind of create that um that bond but again when we're including personalization in there it's you know it's triggering his um his Kind of thought process in a way oh kind of jolts him out of something that's um you know not the norm but then in addition to that we hope we're trying to trigger something else law reciprocity here you can see in the actual gif it's uh the image is a movement animated gif and so with that movement we're kind of drawing the eye in and then we've got you know the smile and the wave and so it's kind of like that kind of light-hearted but kind of creating that Feel-good factor and you're leveraging that lore reciprocity where if you do generate that feel good factor they're going to feel compelled to respond and so all of these different psychological traits of the humanization the gift the personalization you know the leverage and the law especially of all those things packaged together means that we start to get amazing responses like this that we can see from rebecca now in this case her response is like love this Exclamation mark you know so really elevated her from like to love you know you see here and this is kind of exactly kind of the sort of thing that you will start to see when you implement this as well in your own campaigns and in this case rebecca's you know no junior that's easily wowed you know she's at the co founder of you know a significant um organize a marketing organization and so you know it really helps kind of create that moment of Delight irrespective of the seniority you know or we can use other other kind of tricks like reducing the friction by visualizing the asking in a kind of a minimized wave i think in this case so if we're saying the call fraction is let's have a chat um and a coffee or let's have a coffee and a chat about growth and what we're doing is minimizing the ask to a coffee you know which is you know five ten minutes sort of chat versus you know sales call or Demo you know half an hour or more a lot heavier and waiter so lightening the um the ass removing the friction from that and then reinforcing that with some visualization in this case you know kind of prop for the coffee cup if you like again with the personalization there and the gift and the humanization just a great way of kind of cutting through and getting responses like this you can see this response from edgar here i never replied to these emails this is the First one that worked you know and that's really kind of what we're trying to do here to create that moment of delight move past the kind of maybe that distaste or natural distrust of so you know that's the kind of paradigm shift or kind of change that you're going to be able to create by by implementing this but it doesn't just have to be gifts obviously gifts are great um for that Kind of one-to-one human connection but you know sometimes you want to use images personalized images in marketing messages as well so in this case this is one of our clients g2 and what they're doing is they've got two mock-up images here of actually reports they produce on a quarterly basis but in this case what they're doing is they're reaching out to people that are not on their platform or businesses that um are underrepresented And saying hey if you work with us you could become a category leader and in this case you can see these two images these examples are personalized to apple the way you see the apple logo and the apple name these are all dynamic elements of personalizing on the flag for each recipient and so each recipient can see their own logo and their own name on there you know and they're really kind of creative aspirational feeling oh wow yes i'd love to be a Category leader and getting all these leads from g2 and so you know it creates this kind of moment of wow in this case in g2's case uh increased their reply rates from 15 to 48 triple the response rate in their campaign by you know having this kind of bold statement you know what could become um in the future if they take the call to action so you know visualizing is showing that success another way of doing that another one of Our clients uh replied the io they have these uh kind of the old way the new way the pleasure and pain if you like and the pain being you know the client's current pain point of having lots of disparate systems and the kind of the pleasure of being uh reply the i o solution you know where it's a nice streamlined funnel and they're just making one simple change in that image you know and that's the client's logo so you know really triggering that pattern Interrupt and in a simple way with you know the logo which would be obviously very uh recognizable to the recipient and in their case increased reply rates from 11 to 21 so doubled uh you know the reply rates in in their campaigns by you know creating this very simple uh personalization and visualization of their um their call to action interestingly um in reply case they also expanded their the metrics that they looked at in their case study not just To look at the reply rate which is their main call for action but they also noticed that their open rates and their delivery rates over time increase and essentially this is down to you know we've seen this many times by clients that as they start to use personalization image personalization in their outreach they get better responses like we saw from edgar who would never respond you know now always responds you know responds to our emails um creating Better uh domain reputation it helps as well one other example this is quite a different one here and this is another client of ours hub staff what they did is they personalized their product images so in this case their call to action was signed up for a free self-serve trial and so they