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Right good afternoon good morning good day to everybody wherever you are um as we were just checking out in um in the chat uh we should have a lot of people from all over uh the globes that's uh great to have that sort of um representation here obviously today's event is about delivering personalization in your agency as a service so what we're going to be covering today Is first of all a little welcome uh introduce myself and introduce hyper eyes an introduction to um the product and who is hyper is who we are what we do and then we're going to be looking at some elements of the service we can deliver first of all looking at image personalization specifically and then they're more broader hyper type personalization And then finally how to package all of that up into hype personalization as a service and how you can deliver that package it price it and all of those sort of things we won't be having a q a at the end of the of the session so if anybody has any questions they can pop those into the q a there's a q a option on the bar please uh put those in there makes it nice and easy for us to tackle those as We go through of course if anybody has any questions you don't have to wait for the q a at the end you know please do uh create a question or pop something into chat as we go and we'll try our very best to answer those relevant ones as we go through the session and just for a reminder this session is being recorded so that in mind um your audios um will all have been Muted by default so if there is an opportunity at the end of the q a if someone should come onto a panel and chat remember that your audio will be muted and by default as i just mentioned um you know we will go we will answer questions as we go but please use the q a function to post your questions uh yes uh thanks very much uh we will be posting sending out the recording it will be Recorded and uploaded today and hopefully we'll get out to you either today or tomorrow morning so um that will be um that will be coming out to you guys and also this deck as well we'll be sharing that and so yes and hopefully that's covered all the bases if you do have anything else please feel free to raise your hand if it's not a normal question or anything like that any other technical difficulties and we'll get That covered as well so before we jump into the actual session just to introduce myself hi everybody my name is ian naylor for those uh i hope i haven't met you before a pleasure to meet you and to be here with you today my background the last 20 odd years i think it's the 24th year this year that i've been running and founding starting online businesses during that time had some success in terms of exits um and you know growth of Those businesses and those businesses have been both to b and b to c the first couple of businesses that i started 20 odd years ago were predominantly b to c uh more recently um over the last 10 years or so be more focused around b2b um in terms of those businesses one of the things that um has been consistent if you like is some of my go to market strategies in using personalization and Hype personalization in those businesses i'd give you an example of that what the very first business that i founded was a car import business importing cars built to order direct from the manufacturers into the uk effectively cutting out the dealer network um and saving the end user 20 30 percent um most of the the savings actually went on to the kind of the purchaser so they actually even though we were selling 20 30 000 pounds worth of vehicle you know this was back in 98 99 when the average uh transaction online was a book from amazon for you know uh 10 quid or so um you know it was a very fine type margin so we're always looking for additional rev revenue opportunities and we found lots of those in and around services around the cars such as finance warranties and one of the services that turned out to be Amazingly great for us was private number plates and one of the things we discovered very early on is when somebody came to our website looking to uh buy a car we'd actually bear in mind this was 98.99 would actually print off and post them a quote pack an info about info pack on the vehicle they've selected with all of the specifications and what we did was programmatically took their name and worked out the best private plate that Was available and actually kind of put that on the number plate of the car that they were getting a quote for um and that was kind of the first kind of time we started using image personalization in my career and in the end we made more money from the private plates people buying those private plates than we did from actually selling the cars themselves and that was a real eye-opener um i said that was back in 98.99 but to do that kind of the effort that that took to create that sort of service was absolutely immense you know it was a lot of pre-processing a lot of manual intervention um and but nevertheless i'd say it was a bit of a game changer for us and so ever since then that's always been in my back of my mind in terms of every business i've started since then and the personalization Strategies that we've employed and so really high prices accumulation of that 20 odd years of founding businesses and implementing high personalization in those to great success from a marketing perspective and so hyperis is an accumulation of that of that knowledge but also um i say the ability to do that at scale using automation that's something that's um always kind of been in the back of my mind all these businesses that wow i Wish i had a tool kit you know that actually is you know is hyper eyes today so hyperis the idea that concept was initially launched in 2019 we went live in uh in april 2020 so all we've really known is uh it's a pandemic from a business perspective uh but nevertheless uh it's really resonated with lots of sales and marketing teams over that time um and you know hopefully today you know we can broaden it out to yourselves as well in addition to um Running and starting businesses i'm a father of three and they certainly keep me busy and if there was such a thing as spare time on top of all of that then i like to build and race soap boxes although obviously in the last couple of years not being much of that going on with with lockdown also as i mentioned i've been sharing this deck and got my linkedin uh um profile here so if anybody would like to connect um definitely that's a great Place to uh to reach out so let's just kind of jump into it and one of the things that we did um at the start of this year as we do most years is reach out and create a survey to help us and obviously everybody else attending to understand what what personalization is you know what what the landscape looks like from other digital partners marketing agencies and sas businesses out there This year we surveyed over 2 000 marketing professionals to understand their um their concept their their kind of view on what that looks like and you know the pros and cons of that so first of all what i want to do is share some of those questions and results with you to give you a little bit of an understanding of what we're seeing in the marketplace just checking the uh the questions before we go right okay So the first question that we asked when we reached out with this survey was understanding the channels that people want to use personalization either are using or want to use and as we can see here the predominant channel is email websites and social and they're really that's no surprise obviously even though email is what 30 40 years old it's still such a strong uh channel