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So i've been working with Chase has been working as a as a partner with hyperise sometimes one of his other businesses i've never met somebody that's so dedicated to growth and such amazing uh innovative businesses um but when josh told me about intent one of his uh businesses i was absolutely blown away with what it can do in terms of First of all finding and helping you define your target but also reducing that to find that kind of 20 or so that have the intent to buy at any particular point in in their buying cycle and that just kind of blew my mind being able to filter out all those people that might be your target but aren't quite at the kind of the buying cycle now and then obviously everything is all to do with Personalizing yourself it's going to do with optimization but when we can optimize that very first step of your customers it makes a massive difference and so i knew that we had to get online and get this webinar out there and start talking to some of our hyperis customers that also would massively benefit from this and so hopefully today we're going to start to cover some just Some of the use cases that are going to be possible and also continue to cement this relationship between intent and hyper rise to super um to put your uh your conversions on on steroids and really kind of just make the most of uh your outreach so today as i said it's going to be myself and chase today unfortunately josh uh can't make it but what we're going to be covering first of All we're going to be deep diving into some of the crazy capabilities of intent and how that can help you to define and choose your targeting get your targeting spot on uh for your outreach and then we're going to be jumping into how we can start to use the hype personalization of images and website um in your um in your outreach and your emails and linkedin and how we can put all this Together in an automated fashion to create a fully personalized sales funnel so without further ado what i'm going to do is i'm going to pass over to chase and he's going to start blowing our minds with all of the amazing content and amazing um information you have to share this today um chase do you do you want to take control of the um presentation or george just give me a nod um stop sharing my Screen you take over yeah i'll take it over no worries amazing right let me just start sharing here and i'll pass over to you get this in present mode here all right sweet um great to meet everyone guys um and thanks so much for having me here ian it's uh really a pleasure and a long time coming that i think i was like one of the first users of your Platform uh back a while ago and and we've just continued to use an iterate on it but um but yeah just like ian said we're going to basically go through a couple different use cases of how essentially using intent you can isolate your target market better be able to identify people that are already actively looking to buy or You know getting to that point of the customer journey and then be able to go out and automate the process of pushing them through the customer journey with personalized outreach and with personalized images so i'll just kind of dive right into it here and give a little bit of background on us really our mission is to bring data science to the front lines of growth marketing there's a lot of talk about data right Now obviously with facebook reducing their retargeting window from 60 days down to seven you know cookies are going away linkedin is making it harder to send invites without an email and so there's a lot of these different um you know like google apple you know bigger platforms that are really taking control over data and making it more difficult for us as growth marketers to go out and uh get New clients and costs are going up um it's probably one of the biggest you know things that i'm hearing in the rooms with our clients right now is people are paying more to acquire customer because of uh you know the inability to access data that they need to be able to do more effective outreach and so um basically with with intent you'll Have the ability to find target and dominate any audience any platform with any medium so it doesn't matter if you're doing linkedin outreach doesn't matter if you're doing cold email or you want to run ads on google we have something for everyone and i'm going to walk you through just kind of a couple of different ways that you can leverage that and how we're Currently doing it for ourselves um but b2c or b2b inbound or outbound um ppc email sms it all applies because we're going to be able to give you not just the people that you want to go after but also we're going to be able to give you the contact info so their emails and their linkedin profile urls and all the things that you need to actually go connect with those people and Make sure that you're the first person that they talk to when it comes to buying a solution in your vertical so um just to dive in a little bit deeper here what i'm going to go through is just uh move my zoom out of what i've got my head right here uh we're going to go through just some of the solutions we have inside what's possible detect some specific feature breakdowns and i'll do A brief platform walkthrough but i'd really rather keep this tactical so you guys can walk away with some actionable things that you can implement like right away to start getting leads and start getting new clients regardless of what vertical you're in and then we'll do use case speed round uh hard closed crescendo which obviously just totally joking on that one um and some Options for you know how you can kind of learn more about what we're doing um so before we dive in just imagine this for a second that's how we kind of like to explain our story is you know the the back of the napkin uh startup and that is literally how josh and i started our first company together on the back of a bar napkin um had a mastermind for an event and uh Ended up being you know seven figure business that led us to what we're doing today and so uh we always go back to the to the bar napkin um explanation and so basically how we got here is number one um you know we we decided to try to combine the targeting parameters of linkedin facebook youtube and google into one because Up until this point it's really only been possible to target people based off of you know retargeting when they visit your site or whenever you know they fit a specific from a graphic or a demographic which for us you know that's great and it's great to know who the person is but everything that you want to know when it comes to conversion revolves around behavior And so we want to know where people are hanging out we want to know what they're saying we want to know how they're talking and we want to be able to use that to identify the people that are most likely to purchase for whatever it is that we're selling um in addition to that we wanted to basically crush every other data platform out there um you know not Not saying any names but obviously you guys can read there's a lot of platforms out there where you can get data from and that you can get enrichment from and they are super expensive and they use third-party data that 99 of time isn't you know fully verified anyway and so for me as a growth marketer you know running linkedin agency which um you know was one of the businesses we were running before is so Expensive for for me to get targeting and it's expensive for everyone right now regardless of what platform we're using so we wanted to drop that cost and then also give people the ability to actually segment their website traffic and be able to assign a lead score to the leads that they're getting so that they know who's most likely to buy and most Importantly that you're actually able to own and control your targeting so um my business partner tommy has been on a mission building this