want to put the product in the hands of the customer before they actually took that call to action and so just showing them What the product looked like once they had signed up which in this case showing their clients logo the prospect details in the in the um in the dashboard we've seen this mock-up here it's it's it's tim cook from apple again but yeah essentially just giving us uh that representation of you know what that personalization could look like now okay great thank you thanks i apologize uh And thanks for sticking through that uh yeah so with hub staff and they personalized the product image and what that led to was more than tripling of their engagement obviously in this case their call to action was sign up for a self-serve free trial so it was a click metric rather than a reply metric but their click metric went from 3 to 11 which obviously an amazing uplift in terms of engagement you know simply by uh using the product images and putting Those in the hands of uh you know the prospects you know before they've taken that call to action so really effective so what i thought would be fun at this point we've obviously looked at quite a few different examples of personalized images you know and what um how they could be used and so what i thought maybe would be fun would be to um launch a quick poll here a little quiz you hopefully you should be able to see that we've got three different images here That were all used by one of our clients and in one of their campaigns um i just thought it'd be fun for you to kind of to kind of have a little guess on which one you think was um would be the winner out of these so just to give you a little bit background on orca essentially they're um a cyber security um sas business and they kind of serve enterprises and they get a lot of their business by sponsoring events and then They get they reach out to the attendees of the event and say hey would you like to jump on a demo of our product of our cloud security um solution but what they want to do is is kind of pre-qualified people to jump on those and book those calls by saying do you have more than a thousand cloud assets and so then they offer a bribe if you have more than a thousand cloud assets to join the demo so quite convoluted kind of ask and story so they wanted to use some Personalized images to help uh tell that story in their outreach and so this is the first three that they tested you see the first one number one um it's just like a gift card and it's personalized to tim cook you see here again with so just some the logos of the event they attended of the orca logo and then the personalization and then the value in the middle and then number two is kind of mocked up to look like the event just to kind of create some sort of uh Feedback or link back to the event and again you can see the personalization on the stage screen now putting through the logo and then finally we have uh todd here todd's one of the sdrs so again kind of humanizing that that connection similar to the gift card showing the value but also the little post-it note there with some further personalization so that was the three um three kind of choices they did in the In their first test in the a b test uh let's see what we can see um from the poll results is uh that you thought in the majority that todd was the winner uh which is which is great interesting i thought when we were doing this i quite liked number two i thought that was going to be the one quite reminiscent of the event it attended but yeah you were absolutely right those that said todd um todd was the winner and the interesting thing Here was when you look at the baseline the baseline eye without a personalized image was a 1.7 conversion so that's people that attended the event they reached out and who booked the um booked a call compared to the winner todd 3.1 so not quite doubling the conversions but you know doing doing quite well um but um orca went on and did um a another test and this time they um they went for personalized gifts now i've just shared just to continue the Fun don't worry this this will be the last one we're gonna kill you with quizzes um in this case they went you know all in with the gifts uh and we've got steve here number one now the the interesting thing here was this was done during uh the first lockdown so everybody's at home in their home office and steve was just in his hallway you know a blank wall had no props or anything uh this is todd who's obviously won the last round He's actually set in his home office in home office and this is actually just a picture frame off the wall he's just turned it around and he's just using that as a prop for the whiteboard and then you've got this amazing one here of eric in the orca suit um you know really really kind of going going to town um and yeah i mean so far most people are saying eric um this one here and i just have to say i thought um todd was going To be the winner i thought you know he looked quite regal here in his home office and you know the purpose of the campaign was to reach out to you know c-suite so you know of enterprise organization side so you know i thought you know this will maybe kind of fly a little bit more but um actually when we look at the results um in terms of what you voted and also what how the people that received the images voted as well eric actually Smashed it he got 5.7 conversion you know off the back of you know when we look at the baseline 1.7 you know but todd and steve were close to eric um but you know he kind of went a little bit further maybe just with that you know further an interrupt something completely um zany if you like um but you know even in quite a somber industry as cloud Security you know the csos of the world you know still