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Hey ian here from hyperise do you do outreach do you use linkedin for outreach if you don't you're really missing a trick if you do what sort of engagement are you getting are you getting anywhere close to 50 engagement i know i wasn't and i've been using it for years but what changed recently was our integration with expandee Using hyper personalized images in linkedin outreach has more than doubled our engagement leading all the way through to sales bookings and actual mrr real cash bottom line if you're interested in that how you can more than double your linkedin engagement or if you've not started start with some of the best use cases watch this webinar that we recently recorded myself and stefan from expandy 30 minutes but what you're going to get in there is a lot of golden nuggets on how to really push those engagement rates and start winning with linkedin engagement look forward to seeing the other side um so what i wanted to do is kind of really cut up today into three segments so one first of all is just a very brief overview specifically of what hyperisis and what it enables Then look at some some use cases and some case studies and then finally jump into the platform and have a live um play see how the integration works so you've all got some some kind of brain food with examples in case studies and then also the knowledge to be able to apply it straight away so let's let's jump in um and kind of just first of all say you Know what is hyper ice so we've talked about hyper personalization and all of that but the kind of the core fundamentals of hyper eyes is image personalization we enable images to be personalized on the fly dynamically using data that we're pulling in and the reason why that's important is as humans we're hardwired to process images in milliseconds so When we accompany our outreach which is typically text with an image that image is going to get processed significantly quicker 60 000 times quicker in fact so when that image is purposeful and telling a story you know that that really is a benefit benefit is really beneficial of course we see that throughout you know every website is text and images so you know it makes Sense and that outreach but in addition to that when we include personalization in those images it triggers like a pattern interrupt which is like a psychological behavior that just puts the brain that the breaks on the brain says hey pay more attention to this so you get more mind share and so that personalization triggering that pattern interrupt Um if it's um in this sort of outreach really gives us more mind share and that really is um kind of the key to what we're doing here the patent interrupt opens the door and then when the doors opened they're more susceptible to and open to reading your marketing message and taking your call to action and that really is the fundamentals in terms of how simple it is to create the image This whole philosophy of you know making your life easy you know is why the integration with expandee works so well they have a similar philosophy as a platform it's super simple to use and you know create your linkedin engagement and that's the same philosophy with hyper eyes so you can simply take any existing image you have Whether that's a gif whether it's a png or a jpeg an animated gif and start to add placeholders directly into the image canvas so that could be your the prospect's first name last name company name or job title directly in the canvas and you can style those color those to match the image and again all of this data is going to be called dynamically through From the linkedin prospect via expanding so you don't have to worry about it at all it just happens as if by magic but in addition to text we have some unique features to expand e where they're pulling through the profile image of the prospect direct directly into the image so by simply using the prospect element uh within hyper eyes you can place that Image directly in your image canvas and that will dynamically date on the fly excuse me have a frog in my phone um and that i gotta say that is not only is it unique to expanding but it's also so simple and so effective to use that in addition to the profile image uh we also enable screenshots to be shown uh where we have um a business contact Or business details on that profile such as a business email or indeed um the uh a website of their kind of attached employer so either those two available were able to produce screenshots dynamically in the image of course that's great for storytelling and making purposeful personalization if you have some sort of service That relates to somebody's website being able to say hey i've just checked out your website you know i've got some great tips for you i'd love to jump on a call a great hook and obviously triggering that personalization their website is going to be you know super familiar to them but then also it's purposeful because it's actually telling that story and as as we saw before That's going to that image is going to be processed way before the text and so as almost when they read the text that concept would be familiar and therefore more likely than to accept it another great uh unique feature of expanding is they pull the logo directly from the company profile of the prospect that you're reaching out to so what that means is that uh even if They don't have a business email attached to their profile which enabled enable hyperwrites to enrich you know get a logo we're still able to get that using expandee and they're pushing through the logo image directly from let's say from the linkedin company profile so that's another exclusive you won't get any Other linkedin platform you know or personalization you know something that really again can help trigger that pattern into you know seeing your logo um in in um in an image you know really kind of will look um you know very stunning for example on reports you know produced or company name with their logo on it again really helps trigger that pattern Interrupt and coming back to simplicity obviously a kind of a word you're going to hear many times throughout this webinar