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Hey {{first_name}}. Dynamic layers work the same as Hyperise Images, you simply drag on the layers to the video canvas and position accordingly. Selecting the Settings menu will display all the relevant options for the layer type. For example with Dynamic Text, you can change attributes such as font type, size, and colour. Add personalisation tags into your video Text direct in the video canvas. You can also add dynamic logos to your videos. The logo will automatically enrich from either a business email or website domain. Using the website layer, you can add screenshots of the recipients website. Use the perspective controls to get the best out of the layers in your videos. This control can be used on all layer types. You can also add animated GIF layers to your video, to help bring attention to areas of your video, or even a talking head of yourself like this example.. Thanks for watching {{first_name}} ! Please click on a feature to learn more and how it can help {{business_name}}.

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