finding it engaging enough to kind of respond and when we look at the results of this in in like you know just black and white rather than the kind of percentages it's quite remarkable really so the entire campaign had about 7 000 prospects in it uh that first baseline they did that generated the 1.7 conversion that was actually 12 bookings so if we extrapolated that 700 out to the entire campaign it would Probably been like 120 bookings in total but when we look at everything above that conversion rate it was an additional 178 demo so in the end they ended up with 262 demos booked so compared to 120 quite a significant uplift but if they had just gone straight for the gifts at the end which had you know a higher conversion rate there would have been around about 400 demos booked so you know a massive uplift you consider 120 to 400 you know That is quite the uplift so what one thing that this survey as well as hopefully um being a little bit of fun well maybe um in terms of the results what it does shows is that the kind of the humanized gifts when you can use them are incredibly uh powerful obviously as you've said they're not not suitable for every case you know and there are other personalized images that we can use to still be purposeful and Reinforce the call to action but if it's a kind of one to one or come and meet me in an event then you know the perfect way is to create um a personalized gif and as i said before the movement of the gif draws the eye and that's the thing that helps as well but you know using the images you know project yourself in a way whether you just connect with them on linkedin or you want to chat or you've got a personalized video they Want to look at you know or you want to congratulate them on something lots of ways you know even like you know i've looked at your website creating these humanized gifts and sharing them sharing a bit of yourself or sharing a personalized message you know can be great but other ways of doing that for example we touched a product with hub staff you know personalizing the product again this is uh the client we mentioned Before orca also personalizing their product but using a gif as well so they've got some moving elements within their dashboard and then they personalized it pulling through the business name in there again doing that to great results or using memes you know so finding existing images that exist out on the internet and using those to reinforce an image it can be great further down the line uh maybe you know when you want to Re-engage existing customers or you know kind of do follow-ups doing something in more of a kind of a light-hearted way you know when you've got an existing connection there you know great way to kind of do that obviously or to re-engage on a seasonal basis using gifts as well can be um you know quite a a impactful way to do that or even celebrating users in terms of when they achieve things like maybe for example almost like a bit of a Gamification um in terms of um if they complete educational steps you know in your own product or sequences or whatever you know subscribing etc and we've seen these when we talk about the re-engagement you know um in terms of being able to do that with events in fact you know we use this strategy in the event that you're attending today using shareable gifts um that represent you know the event you're attending and encouraging Users to um to share those and i thought what would be fun today in kind of a even though the uh we're in the middle of the event is sharing some pretty much live statistics i recorded these um just about three hours ago now so a little bit out of date but not too much um but as at the point where when i worked this out so we had seven percent of event registrants the people that had registered for the event had actually shared their own personalized um gif um For the event and those shares generated over it was over 200 i'm sure more than that now additional registration so pretty much about a third of the people that registered for this event today have come from you know that kind of variety of boosts from from their own network an interesting thing is um the kind of the split of those shares you see by far linkedin being the most significant and Obvious that's no surprise considering you know the event was kind of um featured on the linkedin page you know and obviously that's the kind of the business network that people kind of lean on but still twitter elon musk will be pleased to see uh kind of doing quite well there and facebook surprised me actually kind of to be uh the least but maybe also the order that these buttons were in in the email is telling as well because then the share Is also related to the order of those buttons now some of you out there might be thinking well seven percent that's not very high out of you know the 400 people so that are naturally registered for the event however you'll be interested to know that the last time we tried the share buttons but without the personalized image just a shareable link um it was zero percent so you know seven percent is a significant Infinitely better uplift on xero uh so you know there's some some kind of um solid benefits of using gifs to promote your events as well as uh to promote one-to-ones you know as we've seen uh in these examples so what i wanted to do now we've hopefully gone through um enough different examples that's kind of got the Old uh kind of gray matter going of some ways that from from your own perspective your own services or products you could see ways that a image could be used in a purposeful way with personalization in there to you know in your own campaigns and so what i thought would be fun and say how can we kind of create these images you know what