just because of how simple um the integration is with it with xbendy once you've added the um api key and we'll go through that process a little bit um later when we have the the live demo once you've created that's a one-off Process you can see here all of your personalized images appear underneath each message box in your campaign steps so obviously this screen for those already using expanding will be this will be familiar with you to you if not then again this is something that's going to be familiar to you very very soon that's going to be your one of your best Friends in terms of outreach armory so here we have obviously our message with our kind of personalization parameters and we can see here the images are kind of replicating that pulling through the personalization parameters we can also uh search by keyword here to select the image you want or scroll through it to visually select The one as soon as we've selected that excuse me again um that's it in terms of having to worry about those personalized images now expand is going to do all the heavy lifting grabbing each one of those images personalizing it using hyper eyes and then uploading it to your uh your linkedin's prospect messaging sequence again triggering a significant engagement uplift and the way these images look Um obviously we're putting through all of these personalizations directly from the image from uh you can hypervise and from their profile and they can be you know obviously we said before static images or in this case a gif you know here to diana and we're pulling through her name and her business name directly through into this whiteboard in this sort of image here uh the gif in this case i've created on My iphone um obviously with a blank board here which gives a lot of flexibility for the different types of messages and call to actions you can put on here so literally the gift was a blackboard with me just creating a blank line very simple to create we have a guide on this if anybody was interested in creating gifs but even static images can have a dramatic impact On your engagement and the delight that they deliver to the people receiving them so for example in this case elixir here okay you got me i get 10 linkedin messages a day your personalized images are awesome now first of all my first um kind of thought on that was wow alyssa you're only getting 10 linkedin messages a day no she she's clearly uh completely not very popular I wish i only got 10 linkedin messages a day but anyway but as as charis carr said here you know uh great um great book and that really is the point here we are trying to you know create an ice breaker or a hook something to stand out and do it differentiate you know and get people's attention and then from there once you've got Their attention they're going to be more open to uh you know whatever it is that your call to action is in the same way that you know when we start a conversation with somebody we don't just jump straight into the meat and potatoes of it you know we have that cursory how's the weather how it's covered in your part of the world whatever it is in this present-day kind Of conversational ice breaker what these images tend to do is kind of deliver that in a in a visual way and what it does it kind of escalates the the good will that you get where people go from like to love you know where they really really appreciate this in terms of you know the way they feel about this and you know the effort that's you know their perceived effort that's Gone into this and in terms of the stats of what that really looks like like i just um suggested before i've been using this um since it was actually at a very late october but two four months obviously of so very late september but two full months of october and november uh sally's solid stats now uh and there's Two amazing things and that have come out well actually three amazing things um as a new learnt today so two of those amazing things i knew already before today but the first point was stefan has some amazing strategies on how to improve your connection rate my connection rate is you know it's 60 70 now and i'll come back to that in a moment but my engagement rate which is The part that hyperrise has an impact on has also more than doubled so you can see here from september and before before i was using uh expanded with this new engagement and this new hyperis integration my engagement was 25.3 in over a significant number and period my average engagement now is 55.9 and i actually have some knocking in On the 60s with as i've been refining this and improving the um the the images that are now capable of doing within within xpandy and so that's significant uplift and also what i've discovered today is using the web hooks which become more sophisticated has given me a massive uplift in my email campaigns as well and i'll come back to that in a moment But really um for me at least uh to see these sort of kind of uplifts um you know within a relatively short period of time you know this is a two-month time period you've gone from you know more than a double uplift from you know simply um changing a few tweaks of my existing campaigns and these sort of images uh when we first look at some of these we've looked at the examples so far such As uh the gif with me with my coffee or the whiteboard they may seem a bit intimidating to start with in terms of how do i do that and actually they're not difficult at all but actually another really really simple low friction way of creating some simple gifs that reinforce your message is using simple sites like giphy where you can search for keywords so this image here uh this This young lady here in the image actually isn't becky at all it's just another female uh that i i found when i was searching for a connection using the search term connection to find a suitable image that would resonate um you know with a female from a female sender um but kind of supporting that connection icebreaker image and as you can see here Some of the responses um you know again elevating that like to love um but you know you know really making my day really delivering that delight moment and obviously that is really