you know for cold outreach and lead Generation and so being able to create personalization at scale and email is obviously key and also getting your websites and obviously socials email socials in terms of linkedin facebook etc um we also asked you know what sort of but you know the the i guess the um perspective of you know impression that people have the impact Of personalization on advancing customer relationships and as we can see here the majority of the people um that answered this you know felt it was either either an extremely or a strong impact so you know over 60 percent of users thought there was either a strong or an extremely strong impacts it kind of shows that obviously there is a belief at least that personalization Does have an impact and is an important part to play in online marketing um and also in terms of what that impact is you know when we can see here again the majority of users again with this this question you're allowed to choose multiple options so the majority people felt was creating a better customer experience you know as well as improving loyalty and driving more leads and you see they're obviously the the most kind of All the predominant three out of those from um from an engagement perspective so not only are we seeing better experiences um but you know we're kind of driving more leads as well and obviously leeds is kind of one of those key drivers you know make people want to continue to use personalization and stick with that over half of market professionals Weren't satisfied though which is interesting so when you look at even though taking into account the previous two questions um in terms of you know uh the channels and the kind of the the impact people weren't satisfied with their current levels of personalization so still you know there's um a bit of a kind of a mismatch if you like between people believing in the capabilities of personalization but not necessarily in their skills to implement that you can See most people not satisfied are only slightly satisfied you know with their um their level of personalization capabilities presently and i think this is kind of where this comes out the majority of marketing professionals lack the confidence to successfully implement you know a true personalization strategy and so obviously that's kind of where that confidence element comes in you can see here only slightly confident and very Few people extremely or very confident in their ability to implement personalization strategies and really that is the kind of i personally i thought you know the very interesting thing that kind of came out in that survey and it's something that we've seen in the last two years when we've been running these surveys is that businesses and marketers and professionals understand and believe personalization as a service is key for Driving engagement driving a positive outcome but they're lacking the capabilities of the understanding of how to deliver that successfully or at scale and that really is kind of where we see the opportunity you know for our existing agency partners you know where they're delivering and making a lot of success is you know providing done for you hyper personalization services whether that's in league general Marketing you know generally in kind of sales teams implementing that in a very efficient way you know potentially using hyper eyes of course um and so that is kind of what we're going to be focusing on today looking at you know how you can take advantage of this kind of gap in the market in terms of the intent the kind of the people interested in that and and the ability or lack of ability to do that should i say so what we're going to do now is look at one of the Core components of high price and that's image personalization so when we're talking about personalization obviously there's lots of different ways that personalization can be um delivered and you know we're probably everybody here in the corner delivering it in one way or another you know even simple personalization like high first name you know and kind of you know obviously personalization in terms of determining how you're going to reach out to Somebody and do doing that in a personal way but there's actually more efficient ways of doing that or better ways i'm not really battles and we should still be doing the textual personalizations in our outreach but there's ways we can augment that and implement that in a more effective way um now we've all heard the phrase an image paints a thousand words so obviously if we're all familiar with that it's because we've heard it a lot And what i asked recently to my linkedin audience was you know the questions you see here do you think using images in outreach can have a positive impact now i i did expect um a positive outcome of positive yes in this because you know you know we can we see images you know throughout you know wherever there's communication but we very rarely see images in outreach you know in sales outreach or whatever but maybe more so in marketing Sitting less than sales and so i didn't expect it to be so overwhelming as it wasn't gonna see here eight to six percent of people believe you know that the images can have a positive impact um in outreach but nevertheless very few people do that and i think that's kind of because it's it's difficult to one envisage what that image should be and two to do that in an effective way or at least that was the case until today but you know why is it that um We would want to use images now which what is it what is it we're trying to solve and i think this you know these kind of three steps we see here really um kind of paint that picture you know very very well in terms of broadly user engagement is getting harder you know we've all got the same number of minutes and hours in a day but the amount of messages that we're receiving marketing and sales messages are increasing rapidly you know Typically 5 000 marketing methods a day we're seeing you know and growing and so you know as as we're receiving more as we've been bombarded by more messages the chance of engagement is going down and the amount of time we have to grab someone's attention is reducing as well and that you know the reason why image personalization plays so well into that is that us as humans we're inherently visual learners majority of us are visual learners but all of us Process images significantly quicker than texts you see here the scientific study carried out showed that 60 000 times quicker a human brain processes an image over text and so what we're going to do today is is look at um you know how we can leverage that i've read another um interesting uh study uh that was actually in the guardian um a few weeks ago it was talking about Dyslexia which obviously people that are dyslexic find you know writing and reading text kind of more difficult than a a standard user now ceo of ceos of businesses are three times more likely to be dyslexic than a typical user so if you wanted to reach you know high-end decision makers um then again leaning on uh image images and visualizations can significantly help because they're more three times more likely to Kind of really kind of appreciate and kind of lean into that than a standard user so again kind of so as i just saw a message there typing the background so i think that's my other monitor i'll try not to lean on my desk too much as i'm as i'm talking but yeah absolutely kind of trick triggering in using images to trigger um a visual communication can really help and so but because images are processed So quickly these um when we include personalization as images it triggers what we call a pattern interrupt and that pattern interrupt