tech uh for for about 10 years now and collating different data sets and you know basically putting together all the pieces and so we're able to also pull um from facebook groups linkedin groups which I'll get into in a second and we spent you know basically millions of dollars pulling together a database that we own that's first priority there's 300 million plus contacts in there um and it's all us-based right now just to clarify for anyone who's wondering um but that's pretty much you know everyone that you're gonna want to target in america and we have a ridiculous amount of data points on Every person which means we can segment them pretty much however we want now that's all good and great but what's even more important is that we're actually pulling in about 40 billion digital behaviors every single day using our machine learning algorithm and so what we want to do is really look at you know okay if we know the people are that's great But we want to be able to also look at search intent and see who is actually actively looking to buy and so we built a piece of technology and you know we're the only company that has the ability to do this right now where we can essentially attribute behaviors and attribute actions online to our contact database so it's really two-sided we've got our contact database over here and we've got our behavior over here and The behavior is search behavior it's clicks it's people looking at ads on high traffic sites and we're able to take that behavior and segment it down on a per product or a per vertical level so for example if i'm an e-com store and i'm selling dog beds i want to know everyone who searched for you know fluffy new dog bed or best dog bed and so we built an engine to be able to do that And essentially it's a search engine to identify people who are actually looking in real time to buy your products and so that's kind of how we ended up here and we bundled all that stuff up into you know a variety of different uh ways to target people into one platform and that's called intent on io so i'll kind of dive in a little bit deeper Into each of those elements and i'll just kind of skip through this because we don't need to go through all of it um but basically what we want to do here is um we want to change the rules of marketing and we want to give people the ability to target more effectively let me go back here for just a second um and be able to actually you know take control of their data and Own and control their targeting that's probably the most important thing you can do right now in 2021 is own and control your data because if you're relying on facebook or you're relying on google or you're relying on linkedin or another company to give you people to target it's only going to get more expensive and you're always going to be limited and one day if that platform shuts off well you're going to be screwed And so with our targeting we're giving you all the contact info so you can then you own that targeting and you can deploy it wherever you choose if you want to run google ads youtube ads and email great if you just want to do you know direct outreach on linkedin great but we wanted to basically build a way that you can target anywhere on any channel at any time And basically decrease the cost that it would you know normally cost you to be able to do that and so um we've got this funny little meme we put here you know we're basically trying to combine all the social platforms plus data and analytics you know multiplied by elon musk's brain um and create you know an ultra targeted machine learning System where you can run traffic drive people to your site identify the people coming to your site and then be able to you know continuously grow your own first party data set and so therefore you're always going to be in control of that data and have the ability to go where you need to go um so i think we've got a couple of questions that popped up um just in the chat so i'll knock those Out real quick um see that is chase yeah multiple screens yeah so roman asks do you have data when a company abc raises funding let's say in the health care industry uh absolutely we can definitely get people that are doing funding we can also get um or segment companies by employee size and all that good stuff easiest way to think of it is we already have the database and we just Have a bunch of columns in a spreadsheet and you know far more columns than you would normally be able to get and we write search queries to be able to pull lists from that and that's what's inside intent is basically that bundled up in a way where you don't have to write the queries and you don't have to have the database but you can be able to pull those lists And get everything you need and anyone that um does end up coming on board you know through hyperison through this webinar we're going to give you your total addressable market for free so i'm going to actually go pull from our firmographics database 10 000 contacts for everyone that that comes on board or that wants to try the product and give you all those leads so that you Have the vertical you're trying to go after and you know for us it's all about building a community and adding value um and really you know making this stuff more available than it is right now because it's too hard to get data um so we want to make it easier for everyone but let's dive into some some more tactical stuff here um everyone on this call i'm sure already Knows what a funnel is and you kind of understand probably a little bit about um your total addressable market and you know what kind of messaging you need to present to people at different stages of that journey and so a big part of what josh and i do is mapping that journey and actually aligning the creative and the messaging and the targeting to uh be able to build A funnel where we're not just focused on you know every single person in your total addressable market because the law of 80 20 says there's only ever going to be 20 of people that are actually even interested or looking to buy something at any given time so if you can just simply identify the 20 of your total addressable market you're already 10 steps ahead of the game because whenever you do send that email Or whenever you do run that ad now you're actually reducing the chance of you sending that email or running the ad to someone who's not interested right now and therefore you automatically pay less to acquire a customer and everything you're doing is going to be far more effective because it's more relevant so the way that we like to explain it is you know really focusing on the people That are in the market um that are either you know looking for a solution which would be people that are at the bottom of the funnel they're already you know online searching for that dog bed or whatever it is and then you've got the people that maybe are problem aware but they're not actively looking for a solution those are people in the middle of funnel we still want to get those People and then you've got the majority of people that are unaware or you know they're aware and they're just not interested and so you know what i want to talk about today is how do we tap into you know this top 10 percent which is really the the cream of the crop and if we can get you that and you don't change anything else you're doing right now and you just get the targeting Everything you do is going to be you know that much more effective and you know before i dive into the tactical stuff i just want to remind everyone um you know the only way the data is ever really valuable is if there is context you know provided for that data to be implemented and you combine that with you know other types of data that allow You to see the full picture of what's actually happening with that person just because someone has a specific job title that means nothing to me if they don't have intent and they don't need my icp and so really what