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Hey, It's Ian from Hyperise. Thanks for joining me on this video onboarding call, I really appreciate your time. The purpose of this video is to give you an overview of Hyperise, all the core features and how they can add value to your business. There are three core areas to Hyperise, and that's image personalization website personalization and video personalization and together it can help you, hyper personalize your whole sales funnel. With image personalization, we can add personalized images at scale, to our outreach to our email campaigns to our LinkedIn campaigns through the many integration partners we have. With website personalization, we can personalize your whole landing pages, which has been proven to more than 2x conversion rates when you include personalization with the call to action. With video personalization, you can create interaction in buttons that will take users to call to actions to other content you have a really drive engagement, and when we use all of those together to hyper personalize our sales funnel, we're going to see more than 2x, uplifting conversions. So, please do select one of these options, click to learn more about how you can start to use these in your own sales funnel, I appreciate your time today and I look forward to catch you again in one of our other videos. Take care, and you see you soon, bye.

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