is a psychological behavior that just puts a break on the brain when we see something that's personalized it just the brains hey pay attention to that there's something different you know you really need to have a look at that and so that that increased mind Share that we get from that pattern interrupt that leads to more people more engagement more people understanding your call to action and more people taking that and that really is the key to what we're providing here now of course there are lots of different ways we can use images purposely purposefully in our outreach so for example within hyper eyes um our general outreaches you know we're Trying to get people to jump into uh we're trying to get people to jump into a call book sometime in our diary and so what we're doing is what we're doing is kind of mimicking that and using other psychological traits in this case having a simple image here you can see this example here of me smiling and waving with some great personalization there in terms of the person's name on the board using their profile image pulling through obviously This is a linkedin message here and also their logo and what we're doing there is leveraging the law of reciprocity where we're able to kind of compel them to want to respond and reply simply by offering a smile and a wave making them feel good about that outreach creating that human human connection and more likely getting a great response like we can see in this example here this is a response from rebecca who's The ceo founder of loud marketing you know a significant size marketing agency and her response to a cold outreach is love this when can we chat and let's be honest we all know nobody really enjoys a cold outreach email certainly nobody loves cold outreach but when we're using this sort of style here again you can see with rebecca's name on the board and her logo is triggering uh that feel-good factor and elevating Her from like to love and therefore you can imagine that when i spoke to rebecca you know with her starting off from a position of love it was a much easier task to be able to you know convince her of the service or of the call to action and get her to take that and so that really is the kind of the key that we're trying to create here is creating that feel-good factor and getting people you know using the icebreaker to get through the door and for them to kind of have More time to talk about your call to action another great way that um i've found that works amazingly well is to minimize the ask to reduce the friction so for example um again when i'm reaching out ultimately it's you might call it a demo or a sales call or a discovery call but rather than phrasing it or kind of framing it as any of those you know i kind of say hey let's have a chat and a Coffee and that that ask of a chat and a coffee is obviously significantly smaller you know most people will think of a chat and a coffee in their mind you know maybe is five ten fifteen minutes versus if you say to somebody you know let's have a discovery call or you know a sales call or a demo call that could feel significantly longer and so framing your ask um you know and then vision and backing up visually in this case you know with myself with the coffee cup and Some personalization around that you know really helps to increase the take-up of that call to action you know simply by you know i'd say kind of with this simple visualization and that kind of leads to responses like this you can see here from edgar i get from paul sway here it was actually a paying customer you can see a response i never replied to these emails this is the first one that worked and that really is the key you know trying to Obviously as i said before a lot of people have a distaste for cold outreach so being able to reach out and you know remove that take that off the table you know so they're open to what you have to say you know by creating that moment of delight in this case you know edgar putting his business name onto my screen and his logo as well as obviously his name you know creating a really nice moment of delight You know that's kind of really what we're trying to do elevating our prospects feel good factor is gonna boost engagements and people taking a call to action you see here just a few comments from people who are responding to this sort of outreach you know thinking it's cool thinking it's great you know taking the call to action in terms of booking it yeah and i could have pages and pages of these because what it really is doing is you know just Making them kind of feel just happier about that outreach rather than you know a bit miffed about it and that kind of really is once you've done that um you know it makes life a lot easier in terms of having that sort of conversation but not every call to action you're going to send out every campaign you're going to do is about getting into somebody's diary for example one of our clients g2 and what they what g2 do is they review Software and services and they do that by category and quarterly they produce these sort of like quadrant reports we can see here you know or kind of category liner reports now in this in these two image examples we're looking at here you can see they're both personalized to apple but where you see the name apple or the logo they're all dynamic elements that are personalizing on the flight each prospect uh that they're reaching out to and so what They're doing is they're telling the story in their outreach of hey uh prospect if you work with g2 you know you could potentially become a category leader work with us and we'll make you a category leader and so visualizing that accompanying that that story with a visualization that tells that story showing their success you know and aspirationally telling that story you know can really help and resonate you See in their case increase their reply rates from 15 to 48 so three-fold a 3x uplift simply by just adding in a little bit of personalization to trigger that pattern interrupt so people are paying attention and then you know having the image there to reinforce what they were saying another example from another one of our clients is reply.io so for those that haven't heard of to reply.io they're actually a cold email platform Themselves so you can imagine that reply do know a thing or two about a cold email platform so being able to reach out and improve their kind of success if you like from um cold email you know from already a well optimized campaign you can imagine that there was a it was no mean feat but you see in this case what they've done is they kind of created these image banners kind of diagrammatically telling a story of hey you know if you use Reply.io you know it's very simple to import your list create a campaign personalize it and grow so telling a little story you know and again simply just adding some personalization in there in terms of the client's logo the client's name you know and even the first declines um profile image and let's see as i said before and as you can see here led to a doubling of replies in that campaign this is another example but a different Example again from reply to io where they're again visualizing the story kind of almost in the kind of pleasure and pain of you know what life is like you know without reply that i owe you know a bit of a chaotic mess and then with them just a nice streamlined multi-channel solution and just with one very very simple personalization just the client's logo but of course if you imagine if you received an outreach and there was an image in there and it Had your logo in that image and that's something that would really kind of stand out and jump out to you and