i want you guys to to be thinking about is how do we combine data with context to draw insights from that data so that you can run more effective marketing campaigns and so there's a couple of ways that This is going to benefit your business on average we see a 50 to 87 drop in customer acquisition costs and i'll walk through a couple of case studies as well um you're going to own and control your data obviously you're going to have more revenue coming in because you're targeting more the right people you'll be able to understand exactly where your market is what they want you know who they are how they Communicate fill your funnel you can be on any platform that you want with your targeting because you own it and you're going to be able to reveal the identity of people coming to your website without using ips and without using cookies and you're going to be able to get a much higher identity resolution rate than than what you would get in most other Places so um just to zoom out a bit i'm gonna go kind of into a mind map here and just break this down and then we'll go into the platform um so there's a couple of key functions of our of our product that will be interesting for for everyone on the webinar the first one and the you know really the backbone of Everything we do is our site visitor retargeting pixel and all that is is it's just like a facebook pixel you throw it on your website and it connects to that 300 plus million person database that i was just talking about and so every time someone comes to your website what we do is we look at you know their device id or their google chrome Browser id or their safari um you know id and we match that to a person in our database and then we return the full record of that person so now you have their name you've got their email and you can then take that and do whatever you want with it you can go cold email facebook google and i'll walk you through that um in just a second but most importantly You're going to be able to identify visitors without an opt-in that alone if you have any traffic whatsoever right now or if you plan on driving traffic um that's a huge thing and this also completely removes um you know any issues that you might be having right now with the facebook retargeting window as i mentioned earlier it's down to seven days right now so if you don't close someone within that seven day Period well now you can't retarget them but with our platform you're gonna literally get a list of the people coming to your website and we're gonna actually tell you which pages they came to and we're going to be able to give you this in a file where you can reuse it as long as you want so now you don't have to actually rely on facebook to do that for you And what this does is you're you're creating a feedback loop for yourself so as you're running traffic we want to know okay i ran some traffic to my site or a landing page who actually made it through that pipeline and then i take that audience and i put that back into facebook as a look-alike or i put that back into facebook to retarget them and get them you know to that next stage of the funnel if they haven't paid yet um so There's a lot of things that you can do um and what we do with our stuff is um you know we combine hyper personalized images and landing pages to retarget people and show them something personalized based off of what options they took and i'm going to walk you through an example right now something you can set up for yourself in in literally 10 minutes so the way that It works is very simple obviously you'll need to create your images in high price ian's going to cover that in just a sec as soon as i'm done with my little piece here um once you create your images you know you put the code on your website people come to your website we identify the people that come to your website and then we also have a zapier integration and an integromat Integration that allows you to automatically route people into specific campaigns so for example for my campaign that i'm doing right now i'm routing people into a campaign where every time they come to our website i want to go make sure that they actually book a call if they haven't booked a call yet and so what we do is i built out a zap and i'm just gonna Show it to you guys so you can kind of conceptualize uh how it work you know we have the code on our website and our zap basically let me walk out here actually i'll just do this so every time that someone comes to our site basically what happens is they get pushed into a spreadsheet and then we go and we add them to whatever you know cold email platform that you're trying to use in our case It's limless um and so with limb lists what you can do let me just try and log back in here apologies guys uh have the long wrong login there um like the man with a million emails too many businesses i know many accounts and this isn't even my account that i'm logging into that's that's that's the funny part all right so let me just get in there real quick so You can see um but it is as simple as coming in and um basically setting up whenever you have a new lead it's going to automatically push that lead through zapier and you can segment your leads based off of whether they're a site visitor or not and which pages they went to as well and what i like to do is i push them into a google sheet and i'll show you that Google sheet but what we do is we map the fields to the google sheet so i've got their email about their name company url this is all stuff that we give you through our platform so you don't have to go find any of this anywhere else and then i add a timestamp to it and then i add them into a platform called autopilot which adds them to limbless and limblist is a cold email uh outreach platform um and so what i Have set up in limb list is basically a campaign where um if they haven't booked a call after 15 minutes of coming to our site i will send them an email and say you know hey you don't know me because we haven't met yet but my team of robots you know informing you came to our website i know you're busy so here's a quick video on how we might be able to help And this video is personal like i'm using the image personalization from high price to be able to do this and then when they click through they go to a hyper personalized landing page and it personalizes you know the logo and their name and then they can book a time so it's just one way that you can do you know cold email campaigns with the site visitor pixel um so that's something that like again you can set up in 10 minutes Inside of our platform and you can also do the exact same thing for linkedin so you could instead of adding them into a limitless campaign we have um also a linkedin outreach platform that we're going to be putting inside of our platform in the next week so you'll be able to get your targeting and send messages but you can automate all of that through our zapier integration so anytime someone comes to your site Go connect with them on linkedin great now you're actually building your connections list that way as well and then lastly you can automatically add people through zapier to custom audiences so if i wanted to just add another setup here for facebook custom audiences and i want to add every site visitor into you know a custom audience i can do that and i can also do the same Thing with google and so as you can see there's a lot of possibilities for what you can do with the side visitor pixel so that's that's a really core element of our of our products and again if you already have traffic even if it's just 10 000 or 5 000 visitors a month and you're identifying zero right now and you're getting like one percent to fill out a form if you just Do this and put it on your website you're gonna get more leads and clients like that's it and so you know moving on from that the second way that you can kind of monetize um what's inside of intent is by using social