the key um again here's another example of um using a giphy example um a gif um and just pulling through first name and business name again delivering that kind Of delight moment this example here is again one that i took on my iphone but what i really like about this is it's layering on a couple of different techniques so of course we've got the personalization but because on top of that we've got a moving image and that when it when we see a moving image our eyes are Automatically drawn to it so a gif in a message your eyes drawn to it and then the personalization there is triggering an interruption therefore you're getting more attention of the recipient but then on top of that what we're doing is we're visualizing the ask so in this case the ask is hey do you have time for a coffee and a call and again that's very purposeful rather than saying hey do you have time for a Demo and a sales call you know which in a lot of people's minds is is a heavy ask or a heavy thing to do and you know significant amount of time 30 minutes or more a chat and a coffee feels much lighter so therefore removing more the barrier of people to accept it and removing the friction so then visualizing that with you know me with a coffee cup You know kind of from an nlp perspective they've already processed it that's going to be an ask before they then read it in in the the text element and so therefore again they're more likely to say yes to it if it's like the second time of asking being able to do that in twice in one message you know it's incredibly powerful again simple Simple um animations or images in here this is kind of rifting off rock paper scissors so kind of using the humor concept but also a familiar um image or concept that people be familiar with and that kind of helps you can if you're maybe reaching out across you know a broader network not just within your vicinity or geo but internationally Using kind of concepts that will be familiar to people uh you know really helps cut across that community communication barrier sometimes potentially if you have a digital product so let's say for example in this case hubstaff they're a timesheet app so personalizing an image you know with the prospects logo or their profile image or in this case a Map of their location putting your prospect in your platform showing that showing the value that they're going to get you know show you know a positive graph or whatever that may be incredibly powerful it's almost that fear of missing out oh wow yeah that looks amazing if i could you know have that sort of chart or that whatever is the value that your products Offering so this is an incredibly powerful strategy uh if you have a digital product or a digital outcome that you can personalize and if you're a brand or if you know if you are going to have a kind of a following being able to use yourself in there you know or even if you want to create a brand it's great neil patel certainly does this and he also does this To re-engage people so it's not just always about that kind of first cold connection but also going beyond connection using linkedin as a way to re-engage with people that you've already connected with you know and using personalization as part of that now again always using your your personality is really key um you know using if people are familiar with you if kind of you're a coach and you're showing yourself maybe with Um you know with their profile image on your screen or their name again really can delight um the recipient this is a great strategy that we've seen a couple of clients using in different sectors reaching out to people as on when they change role but reaching out to still decision makers within their their kind of their target audience but just when they Change roles in this case a company using uh linkedin outreach to hr managers when they change role uh to talk about an employee experience which is their sas product um and again using a gif to do that and getting great a great success from that it's a great way to cross-sect on when somebody's just changed their role and they're new and looking for new ways to kind of drive engagement um So that's kind of a great way and again very flexible with with this kind of gif whiteboard sort of image where you obviously record it with a blank white board and then with hyper eyes you can just add on these texts and expand you will inject the personalization in this case first name and company name directly into the image now this is it used to be um one of my Favorite gifts for for a long long time just because uh this guy here um eric is quite a serious fellow um and and the fun we had uh getting him to dress up as an orca for his very serious uh cloud security product that he's selling uh was was quite the journey but he more than doubled his um bookings through this um this year during the black hat event which ordinarily would be um Online so it would be a physical event this this year was a virtual online event only so we had to do a lot more online engagement um but they had their best year ever um you know and obviously that was a significant part played by this kind of hyper engagement type of personalization throughout the funnel through email um Through linkedin and through landing page our website engagement and say we had a crazy impact and these guys are selling like six seven figure ticket uh cloud security to you know you've got to spend more than 100k a month to even qualify for a demo with these guys which is why they offer 200 just to have a demo um but you know they're dealing with like c-suite and above In those decision makers you know and really still kind of cutting through um i'm always a big advocate of showing your personality if the end result of um somebody speaking you know or somebody of your out of your stomach if the end result of your outreach is somebody speaking to you then they you know it's important that they kind of you know that you have a great um connection and a vibe and so Showing that personality up front um is great so for example for me i'm a big star wars geek which i guess you can actually see now because it's all behind me or the lego so yeah i i use this um