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Hey this is Ian from Hyperise hope you're well I wanted to record this quick video just to share a really cool new feature of hyperise so if you're a marketing or a salesperson and you're reaching out to prospects about your web-based Services offering services that impact your prospects websites then this is a great tool that you can use to further personalize your videos in your Outreach And get more people taking your call to action so here's a simple page that we've created using the hyperise video page function where we've added our logo added some personalized text we've got a personalized video here and we've also embedded our calendar below the video now as we can see in this case the videos personalized to Tim from sticky leads and so we've got obviously his his name and his business name in the title over the video we can see is Personalized and actually this is website scrolling from hyperise I was just looking at your website and I noticed that and what we can see here we've got you know a couple of components we've got the website which is scrolling the background with some personalization we've got the talking head video in here and again all of this being Dynamic you know with the website and in this case in this video we've got some transitions so later on we may be Going to some different pages humans are hard white processing milliseconds so later on we're going to other Pages like we can see here maybe like some pages of a deck which are talking about your your call to action or the reason why you want them to book a call so using these scrolling websites is a great way of trugging that pattern interrupt which we know is a great way of generating mind share and getting more people to take your call to action so let's jump into High prize and see exactly how this works so we can see I'm in the video section and within the actual video here we've got our various different layers and one of those layers as we can see is obviously the website layer and you see within the website layer within videos now we now have these additional options of scrolling and when we turn scrolling on we can choose a delay so how long it's going to stay on the home page Before we start to scroll we can choose to scroll speed whether we want it to be really slow you know or kind of you know a little bit faster and we can also even Loop this if we want it to be continuous and of course as always with all of our video layers we can control the timeline in terms of when it stops when it starts also what we can do within our videos now is record videos dynamically so you can see here we've got our video element here and obviously before you know we Could just upload our video sources of course we can still do that upload our videos but now I've also got this option where we can record videos so that talking head video layer we can now record dynamically so if I click a record video here well we can see we've got two options we can either record a full screen video so if we wanted to have the full video to be of yourself we could do it that way or if we want to record just more a Square little talking head layer that's going to sit as a layer with other things in the background in this case the scrolling website we can choose talking head layer simply click record gives us a little countdown and then we're good to go we're recording our video and then we can use that dynamically within the video canvas with the background personalized to whoever it is I'm talking to once we've recorded our video of course We can just add that into the video library and then obviously we can choose that as a layer for the video in this case the video layer we've already added I'm not going to do that now probably we've already got a video in this case but also what we can do with these video layers it records the video as square or rectangle if you've uploaded one and then in this case you can also set it to just to be round as well using the video stuff so really lots of ways to kind of Get creative here and have Dynamic backgrounds they're going to grab your prospects attention whilst having your kind of core video there as a layer on top of that once you've got the videohappy and you're gonna want to start using it in campaigns you've got two options here within the video page again you can see here we've set up our title with personalized placeholders and we've styled it with uh with our own logo and kind of font color and background color And we've also embedded our calendar code now this page URL here which is our video page which is what we're looking at before we can obviously share those around you know using the Integrations that we have within hyperise so again below the video we can choose the get video code and that's going to give us the capability of adding this to you know one of the hundreds of Integrations that we have within hyperise so for Example uh maybe we would want a humanized images holding the an iPad with the website on it to be the image element and then the obviously the video Pages we've just seen there and now we can just select any of the hundreds of Integrations so for example if I wanted to add this to active campaign I simply get this code here which is going to show us the personalized gif and then also lead to the video page Again all personalized uh you know dynamically the hundreds of people in active campaign also what we can do is grab that page URL and then simply jump over and use our Chrome extensions within Gmail we could add an email to a one-to-one using that video page so again we could click the Chrome extension find the uh the image we're going to use which is website review and we put our video page URL image in there And click submit and what that's going to do is add the image so and then as you can see I've added the image in there where we've got the website on the iPad we've humanized it and obviously we've got our Post-It note there with uh with personalization and again of course this image is clickable and then what we're going to do is lead through to the personalized page so the Personalized video page with the personalized video and again of course with the personalized header again obviously we've got the scrollable video there okay in the background a short video really just to highlight this new feature where all the new features together the video page the being able to record inline videos direct within the platform and have them as a kind of a talking head and obviously the thing that's just being Released now this scrolling website as well and another addition to the tool set that your personalized videos within hyperise hope this video has been useful any questions put them in the comments below and we'll be happy to answer those again look forward to seeing you on the next video Until then take care

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