data or tapping into our b2b and b2c databases and so what i mean by that is inside the platform uh basically we have a way That you can uh and i'll just go in here and show you real quick where you can request people that have joined specific facebook groups or specific uh linkedin groups and you can also request people from our b to b and b to c database this is just an example of what the form looks like um but if you think about it from this perspective of all right if I'm trying to sell um you know a dog that i always use this example well i want to go target everyone who's in the dog lover groups on facebook now up until this point you can't really get emails from facebook it's facebook doesn't allow you to do that there used to be some other companies that would allow you to pull and append the uids to emails but they didn't work very well in terms of Verification and so what we did is we ended up buying a data set where we can match up facebook uids to emails and so if you give us users from specific groups so if i went and got every user from every dog group i can give you the email and get you that contact info just like i showed you before so that you can take that list and then go run ads with it on facebook You can reach out to them on linkedin you can you can cold email them and now you've actually got a very very niche and targeted list you could also do that with um linkedin so linkedin hashtags um groups followers engagement event attendees this is a more common route and people are already uh appending linkedin urls to emails but with our platform um basically we'll be able to do it Far cheaper than than any other platform and you can literally just upload a list of linkedin urls and we'll give you back the emails and what that allows you to do is if you are doing linkedin outreach you can bypass the limits that they've just set up in the last couple months so they went from you know you being able to do 100 requests per week or sorry per week or per day to 100 requests per week and So that's a huge problem you know for everyone and we wanted to provide a solution where all right if you know who on linkedin you want to target you give us url great we'll trade you back the email and now you're all set you don't have to worry about that limit um and in addition to that if you wanted to just straight up pull from our b2b database or b2c database from Demographics or firmographics so demographics for i'm pretty sure everyone knows this but that's like age you know gender that kind of stuff and location and then b2b would be more firmographics job titles company names that kind of stuff and so we have both of those that you can pull from inside the platform and you can mix and match and tasks and build lists You know however you want so i like to think of it really simply as you come in you choose your targeting whatever fits your use case and you know facebook groups may not be the thing for you maybe it's maybe it's demographics that's that's good for your business and you grab your pixel you put that on your site and then you go to our trainings and our lab where we actually show you The strategies that we use and you go implement that and you start running traffic and you start creating your own feedback loop and and generating leads on your own um so that's another way that you can do this and you know again same thing you would want to hyper personalize that outreach and make sure that you're using personalized images near your linkedin outreach You're using images in your cold email you're using personalized landing pages for your ads it has literally doubled or every every kpi that we've had um you know thanks to ian and i highly recommend that everyone take advantage of it um especially while it's it's it's hot and um you know people it stops people from scrolling And it really helps people engage with what you're doing um and so from there again same thing you can add them to email um linkedin or any custom audience and you can push them to that landing page there was a question there chase i regard the linkedin whether it was regular linkedin url sales nav or or it could be both yeah yeah so right now Um we're only doing regular linkedin urls but we're working on a solution to basically be able to convert sales nav urls into linkedin urls and that should be out within the next couple of weeks and that's that's really our our the name of the game for us is getting feedback just like that from people in our platform that are actually using the data or Other growth markers so we can go out and build these different data sets we're going to be bringing in financial data we're bringing in different types of medical data and the next thing i'm going to walk you through is our end market data which is the search intense side of things so pretty much anything you can dream of we we want to put it in and we're always Open to it i'm doing it yeah yeah yeah absolutely um let me just answer this one other question um you can definitely use textile to do that roman for for converting linkedin urls to sales and app urls absolutely uh one quick hack that you can use that i've been doing um instead of using sales navigator to pull a list you can just use the basic linkedin search And pull the linkedin urls that way and then you give us those urls it's the same thing um it's just you have a little bit less filters but i'll use like a boolean search where it's you know i only want these people with these names or these names so happy to happy to kind of go through that but um last thing i'll touch on here before I kind of hand it off to ian to to walk through the images is our end market campaign so this is our your really our bread and butter and the the one thing that um you know we've been working hard on for many many years to be able to do and that is being able to analyze those 40 billion behaviors we're bringing in every day from surge behavior on google And other places and to be able to identify everyone who is actively looking to buy a product or a service like yours and so what that means is instead of you know trying to market to everyone on facebook based off interest you can market to them based off of intent and intent means that they actually were searching for or they are actually you know clicking On a url that is related to uh your product and the way that we do that is pretty simple we identify about 10 main keywords where we know okay if someone was searching in this keyword i know that 95 of the time if they're searching this keyword they're probably looking to buy or looking to get a solution similar to mine To solve a problem that i solve and the reason why we want to do that is to make sure it's qualified traffic and once we build those out we build out about 10 000 phrase match keywords that are you know basically just different variations of those same keywords that people would be searching and what that does is it creates a large enough search volume to then feed into our ai and our ai goes out and it starts to Identify all those people so we take the behavior we identify the person and then we track that person across five billion urls in real time every single day and we start to look for patterns and the data and what we're looking for is what are the similarities between the people that buy your products or what are the similarities to people that Actually make it to your checkout page or your thank you page or whatever it is and because you have the pixel on your site you're providing us with that feedback loop and so um because we've been doing this for many years we have a lot of post transaction data and we have a lot to model against and so from the very beginning what you're doing is you're number one Isolating the people that are actively looking to buy but you're able to identify who is most likely to buy right now because guess what we're going to give you a lead score so you know exactly where they