are the steps and so with hyper eyes we can create these dynamic image templates on the fly and Then embed them in um in your outreach templates hyper eyes integrates with hundreds of different outreach tools and i'll go through how that works the minute but obviously before you start adding the image templates to your outreach you've got to first create the image so let's have a look at kind of some of the ways that that can be done so first of all you know we want to create a new image template with hyper eyes if you haven't used it before You can have a completely free trial that gives you full access to the full product so you can kind of create these image templates so you can see here i'm in the image template creator i've got a completely blank template i've got my personalization layers here on the left i've got the settings on the right and in the middle i've got my image canvas this is where i'm going to kind of create my image so first thing first i'm going to click the canvas to load up the Image library um to where i can set near the base image for my template now here what we've got is a lot of different options in terms of just my own images everything that i've uploaded and you can upload any sort of image at all you know that could be a png a gif jpeg any sort of image format obviously it can be animated gifs as well but also we provide a lot of stock images as well so if you just want to Use some images off the back we've got lots of those whether it might be memes or celebrations you know or you know just kind of nice elegant backgrounds you know that might relate to a certain specific thing and so lots of different ways that you can kind of use stock images uh you know as part of your uh kind of outreach campaigns or the thing that i kind of think works really well is Recording your own gif so again what we can do here is click the record gif button and what that will do is open up the webcam so we can start to record from there so we've got lots of different format sizes maybe we want a square or portrait or kind of just a kind of regular rectangle we can choose the record length but obviously the way this works what we're going to do is record the gif once and then it's just going to loop and loop And loop so generally two seconds isn't is enough for kind of a wave or a coffee you know or maybe you want to get like another product like for example let's get like a whiteboard here right there so we got the what got the there whiteboard go um so now we've got our prop you know we can just click record we'll get a nice little countdown so there we go and so we've got we've Got our gif now and it's going to just kind of bed around so we can just create that and add that into our image template and once we've kind of got that in there you know we can just start to add some personalized layers in this case maybe we would like to put in the person's name on the uh on the whiteboard so let's just drag in the text element here I'm just gonna resize it and adjust it so it fits on the board let's go to the text settings let's do a couple of things maybe like first of all change the color uh so it's going to show up on the whiteboard and because we're going to try and make this look like it's going to be written on the board let's just choose a font that maybe looks something kind of like that's a permanent marker for Example to take the talent off and increase the size a little bit so now what we can do we've got the text here we can replace this default check i can just type in here hi and i'm going to put in first name and so now we've got this text on the board you know maybe also what we want to do is just put in their their logo so again let's maybe put their logo and make it round and reduce it a little bit and then maybe add in a little shape Here um and just say hey we you know we love business name whatever whatever it is i'm kind of saying that you know using the um the logo so let's just put that there and so now you know very simply in this case we've created an image where you know we've got an email here of tim apple uh and now we've kind of got his personalization details pulled through the whiteboard his name and obviously His business logo um you know as well as that shape yeah and we can kind of go further than this and say hi tim uh you know we would love to work with uh the business name let's just move these down so now the kind of the love heart and The logo makes more sense and so now we've got this personalized image you know with the business text um oh maybe we remember just to move this up there we get the id now we can kind of play around with the image and get it to the point where it's kind of doing exactly what we need now what we've done so far in this image is we've used some personalized text we've used the first name to use the business name we use the Shape layer and we also use the logo layer they've helped helped us create these kind of various different dynamic elements we could also use like the websites that would be a screenshot of the website we can also use a map which would be a map with their location on it uh we're kind of going for more like linkedin sort of thing things and the profile image can work quite well as well which is finding the qr code a great way of Printing things off and having a personalized qr code in there but as you can see just from one piece of data in this case at timberapple.com we've got a we've got this whole full personalization coming through the logos and all of that sort of thing and so you know creating um a very simple way of creating the the kind of all the personalization dynamically on the fly you know in this Case the phonographic um logo of the business and so once we've once we've created that once