help trigger that pattern interrupt that we've mentioned before and so being able to do that led to an increase in the fly rate from 11 to 21 so massive massive uplift you know simply by providing that personalized image visualization and the other great thing that was applied io in this case is they were They were looking at their yeah they're kind of north star metric if you like um for their campaigns was reply rate you know something obviously their their name vibes off you can see in this these two examples of before and after it certainly did increase their reply rate but interestingly what they also were able to do and what they kind of monitored was the increase in open rate and delivery rate delivery into the primary inbox you see both of those Metrics increasing significantly and what we've seen time and again with our clients is that when you do start to include personalized images in your outreach it's because we're increasing the engagement you're getting more people replying or clicking taking action from your emails versus either doing nothing or even worse mocking you as spam then it kind of acts as a pseudo pseudo domain warm it's actually increasing your domain reputation Because of that increased engagement and that increased engagement means you're going to get better delivery into your inbox better open rate and then of course better engagement rates better reply or click rates as a result of that and so again using that you know there's these kind of soft benefits if you like of domain reputation improvements another example from another one of our clients um is using um product images so in this case hub staff and one of our Clients they're actually a timesheet app so they target businesses that have lots of remote workers you know they're targeting maybe the hr manager or you know that that kind of type of role and so again you can see in this example i'm using apple as as example data or example prospect in this case uh tim cook from apple but what we can see in this product image of the dashboard and of their app type solution that we've got you know their logo Pulled through we've got their client name on the dashboard on the app again putting through their logo and even the map here is personalized and so so many different little elements of this image triggering those interrupts to get people to pay more attention and what they saw is you know their story when they're reaching out is saying hey stop managing your remote workers you know through spreadsheets you know doing in a more efficient way and so visualizing How that works it really helps and what that led to was a massive uplift in terms of people taking that call to action when they did their first test they actually tried four or five different types of images the one we were just looking at there was the winner um and but out of the four or five i think it's five images they used the average of those was eleven percent and based but when we compare that to their Baseline which with no personalized image within three percent that's like a three and a half x uplift on the average of all those different image tests but actually when we look at the the lowest performing image was still ten and a half percent so even the lowest performing image was still three times more effective than not using one at all and i think the winner was like 12 and a half percent so like a 4x uplift you know which is quite astounding really When we think about um you know just by making a simple change and putting a personalized image in there you know again simple um to do okay kind of you create that image template once and then you know for the thousands of people they're reaching out to each one is receiving a personalized experience so what we've seen there is a couple of different ways that we can use personalized images to tell a story whether it's humanized gifs like we saw With our own outreach uh whether it's telling an aspirational story showing success like we saw with g2 um or even kind of shown product images uh you know or diagrammatic explanations like we saw in reply or here with hub staff so given hopefully that's giving you some food for thought in terms of this types of personalized images we can use but what i thought would be fun uh would be to have a little little quick quiz But don't get too fat nothing heavy just for fun but again from one of our other clients so this is another one of our clients this is awkward security and i think why this one is interesting is that orca you know really target um enterprise level customers some of their deal sizes are five six figures you know and more um you know and they're targeting csos the chief information security officers so you know c-suite high-level uh decision Makers like say in big enterprise businesses um and one of their strategies for finding businesses is to sponsor events like in this case um the black cat event and what what they do is once they've sponsored the event whether that's an online digital event or a physical event they get obviously all the attendee lists and then they reach out to them so not completely cold um outreach campaign obviously they're already slightly aware Of walker but still you know pretty cold in terms of the um the outreach but what we've got here is three different images so i'm just going to launch the poll here for anybody that would like to play along as we go just to kind of think you know which image out of these three um is going to be the winner so let's see we've got three here the first one again as you can see uh personalizing to my my good friend tim cook from apple just vibing off the um The gift sticker so what they what they um what all could do is they have this um if you've got more than a thousand cloud assets that kind of pre-qualifies you as an enterprise customer so they have this kind of stories that if you have more than a thousand cloud assets and you book a demo will give you a bribe in this case a 200 gift card and so quite a convoluted story so they wanted to use personalization to help tell that story In an effective way so the first test they did was with um with this gift card again using black hat being the the kind of the event that they've attended including their own logo there to kind of tie those two together they've got the kind of the value there fronts in the middle and the personalization reasonably subtly but certainly enough to trigger the pattern interrupt there in the bottom left then they went on and had the second example here Which was like in an event uh kind of staged scenario so again vibing off the fact that they'd all um attended this event at black cat obviously with a personalization there on on the on the board on the stage and then finally we've got todd here who is actually one of the sdrs orca and again similar kind of vibing off the the uh the gift card which had a little bit more information having that humanized face of the sdr they were going to be booking in with And the kind of the post-it note to tell the story and so let's have a look at the poll and we can see we've got the gift voucher here uh running about 15 the event at 25 um and todd here at 60 so certainly uh the majority of their thinking that todd is the winner so let's uh end that poll there and let's have a look at the results as we can see the majority of you got That right it was todd who is the winner so you know it was again going back to that kind of human to human contact being able to show you know the person you know bringing that forward in the funnel and the person that you know you're reaching out to you had the biggest biggest impact now if you look here they also did a baseline test that baseline