are in that customer journey and the way the lead scoring system works is very simple it's on a scale of 1 to 10 um 10 obviously being the most qualified and we don't give you anyone less than a 5. and the reason we don't give you anyone lost to number 5 is because if they've only served one time online let's say that they they're looking for a car or someone types in audi online well they might not be looking to buy an audi right now they might just be looking for an image of an audi for a presentation and so that's not real intent that's not a qualified lead what we're looking for are people that Have multiple behaviors that align with purchasing your product or service or past behaviors of your customers and people who have purchased products like yours before and so if they're out of 5 or above we know that across all of our 5 billion urls the patterns that they're showing us from their activity is uh it correlates to that of the people that actually buy your product And so the people that are at you know five to six and a half those are the people just starting to get at the beginning of the customer journey so you don't want to run conversion to them straight out of the gate or just you know blow them up and try to sell them you want to get in as early as possible so you can educate them and indoctrinate Them into your brand first before your competitors know they exist because remember nobody else is is doing this and they don't have this data so if you're first to go to market in your industry with this you're catching leads earlier in the customer journey than anyone else and therefore you can position yourself as the solution and the authority before anyone else and be the company that actually Educates them on that decision making process and so with that um you know our lead scoring model is updated in real time daily so every day you're going to see these people literally moving up your funnel and moving up the lead scoring mechanism as they continue to to go through that path to purchase now the people in the middle from six and a half to seven and a half um You know they are going to be people that you would want to show like a lead form to get them to hop in get them to go to your website they're a little bit further along and the people from 7.5 to 10 they're probably actively looking to buy right now and so those are people you can take and straight up go cold email or straight up linkedin message or run a conversion out To them and convert right away and when you do that on an ad platform you skip the learning phase of facebook and google and therefore you spend less to acquire a customer and you allow their algorithm to actually be more effective because you're saying hey google and facebook don't target anyone else except the people who are actually Looking to buy right now and that's a huge thing because otherwise they're targeting everyone and they're trying to whittle it down to the people they think would buy from you but you're doing the work for them and so therefore they're going to work much harder and you're going to get a lot more bang for your buck so just to wrap things up obviously you know same process get your images going no Matter what you're doing or what audience you're using the process is always the same you get your targeting you find the people who are at those different stages of buyer's journey you map your messaging you choose your platforms and you create your images and you do your campaign and you optimize from there um so i'll kind of stop right there and let you in take over because i know we Got some questions but i hope that gives you guys an idea of like what's possible obviously there's a lot here so i love to do you know a little bit of q a at the end to answer any questions yeah cool that's uh i mean like i said um before the top it's just some of the capabilities of what you can do there and that feedback loop being able to use Ai um so effectively to identify your customers really amazing let me let me um share my screen again and then we'll just what i wanted to do now in this phase is just to share some tips around the image personalization the re the reason why is because the way that i think about this is is trying to get more for less or do less and get more be More effective and be more smarter with your time that's more ever more important when we think about where we are now like uh chase mentioned before linkedin and reducing our capabilities um you know email spam you know the kind of people are fighting that kind of uh ever harder and so if you're trying to do anything at scale where you've got to send out high volumes it's going to be Kind of pushing a rock up a hill it's going to become an increasingly uh difficult task whereas if you can reduce the amount of you need to reach out to then you know you're going to not come afoul of any of those problems and and that's why i love intent what it can do it can cut out all that noise going back to that 80 20 rule find the customers that have got the highest intent that match your target so You know it really is doing a lot of grunt work there and it's also exactly the same philosophy with hyper eyes what we're trying to do is once we've got that pool of customers the most highly identified intended customers what can we do then because we know you know in this world you know we're bombarded by messages you know because not everybody has that uh skill of being able to segment properly And so we're getting lots of wrong messages as well as maybe some good ones but the good ones we miss as well because there's so many things going on and we don't have the capacity maybe to truly understand that and that can manifest itself in acquisition costs going up because conversions are going down but the key to that or part of the part part of the key of this all of this Of creating a personalized sales funnel is using images um you know i'm sure if any of us look at our sales funnels you know or our marketing channels they're full of images littered with them you know in all of these uh feed-based algorithms images um you know a king and that's because the majority of a visual majority of us are visual learners but we all process Images significantly quicker than text so when we include an image that reinforces our call to action it's going to resonate and it's going to put it's just going to can open up that kind of acceptance or understanding of what your message is but when we include personalization and again as marketers we all understand how effective personalization can be just textually you know we all do it Nobody would consider sending out an outreach without textual personalization but when we go into image personalization because we're processing those images so quickly it triggers up this pattern interrupt it's like a psychological behavior it's just putting a break on the brain giving us more mind share which leads to more engagement and more people taking those call to actions And of course we can use these personalized images throughout our sales funnel in our emails in our linkedin outreach of course as chase has already talked about website personalization and examples he showed us um but even beyond that in videos and many other use cases and it's when we combine these that really start to get significant Uplift at every step of our sales funnel so what i want to do is just briefly just share with you some actionable uh nuggets of types of images that you can start to use depending on your own course to action uh with your own high price account if you have one or if you are indeed you know if you're looking to create one then it gives you some inspiration for that and one of the things um i like Doing is you kind of elevate can i elevate that kind of like feel good fact as you can see here uh with rebecca kind of humanizing that kind of showing her the call to action in the image and maybe rebecca would have already been