this star wars gif here han solo just saluting saying thank you shows a bit of me and also later on when we connect you know that often kind of becomes oh yeah i remember you because Of this um you know and when they see that and it's creating those triggers and that's really powerful way um you know of creating that kind of instant connection when you do end up speaking with that person so another um way to think about it in terms of what is your personality what is your brand you know what is the thing that you can create that connection with and tie in The personalization now this is kind of um in in a way i used to think this is the personalized image that breaks all the rules um and i'll tell you why that is because my mind up until recently i since we've done this awesome integration with expandee was very much in the world of email uh outreach sending emails out and kind of Sending somebody to a personalized landing page and in the rule the world of email how far you go with personalization is a bit of a fine line like for example using somebody's profile image in an email completely divorced from the platform that they've put that image to where they're receiving it could be you know a little bit freaky for some people let's say but what and so i've always steered away From using profile images in an email outreach you know uh screenshots of websites logos all great but profile images not so much but in in linkedin kind of because that's where the image originates from and it's still in that um i guess that original setting that kind of doesn't seem to be the case and this is one of my best performing images out of all the ones i have as my What i call my icebreaker my post but i deliver immediately after somebody's connected with me i send this and it's kind of a bit of play on words and it's obviously a connection this game is called connect four again it's one of those games that maybe a lot of people are familiar with but also this visual kind of gag as well as in the winning line here because the four connect the four connected tokens Is their profile image and as you can see here from from robin i don't usually reply to inmails but i have to say it's a great way of getting response or jerome thanks for not being like the 99 it really does cut through and create some hilarity and a massive delight moment like i say i'm getting more than a 60 engagement off the back of of this sort Of personalization so not what i would do in email but i think using profile images in their place where they originate from is amazing or later on once you have engaged with somebody in cold email i can stick to the thermographic side but yeah i just wanted to share this one because i say it's really great and it's also an available template in your hyperis Account um so i think at that point um it would be great maybe to kind of do jump into the live i'm just conscious that we're 23 minutes in i hope this deck um has given you some good examples there are some further slides examples in here um so what i will do is i will paste into the chat um the the links uh chris i think you were saying can we see The results of the campaign hopefully we we um we saw some of that in terms of the the uplift if you like but whilst we're looking at that or that question um this is the sort of sequence i've been doing with expanding connection message a post connection sequence with personalized images and then sending out an email um also personalized at the point where they've Connected um and in terms of results um i'll just jump to this slide over the october november um 4427 connection requests about 50 connection acceptance rate now that's like i say my connection rate is is much better now so that's kind of a blended over two months starting about 40 and being about 70 now but on average over the two total Engagements i people that have engaged with me after connection um and so what i'm also doing is saying sending out emails uh to the people that connected with me now not everybody has an email so it's only about two 000 at the 2200 connections but that i noticed today also created an additional engagement to those people there's about 100 people that had responded to me in linkedin so in email that hadn't ever Re-engaged in linkedin so i realized i probably created about another 15 um about 10 additional sales this month through that email channel as well using the web hooks from expanding so hopefully that answers your question um that you're saying that chris about the uh the stats that we're looking at but i think that's enough of looking at the slide i think it'd be great to show you all how simple it is to Create this integration so if you haven't yet um created or signed up to hyper eyes created an account you can just go to hyperrise.com um and right there in the top right there will be a free trial sign up which will give you 14 days and no credit card needed and full access to hyper eyes and within that um you'll be able to create an api key Create images and do everything that we're looking and talking about today and so what i'm going to do is go into my account go to my settings and what we'll see here we've got api and i can simply create an api token here there's no restriction to the number of api tokens you need but you can use one api token across all of your expandee accounts so i can create that i can copy that api Token to my clipboard and then i can close that once you've created your api token you can simply just move that jump over to your expandy account go to your dashboard and go to profile settings and within profile settings the fourth option down here is hyperis integration when you come here for the first time obviously this box is going to be blank So then you can just paste in the code that we've copied from hyper eyes click apply and then that's it that is the end of the integration the two systems are now talking to each other so the next step um you will need to do is either create or enable some images in your hyperis account so what i'm going to do is jump back over to hyper eyes and i'm going to go To images now in your account any brand new account um you will have about 70 templates