test was with no personalized image in the outreach at all and that achieved a 1.7 conversion rate so we can See that the winner here todd not quite doubling the uh the engagement rates but certainly a big uplift from the 1.7 to 3.1 but um they didn't rest there they didn't finish there they um they actually went a little bit further and created some additional images so let's again let's uh let's let's do another little poll here um and what we've got is we've got three different images here from three Different sdrs on their team we've got steve here number one top left we've got todd again uh number two and then we've got um eric here number three now just to give you a little bit of context on these images uh when orca came on as a customer it was just at the start of lockdown so all of these three guys they were all at home when they were asked to create their personalized images um and so they were just doing with whatever they had at home and steve he's Actually just stood in his hallway um in his apartment we've got er so we've got todd here number two he's actually in his home office you know nothing kind of looking quite regal but he you know one of the things we suggested is maybe if you've got a white board or something like that you can add that um and you know we can something we can use to kind of put a personalized message on but in this case todd didn't have a whiteboard at home so This is actually just a picture off the wall which he's just turned around um you know and you see actually this is like rather than a board it's actually just brown tape holding whatever picture it is that's on the other side and then obviously this really quite zany one of eric here uh for whatever reason had an orca suit um at home so i mean obviously working for orcam that probably makes sense you know leaning into the brand um but certainly when i first saw uh these Kind of array of images i was maybe a little bit taken back with the eric one here considering what i mentioned before of them being um uh enterprise level you know big deals you know i'm targeting um c-suite uh level i thought maybe this one is gonna be maybe a little bit too zany um for for the uh for the intended audience so i thought it was a assert that todd was going to win this one and actually looking at the the poll what i can see Here we've got steve at 19 we've got todd here at 48 and eric at 33 so the majority of you uh are kind of agreeing with what i thought was going to be the winner in terms of this kind of quite regal looking todd in his in his beautiful chair so let's end the um and the poll there with todd the winner um and look at the actual results so the majority of you will be surprised to know that eric was actually the winner Um and again if if we kind of compare and contrast this to the baseline of 1.7 you know an absolute smasher you know more than doubling almost tripling the engagement rate uh people taking the kind of the call to action of booking a call you know when he had this you know slightly zany image now at the time when we did this and i'd say it was an early early lockdown i Thought i consoled myself because i i got it wrong um i consoled myself i think ah that's just because it's early lockdown you know people are looking for some kind of like comedic relief and so you know that was why you know eric was the winner there but eric is still using this or variations of this image and still getting great uh conversion rates still smashing it with that so i think you know people even at high level the enterprise you know uh like to you know Have a smile put on their face um you know and so that and that's why um is was so successful in terms of the results but when we look when we look at the the statistics of that campaign as a whole just looking at the kind of black and white stats rather than the glitzy images one of the things that kind of uh jumps out it is the uplift that they've been able to create so if we look at the Baseline the baseline they actually sent out 700 messages so at 700 prospects receiving a message and that generated 12 bookings so 1.7 conversion so in total uh the entire list they had was 7 000 so if they'd have if they'd have just stuck with that baseline you know they would have probably expected to get somewhere around 120 bookings right it was kind of just extrapolating out that that kind of conversion right there so about 120 in the end they actually got 262 so that's an additional 170 demos booked by simply using personalized images obviously as we as we've mentioned they were progressively optimizing that as they went on so actually if they'd have just somehow looked into you know their gif images to start with it would have been oh and look at these these conversion rates that would have been over 400 demos booked so if you think about the bookends of you know what they what you Know what they could have done with the baseline and what they could have done if they'd have got the they'll use the best thing to start with 120 versus 400 you know absolute massive uplift um in people taking your call to action simply by you know using personalized images in their outreach so again more food for thought in terms of the types of images we could be using for our clients you know to get similar Sort of uplifts and results for them and in terms of where we can use these images we can use them throughout our channels your images are inherently digital and portable so you know wherever there's an option to add an image you know we can we can add a hyperis image now email platforms hyper eyes integrates with hundreds of different email platforms so whatever your clients are using there's a great chance that we're gonna be implementing Start integrating with that already so you know whether it's the high-end sales force you know or the you know the kind of the derrick air standard of mailchimp or many others in between you can simply just copy your hyper eyes image template add them into your email template and then every time that email template is used you know in your campaign and automation it's just gonna dynamically personalize on the fly so a very simple set and Forget solution that gives you the ability to you know use personalization at scale in any sort of email campaigns but it's not always going to want to kind of use them at scale sometimes you just wanted to add one-to-ones we have you covered there too we also have a chrome extension that allows you to add personalized images directly into your emails as well so like for example if i go into my email here and compose a message and i type in here oh let's turn Up i'll use my my go-to personalization buddy of tim apple and you see as soon as i go into the let me just open this up a little bit so we can see more as we go into the email body we have this little button pop up and i can select any of the personalized images from my account so if i wanted to include uh one of these and i can just select any image at all so for example this one here and what That's going to do is personalize in this case we see height in obviously we can change the size of the image to best fit and so very simply you know one-to-ones or at scale we can add personalization to that outreach another great uh kind of method or channel of engaging people is obviously linkedin a lot of us are using linkedin and again the same philosophy is you know we can add we can embed images into linkedin and we can also use what we Call personalized short links to create these dynamic previews you know and using those it really has a great benefit you know the great thing about personalized short links is not only does it provide an image in a message but also it