up for kind of a call in a way but you know even though she's you know a serious player you know ceo founder of a you know a big size uh marketing Organization she's still like love this you know in response to a cold email or this is really where we start to see the kind of the shift of needle as it were in terms of your engagement and conversions is that we're kind of converting those reluctant replies people that ordinarily have a distaste for cold outreach and would just in principle Say no and you can see the sort of response from edgar i never replied to these emails this first one that worked and now edgar's actually a paying customer so it really does make a big difference or engaging non-buyers and getting word-of-mouth referrals like this one here with jonathan um he's one of the senior partners at tfc marketing so probably if i'd been using intent at the Time i wouldn't have been contacting him because he wasn't the right person but rather than just mocking me a spam or deleting my email he's forwarded me on to the team because he appreciated the the uh the approach and that's kind of you know that triggering that pattern interrupt and grabbing his attention and that even though i say it wasn't for him You know he kind of had that a good will to afford on the right person because of the good will that we we made or created through this personalized image so hopefully you've got a couple of ideas of how we can use personalized images or some of the benefits of personalized images and really it's about you know how we should use those you know to make them really purposeful And so one of the great ways of questioning is to kind of visualize your call to action so in this case you can see in a linkedin example i'm reaching out to somebody saying hey let's chew the fat and have a virtual coffee and what it's doing is really what i'm saying is let's have a sales call or you know i want to give you a demo but rather than framing it like that i'm Saying let's have it let's have a coffee or a virtual coffee and a chat so it's minimizing that call um that ask that call to action you can see responses like alyssa here okay you got me i get 10 linkedin messages a day your personalized images are awesome it really helps to kind of reinforce that and visualize that and as we know majority of us have been visual learners that will help get that message across Even clearer or if you have a sas product or a digital product being able to visualize that in this case one of our other clients or one of our other customers hub staff they took their product images and added personalization to those in this example here with tim cook we can see the logos his profile image on the dashboard even the map personalized to each Prospect and what that did in their case 4x the amount of people taking their call to action which was to sign up for a free trial you know using a bit of that kind of fomo fear of missing out you know painting the future really kind of purposeful way of using personalized images in their outreach and again this is we've touched upon it before um in terms of my own call to action is To jump on a call and this is maybe a more sophisticated version of the coffee cup with a name on it using a gif you know moving images really draw the eye in so being able to personalize a gif using their business name their logo even their website you know really helps um uh kind of can trigger that pattern interrupt but whilst also humanizing the Connection showing your face you know and also visualizing it with still going on for that chat and a coffee another one of our clients orca security they really lean into their brand so you know obviously not all of us uh could jump into an orca suit but what this did for um for eric he is one of their sdrs orca he managed to double the amount of Demos he got when he managed when he jumped into this legend it's pretty great i mean this is a really interesting one in the orca we're already offering a 200 bribe to jump onto a demo it was a pre-qualified um bribe or demos and you had to have more than a thousand cloud assets so it was really kind of filtering out uh you know the high-end Sort of businesses but despite having that 200 bribe already in place they still managed to 2x the amount of demos they got when they visualize that call to action so obviously the bribe is effective but if you don't read the content to understand that you know then you're kind of missing out and so a massive uplift from when they did that And these guys are doing high-end five six seven figure um tickets you know kind of multi-year deals and so high-end kind of c-suite um uh kind of targets and yet still this uh kind of had a big impact i love using humor especially in linkedin when it's a little bit more conversational so when i've just connected with somebody um i i will kind of use a visual gag Like this one connect4 but using the profile images in the counter on the winning row just kind of creating a moment of hilarity and you can see here like with robin his response i don't usually reply to in males i have to say this is a great way of getting a response or jerome's thanks for not being like the 99 and that's really you know what we're Trying to do stand out differentiate yourselves from the noise what everybody else is doing and when you've already got that high data as well then you're going to absolutely smash it another example here um using a whiteboard so if you've got a mobile phone you can use apps to kind of create a gif like this doing it on a blank wall or on a blank whiteboard And then adding your personalized message in this case to celebrate somebody changing roles uh you're gonna you've seen that intent you know so they've got a higher um kind of inertia if you like in their new job and you're reaching out and in this case one of our other clients staff circle more than doubling the amount of trials they receive by using this sort of Uh personalized approach and a real nice elegant way of putting you know quite a text heavy image in a way but getting them to kind of read that saline point and then delve further into your content another one of our clients they use personalized images in their surveys already for existing customers but trying to re-engage them into other further funnels And when they use those personalized images as different choices they've got a 4x uplift in conversion more people taking those surveys and then learning quicker about their customers so that really helps again with understanding further that intent in terms of what we can do with these images um the great thing i think something that chase hasn't Really touched upon yet is that with the intent platform they're adding functionality and capabilities for linkedin and email outreach and of course the amazing news is that hyper eyes already integrates with these so when you go with intent if you want to use their full platform going beyond just their their kind of data side you're also able to kind of create These very sophisticated outreach campaigns everything that we've been looking at in terms of leveraging that upfront targeted data and also being able to put your personalized images in your linkedin in your email campaigns as you can see here from some of these examples exactly as chase was showing us before in his live session and as you can see some amazing responses From being able to do this in terms of very simply just dropping the code in hyper eyes um integrates amazingly with all of these uh kind of elements within chase's uh solution of course it doesn't stop at the outreach it's also about personalizing your landing pages um in terms of the effectiveness of that hubspot did a survey of over 300 000 websites And what they found was over a 2x uplift in conversions when personalization was used around the call to action so i certainly in my own outreach i'm including personalized videos and call to actions around my calendly