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Hello hi this is Ian from Hyperise thanks for joining us on this demo quick start session today we're going to be looking at what is high prize how can it help you increase your sales meetings bookings and engagement Outreach and also how to get started how you can start adding these to your campaigns to your email to LinkedIn Outreach today and start generating more sales Let's jump in first of all what is hyperice High prize at its core uses image personalization to drive user engagement as we all probably know the reason why you're here today is using engagement is getting harder and harder your prospects are being bombarded every day by thousands of marketing messages and that means that the amount of time you have to grab their attention and to put across what your call to action is it's Getting harder and harder because you've got less and less time and so standing out from the crowd engaging them and making sure that your message stands out is key to that and that's really where images come in images are the most effective way to communicate the human brain is hardwired to process images significantly quicker than text in fact 60 000 times quicker than text so just an image in itself is a great way of Conveying your message but when we include personalization inside that image because the image is processed so quickly it triggers what's referred to as a pattern interrupt that pattern interrupted essentially a psychological behavior that just puts a break from the brain the subconscious brain sees their personalization before the conscious brain does and is shouting out stop pay more attention to this and that increase mind share leads to more Engagement and ultimately more people taking your call to action so images are incredibly powerful way of conveying your message and the personalization of them as a really effective way of delivering a moment of delight and getting your users to pay more attention to your whole message so really what it comes down to is how can we use images and personalize them in a purposeful way with hyperrise we found two ways that are super successful And efficient at delivering this in a very purposeful way the first of those if you're a salesperson if you're reaching out and your call to action involves some sort of human interaction is by personalizing that message in a humanized way so for example we can see here this example top left of James from staff serpent he's got a whiteboard physical object in his office and he's just literally just drawing a line on the Whiteboard and Everything else the personalization the name and the business Etc so all being added dynamically with hyperize similarly we've got Ash here down at the bottom and in this case he's got a physical laptop in his office and we're personalizing the screen of that with a screenshot of the prospect's website a great way if you want to reference their site hey I've just looked at your website and I've got some really exciting news or some really exciting Tips for you again purposeful personalization whilst also using the humanization which obviously that humanization as humans we love to interact with other humans that's just how we're genetically made up and so having another human there especially when it's a gift when it's moving that like making it live interaction that leads to building stronger relationships and building trust right off the bat before you've actually even met so Making your your call to action way more significant other ways we'll be adding personalized layers on top of your image for example if you just connect with somebody on LinkedIn you know visualize that and show that in again almost a little of the humor way and personalizing make people feel great a great Icebreaker well finally using augmented reality markers where you can be holding the marker and replacing that with a Personalized image in this example inviting somebody to an event having a visualization of event ticket personalized to the recipient and then you holding it or offering somebody a discount offering somebody value for them to take action all of these are great ways and great examples of where you can humanize your personalized images for great success the alternative to humanizing images is to use visualization now here's a great Example from G2 one of our clients and what G2 have done is replicate reports that are actually producing mocking them up within hyperize and in this case personalizing them to the recipient to the prospect that they're reaching out to showing them in the prominent position as the leader of net in their sector and what this is doing is providing an aspirational message where G2 will be saying if you work with us you could become a category leader in The future now this is incredibly powerful and a great way to visualize and show success of what will happen if they take action and in g2's case it tripled their reply rates from 15 to 48 let's look at one more example of visualization in this case another one of our clients replied the io or they're doing is using this diagrammatic example of visualizing a pain point that their prospects might have and then showing the solution to that including the Personalization of the client's logo dynamically in that diagram and in this case it's significantly increasing their player X from 11 to 21 so we can see doubling tripling your engagement your Outreach getting people to take action significantly more can be very simple using either humanize gifts or visualizing them with images like we've seen here so enough of this slide deck let's jump in and show you exactly how you can get Started right now and start implementing this in your own campaigns so what I'm going to do first