makes it clickable to a call to action so we can redirect uh when the user clicks on those to wherever you know we we're going to find benefit remember that's our calendar link could Be our website lots of different ways to do that and i'll show you exactly in a moment but the other great thing is if you include personalized short link in that connection note when somebody accepts that connection it's going to pop out straight away you can see here in this example and when it pops out you know they're going to see you know immediately without any further automation they're going to get that personalization and Just see that so let's just jump over to linkedin and just have a look at an example here so in this case we've got um i've got uh divia here and we've got in this um it's let's see we've got two different types of personalized images we've got the first one here which is kind of like my icebreaker just thanking her for a connection you see in this case when i click the image we're just going to open up full screen but we're still going to Be in linkedin so a great way of creating that sort of a kind of moment of delight without it being too much of an ask in this case you know just saying you know you win and we've obviously we've just connected and we've got this image here that's connect four and we've got the winning line here is actually her profile image so just a very simple way you know um to kind of portray the kind of what's going on with connected and doing in a Delightful way that's going to put a smile on their face you can see here in this case you know odile responding by it's my pleasure you know so kind of you know just kind of vibing off the kind of the good world that we're generating there and then here we've got an example of a person like surely again kind of getting a positive response in this case you can see we shared the link and we've got this beautiful personalized image here Again personalized divia uh with her profile image you can see her profile image there pulled through directly you know with a little love heart and also a personalized title underneath um the underneath the image and you see here that this is obviously clickable as well when we click this in this case it's going to actually go off to a an event page for um for for the event that we're Looking at now um so yeah a bit better but you see here that you know we can have these personalized experiences you know where and that could go through to wherever you want in this case we're going to um we're going to an event page we can actually go to our own website and with hyperwrite we can even personalize that you know that experience on the website as well so lots of different ways that we can Create that sort of personalized experience in this case um you know we're using um automation to do that but we also have a personalized short link chrome extension as well so the same way that we had a chrome extension to add the button into gmail we now also have a chrome extension that'll add that button into linkedin so you can see here divvy if i want to send her another message uh with a short link i can simply open up the short and Clicking this button uh i can select any of my personalized images so for example maybe this one here love to chat i could type in a link so it's going to appear underneath the message or i can even put a placeholder in there and say this is for you for example and then also a destination url as i mentioned that could be you know any Sort of destination you are you want it could be your calendar link your website your landing page could be a youtube video whatever it is you're trying to drive engagement to and simply once you've chosen those three elements clicking submit it's going to create that short link and copy it directly into the clipboard so i can just paste that in and now we've got that personalized short link there so let's just say hey Divya this is for you so if you want to do some manual outreach we've got that short link you can see here when i send this what we're going to see is that short link is going to unfurl and we're going to get a personalized experience in this case you can see divvy this is just for you and we've got all that personalization and again this is clickable And now in this case obviously i chose a landing page and so now we're putting through personalization for her we've got personalization around the course actually let me just just delete this message as well we didn't really need to send that to her and remove that but let's go back to the page we see here again we've got personalization around the call to action we've got our calendar embedded here we've even got a Personalized video hi davia did you know videos generate the highest level of income i won't play the whole video but you get the idea that you know we created a real opportunity to create a moment of delight here where we're creating that personalization of multiple steps we've got the personalization in the message we've got the personalization the landing page putting true hyper personalization So let's just jump back to uh deck there and again as i mentioned we do have a link here to the chrome extension allows you to use the personalized shortening creator now we do um integrate with a whole bunch of different um linkedin automation tools although i would be remiss of me if i didn't point out my favorite and the reason why i'm doing this for linkedin and not for email is that with Pretty much all of our email integrations they're all great they all work in very much the same sort of way and so there isn't really one platform from a differential perspective that works better than others same isn't necessarily true for linkedin obviously linkedin there's lots of different ways that you can run automation and linkedin embedding messages we saw personalized short links um and expanding expanding The i o um is one of our integration partners but they offer the best integration capabilities in terms of supporting emails emails follow-up messages connection notes and lots of other types of engagement around events groups and posts we've looked at obviously lots of different linkedin automation platforms as part of our integrations and certainly we feel That this is opera offers the best opportunities but by no means is it the only one uh if you are interested in other uh integration opportunities just go to hyper eyes to the product menu and choose integrations you'll be able to see all of the different platforms we integrate with um from a linkedin perspective as well as lots of other types of platforms but hopefully that's given you a good idea of what we can do In email in linkedin using personalized images and that kind of leads on to you know what we're talking about with hyper personalization and i've already touched upon that a little bit with some of those examples that what we've found that when we're using personalized short links in emails in um in linkedin is you're getting significantly higher click-through rates over an 85 uplifting click-throughs when uh versus when using A personalized gif versus a link and what we saw in linkedin was you know a really high click-through rate you know from those engaged users in this case in this example here from about 1 500 prospects at the top of the funnel by people who are trying to connect with we created 45 demos you know getting a really high connection and engagement and click-through rate and also people taking that call to action when they got to those linkedin pages And one of the examples we looked at before was hub staff and obviously we saw this image before um you know and they they used that image in their outreach