embedded on landing pages and seen amazing results but intercom went even further than that 2x uplift the hub spot saw across their 300 000 survey In their case hub stop stop hubspot sorry intercom started personalizing landing pages based on company names and using custom imagery and got a 3x uplift in conversions on those personalized landing pages so whether it's very simple just welcome a customer back or more sophisticated landing pages there really is some significant benefits We mentioned hub staff before they got an amazing uplift um 4x uplift in um or three three excellent should i say um on their email campaigns but they also managed to double their conversions on their landing pages and those two come um impacting uh effect compounding effect should i say led to a 7x uplift throughout their funnel So you know personalizing every step and of course what we can do with hyperis and with our integrations uh with uh with intent is we can make these images actionable so it can be clickable so for example when you want to kind of cross channel send somebody in a personalized email when they've connected you on linkedin we found we've got a 45 Uplift in demos being taken that being the call to action when we cross streamed and went multi-channel and so started off on linkedin and then sent them a follow-up email to say once they connected so lots of great opportunities to be able to include website personalization linked off um from your outreach campaigns and then the final thing that i wanted To touch upon in terms of the capabilities i am rushing a little bit now i'm just very conscious we're getting towards the end of this and i did want to open up for any more questions that we had but using video personalization this is something that's very new to hyperis it's a product that we launched only in may we're seeing some great feedback And use cases from our customers but 82 of internet traffic is going to be coming from video um by next year so the majority of us would say almost all of us are conditioned to accept video as a way of communication as a way of means of consuming information but yet we're still very much limiting ourselves to a lot of text and maybe obviously personalized images In our outreach but when we start to use video as well and video at scale that make it interactive and personalizing personalized really does have a big impact in terms of that engagement we can drive and with hyper eyes we really are kind of creating a new layer and definition of what we can do with personalized video of course there are many other great products out there the vidyards And bonjours of the world or even kind of the the looms that can create one-off videos in a very efficient way but doing that at scale is much much harder whereas with hyper eyes what we're able to do is create personalized videos that will personalize directly to each individual on the fly so for example having personalized audio Having personalized screenshots of their website in your video or their logos or dynamically created on the fly being able to link those from your intent campaigns from your linkedin outreach from your email and have them there on your landing pages being able to drive that engagement and we've been seeing use cases of those used in video sales letters and In content engagement as well as even onboarding we've started using these in our own onboarding and had an amazing response in terms of uh the engagement and the amount of or additional learning users are taking because it's such a nice experience the final thing that i wanted to touch upon in terms of capabilities of the two platforms and use them together and a use case That really does um provide another kind of bite of the cherries it were um is personalized short links and again it's something that um chase had down his mind map before which i really love seeing that visually that the flow of um the outreach but with hyper eyes we have we can create these personalized short links and again we have a zap for that so you whatever platform you're doing you can add that to your Automation and these short links wherever you share them whether it's in this case we can see in linkedin but also in other channels such as facebook messenger or even slack if you want to automate outreach into those sort of areas when you share these personalized short links because they have the open graph um personalized data embedded in them they'll give you a personalized preview Of whatever personalized images you've chosen but also the personalized data and description and when you click those it's going to take you through to a personalized landing page again this personalized landing page can be actually any page on your website on your own website it doesn't need to be um on a specific hosted site on hyper eyes or an intent it can be on your own branded site so customers are still free to go wherever In here you can see we've got personalization throughout the funnel throughout the page including logos business names we've got a personalized video here we're going to have a call to actions or interactive such as book a call or a view other videos the interesting thing of this page actually is that we've actually got two calls to actions here one at the end of the video and another one embedded Below and actually you had a three to one of the video um call being booked to the one embedded below it really does show that video personalization is so effective in terms of driving that engagement so hopefully that short links gives you an idea of also some of the capabilities and flexibility around how we can create these Personalizations and again we can see here this link that hyper eyes is something you can completely brand to your own domain and your own outreach so you create this situation where you can have these personalized landing pages and as i alluded to before the kind of click through and engagement rates on these being able to show you know a personalized gif um you know Taken through a personalized landing page because it is something that maybe people haven't seen before it's getting insanely high click-through rates and actually even the call to action uh safe calendly booking in terms of my example here you know also getting a good engagement and conversion rate so that was uh i know i've rushed a Little bit there again i'm just conscious that we're right on uh on the nose for the hour now uh and so i do apologize for not leaving much time for questions so i'm just gonna stop sharing now and just kind of jump back to see if there are any anything else any other questions that anybody would like to ask in terms of this day for for i mean quite like however long We need more time you know i don't know if you got to jump but happy to answer your questions for anyone yeah no absolutely i don't have to jump i wasn't sure um whether whether the actual uh the zoom would would close except for an hour but um no i don't think it does but maybe it would just give us a little warning but yeah either way um yeah i'd love to hear any questions anybody's got Or any other examples feedback actually robert you have your hand up there do you still have a question maybe uh ltd's and no i'm afraid not at this point in time that was something we did i think in 2019 as part of our growth when we were kind of in um in beta but yet not any future plans i'm afraid um chase did you see that michael had a nice little um Uh yeah i did i'm basically i'm copy pasting right now man that's uh that's genius so i can build that into our our back end for sure um awesome i think there is one question here from hold up where did it go in the q a from randall um so how do you gain understanding of an individual's search history to determine the appropriate lead score so great question um basically what we do is we buy Post post transaction or post opt-in uh data and we have lots and lots and lots of it and so what we do is our