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Video Transcript (unedited)

Hey everybody i thought i'd record this quick video um just to run through our new um form personalization as part of our website personalization and and how that works um so what i've done is i thought i'd start off um on this blog page within hyper eyes the reason why i decided to pick this one is because at the end of the blog Post we have a little form so what i'm going to do first of all just load up our personalization tool here in the website a little chrome extension and we can see right now we've got four personalizations on on the page and just a couple of different um images with different uh various different elements on there what i'm going to do is just scroll down To the bottom of the page here and you see here at the bottom we've got a form so in the case this form is just um a bit of a lead magnet and we've got this blog post and if you want a bit more information or more examples then fill in your details and we'll send you this this report so typical um bait and capture um that you would get on a typical site again this is just a wordpress blog post Our chrome extension is agnostic so it will work on any sort of website but all we need to do is obviously we've got the chrome extension installed and it's running on the page now so i can click into the form um and then i can see here it's selected now it's got clicked on any of the form elements it's selected in blue now and when i right click We'll see that now there's an additional option here um of setup form so obviously our right click option uh already when you right click on an image it gives you option to personalize it and you click on text it allows you to edit html if you right click on a form you've also got the option to set the form up when you choose setup form we see we get an additional model Here and it just shows a little gif of what we're doing now essentially what we need to do is select the form fields to map the hyperwriters so we've got this first form field here which is your name so i'm going to select that and i'm going to select from the tags here i'm going to choose first name because i'm going to map the form field two and you can see now In the form model we have the first name field mapped and what else we have also here the second field we have is your email so i'm gonna click that that's now selected and i go over to my selected all my tags and i'm going to choose email in this case this form only has two fields so we don't need to do any more than that and we see we've got those two fields There and we can save that and as we save and close that we'll see that our personalizations has now included that additional option of the personalization form and again with this on with all these personalizations when you see those in there you can select those and it will scroll through to wherever that is on the page in this case selecting the form showing the form set up we can see here We've got our two fields matched to our two fields there so we can close that and that's all saved so we can unload the personalization and that's all working fine now so just to give you a quick example of that i'm going to do is just switch to um the same the same high price site um but in in incognito as you can see the site is not Personalized at all so i'm going to just go over to that same blog post that we had before and the first one we had um and then i'm just going to scroll to the bottom and we can see here's the form so what i'm going to do um i'll put in actually no i won't put in hyperlinks could be with my price personalized high price i'm gonna choose my usual uh Favorite demo buddy of tim apple uh so name email click send on that and once that's processed obviously you can see now the site is personalized in terms of the images that we had personalized on the site as well as now wherever we go on the site we still have that personalization in case you can see here in this case you can see The headlines personalized tim being the ceo of apple obviously still applying segment personalization as well as photographic personalization and that's obviously all been triggered um from that lead magnet subscription form um on the blog post hope that's been useful any questions hit up support i look forward to catching you in the Next video

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