well they also did and as we saw there they got a good um uplift in terms of people clicking through from their emails but also what they did is they personalized their landing page so with hyper eyes whatever your clients website is built on you can Personalize those landing pages using hyper eyes you see in this case they've personalized the header they personalize the call to action button and of course they personalized all the product images on their page and that actually led to a doubling of conversions on the page more people taking that call to action and also what we see from our own analytics is that not only more people taking action they're also lingering on the site longest they're hanging around more On the site visiting more pages obviously that also has some soft benefits from seo as well but when we look at a hub staff at their campaign you know across those two steps you know we're gonna get this compounding impact so yesterday kind of three more kind of three three and a half x the click through rates from the emails but also they doubled the conversion rates on the page they're going from 10 to 21 conversion uplift so what that means in Real numbers is that before when um when hub staff was sending out a campaign for every 300 emails they're sending out they would get one sign up whereas now for every 300 emails they send up they're getting like seven sign ups so you know a significant other to 7x uplift across the funnel by implementing that hyper personalization and it's not just our clients that see this and hubspot did a significant survey it was over 300 000 Um websites that they reviewed and over a six-month time frame so you know significant in size and quantity and what they found is on average a 202 uplift in conversions when personalization was used around the call to action so a real big uplift in terms of you know website personalization as well as outreach you know we've seen that with other clients other case studies as well for example intercom they were personalizing their landing Pages and getting a 3x upgrade three times the amount of people taking personal taking the call to action when the personalization was used company name and custom images on their page so again hopefully it's giving you some more food for thought in terms of the um the experiences and the uplifts that can happen so what i want to do now is just kind of delve into how you guys can use this how you can implement and leverage this service yourself and so what i want To do before we start talking about hypervisors look at what else is in the marketplace you know what are the other opportunities options that people are looking at if they were thinking about personalization right now so i picked a couple of different solutions that are out in the marketplace optimizely is probably one of the market leaders in terms of website personalization certainly an enterprise level and if we look at their Costs you know significant costs like two and a half grand per month a starting point you know so if you've got a highly trafficked website you could be 20 000 uh dollars per month for using that service so certainly that kind of discounts them for lots of um kind of lots of businesses out there because i wish that's kind of crazy money you know for that sort of service another service out there that's kind of more of a mid-level if you like into Certain terms of cost is uh proof and proof experiences is again another website personalization um capability tool and their prices start at 790 per month so you can see even between these two still you know a big difference but still quite a big cost and obviously both of these still leveraging an external solution in this case clear bit for their for the data enrichment side so you're Going to have an additional cost on top of those two services you know for the data enrichment so and and then on top of that it doesn't even end there you've got these additional costs for implementing it so to implement these sort of solutions they're offering strategy consulting and personalization services that can run into tens of thousands and this is used proof of proof service which is effectively seven thousand dollars to Implement you know to to review and consult and provide us a consultation on what should be implemented and then to actually implement it seven thousand dollars on top of the seven eight hundred dollars per month to implement it and on top of that you've got a video personalization as we saw before you know implementing adding personalized videos to your page can can really help And obviously we're as a market leader vidyard and kind of there you know they provide a couple of different services probably most people are familiar with their simple record and send solution but they also have a video personalization it's scale solution where you can add in placeholders into the videos you create and that solution starts at five thousand dollars per video so if you wanted to add a scale video to your Solutions you got another five thousand pound right there in that solution and then on top of that we've got image personalization and certainly probably one of the bigger names and image personalization other than ourselves of course is nifty images and again they're they're targeting enterprise predominantly you look at their enterprise solution it's the only one that includes support for lots of different data sources you know which is Kind of obvious something that comes out the box with hyper eyes as we saw before there we've got integrations with hundreds of different platforms and so you know having that integration with data sources is really key to be able to do that at scale you see their price starts at 750 you know for the enterprise plan that includes that sort of capability so when we look at that and we add all of that up together with nifty images for using image Personalization and outreach uh use proof so again we're choosing the the cheapest solution at the two there for website personalization vidyard or video personalization on your landing page and data enrichment cost we're looking about four to five thousand pounds per month as you know as as solutions that people are paying obviously lots of money for already lots of businesses using all of these solutions and on top of that you've got the setup costs as well You know for free vidyard for the video with use proof for the website personalization and so you've got upfront cost of circa twelve thousand pounds and a monthly cost north of four thousand pounds and that's kind of really the solutions exist in the marketplace right now that you're going to be kind of competing against you know or coming up against And so you know how can we position our services or how can you position your service from a done-for-you personalization at scale you know and still be relevant and still be appealing versus all of those costs that we've seen there and that really is kind of what we can look at here that this is the sort of thing how our existing agencies are packaging up their services and presenting it to their clients They're offering a kind of an upfront initial kind of program it could be 30 60 90 days again that normally depends on the size of the client the number of campaigns they've got and obviously maybe their appetite you know for costs and we've seen clients charge up you know somewhere anywhere between two to ten thousand dollars you know for that initial analysis recommendation implementation piece you know looking at Their outreach in terms of email their outreach in linkedin their website landing pages even looking at offline campaigns you know just putting together this true