you've created this image obviously as we see now it's a template essentially rather than a final image and what we want to do now is use it in our outreach there are lots of ways that we can do that and we can add this into email templates so for example if i wanted to add this into a campaign or sending out to Thousands of people or you know just a handful of people it doesn't matter i can just use this get image code button here and add the integration that i want to use this image template with so click mute add the integration and what we'll see here is thousands or hundreds should i say of choices or platforms you know all are split into different categories so whether it's crms business software chat platforms E-commerce email marketing linkedin mail you know all sorts of various different kind of outreach platforms it's obviously all of the kind of common ones you kind of can't think of from mailchimp mail shape hubspot yes but all of the kind of the ones that you know would be um kind of more likely to be used out there and so what we'll do is you know you can just select any of these so i'll just select mail shape for now And forget anybody asking about the recording we will be sending our recording tomorrow uh we can check um the mail shape integration in this case and we've got this image code here and i simply copy that image code and this is code specific for mail shape in this case and with whatever integration you select there'll always be an integration guide and that integration drive will show exactly what you do on the mail shape side in this case so step one is What we've just done add the integration and select the appropriate platform step two in this case you go to mail shape within your email template you just click the insert image button and within that insert image button there'll be a source field and that source field you just add in the image code that you copied from high price and that's it simple as that and then from that point onwards whenever mail shape in this case uses that template that mail message Template uh with that image in it it'll just personalize dynamically using the data that's in mail shape but then with additional personalization mapped on top of the image and so that way you know it's a set and forget now you create your image template you add it to your outreach platform of choice and then it will just personalize hundreds or thousands of times without you having to lift an additional finger or do any further work In hyper eyes so that's the the kind of at scale option for um how you do integration platforms in addition to that we do have chrome extensions so you can add in personalized images directly into email and linkedin so for example uh with gmail we have a plugin that will add a button to select your image obviously we're in linkedin now um you can see obviously here a personalized image i've Kind of shared using a personalized short link and you can create these on a one-to-one basis as well so for example here you can see we've got this additional short link button uh which is uh added by our chrome extension when you click that it allows you to select uh your personalized image so we can set the personalized image that we've just created here um i could select the title that's gonna appear Underneath you can see here like thomas reserve your spot now so i could say first name let's have a chat and then i can choose a destination url so where they're going to go to when they click the image and as soon as i click submit that's going to generate this personalized short link and you can see i can now just paste that directly into the chat and this person my short link is going to be personalized to thomas and if i share This in the chat he's gonna see this i know the person i do just i won't share it with thomas he doesn't i'm sure he won't appreciate me spamming him but i can do actually i go to linkedin post inspector and what i can do is i can just post in that same link we've just generated we just created and this will show exactly what um what what you would get hopefully here we go so in this case you can see hi thomas uh would love to work With you uh we don't pull through his logo maybe we didn't have a logo maybe he's not um for an active business so what we could have done in that case is the logo we could change that um to have a default uh and the default could be our own logo or we could add in a transparency for example so when there is no logo it doesn't show but lots of simple ways that we can kind of do that and obviously also these images are clickable and so we're going To get through to in this case we've got this personalized video to thomas hi thomas thanks for accepting my off and so you get the idea that you know we can um create these personalized experiences you know have personalized images that are you know not even personalized not just personalized to them but also it can be clickable you know and take the user to a personalized experience um you know on another website you know without with that personalization being Pulled through all the way so that's that's the kind of the basis of of what we can do you know and replicate all of the different strategies we've seen you know in the deck in terms of you know whether it's humanized gifs or whether it's um or whether it's uh um kind of promote images or you know visualizations that kind of show success lots of different ways that you can do that and as we saw in the live demo you Know with hyper eyes integrates with hundreds of different platforms so you know whatever um you know you're um you're using you know you can simply grab our image templates add them to your message templates you know and you'll be good to go as i also mentioned you know