already in there um so for example you can see here my account these ones are already labeled as startup will be in your account so for example we can see here the connect four one we're looking at um i'm not suggesting you use my face uh In your outreach this is more just for an example of what's possible you can decode and break down what we've done and what's worked really well so you can then create your own uh listen if you want to use my face then go nuts it's never failed me yet but you know um but once you what you'll notice is when you first go into your account all of your images um will be set to Draft so within your account you can have up to 20 live or public images per seat and obviously you want more not just another seat so you can either choose the images you want maybe this uh you want to send out some christmas cards set them public or create a new image now when you create a new image The the kind of the core of the image you're going to be personalized you can upload anything you you have your existing images as we said before so uh pngs jpeg whatever but in addition to that there are also a bunch more image examples in your image library for you to use so as you can see here within my account i do have a bunch of images already Public so i i can go over to my expand the account go to my campaigns um select a campaign that i'm going to either update if you've already got campaigns or if you're creating a new one this will work in either scenario you can go to your steps and scroll down to where you see message one which obviously is the first message That you can send once you've connected with somebody which is the first opportunity we have to send a personalized image now what i found works incredibly well is delivering that message immediately after you've connected so that means you know you can hopefully getting them while they're hot you know you set out your connection at some point they've Accepted it and then at that point you bam you send your icebreaker in this case i'm saying yeah thanks a lot uh well thanks thanks for connection first name always a win to connect with like-minded people and then i'm using my my painted connect four icebreaker image um you know which is the one we just looked at before i said which is getting really does Generate a lot of um engagement so and that's and that's kind of really the process as and when you add new images to your hyperis account or you're enabling images that previously been in draft all you simply need to do is click the sync button as you can see here wow that was that was quick quick wasn't i'm going to press it again it happened so quick Click the sync button the little line shoots across the screen and you get a beautiful message saying it's all it's all um i saw also earlier question came by ian about fallbacks but can you show if people use placeholders and they not exist for example the logo or even the website absolutely so let's have a look at this uh image here let's move that down there so in this case Um happy holidays happy holidays first name so we've got a text element here um and so we can see whenever we select any element on the page whether it's text um or actual fact here we see we've got some logos and these elements here um on the right hand side we always have settings so when it's either a logo or profile image or a website by a kind of an image type Element there'll always be an option to select like a default so in this case you can see i've selected the hyperis logo to show here um as these ball balls um when their logo is not available but otherwise what we're going to show so in this case we're personalizing to the email app institute and you can see here these ball balls so happy holidays ian I'm pulling through the the app institute logos um on the baubles um so that book you can see if i select there what we're actually seeing is the hyper eyes logo because i've set the default image to be the hypervised image and that's through the profile images in fact so if i wanted the profile image to be on this red bauble here i'll just drag this in drop that on Here first of what i'm going to do is make it round what i'm going to do is resize it maybe a little bit bigger than that right and so now we've got our profile bauble now so i'm going to select that go to profile settings and see here we've got two options for profile we can either fall back to the logo so if we don't have the Profile show the logo but if we can't find the logo for the business then choose another image so in this case i'm just going to choose a transparency because i know there's a red bauble already behind that so that's fine to show so i'm just going to choose the transparency image which is available in everybody's account and hyper eyes so i'm going to save that So now we've got a couple of um logo images and a profile image so when we preview this now what we can see happy holidays ian and we can see app institute logo absolute logo app and sheet logo and then my profile image but if i put in enn which is not my correct email so therefore shouldn't be able to pull through my profile image oh maybe Yeah okay so i put in a wrong email there that it's not associated with profile machine see that that profile image has now fallen back to um the institute logo because we're still the domains right but if i just put in some random characters in there so the domain name so we've got nothing correct now obviously we've got the logo here so now it's full back to The hyper eyes logo um and the red one we're just seeing no logo at all i hope that um made that uh the fullbacks clear answered that question fantastic cooking with gas um are we is any other any outstanding questions before we um everything seems to be clear for now cool i mean to be honest it wasn't um Too much to kind of really cover up i really wanted to just uh kind of jump back into where we're in the steps just to kind of clarify everybody uh that kind of was short of doing here and obviously this one one of the brilliant things of this integrations you can't go wrong because look it's so visual you know all the images that you've created you can see there beautifully displayed