Learn about Custom Image Domains with the Hyperise Academy

Video Transcript (unedited)

In this video we're going to cover custom domains otherwise referred to as a cname which allows us to change the URL of our images within high price first off we need to go into our settings which is anything I main account menu and choose here and within settings you choose cname within a cname for valid domain have an option here to sign a new domain simply clicking that we can just type in the mainly wish to Use in this example I'm using IMG high pricey as a replacement for the the but the default high-priced IO in terms of the subdomain part in this case we're using IMG this could be whatever you want it to be so for example you might want to have CDN or IMG or pic or whatever for the full image word whatever is your preference in that regard which you've added in your subdomain simply click Next and we'll go to the verification point at this point We're given two values that we need to set up my DNS perspective first is our host IMG of the domain we're adding and we'll point that to our Google host solution the second great second record where the subdomain is the reference which is specific to ours and then a validation key which gives us the full verification process we need Jim simply jumping over DNS you can see I've already created those two records the first one here is our ing ing my bride I See as a cname record and we're pointing that to ghs Google hosted calm again which is the exact information provided by the wizard process once we save those we can then add the second record and I did that you can see the details for that one so that first as we can see here we have the unique key has been provided by the platform and docked and then whatever our original entered hostname would be in this case Ing pipe arrived but SE and then again cname record which points to and just the whole value that we have there and again we can see where we would put that in our own cloud platform DNS that we're using here once we've added those two I now DNS and save that we can simply click Next on here and that will verify that your look details are correct it may be once we've point you first I did those it may take a little time for those to be verified sometimes up to 24 Hours but wouldn't after 24 hours of it still verifying please do contact us or contact support and it could be that there has been a I think she will enter patent enter their details once she learned you've got my sisters click continue and then we'll see here progress is and all the status is in progress when we go to images once went to image has been set we will see at moment default image here of hyper eyes but I oh that will change automatically Once the domain has been verified and you go back to see name any point and will see the status so what's that status has been completed from within from in progress to completed I said that could take another 12 hours but I leave without background processes once that those progress processes have completed then within images we will see the updated URLs so from that point on within the hyper campaign and with images will always see how we can see Here it has updated now so you can see hyper ride I see we've got a notification they receive had a notification so your domain likewise are successfully mapped and also now you go back to settings and we should see it status of that is now changed to active also will see that change reflected in the hyper campaign which would choose an image and choose an integration will see here all of our image URLs are now Referred to hyper ride that I see which is the custom domain yourself I hope this video has been useful and walkthrough look forward to seeing him next one

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