we've got a gmail plugin so if you want to add one-to-one personalized images into one-to-one emails you can do that with a gmail Plugin and similarly adding in either personalized short links or embedded images into your messages you know um we have lots of integration options for that you know and these personal short links as we saw it could be really effective in terms of visualizing the call to action and creating a really delightful message experience within there And even when you include those in connection notes the great thing is that um when you accept that connection note because that message in there will pop up straight away and then show that personalized preview directly um after they've accepted the connection and as i mentioned as we just saw before we have a personalized short link chrome extension that will add that create button directly into the linkedin session so A great way of doing one-to-one follow-ups as well as using it with automation if you are using automation though uh we integrate with about 12 or so different linkedin automation platforms and the one i recommend to be the best is expanding in terms of the extent of different campaigns and capabilities it provides as well as the level of integration that it has with us so you know kind of double fold in terms Of the um the benefits there so that's kind of drawn a conclusion to the bulk of what we wanted to kind of cover today in terms of giving you some ideas of how to use uh image personalization gift personalization in your outreach in emails in linkedin and also giving you some steer in terms of how best to do that in terms of through the hypervised Platform and we do offer a completely free trial of the product so if you do have you know some time to give it a try you know kick the ties as it were you've got full access to the product simply just go to hypereyes.com we will be sharing this deck with all the links all the information and case studies along with the recording of this event so if you do have um Any questions that relate to the kind of the links or everything like that you know i said that that would be coming to you very soon with all of that all of those details in there but now i'd love to answer any questions if anybody has any um around what we've covered today you know how you might be able to use in your outreach so if anyone has any questions please Feel free to uh post them into the q a tab now okay so prevalent yeah so in terms of the sequence from the acceptance rate essentially what i'm doing is using an icebreaker and then um and then a personalized gif so as you can see here this is kind of my connection uh apple kind of note after connection so just a very very simple one in terms of um Or you know instead of just thanking them first of all for the uh for the connection and then kind of using a little bit of kind of humor as an icebreaker so in this case in the text element saying always a win to connect with like-minded professional and then the image that's accompanying that is connect four but the winning line in connect four is their profile image and so obviously we've just connected the games connect Four uh the winning line is them so it's a bit of ego stroke it's a bit of kind of nostalgia you know from a kind of a more innocent time maybe uh in in a younger selves uh you know playing games like this um you know and that really helps in terms of improving engagement and getting people to respond and then i follow up with that uh with obviously which is this is completely non-call to action they're just connected you don't run kind of Straight down their throat um and then i follow up with um a a gif a humanized gif which again is clickable in this case whereas this image is clickable but just opens up state keeps them within linkedin doesn't take them anywhere and so you know drives that engagement um in terms of the actual message um you know it can it gets gets a lot of great responses you know in terms of these sort of messages but then obviously uh the um Beyond that go to clickable images that take you out to uh another landing page uh where there's a broader call to action hope that was um that leanne as well um yes you can use this through hubspot so um as i mentioned before the kind of was the example we looked at was mail shake um but yeah we have hundreds of integrations uh you know which hubspot Of course is is one of them in fact we have two different whether you're using the crm side or the marketing side they work slightly different in terms of how you add the code um but but yeah um but essentially kind of you can use it throughout for that hubspot so yeah no problem there at all fantastic so unless we have um any other questions i'm going to um draw this event to a close I'll just leave it there just for another moment you want to see yet that is one that is planned soon uh thanks again for the question it's not one that's um live now obviously right she's reasonably new as a platform we have um had some conversations with them it requires some work on their side as well as ours and so obviously it's a bit of a two-way street in terms of getting some of these integrations Live yeah hopefully that will be one that we can we can announce soon great okay well again thanks everybody uh for attending today i really appreciate it and as i mentioned before you know please do uh go to hyperrise.com um you know to get that free trial started and i'd love to hear um you know your success stories and of your use cases how you're using hyper eyes um to Improve your own campaign engagement and outreach until then thanks very much for your time i appreciate it look forward to catching up again next time cheers bye.

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