ai or machine learning it's machine learning is just a type of ai and it's a regression model so once people search for a term i identify them and then my ai tracks them and we look at all of their behavior across like the whole internet not the whole Internet but five billion websites that we track on and we look for commonalities between them and other people who have purchased similar products or opted in for similar things and as you start to drive more traffic because you have that site visitor pixel and you know we're running other campaigns with similar keywords we're just simply creating that that uh Feedback loop and our ai goes and looks back and says okay you know after the first seven days what are the commonalities between the you know most likely to buy people and then we just just like facebook and google it just gets better and better at understanding and identifying who those people are earlier and earlier in the customer journey which makes it Better and better for you because the earlier you can get um and you know everyone thinks about this backwards and in my opinion they think about all right i just want to find people that want to buy right now well they're probably already they've probably already gone through the education process they've probably already seen other solutions they're probably already Thinking about buying you know something and it may not be from you so the better you can get at being able to reach further down into that bucket and actually take someone from not knowing that a solution even exists or not knowing how it works and educating them and making them feel comfortable in that decision that's that's human nature and that's you know building relationships at scale And understanding how people need to move through that journey to be able to trust your brand enough to actually make that purchase decision so that's all we're doing is just using ai to essentially model that that same process let me know just let me know if that answer your question uh randall happy to have you to dive more in there was another question um while You're talking there which i answered which max was asking about um the kind of other areas uh i know you mentioned before it was just us did you have any time frames or any other kind of areas or kind of expanding that was it just yeah no we're definitely looking at doing some other stuff i mean for sure staying in in the americas Begin with is the easiest so like canada and south america and then you know europe is the tricky one obviously because um there's gdpr so we're very cautious about that right now we're totally legal where we're at so we just want to make sure whenever we do make that jump you know we got all our bases covered but uh as of right now the best solution to be able to use Our data like for a different country that maybe we don't have data for would be to model would look like audiences and you should do this even if you're you're marketing to us-based people if you're getting surge intent based audiences you want to both you know obviously run ads directly to them as a custom audience and facebook but then create a one percent look-alike as well and test the two because look Fit there's nothing bad about facebook's ai and what they do like it's amazing and so is google's but the data that you're gonna get out of it is only as good as the data you put in or you gotta pay and wait three months or six months for it to learn who you want to target and how to target them so all you're doing is just simply you know kind of skipping over some of Those steps um and and you know getting the ability to enter that customer journey earlier amazing max asked a follow-up question regarding the timeline on canada yep um i honestly don't have this date and i don't want to i don't i don't want shielding by but hopefully in the next couple of months um for right now though canada is so similar to the states like literally we Have clients already that that do this and run ads in canada they just use the us data and model it using look likes and then because you have the pixel on your site because remember once they come to your site and you know we give you what's called a hash code even if i can't identify them to the full record due to You know security or whatever it is i can still give you um and i'll show you just a quick example i can still give you a hash which basically is it's a it's the same thing as an email it's just coded so that you don't know who the person you don't know who the person is and this is how a lot of different platforms talk to each other it's another type of identifier And so if you're driving traffic that way then you're still creating that same feedback loop and then you can do essentially the same thing amazing that's cool so chase how do people take action so if they want you you mentioned the offer before and what kind of yeah they got on board how do they start using intent yeah so i mean definitely then the best thing to do would be to just lock in a Time for a demo because every use case is different and we are all about helping you find the right type of data for your business and not trying to force you down like one one thing where you know it may or may not work so having that conversation really understanding your needs who you're going after where they hang out and you know essentially form fitting what you're going to need to do that Um is going to be the best way to kind of move forward and get some more info and then for you guys that do end up you know booking a demo and you know if you do end up wanting to come on board like i said we will give you 10 000 records from our firmware graphics database uh for free for your target market so basically 10 000 leads that you can market to right now with emails And linkedin urls so um yeah you can go straight to the site grab a time for a demo love to uh learn more about everyone's business and and show you a little bit more about how it might be able to add value for you amazing fantastic so straight to intent three eyes intent dot i o and then request a free demo and don't don't forget to shout out hyper rise while you're there For anybody watching that doesn't have a hyperis account i'm not sure if that is the case um but if if you don't you can go to hyperrise.com and also grab a free trial here we give a 14-day free trial obviously also don't forget get your get your demo booked with intent as well awesome thanks so much for having me ian and thanks so much for everyone that attended and everyone that watches the Replay we love questions and we love feedback so please feel free to hit us up on our site in the chat let us know if you have any questions and um i know we'll be doing more than one webinar because it's just the tip of the iceberg so stay tuned for the next one and we'll get into some more tactical stuff um for specific channels and um yeah i really appreciate everyone's time and thanks so much for having me absolutely Appreciate everybody's time too and chase i really appreciate your time and amazing i'm kind of so excited by what this is going to do uh you know in terms of can be fun of outreach of sales of you know just the whole approach to how you know how you look at a campaign and volume and all of those sort of things absolutely amazing and like you say this is going to be the first of many um you know we're going to be Talking shout out about uh my upcoming partnership soon where we can further embed and kind of uh work together from a data perspective we do all those things together uh like i say everybody that's joined today and we will be recording this and sending it out we'll send out all of the material so look out for that email if you do any Questions obviously you can feel free to fire back from that um otherwise we'll catch you all guys again soon thanks very much for your time thanks guys see ya

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