of all is jump over to hyperrise.com and I'm going to sign up for a free trial very simple to do all we need to do is put in our details in terms of our name email address password and that's it no credit cards needed no commitment in terms of having to go beyond the trial now what we're going to do first of all Is create our first image so you can see here we've got a prompt create new image I'm going to click that I'm going to go straight into the image editor now first of all we're going to give a choice of hundreds of templates that we can choose from and stock images now of course you're free to start with a blank template and upload your own images on branding or whatever it is you need but for the purpose of this example I'm going to choose one of our templates We can also filter down by these various different tags based on the purpose I'm just going to Simply choose this one here where I'm going to act as a salesperson trying to get people to book into my calendar so this we've got the effect of this iPad template here where we're going to have a personalized first name with a call to action in this case click kids book crawl with all of our templates you've got complete control over changing any aspect of it so don't Think you have to choose a template it's exactly your need just choose one that's close to what you need and then we can start to modify it the way that image editor works is very simple we have our layer controls on the left all of these can be just dragged into the canvas and for the various different types of placeholders so for example we have text here where we can add in personalization tags such as name business name job title or whatever else it is that you Think are going to be useful within your personalized image in addition to that you also have other personalized placeholders such as business logo or website screenshot or even personalized map and all of these will be dynamically personalized based on the data that we added to our template when we send them out we'll come back to that in a moment so in this case we've got our template what we can do is obviously move all of these around and set them to our Required positions we can also as we select the different elements see on the right hand side the settings so for example if I wanted to change this font I could change that to a different one very simply and obviously as well as set the size of that font once we're happy with our image we could use this and add this into our Outreach and high prize integrates hundreds of different Outreach platforms but actually what I want to do is I want to Personalize this further and humanize the image so what I'm going to first do is humanize that and choose this option here within canvas settings humanize image now what that's going to do is open up this template where we can see the image that we've just created the image template and we can record our own gif s holding one of these placeholders which is an augmented reality placeholder So let's start these placeholders we have two options here is a portrait or landscape and you can simply print these off fold them up and hold them in your hand if you don't have a printer at hand you can also just put them on your mobile phone screen and use that and hold that instead once we've printed it off or you put it onto your phone we simply just need to click record new gif and that's going to give you the option To use your webcam that you have on your computer and set the format so whether you want it square or rectangle or portrait in this case I'm going to just choose the default which is pretty universally usable for all sort of mediums whether email LinkedIn Etc we can also choose the record length typically two seconds is enough if we just want to kind of bring it towards the camera or point at it or do whatever you want to do when we're kind of ready Simply click record we get a nice simple countdown and then we're good to go once we've recorded our GIF if we're not happy with it we can retry and record another one or if we're happy with it click simply click submit obviously what helps is to have a nice clear lit room to keep your your image nice and clear once the GIF has been recorded we will see the example template in being Replaced with the placeholder and what we can finally do is also scale that so if we want it to be much bigger than our actual placeholder that we're holding especially if you're using a mobile phone you might want it to be much bigger so in this case we can just slide the scale it's going to have that there so it's just a little bit bigger I get like to see I can still see my fingertips so it looks like we're still holding it and then finally just click Enable humanize GIF and click done now we can save our changes here we want to make it public so we can start to use this in campaigns what we can also do is preview this and here we could put in any sort of data we want to see how it's going to look so in this case it's going to pull through my default account data so I'm going to change that and put in another email address and clear all the data just so we can see how that's going to look in this Case you can see I put Tim apple.com and you see we're pulling through in this case is profile image as well as his name what we could do within this image if we didn't want profile logo profile if you didn't want his profile but maybe wanted the Apple logo we could remove that and then just drag in the logo element maybe just resize that a little bit and also maybe make it round rather than Square so let's save that and now Preview again and what we should see now is the Apple logo whereas before we saw its profile so again super simple to do that no work needed to go and get those logos high