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Hey I just thought record this video to share this user case which i think is quite exciting certainly we'd have some some great use out of it so obviously with a lot of online campaigns it's all about kind of breaking out of the norm separable delight the customer in it in a different way but we found kind of mixing online and offline to be even more effective so for example in this case here we've created a letter that we All send out to a new customer can awaken into the family you know wink and including a personalized image here and with the person you'll be paying this is your contact and actually you've got a screen shot would be their prospect website as well as first name and business name personalization and then at the bottom of the letter just a kind of a little quote you think just really return to make them feel special you know we have their picture here their Profile image from the platform so at this point we're kind of already have a relationship and we're using the image that they provided to us you know from a login so it's not like when it's a cold email would maybe be a bit weird to use a person's image here we're saying hey you're your you know your hero you want yet your customer hero I'm adding you to our hero wall so you know what that could look like let's just have a preview to the register kind of Illustrate the point I just add some explanation to that here rich in my user case always choosing to Tim Cook from Apple so Tim welcome to the home fries family nine Tim I think you in time for Isaac cetera you know it's great to have apple aboard and this at home I'm your camera presentative and here is a picture of me and as you see here's my laptop number you can see in the background there is on the screen of my laptop is the Apple Website again just that tiny little socialisation touch and then is tim on our hero wall of representing apple you know and at the top I've got this can I hug for eyes loves apple so quite nice I think touch you know when you open your post in the morning and you're going through and you put out and you've got this you know personalized letter no quite a nice effect you know whether that's for welcome an existing what my new customer Into the fold or whether it's you know maybe personalized called outreach obviously with hyper eyes as well then we can add a QR codes to this as well so you know maybe we could have a call to action never scan this to you know get a book and onboarding call or something like that and obviously then in the QR code here we could put the URL to a website board you know a booking form and also then if it was to your website and that Would enable further personalization but in terms of then you know how do we use these you know so we've got this left to how do we do that you know I think that's what the next of the video I want to cover off in terms of using zapier and the integration with click sent and which is incredibly powerful for the answer this personalized letters but before I do that I want to draw your attention to something that we've added in there to Be able to make this process much easier so if we go to embed the the canvas settings or you can set a background image what we've got here is that you just search for letter what you'll find in your image and your image library is a letter format which you can select when you select that that's call the right and the canvas size is to create an electrical exercise for using the click send so we can just adjust the ratios Based on so the cameras will set now automatically to an a4 sheet you can see here the background of this image has all the various different elements of if you can if it's gonna be a windowed envelope where that will be or you can choose when you send that weather window over whether it's going to be on in this example you know whether you dress on the front of my front window so you can choose to avoid those areas or in this case we're going for a non window Development so we can choose not to avoid those with Emily she's kind of got your temper right in terms of avoiding margins all of that and you just simply remove the background image which the canvas will stay the right size and now you've got the perfect letter format in the right dimensions and knowing which areas to avoid from from that spectacle so once you've got that you kind of personalized image ready for for kind of automation You simply then just copy the link for for your email for your personalized image and then jump over to is a pia now in this case in the scenario that we were imagining we were going to go from a new customer so we use custom Li as our CRM so when a new crystal when a leave is converted into a user with an ancestor that signifies that we've got a new pane subscription so that point what we're doing is we're creating a trigger and zapier when we have a new customer Or a newly converted to use it and customly than we want to can send out to letter knowledge this could be whatever as CRM or whatever action you want have to be a new user a new lead it could be a new prospect enters or something else happens anniversary from whatever CRM or kind of customer management platform that you're using and then what we'll do is once we have that trigger essentially we will create a process within the clicks and bugs out which enable is to Then send this basically using our receiver so we can send a letter using at that event in between what we do is we convert the high price PNG into a PDF so we use this in this case we're using convert API so all we do in this middle step is where we add the high price URL so in this case when we box file here we can just paste in the URL that we had from step mix that one of kind of written image and copying the image URL and then here you see we've now got the Image all pasted in all of these various bits of data that we need to supply to the to the image so in this case the data is coming from customly so we can just drop down there and choose the values of element so here we can say email equals and it will choose email from this list then we go through and website and match those up first name or whatever data that we need you have to go through into the image and then once we've kind of completed that we will Choose it we can convert that from in this case PNG - PDF once we've completed that we then over into the click send part of the process where we're choosing the file so in this case the file will be the result from the convert API so that gives us the PDF that we've set so I'll be the URL here and then we can just go through and add or select the relative elements so the template are we using a template so the template would be when you're Choosing the window template or not so in this case we're not using the window so we say we say no to that which using color in our case yes we want color and dupage that's obviously we don't need to do that - not the widget in your solution so some glass and then from there we can then drop in the various address details obviously again what you come from a CRM so we can just go through and find the various details and drop those into the address details and Then finally you choose your return address which will be the details on on your click send account we shouldn't let click continue' savior's out and that's it now in this case in this scenario every time we would have a new customer that signs up to subscribe they'll receive a beautiful welcoming letter in the post - really you know really cement that relationship and certainly make you stand out I hope this video has been useful to accompany the the support Guide any questions and please do hit the chat button and let us know thank you

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