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Video Transcript (unedited)

Hey everybody i want to record this quick video just to let you know of a new bit of functionality we've um just released uh in the form of a new zapier zap uh in this case it allows us to create personalized short links as an action so this is really great in this case we've got an example here Um we've got a step being triggered from our email platform or our outreach platform that is then uh triggering uh creation of a short link so we can do is open up this zap here and we can look into the action and first of all we can choose uh an image from our account so in this case you can see i'm choosing my video thumbnail image and then i can put a landing page when Somebody clicks this short link where they're gonna go um then you see here in this case i'm pulling through a first name check this out there's the page title and that's gonna appear underneath uh the short link as well as a page description again these are going to be open graph tag data that's embedded into the short link And on top of that we can provide the personalized data that's going to personalize the image and the short link and then the website where we're sending them through here you see i'm just putting through the email first name last name company name um from my integration and then that will spit out a personalized short link and then i'm updating the platform so that personalized short link is In there available for further outreach so what that means is when i can run it within again you can see here i'm using reply to io i've got this little sequence here where i'm sending somebody an email and then connecting sending using zap here to add my short link and then what i'm doing i'm sending a linkedin connection and including that short link in the um In the message so we can see here in linkedin here's an example where we've got um the thumbnail here to to natalie see natalie in the image in the gif uh in the in the name underneath and for our business name we've got the short link here and the image either those are clickable and then when we click them we're going to get through to a personalized landing page In this case obviously it's our personalized to natalie from zest zest for media hi natalie did you know videos generate the highest level of engagement i will continue that we get the idea and obviously here we see we're putting through like the logo and the business name and obviously the call to action here on this page is the book call and we've got all that embedded in this problem page Landing page personalization so if you haven't um played with the zaps before or with personalized short links uh so now it's even easier to do that uh using the the zap action obviously you can trigger that and use it to send out uh in various lots of other different places personal short links will kind of work uh great in any sort of social media platform whether it's facebook messages Linkedin even slack messages or other kind of message platforms like that so yeah have a go i'll post in the um in the link at the link to our i'll put in the comments a link to uh zapier so you get access to that if you've not used it already but yeah just check select the personalized short link and you'll be good to go Look forward to catching you again soon take care bye

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