price is going to do all that work automatically and now I have this really nice compelling image we've got a personalized call to action and we're also humanizing that so once we've created our personalized image template obviously what we want to do is start to add that into our campaigns the high Provides integrates hundreds of different platforms whether it be email CRM LinkedIn automation tools all of these can be available all we need to do is simply click get image code button and then add the integration we want and as I mentioned before hundreds of different options in this case I'm just going to be a bit lazy and choose the first one here which is active campaign I'm going to add that to my template and then straight away we get the code That we need to add into our active campaign message templates I'm simply going to choose copy code and then add it into the campaign in active campaign if you're not sure of where to do that of course when you're doing this first time that will be the case we have an integration guide for whatever platform you've chosen so I'm just going to click that open it up in another Tab and we'll see Step One is what we've just done selected the integration and copied the Code and then step two we're going to go into our message template inactive campaign and we're going to add a HTML block into the template and then just simply paste in the code it would cover from hyperrise and that's it that image template will then personalize dynamically on the fly in real time every time that template is used in a campaign irrespective of whether it's a campaign to 10 people 100 people a thousand people people or any other Number simply just adding that template code in there and then that's it you're set and you're off and that's the simplest way you can start increase engagement in your Outreach creating your humanized GIF having a personalized call to action like we saw here and then humanizing it and adding it into your templates also what we can do is do this as well as at scale do it individually one to one now hyperrise also has a Chrome extension that enables you to do This in your Gmail in Outlook even in LinkedIn messages or Facebook Messenger so let's just jump over to Gmail and see how that works I'm going to compose a message I'm going to put in an email here I'm just going to choose Tim I'm going to put in a quick message hi Tim and you can see here we've got this little button uh that enables us to show all of the perf science image templates We've got and I can either filter by um keyword so for example the template we were playing with before I can also put a link in here so if I want the image to be clickable then we can also make it clickable and if we're using hyperrise website personalization and we'll cover that in another call you can also personalize those landing pages so I'm simply going to choose submit and there we see it our personalized Image to Tim with his name with his logo dynamically in that image very simple to do took seconds to achieve and yet it's going to have a significant impact as we saw before from some of the case studies doubling or tripling our engagement doubling or tripling the amount of people booking sales calls let's have a look again and see how we can do that in LinkedIn so you can see here I'm in my LinkedIn messages and actually here's one I've already sent before in this Case the annex van you can see here I'm inviting him to a trial of high prize and we've got a Golden Ticket personalized to him with his name and his business name capgemini if I wanted to add another one I'd simply click again the button here we've got a short link button and again we're going to be able to choose for all of our images and filter also choose a title for example first name let's have a chat which you can be Personalized as we see here underneath the image as well as also being able to choose a destination URL so again very simple to be able to do this in add personalization to our Outlook to our um to our Gmail to our LinkedIn or wherever else we're doing that and of course being able to do it at scale using one of the hundreds of Integrations again within the high price platform when you first log into a new account you're going to have a checklist it's Going to give you the options to get your personalized Chrome extension so you can install that one Chrome extension that's going to enable you to add personalized images to all those areas as well as also being able to personalize your landing pages so with hyperrise it's not just about images it's also about going to hyper personalize your whole funnel personalizing your landing page on your existing website or even creating Landing pages within hyperize with personalized images and personalized video but today this quick demo and startup is going to be focused on the personalized images this is the one thing you can do today it's going to have a huge impact in your Outreach so get started today start your trial create your first image template and start to see the benefit from that of course we're here to help if you do have any questions we've got a full support Suite here where you can chat to us ask us questions directly or if you've got a few questions and you think conversations via chat is going to be a little bit convoluted book a meeting and our support specialist will be here to chat to you on a video call like we're having today and give you the support that you need I hope this session has been useful of course any questions pop them into the site column here and we'll be happy to Help I look forward to catching you soon in your trial and wishing you the best of success with your Outreach take care see you soon bye

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