in your list If you think you've got an idea of what it's called i i tend to kind of within my high price account for example obviously make sure you kind of give them a nice name that's going to be able to kind of filter if you're working with multiple clients for example it might be worthwhile um you know giving it a name for client for example so happy holidays in brackets you know Client 55 or or whatever so then if i save that if i go back to expandy and if i just sync my account here so if i know i want to see all client 55 images bam there i am you know obviously i've only got one client 55 image now but if i had it you know holidays play 55 but then i'm going to easily find you know and visually spot you know the the kind of the right one um so it's so So simple you know it's it's kind of dare i say foolproof um but yeah it is amazing like i say and also significantly by a country mile the best integration the best partners we've ever worked with so and we looked at the stats before but chris just go back to your question again i just want to show you real time live one of my accounts here you can see in this case 71 connection Rate again i always have to applaud you for that stefan because that that's totally um the teachings that you you've um or you've taught me or that i've followed the um engagement right and you and your team yeah yeah and and then the the connection um you know engagement rate afterwards you know like i said on average i'm about 55 you know and this again is is about there with this Campaign um so yeah um hopefully that that's been um that's kind of worthwhile and kind of motivation some of you guys are not quite at that yet you know with using some of these strategies that stefan teaches and also the high price enables um one last thing to kind of point out i think that's a nice thing i certainly find value from that is when I'm looking um at my campaigns the kind of um being able to see um you know the personalized images directly um you know in in the actual responses you know helps to kind of see in this case you're messing with someone from upwork and putting through their name and the upwork logo obviously profile image you know it's one of one of my icebreakers um and they say really kind Of helps delight them and so being able to see those images in your in line in your um in your message stream is is a i think a a really valuable um contribution as well to the integration um i think that was um that's pretty much is all i wanted to cover off in terms of showing you guys you know some of the capabilities like say over 70 templates In your account to play with um you have the guide to play with here to look through from inspiration like i said i really do recommend um using um the web hooks um web workbook web hooks that um that expand the enable i'm seeing a significant uplift um by enabling uh kind of sending an email out with a personalized image um at the same time somebody connects with you like like this guy uh Obviously saying here thanks for connecting i'm sorry i did not get time to connect you on linkedin and i see that quite a bit that people tend to be psychically active in linkedin um you know and it might be you know once a day for some people it might be once a week for others and so doing that double tap with the connection message and then the email on connection not with Anything salesy just something like hey i just wanted to say thanks for the connection and you can see just some of the responses here um you know really really does uh stand out like i said i think that this is this double tap has contributed about 10 extra sales for me over this um over this kind of period that i've been uh monitoring this hey hope you enjoyed That video now don't forget go to hyper eyes and expandy get signed up and get started today hey there i'm max ceo at doxify i've been using expandee for one year now and i have to say it's the best tool for linkedin automation i ever used in terms of high security standards and advanced features that make my outreach process literally Outstandable most recently the guys launched a new amazing integration with hyper eyes which helps me automatically personalize images and gifs at scale that's the bomb i was really impressed when i have almost doubled my connection and response rate thanks to this powerful feature so if you would like to differentiate and improve your outreach campaigns in some way i highly recommend you to try This integration out hey everyone it's noah the co-founder of koa digital here over the past couple of weeks i've had the opportunity to run through exploring this new integration creating my own images my own hyper personalized sequences incorporating coffee cups white boards with me drawing on them and it's been insane to see the responses go from 30 In my standard campaigns up to 65 in my replies honestly i am as shocked as you as you could just see saying that number out loud i've gone from five to eight meetings a week to thirteen books which is insane with key decision makers and ultimately it makes that much different hey chase gibson here co-founder and ceo of lords of linkedin i want to give a Huge shout out to my man ian over at hype rice and safan at expanding their amazing teams for putting together this incredible uh integration with hyper personalized images that can now be run directly through linkedin direct messaging campaigns over the last couple weeks we've been testing it out for all of our clients on expanding also been testing it out on cold email and it's been Absolutely amazing we've seen our connection requests acceptance rates and our reply rates essentially double across the board which has led to a lot of calls being booked a lot of happy customers i'm rohan chubby the international bestselling author of the growth hacking book i run a growth hacking agency and i'm always trying to innovate marketing we have tried the hyper personalized message sequences And it almost doubled our reply rates thank you expandy and hyper eyes for making this incredible integration happen my clients and community are finding it very useful

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