personalization their funnel and charging an upfront fee for doing that and then on top of that charging a monthly retainer for maintenance um you know and also looking for adding additional services you know such as chatbot personalization obviously video personalization and just generally Improving their workflow automation through personalization and charging you know we've seen agencies charge you know actually north of two thousand dollars i've seen more recently but you know somewhere in between say 500 to 2 000 they're charging providing those sort of services now that's the sort of kind of revenue you could be looking to achieve certainly we've got many agencies already achieving these sort of numbers And actually north of that already and what is the cost for you for doing that well let's have a look at where the costs are from a high price perspective so first of all our cost our standard plans uh individual plans start at 49 per month for image personalization it's 99 when you include the website personalization and 149 when you include the video personalization so that's kind of sort of the costs that we could be Looking at but when we look at uh agency plans and our white label plans the unit cost per customer dropping down to as low as 50 dollars per customer 75 on our agency plan for your first 20 customers so think about that you could be charging you know at five ten thousand pounds up front and you know anywhere between 500 to a couple of thousand pounds per month your cost other than your own time in the software cost is only going to be 50 To 75 per client and even if you don't want to take out a plan you want your client to direct them and get the solution themselves we even have an affiliate program where you can use uh that and get commission which starts at 20 percent actually increases 30 um after you've implemented after you've referred 10 customers so hopefully that's giving you again some more food For thought in terms of the sort of positioning you can provide to your customers in terms of some of the other costs that you can point out there some of the ways that we can package up the solution in terms of the different kind of phases of the implementation and also there's some of the realistic costs that you can expect to incur from that i really hope that this session has been useful in terms of planting some seeds in terms of how you Can implement personalization obviously we looked at some compelling examples of uplift from ourselves into our clients but also in terms of how we can position that so what i want to do now is to realize we all kind of jumping up coming up against the uh the hour mark so open up the floor for any questions anybody has love to answer those uh you know and hopefully um make a difference so let's have a look She's gonna come over to the questions here i see there's a question here about engage and i saw engage on your scrolling list of email providers hyper eyes integrates with would love to use i'm actually just asked for them a few days ago and they said don't integrate well actually we do integrate with engage bay um so i'm not sure maybe they weren't familiar with that with the person you were speaking to but yeah let's just um just kind of Clarify that maybe i will reach out to them after the call but yet from from their crm perspective we've got a full integration with them where we can add personalized images into their outreach um essentially they have a html block in their platform you can just simply drag that in you add the um the hyperis code into that and that will just personalize directly on the fly hopefully it answers that question Um just reading through you have any other questions here um you see i was saying uh okay yeah um absolutely chris the presentation will be providing this to everybody uh along with the recording once this session's finished uh i'll be uploading the recording and making it available to everybody you'll get that in the email whatever email you used to register for this event and it's got a couple more questions Here coming through uh can you quickly cover what people see as far as images when they are not connected yeah so what we saw there and let me see if i can just kind of get back to the slide uh there that when when somebody connect when some before somebody connects with you on linkedin they won't see the image essentially um essentially the connection note the connection should i say on linkedin is a connection note so when we go to Linkedin let me just do a search here to find something i'm not connected with so we see here uh brian is uh a second so i could create a short link for him based on you know what we already select before i look for chat image the title and the destination url so now i've got that um in my in my um in my in my board i can actually oh actually i should have done it for daisy because i can't connect let's just do it for daisy instead Um so if i want to connect see this is actually a note rather than a message so i could just add that in there along with any other message they won't see like they won't see the uh the image initially but as we saw here as soon as they click the accept button the message is actually going to pop up and they're going to see that and again the image will show dynamically so they will see that on the point of accepting the Connection and you see here just from this little kind of gif when you accept it bam it will just pop up automatically i couldn't find the linkedin message extension yeah you should be able to just let's just go to the chrome store here we go to chrome store just search for just search for hyper eyes and you can see you just need to click This button it shows three to start you just click the more extensions what you'll see there is this this additional one so we just need to um kind of just click show more to extend and you can see there it is there hyper eyes short link creator right now as we stand today this is a new extension just launched um very recently right now it supports linkedin it's going to be supporting facebook instagram twitter and many Other uh outreach platforms so that's going to be your go-to for creating personalized short links like i said that's going to be coming out very soon with those additional platforms but right now you can access it and get um full advantage of all of the areas of within linkedin and as you saw as you saw there you know when we do a search they're going to be there appearing with searches when we go into messaging we're going to see them uh the Option there and equally if we look at somebody's profile we also can see there so wherever they've got the opportunity to send a message you're going to see that they're in linkedin as well so hopefully that's given us or giving everybody here um a chance to ask any questions i can't see any more coming through but if you do have any other questions please do let us know just keep that open just for another minute or two just to um just to see if You're having answers but if not i just want to thank everybody for their time today really appreciate it i know we've got a lot of other things kind of drawing uh drawing us away kind of keeping us busy so i'm very appreciative of your time and i just want to say one final term thank you everybody for attending uh i can see there aren't any other questions coming through so all that leaves me we can say is uh again Appreciate your time today and look forward to answering any questions in the future when you start to implement these services for your clients appreciate everybody's time again thanks again have a great rest of the day bye bye.

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